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Thinking Tuesday!


DH & Treacle.  I can’t decide if they are plotting something or falling asleep!


This face says “You have washed my beds again and I just had them at the right smell!!”


When is the biscuit tin coming out?

As DH was away last night she snuggled on the bed.  Well I was on one small side and she had the rest of the bed and it’s a Kingsize!!!!!  She will be back in her basket tonight with her other clean bed!!  She can spend all night getting it to smell right!!!

So far I am keeping up to date, I am sure as we rush headlong to Friday it will all come crashing down but so far I am doing okay!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Is It Monday?

It has been a very busy weekend again, we got to see the Boys Godparents on Saturday for dinner as we have not seen them for ages and it was great to catch up. 


Overheated Car small

So Youngest went off to a car show with his friends on Friday and was there all weekend camping out and they had a great time, until his car decided it was not going to play!!! So DH had to go and get the car trailer again and bring Youngest’s car home on it yesterday!  The garage has had a look at it and they think his clutch was slipping a little but it is fine to drive!!!!!  I hate mechanical things when they go wrong!!!!


Here is Treacle with her new Airecut!!!   Last night she had been out in the garden and we think she might have slipped on the wet grass because when she came in, DH and Youngest were stroking her and she was making the most awful racket!!!  We examined her and went through her fur and could not find a thing so we think she may have banged her shoulder!!!! Anyway I told them at the spa today, just in case and when I went to collect her they said she had been fine, as good as gold and not one murmer!!!  I think she may have just been feeling sorry for herself!!!!

Still have lots to do and am desperately trying to keep up with things so that we are all ready for Friday.  I am off to the Quilt show while DH and Youngest take Treacle to the Kennels and I am determined I will be packed before then so that we won’t have a rush on Friday night.  I have charged my camera battery ready for Friday to get lots of pictures of the quilts, which I will upload before we go away.  Eldest and Girlfriend are kindly housesitting for us whilst we are away.

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.  Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx

August, Really?


As you might have guessed this was for yesterday’s post but it didn’t get done as the whole day flew by in a whirl of work.  This always happens just before we go away on vacation and as much as I try to ensure it doesn’t, it still does!!!!

So can anyone tell me where seven months of the year have gone please?  I cannot believe we are into August and know that this month will also fly by especially as we are away for two weeks of it.  I am desperately trying to keep up to date with EVERYTHING so I don’t have a manic week next week, especially as we have visitors from Germany coming over for a business meeting at the start of the week. 


Treacle is going for a haircut on Monday next so she will be all nice and clean and tidy because at the moment she is imitating a wooly mammoth!  The weather has been quite cool with lots of showers so she is residing in her bed and not inclined to do her Wednesday Wag!

Youngest was out with his friends last night and was expected home.  I woke up at 2.30am to find him not home and unable to reach him on his mobile so I then had an anxious three hour wait until I heard that he was fine but just in a bad signal area!!!!  As you can imagine I am now exhausted and determined to go to bed early tonight before I fall asleep at my desk!!!!

Tomorrow is house job day and visit to the physio and then I am hoping to get some business work finished and I will hopefully be up to date for Thursday anyway!!!!!

I hope you are having a Lovely Summer.

Hugs, Susie x

Sunday of Sport!


This was Saturday actually but it was a good match.  Garbine Muguruza lifting the Venus Rosewater Dish as winner of the 2017 Ladies Wimbledon Championships. 


This was yesterday and again a good match although it was over rather quickly with Roger winning in straight sets.  The men’s trophy does not have a name but is called The Challenge Cup.  Also a lot of people ask why there is a pineapple on the top and the Wimbledon Museum believe it is because the pineapple was seen as a symbol of “honour, welcoming and celebration”! 

Neither player gets to keep the trophies as they belong to the All England Club, however they do get a smaller replica to keep.


Finally for Sport Sunday it was the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which was won by Lewis Hamilton in fine style with his team mate Valtteri Bottas coming second. Oh it was such a shame that Vettel got a puncture on the last lap and had to pit and then finished seventh!!!!!  You really cannot convey sarcasm over the Internet!  Happy dance to the racing Gods who put Vettel in his place!!!!!!!

I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday of last week as I was busy looking after Miss Treacle who had her bandages taken off as the Vet wanted her leg to get some air for it to heal, which meant the dreaded hood went on and she is not allowed outside on her own but on her lead which she really does not understand or appreciate!  So DH, Youngest and I have been on dog watch in the garden and trying to get her to go has neen a nightmare.  In fact I think our neighbours must think we are mad trying to encourage her to get on with things!!!!  She is back at the vets in the morning to see how things are going and if okay to have the stitches out!!!! Hopefully it will not be too long before the hood can come off and get back to normal!!!


Well it will be on Thursday when he finishes his first year of college!!!!  Can’t wait.  It really doesn’t feel like summer until they are off.  He has seven weeks this year and there are quite a few things to do whilst he is off, including painting his room.  I said it would be painted white again and then add colour in with things but he has decided he wants grey(!) but I said he can have the two smallest walls grey (we are talking light grey here not battleship grey!) and the biggest walls will be white!!!  Well thats my plan!!!  I will show you how it progresses!!!

Friday night we are having a family dinnet to celebrate the summer break and yes I am keeping my fingers crossed we can eat outside again.  Today is very warm but you guessed it rain is on the way again!!! 

I hope you all had a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Thursday, Phew!


