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House, Garden you name it, its in here!

Summer Monday!


It has been another glorious day weather wise today and it was the same at the weekend too.  Our Friends’ daughter got married on Saturday and it all went off very well.  DH, Youngest and I were stuck at the swimming pool all day for the Open for the younger swimmers.  It was a great event and the swimmers really enjoyed themselves although we were all melting as it was very hot!!!



As Sunday was good weather too DH and I continued the sorting out of our garden.  We planted the Mock Orange at the front of the border and the rose, Mortimer Sackler, arrived on Friday so we got that put in too.  It has some buds on and I will show you a picture when they open.

The flowers are starting to open and the Bees are loving them.


We got the Boys Den tidy and cleaned it inside and out and the windows!  We are planning later in the year to stain the wood again, before winter.


You can’t see this tree very clearly but we trimmed a few of the branches which were hanging down.


We also got this bed sorted.  We need to trim the Box in the left of the picture but we think a Dunnock may be nesting in there so are leaving it until later in the year.


I am so pleased with everything we have done over the past few weeks.  There are one or two more jobs to do but nothing big.  We have some dates coming up where friends are coming for dinner so I am hoping that the good weather holds and we are able to eat outside.

Treacle spent all day outside with us and was so tired last night, as she had had no sleep all day, that she was solid gone in her basket by 8.00pm!

I spent this morning running errands and working this afternoon.  Tomorrow it is my good friend, Jayne, her Birthday so am seeing her in the morning and then we are going out to lunch next week, as our Birthdays are a week apart.

I hope you are having a great Monday and have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Travels.


Normally I am busy working on a Tuesday but I had some errands to run so got out and about first thing.  Dry Cleaners done I set off to the garden centre to see if I could get the plants we need to fill the gap we created.  What a disappointment they only had one that we had picked!  We have had to buy the rose direct from the growers so that will take five days to arrive and no one seems to have the Rhododendrons in at all!!!  I think we may have to re-think what we are going to put there.


DH got home early so he decided to clear the soil where we are going to put the new plants as there was still some roots etc left over from the forsythia.  That was a lot of hard work as they were very deep-rooted but he got it done and we put in the only plant the garden centre had:


This will sit in front of the rose when it arrives.

I am hoping that Treacle will leave it alone until it gets a good grounding!!!

DH is at the NEC in Birmingham all week at an exhibition with one of the company’s we work with until Thursday and then Saturday is the second of the swimming club’s Opens.  This is for the younger swimmers so although it is a long day it is great fun and less intense than our Open in January when it is the older swimmers who are all about their times!

I have work to do tomorrow as it is our Year End for the business so lots of paperwork to be done and then Thursday will be house jobs and then more errands to run on Friday.  Our friends’ daughter, who used to babysit the Boys and who is expecting, is getting married on Saturday so I also have their present to deliver on Friday.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

A New Week.


The weekend sped by with not a lot getting done.  Friday night I got all the rest of my jobs completed and dinner made for all the family.  Saturday Youngest did his last session at the swimming club and DH went with him and then straight onto a regional swimming meeting!  He got back mid afternoon and then was out all evening at an event.  Youngest went out with some friends for the day.


This meant that I spent all day quilting and got my super secret quilt finished (the fabric above is what it is made from)   Yeah!!  I just now need to sew the binding to the back, wash, dry it and it will be ready to be sent off.  I have my big summer quilt to do now and I also finished piecing the baby quilt which is needed for October. 


I have also found this pattern I like to make a small quilt for our other good friends who will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in September. It is a Missouri Star Quilt Company quilt which Jenny makes for a baby quilt.  I am going to make it in gold and yellow with contrasting colours as that is the colour for 50th wedding anniversary.

I am really pleased with how my quilting is going this year, having set specific goals and getting them ticked off.  I know it is another list but you know I like lists and I know that some quilters prefer to quilt as they feel but I have to have an order. 

The only thing that I won’t be carrying on with is the BOM “It’s a Wild Life”.  I have never done a BOM before and thought it would good to do especially as it is just one block a month.  However having completed four of them, three of which had applique on them, and putting them together I don’t like the look of it.  Also the blocks are huge and as we have to go through until January I hate to think how big it is going to be when it is finished.  As you know I am not very good at applique and I know that practice makes perfect but I am just not happy with it.  So rather than spend any more time and resources on it I won’t be carrying on.  I think if I had seen the whole quilt first like some of the BOM you can join and pay for then it would have given me a better idea.


I have a trip to the garden centre planned this week to get a few plants to put in place where we took the forsythia out above.  I have seen a couple of rhododendrons I like and also a rambling rose and hope they have them in stock.  As you can see Treacle is still hoping to grow a tennis ball tree!!!!  Tee Hee.

