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Autumn Making Itself Known!

The weather is up and down here at the moment!  Some days it is quite cool and very Autumnal and other days it could be Summer again!

The weekend was so busy.  Saturday morning saw me at the Hospital for an eye check up.  When I was in junior school someone threw a stone and it hit me under my right eye.  A few months later I noticed when looking at the board I had a jagged line down the middle.  Long story short the stone had created a scar on my retina.  After many, many appointments they basically said there was nothing they could do.  However your brain is an amazing thing and I don’t see it anymore and the only time I do is when I go for my eye test!  However the last time the optician said that my eye pressure was higher in that eye and wanted to get it checked.  Another long story short, everything else is fine and they just need to keep an eye (!) on it!!!!!  That wasted three hours.

DH and I then went to the Regional Swimming Awards.  It was held near to the Headquarters in Loughborough and in fact the hotel was actually in the University grounds.  We were, of course, way early which was a good thing because no one had told the organisers that it was an Open Day at the University!  You have never seen so many parents, children and cars!  It was a very nice afternoon with several awards being given out and Afternoon Tea. 

We got home about 4.00pm in time to get ready and go out again in the evening with the Boys Godparents for dinner at The Farmhouse, which was a lovely evening and we caught up with them.  Sunday we got some jobs done but had a chill day too. 

Yesterday flew by with work and DH was at a swimming meeting all evening (!).  Today it should have been “Ladies who Lunch” day but Jayne is poorly, so we have cancelled until she feels better.  DH said that there is something going round so I really hope I don’t get it!  Tomorrow I am with Eldest at his work and Thursday and Friday are Home jobs days. 

The Plasterer came yesterday to look at the utility room ceiling and he has booked us in to do the job and the Plumbers say that it should be November for getting the bathroom done.  At least it will be before Christmas.  At the weekend DH is out both days at a regional event so I am hoping, if I get all my jobs done before then, to get into my sewing room and get some things done there.  Here’s hoping!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Keeping an eye on the neighbourhood!!!!

Susie’s Monthly Book Club Friday.

This month’s Book is this one which Youngest bought me for Christmas last year.  A Biography of our late Queen, Elizabeth II.  I have not got too far into it but the Author, Robert Hardman, speaks to those who knew her personally and he also had access to many personal papers covering the time from Princess Elizabeth being a young wife staioned in Malta with her husband at HMS Magpie to the Covid years.  As a Commemorative Edition the Author added the Platinum Jubilee in, her passing and Funeral. 

Although her life was lived in the public eye we get to see the private side too and her family life bringing up her four children, their marriages and sadly three divorces as well as the Grandchildrens’ arrival and then her Great Grandchildrens’ arrivals too. 

All of us were born during Queen Elizabeth’s reign so can be classed as Elizabethans and she truly was a mother/grandmother to our nation.  I am looking forward to getting further into the book.


I have been going through another one of those phases where I am waking up at 2.00am every day!  No matter what I do during the day, which is generally the same most days, I have these periods as you well know who follow me!!!  Of course by the time I get to 3.00pm I am ready for bed!!!  Needless to say that today I should have been doing home jobs but that is going to have to wait until Sunday morning now!  Tomorrow DH and I are out all day, the hospital first thing for an eye check up for me (!) and then the County swimming awards and lunch and then in the evening we are going out for dinner with the Boys’s Godparents!  We are also hoping that Sunday will be nice so we can get out in the garden!  Hey Ho!


“Don’t you love New York in the Fall?  It makes me want to buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

From the great Nora Ephron and my favourite film “You’ve Got Mail”

The weather here has turned cooler and in fact I turned the heating on today!  The leaves on our trees are starting to fall and some of the plants are starting to get their Autumn colours on, so we are definitely into Autumn. 

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Happy 60th Birthday to Sue!  Have a Lovely Day x

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


My ironing pile is all done and I am up to date, well for today.  I will start again tomorrow with all the bedding and towels.  Ironing is such a discussion these days.  Our Boys say that their things don’t need ironing at all and are quite happy to wear things out of the dryer or off the line.  I always say that if they have been in the washing machine then they need ironing. 

I actually don’t mind ironing, so long as I have things to watch on TV.  Sometimes though it can almost take as long to find something to watch as it does to iron!  I have watched a few films, Horror mainly (getting ready for Halloween!).  I have also been re-watching the original “Frasier” series.  It always used to be on our TV screens on a Friday evening at 9.00pm and DH and I always watched it BC (before children).  I love the characters and their interactions which made it very funny, although I always thought that David Hyde Pierce was the better actor of him and Kelsey Grammer. 