We are having another couple of days of this type of heat!!! 80°F but 50% humidity, it is like there is not enough air to breathe!  Today should have been house jobs day as I have errands to run tomorrow but I have no energy for that and as I have been still waking up between 3.00 and 4.00am I think I will do my cleaning etc in the morning!!!!!


Why do dogs lay in the sunshine when it is blistering heat?  Treacle must have been like this for half an hour before she took herself off to find some shade under the trees!!!!


A couple of #TBT pictures of our Trip to Orlando in 2010.  The Boys at Discovery Cove.


Two cool dudes!  On the paddle steamer in The Magic Kingdom.  I can never get over how blue the sky is!

Have been working at my desk all day with one eye on Wimbledon (!) but the seeded players are all losing, what is going on?  Wimbledon screams summer to me more than anything else and after the fortnight I never know what to do with myself when it has finished!!! 

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, I am off now to see what I should make for dinner, something quick and does not need cooking I think!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

One Of Those Days!


I had one of thoses “Ladies Appointments” today which happens every three years!!!!  I always dread it and can’t wait to get it over with!!!  Oh boy!!!  Of course because I was worrying about that all day I ended up with a headache!!!!

Last night for Carnival it was the Fun Dog Show and Junior Football and they both went well and yes the weather was okay if a little cool but that was good for all concerned.  Tonight is the Village Treasure Hunt and Senior Football but it is due to rain a little later. 


I was channel surfing the other day whilst ironing (!) and found this show!  I have heard of it but never watched it and got hooked!!!!  I love seeing all the different dresses and the Brides expectations and the poor staff who try and make it happen.  I know it is mindless TV but it is great for doing a basket of irong to.


As you can see Treacle is very busy today catching up on her sleep which she missed last week when it was so hot!!!!! 


I just love her grin whilst she is fast asleep!!!!

Happy Summer Day

Hugs, Susie x


#TBT – 1976!


Yesterday, in the UK, was the HOTTEST June day since 1976 with a recorded temperature at Heathrow Airport of 94°F!  So as Thursday is #TBT, let me take you back to 1976!

I had just turned twelve and in my second year of Senior School!

115930240“Silly Love Songs” by Wings was Number 1 in the Charts in June 1976


A loaf of bread in 1976 cost 9 pence, a pint of milk 20 pence, and an average weekly wage was £32. For first time buyers of a home the cost in 1976 would be £4,975 and for entertainment a trip to the cinema cost 90 pence, where we were being frightened by “The Omen”, laughing at the children’s version of “Bugsy Malone” (who remembers the children in the peddle cars in the film?!!) and being romanced by “The Slipper and the Rose”.


In 1976 most homes still did not have a telephone or a colour television.  Speaking of television we only had three channels BBC1, BBC2 and ITV, unlike the hundreds which are available now.  We were watching Starskey & Hutch, The Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels. 


A Mini motor car cost £600 new but the best selling car in the UK of 1976 was this


Ford Cortina which cost £965 new!


In Sport Niki Lauda won the British Grand Prix, which was held at Brands Hatch, two months after it was held!  This was because James Hunt for  McLaren-Ford  crashed on the first lap but got his car to the pits but did not complete one full lap.  The crowd was so annoyed he was not being allowed to take part at the re-start the Stewards let him start for fear of a riot and he went on to win.  However Ferrari, Tyrell and Fittipaldi Teams complained and two months later Hunt was disqualified and Lauda won, with Jody Scheckter for Tyrell-Ford second and John Watson for Penske-Ford third (Ford engines dominated the team engines in this year!).  There were 26 drivers who started the race, 14 retired, 3 were disqualified and 4 did not qualify, including two women Lella Lombardi for Brabhan-Ford and Divina Galica for Surtees-Ford.

As Wimbledon is almost upon us in 1976 Chris Evert defeated Evonne Goolagon-Cawley to win the Women’s Title and Bjorn Borg beat Illie Nastase to win the Men’s Title.

NPG P1147; James Callaghan, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff by Bernard Lee ('Bern') Schwartz

James Callaghan was Prime Minister and the Labour Party were in Government but things were not going well culminating in The Winter of Discontent!


This past weekend was The Queen’s Official Birthday and Trooping of the Colour, which in 1976 The Queen took the salute on horseback riding side saddle. 

My memories of 1976 are long and very hot summer days but definitely a slower pace to life, I was as busy as our Boys were at this age with Ballet lessons, swimming competitions, tennis competitions and spending the whole of my summer holidays either at the local Lido (outdoor pool) or playing tennis at the grass courts across the road from the swimming pool.  We did wear sunscreen but we also had a tan by the time we went back to school in September!!! 


We didn’t have all the gadgets that the children have now so I know I spent a lot of my summer holidays reading books, a few of those published in 1976 were “Interview With The Vampire” Anne Rice, “Roots” Alex Haley and “The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights” John Steinbeck.  However at the time I was in my murder mystery phase so my books were Agatha Christie novels and country house murders and of course Nancy Drew! 


I remember fashion was pretty bad in the 70s’ but I avoided the weirdness and lived in jeans, shirts and boots, ala Brooke Shields above and couldn’t wait each evening to get home from school and get my uniform off!!!  It was grey box pleated skirts, a horrible blue blouse, school tie and a thick serge navy blazer (which looked black).  We had to wear thick black tights and only when the temperature reached almost in the 90’s were we allowed to not wear our blazers, ties and tights!!!!  No wonder we were all so skinny, we sweated out all the time!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my little time travel piece back to 1976.

Hugs, Susie x