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Best Laid Plans

Under the bird feeders, picking up seeds which have been dropped

On the wall trying to figure out how to get to the bird feeders

Obviously come up with a plan of attack

Now if I can just twist round, hang on and then shake this feeder?!!!!!!
You know what they say about best laid plans?  Yes they don’t go well – well that happened last weekend, no quilting and catching up on jobs which did not get done last week!!  Yes I felt good for having got those jobs done, but not so good because I didn’t get my quilting finished.
Work this week has been very busy and still is and I am spending most evenings working too.  Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day here, and I stood at the stove making fourteen pancakes for The Boys!  They enjoyed them with orange juice and caster sugar on and Youngest added chocolate sauce as well!
This weekend is pretty free, hopefully, and I can get my quilt finished and some other quilting projects started.  We are going to our friends’ daughter’s 18th Birthday celebrations on Saturday evening and then the Boys have to go to their swim meet.
Today in the garden we had another visitor.  The weather has been dreadful all day with constant rain and windy but our visitor did not let it deter him from the garden.  At least he seemed happy!
Susie x

St. Valentine’s Day Cancelled!


If you look up St. Valentine nobody really knows who he was or what he did and why on this day we celebrate love.  Did it really all start with the card companies wanting to sell cards?  Perhaps they had a bad Christmas one year and wanted to make some money, so thought February 14th St. Valentine’s Day, sounds romantic lets make up some cards and get the people to buy them!  

Anyway this Valentine’s Day DH is away at a business exhibition in the South so won’t be home until late Thursday, leaving me with our two Boys (Eldest is out with his Girlfriend) so Youngest is with me.  He is, at this exact moment, in his room still in his PJ’s watching a dvd.  They are on half term break this week and he has a cold, so not feeling 100%.  Treacle is keeping him company in bed!

I will be getting dinner ready for tonight for either two of us or four of us (Girlfriend may be here) and then doing the swimming run!

Back by ten and straight to bed with my book, a mug of hot chocolate and my hot water bottle!

Happy St Valentine’s Day Everyone Else!!!! 
Susie x

Craft Day at School

I have already been crafty this week helping Youngest with his English project.  They have been reading and studying Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame.  If you have never read this book, do so.  It is one of those books you read as a child but you can also read as an adult.  When I was little it was one of my favourite books.
Anyway they have been doing this for a while and just after Christmas went to see the Stage Production of it at Manchester’s Art Centre.  This was the night that they all got stuck on the motorway on the way home (because of a serious accident which happened not far in front of them) and did not get back to school until 1.45am, having left School at 11.00am the previous day!
The childrens’ task was to make a 3D model of an aspect of the play/book and today was hand in day.  Youngest had sketched out a plan and did most of the decoration himself with DH helping with the spraying of the shoe box and I making the rowing boat and affixing the models of Ratty and Mole.
All in all for a combined effort of the three of us I think it looks great.  Of course I had to take them both to school this morning in the car (braving the snow and icy road) so that the model got there in one piece.  I did not trust it to get there on the school bus!
Happy crafty Friday.  Quilting to be done at the weekend!!!
Susie x

Treacle and Her Busy Day!

Treacle resting her weary head!

I really am cold today

I think I will stay in bed all day, waiter bring me my lunch!
Today it has been really cold here, a lot colder than the posted temperature of -1.  I have been busy all day so not really noticed but I think Treacle had.  

She managed to get onto Eldest’s bed and crawled under his blanket and then put her head on his pillow.  There she stayed until she had got warm and then came downstairs to her basket.  I will add that our heating is going full blast and every room is warm but obviously she was having a cold day! 
Susie x

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Started Snowing at 3.00pm

Treacle and Youngest out in the snow at 6.00pm

All of Treacle and Youngest’s  footprints now covered with yet more snow at 9.00pm
Well for once the weather forecasters were correct and the snow started at 3.00pm and has not finished yet.  Our Youngest is delighted and so is Treacle, our dog.  They both love the snow so much.
I have managed to get all my jobs done in the house today, yeah!!! Tomorrow will be to finish off the jobs I hate doing, so I can get to the jobs I love doing – quilting, baking, soaking in the tub with a hot chocolate drink and my book!  I know not jobs really but can’t wait.
Swim meet off tomorrow morning due to the snow as it is supposed to stop around Midnight but then freeze, and as we live on a hill I don’t think we will be going anywhere, any time soon.
Happy Snow Day
Susie x

Weekend Plans

This weekend is a sort out weekend ie get the house sorted and all those jobs which get put to one side to do and never get done!
This weekend is the first weekend since Christmas when we are in and not doing anything else so it is a good opportunity, also the forecast is for snow here tomorrow so all the better.  I still have lots of quilting to do and some baking as well so I will try and get it all done before Monday.
I have also started a personal journey and hope that this will go well.  If it does I will post more in a few months but keep your fingers crossed for me.
Here are some pictures of the Linus quilt I am doing.  It is ready for quilting having been sandwiched and pinned.  Going to try and finish this this weekend too.
Happy Friday and Quilting!
Susie x
Quilt pinned and ready for quilting.


The colourful doggy patch which will have bonio shape on for quilting.

Eldest and Fourth Drive

Outside the specially designed car – He is happy honest just very cold! 

Driving round to get the feel of the car.

Waiting to go.
Our Eldest, since the age of 13, has been visiting the Race Track at Rockingham, Corby, Northamptonshire for drive experiences.  The aim is to get teenagers in a car and teach them some of the basics of driving and to impart wisdom, like it is not the same as the racing games on the computer!
He has really enjoyed all of the drives and on Saturday last attended the Fourth Drive where he got to drive the BMW and do a  little drifting and learn how to correct skids and under steer and over steer problems.  He had a great time and now he will be ready for when he starts to drive on the real roads in August this year.
Youngest cannot wait until next year when he starts on his First Drive.
Susie x