The above are the plants I am looking for; The rose is Mortimer Sackler, a Philadephus Belle Etoile, Rhododendron Azurro, Rhododendron Blue Tit and Rhododendron Goldkrone.

As you know our garden is very “wet” and so we get inundated with slugs and snails so I am being very vigilant to stop them eating all my plants.  At the moment we are doing okay and there are a lot going off to the plant recycling centre! I also have to ensure that the plants are happy in the soil we have and the above ones seem to be.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and going to have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Tales.


We did it!  What you ask?  We managed to get the garden sorted.  Sunday we got some plants put in and did some tidying but the weather was not with us and we had thunder storms and heavy rain.  Fortunately yesterday was better and warm but cloudy which was ideal for gardening.  Later on in the afternoon the sun appeared but we had got most of the work done by then.

Here are some pictures of a walk around the garden to see what we have done.  Quite a few pictures here.


The vegetable planter, things are starting to grow and we put the summer plants into the pots.


These are the new plants we put in and surrounded them with a new organic barrier to hopefully stop slugs and snails eating them.  At the moment it is working but I don’t want to tempt fate!!!


This mass is growing along our garden wall and contains a hardy Fuchsia, flowering, a Lonicera “Sweet Sue”, Wisteria “Lawrence” and the Rhododendron which is just beginning to flower. 


We tidied up this area which is a favourite of Treacle.  She loves the shade made by the conifers and loves going underneath and hiding in there!


The steps up to the top part of the garden had become a little overgrown so we got all of the weeds and plants out and tidied up the edges.  We need to get some more decorative stone to put down on them.  This picture does not show how steep this bank actually is.  On the right we tidied this area up and are going to transplant some of our Primula to here as they will like it underneath the existing plants.


The above is Weigela Florida busy flowering.


We trimmed this Berberis as it gets out of hand and cleared underneath.  Again we will try to grow some Primula underneath.


We cleared these areas and around the Boys Den.  We are again going to put some week suppressant down and some stones around the Boys Den to stop the weeds growing.



This is the biggest change and where all of the work was done by DH.  There was an old Forsythia plant on the right next to the Boys Den.  It had grown out of hand and was only carrying flowers and leaves on the top most branches.  We had cut it down before but it was just too far gone to make it behave properly so DH decided to cut it down completely.  If it decides to grow again we can then train it properly. 

We have decided to put some new plants in and are looking for a hardy rambling rose to grow along the fence and then put in a couple of my most favourite plants Rhododendrons in the gaps between the ferns.


Below is what we cut down and it is on the top deck waiting for our brown recycling bin to be emptied next week for it to go in there.  It is very, very full now with all the rest of the gardening we did.



This is the other side of the garden and as you can see there is not a lot of weeding to do but it will all need trimming in Autumn.


As you can see this Rhododendron is flowering well.


We did tidy the deck before we put all of the old Forsythia on it!!  We need to get some more stones for under it to cover the weed suppressant.   A pair of blackbirds are nesting in the conifers to the left.

Finally we got the patio sorted and tidy after the rain the day before which had made a mess!


Treacle spent all day with us outside and had no sleep, so was very tired last night.  We also spent a lot of time throwing tennis balls for her!!!  It was amazing how many we found under the bushes!!!!

We didn’t get anything done last year and it was great we managed to get all the jobs done in a few days and it was not as bad as I had imagined.  When we get the new plants in and stones etc it will only take a couple of hours to keep it looking as great as it does now.  Autumn will be a good time to get everything else sorted and trimmed before we go into Winter and hopefully it won’t be such a big job next year.

It was a  long day and I must admit I was very tired at the end of it but so pleased with all DH and I had got done.  I hope you liked the walk round and I will show you how things develop over the summer.  I am hoping if the slugs and snails don’t put paid to them to be able to show you some more flowers in the summer.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend whatever you were up to and going to have a great week.  It is a short week for us but plenty going on of course.

Hugs, Susie xx


What a Weekend.


What a great wedding and although we were only invited via the media I think we all enjoyed it.  I loved her dress, I thought it suited her (please mind the pun!!!!) down to the ground.  I am sure that there will be a little one on the way before long.


On Friday after running errands I went to our local garden centre for a couple of plants and some other bits.  As you can see from the sky it was so hot the sky is just a very pale blue.


I also went up to our local farm shop, Croots, where they have horses and sheep.  Here is the new foal who is a month old now.  It was so warm he was asleep!


The lambs are growing fast and were busy grazing despite the heat.


This is the view from the farm shop across the valley.  It really was a beautiful Spring day.


In between watching the wedding DH and I managed to get a few jobs done in the garden, although it was too hot at the top of the day to be outside. 


