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Fabric Stash

Whilst we were away, I managed to add more pieces to my fabric stash.
I love the muted colors on these three pieces

These three have a theme of red and I just love the butterflies on the right hand piece

The left hand material is such a muted blue with red in which matches with the right hand material

I love these novelty fabrics.  The top one I am going to use to make a mug rug for DH 
The bottom one I am going to make a mug rug for me! Also for a friend who quilts too.
 I just love these fabrics, they came from another quilt shop I found in Aberdeen
These are also going to be mug rugs for Christmas presents.
Now the only thing I need is more time????  Any suggestions!
Susie x

Quilts Complete

Whilst we were away I managed to get some quilting finished.

Here is my sewing machine cover, which I started before we left.
I then made a Moda Bakeshop table runner pattern with Moda Sunkissed Charm pack.  It was a great pattern to do and I think turned out really well.
This is our Youngest, helping me with the picture!

A closer picture of it.

I have now cut out a quilt, the kit and material of which I bought whilst in the States last year.  I had a great sewing weekend last weekend and really enjoyed myself.  The Boys were busy painting our new store room next to the garage.  More pictures later in the week.

Susie x

Quilting on Holiday

Whilst we were away I managed to get some quilting done.  Of course one of the projects I had finished needed the backing fabric putting on and yes, you guessed it, I did not have enough fabric. 
When we were in Scotland in August I had found a lovely little Quilt Shop and decided to head there and get some more fabric.  Now you know you can’t just go in and get one fabric right? 
We got to the shop and horror of horrors it had gone, instead it was a clothes shop!  In despair we carried on, on the same road, to get to the next village in the hope that there would be a material shop there.  Along the way we found another Quilt Shop!  It was amazing, if we had turned round and gone back the other way, we would have missed it entirely!
Having gone in and sorted out the material I needed, and several more for my stash, I was talking to the owner, Mandy, who owns the shop on her and her husbands farm in Beauly.  She had taken over the business from the previous shop when they had retired.  So I was able to finish my project and found another quilt shop!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of the shop.
Susie x
The shop on the farm

Just past the shop, the working farm

Easter Holiday

We went away on April 16th for the two week holidays, which included the Royal Wedding Day too. 

We stayed at Foulis Castle, where the Queen Mother used to stay on her way down from the Castle of Mey to Balmoral.  We stayed in what was the Old Bakehouse, which had been completed renovated and it was fabulous.  The Boys loved it with all the room, they had a bedroom each with en suite, and they could just get on their bikes and ride around the 250 acres. 

The Castle from the Enclosed Courtyard

The weather was amazing.  Anyone who has been to Scotland knows that it can be great or bad in the same week, but we managed to have great weather for the fortnight.  I unfortunately started a cold on the way up, so the first week I did not feel brilliant but it did not stop us getting out and about.

On the Royal Wedding Day our good friends, Corinne and Gordon came round for lunch and we watched the whole day and in the evening went out and played baseball in the fields.  Very social.
This is the Drawing Room with DH working at the desk!

This is the living kitchen, where we spent most of our time.
The Castle is the Seat of the Clan Munro since the 14th Century and the present Castle dates from the 18th Century.  More information can be found at  We were lucky enough to have a private tour of the Castle by Mrs Munro Senior who lives at the Castle and the history was fascinating, especially the tales she told about the family.
We had a really relaxing break, despite our Eldest having to revise for his exams, which began today!
The Castle from the Grounds
Susie x

We’re Back!

Well actually we have been back for two weeks, but it has been quite, quite busy and today is the first day I have found to sit down and write here!
We had a great holiday over Easter and I will post some pictures of that later. 
We watched the Royal Wedding on the Friday, the day before we came home, with our friends in Scotland and had a lovely lunch whilst we watched the ceremony.  After it was all over the weather was so good, we went out and played baseball!  Again I will post pictures
I also got to do some quilting, without interruptions, so got two projects finished and one started so I am really pleased with myself.
Since we got back, our Boys have been busy with school and today Eldest One finished school and went on study leave, whilst he does his exams.  Youngest One has had a week of SATs’ and celebrated today with Brunch at School organised by the children.  This meant him raiding the house for one of my good tablecloths, mugs, plates etc and at 9.30pm last night I was making cakes! 
Our basement room is now finished and looks great, we just have to paint it now and then move everything in, out the garage and then paint the garage, so no big deal!!!! Ha Ha.  Pictures again later.
It is so nice to be back!  Did I actually have a holiday?????
Susie x