There is going to be a new series of Frasier with just Kelsey Grammer in and I just don’t think it will work.  I am sure that people watching this new one, who have never seen the old series, will like it but I will not be watching because I think we will miss the other characters. 

I watched this the other evening!  Hmm; six episodes about two young, newly married British people transplanted to New York for his work.   However he strays and his wife finds out and she decides, because of a past history of her own father cheating on her mother, on revenge rather than divorce!  Well Jenna Coleman who plays the lead was supposed to be Welsh, however her accent came and went!  I got to the end of Episode six  and was not impressed!

I watched this the other evening and loved it.  I have seen all the Insidious films and thought them very clever.  If you don’t like horror then this is not for you but if you do it is good!

By tomorrow I will have another pile of ironing and will be looking for more things to watch!!! 

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Tuesday Again!

I cannot believe where the weeks go, no sooner is it Monday morning and suddenly it’s Friday night!  The plumber has been to secure the leak in the bathroom and the boss is coming tomorrow to look at it to say how long it will be before they can come and do the repairs.

This, above and below, is the hole in the Laundry ceiling into the Bathroom!

This is the floor, bath panel and hiding, is the toilet!

At the moment we are walking on two boards sat on the joists in the bathroom to get into the shower and fortunately we have the downstairs loo!  I just hope that it will not be weeks and weeks before they can come and do it!  I said for a while we should replace the bathroom suite as we had it put in when re-did the bathroom when we moved in, in 2001, but the Universe decided I needed to get on with it!!!!!!

On a more cheerful note here are some of the tomatoes I have grown this year in our garden.  I didn’t get a picture of the carrots I grew, but they were very nice!

After the nice week we had where it was lovely and warm it has been raining since then, the garden is looking very sorry for itself at the moment!

Coco is a true Airedale and not keen on the rain, but does love being dried when she comes in wet!

She has taken to sitting in the open doorway and gazing out at the garden!

Although she is now eighteen months old I still think she looks like a puppy from the back.

Eldest is away for a few days with four friends from school as one of them is getting married next month, it is all happening.

Now don’t faint but this weekend we have not got any swimming events on!  However, only us, Saturday is chaos!  At 9.30am I have to be at the hospital for an eye checkup (!), lunchtime we are at the swimming awards ceremony (!) and in the evening we are out with friends for dinner!  Sunday we are hoping that the weather is going to be fine and try and get the garden sorted!!!  It is getting rather out of hand.


I have a few friends who are turning the Big 60 this year.  One today, who I used to go to school with and another good friend next Monday!  I hope they have wonderful days!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


9/11 We Will Always Remember


Sorry for the lack of posts it was a busy week for work and then the bathroom floor decided to collapse into our laundry and downstairs bathroom!  Turns out there has been a small leak from the clean water tank in the main bathroom, which has been going for a while and has managed to wet the complete floor under the flooring.  Needless to say DH has been speaking to a plumber in the hope that they can come and fix it. 

We did say a while ago that we might re-do the bathroom and well the Universe laughed and decided it was a good idea!  As you can imagine it is a mess!  Hopefully if they can repair the damage we can then get the floor re-done and a new bathroom set too. 

This week is busy again with work and DH has another announcing event on Saturday and then DH, Youngest and I are at another swimming event on Saturday evening (!) no rest for the wicked.  Hopefully Sunday will be nice and we can get some jobs done at home. 

We have had a scorching week last week here with 29°C most days, it has been hot and sticky.  This week it is more like 20°C which is more normal for us and some rain. This will mean the garden will be going mad again, so that is a definite job for the weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Well that was summer done although we are due for some warm days next week which always seems to be the case now, once the children are back in school which is next week for us.  I used to hate the Boys going back to school as I loved them being off and having that relaxed time with them rather than the routines of school and all their activities starting again. 

The picture above was when they were both at the village Primary School

The above one is when they were both at the Senior School!

Don’t they look happy – NOT!!!!

I have been working all day today so tomorrow will now be home jobs day and grocery shopping.  DH & Youngest are out on Sunday at a car show and have things to do so I wil be getting some more jobs done.  I am also hoping to do some gardening tomorrow to get things tidy now that Autumn is here.  Can anyone tell me where the weeks are flying to?  Cannot believe that we are now at the bottom end of the year and it will be Christmas before we know it! 

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love Susie & Coco xx