The furniture came out and the umbrella, after a good clean we set it up on the patio.


I got some more seeds put in the my grow house and gave it a tidy.


I emptied the pots and put new compost in and planted the summer bedding flowers.  They will take a little while to fill out but will look good soon.


DH tidied this corner next to the shed and wall and put some new gravel down.  It is where we store the compost and sticks and the watering can.  We found the frog hiding behind the compost bag but he moved to behind the vegetable planter.


This pot has sweet pea seeds in and will hopefully get going soon.


Here is my vegetable planter with a couple of tomato plants in and some cucumbers and lettuce and also some herb seeds.  It will be interesting to see what comes up.  All a little bit of trial and error at the moment. 

It is a lovely warm day again today and the sun is shining, unfortunately I have a basket of ironing to do as well (!) having finished my work this morning.  One benefit of becoming a new Duchess is that Megan will never have to clean or iron ever again unless she wants to!!  

Tonight I will be working on my super secret quilt.  My machine came back from its service and it was all okay just needed a lot of clearing out of bits of cotton and fluff.  I have been told I need to bring it in sooner rather than later next time!  Oops!!!


Don’t forget to take my picture Mom.  (I love this picture as we have an Airedale shadow!!!)

Have a Great Monday and fabulous Week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Bank Holiday Monday!


Yes it is a three-day weekend here in the UK and we have made the most of it!


I have finished my Spring Cleaning with lots and lots of help of DH!  He got home early on Friday evening, well early for him, and we started then and worked our way from the top of our home to the bottom and we got it finished last night and I couldn’t have done it without DH’s help.  Although it is eleven weeks since I had my Op and there is no pain, my hip does get stiff especially if I have been doing lots so DH did all the moving of furniture and cleaning of high stuff so I didn’t have to climb.  So our home is all clean and sparkly now!!!!

We have a couple of weekends of swimming competitions which DH and Youngest are going to but we have another long weekend at the end of this month and are hoping that the weather is nice but not too hot so we can get into the garden and get our jobs done then.  I am busy ticking jobs off of my To Do List but still have two big jobs to do, the attic and our garage but we need help from our “Staff” to do those and that means sorting out times when everyone is around but as the summer months are coming up I am hoping we will find an odd weekend here and there to do them.


It is very, very hot here today 25°C/77°F, Treacle is loving it.  She lays in full sun and then is panting!!!  She does take herself off to the shade for a bit and then I find her laying in full sun again, silly puppy!!!! 


Today DH is announcing at the final day of the East Midlands Swimming competition so he won’t be home until tonight, so I am going to be getting the above fabric cut out so I can get on with my super secret quilt.

Whatever you are up to today I hope you  have a wonderful day and a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


She spent all day yesterday outside in the sunshine so last night she was so tired, she was straight in her basket (which had also been cleaned) for a snooze!

A Great Weekend.


We had a glourious weekend weather wise with warm temperatures and the sun was out all day.  Today it is cold again!

However it meant we did get some jobs done.  Saturday morning after the two hour swimming session DH and I went to the local garden centre to get some things.  We had received some gift vouchers for Christmas and had some other money off coupons so I got an early Birthday present.


Treacle investigated it of course.  It is a wooden small growing house.  I had one previously which was made of plastic and it did not last so I saw these on offer and had the money off so we got it.  I will be able to grow plants for my summer pots in here and also some vegatables.  We used to do this when the Boys were little and they loved growing things and had their own tools. 


There is a hinged top so you can access the top.  We bought some smal plug plants to pot on and some seeds, as well as compost.


We also bought this to grow the vegtables in.


With the sunshine my daffodils finally appeared.


Our cherry tree, which earlier in the week looked still in winter mode, suddenly flowered.


The garden always looks better in the sunshine.


My yellow Primula flowering well.

As it was a lovely weeked we got Treacle a treat of a bone filled with yummy goodness and she spent the whole weekend working on it.


Of course she had to have a wash when she came in, as you can imagine her face was quite mucky!!!!


Treacle wasn’t as happy last night as it did rain for a little while!!!!

Sunday we spent the day Spring Cleaning the Boys rooms!!!  You would not believe it would take so long but it does.  I also got the freezer defrosted and sorted out our airing cupboard shelves so I have managed to tick quite a lot off my list.  Next weekend DH is at a Swimming event all weekend but the weekend after that the rest of the house will be done and then it will be finished for another year.


New’s Flash!

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby Boy.


It has just been announced!!!  The Duchess, so far is following in the Queen’s footsteps with a Boy, a Girl and now a Boy!  Will she have a fourth?

A busy week ahead with work and quilting jobs to finish and house things to do!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and a Terrific Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx