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Busy & Chaos!

We had a very busy weekend being out on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday lunch which was lovely.  Of course the weekend flew by and before I knew it, it was Monday again.  Of course being busy meant we did not get any jobs done but who cares?!!!

This is what we have also been busy sorting.  My new vehicle!  My lovely Jeep Grand Cherokee which I had had for fifteen years was getting to a point where it was not worth spending any more money on, the last two small things we had to get off the internet as they do not do parts for it any more.  Anyway Youngest works at the dealership and so we went down and had a look at the vehicles and this one ticked the boxes.  It is a Jaguar F-Pace AWD in grey. 

Matt’s Cartoon from The Daily Telegraph Today!

Now if you have seen the news in the UK we are having a bit of an issue with fuel supplies with deliveries not getting to the fuel stations due to a lack of tanker drivers and the media whipping everyone up into a panic.  So people have been panic buying fuel to the extent that they are now rationing how much people can fill up with!  So I have a lovely new vehicle with a teaspoon full of fuel in it and cannot go anywhere!!!!!!!!!  Only me!  They are hoping that things will start to ease soon, the situation being caused by HGV drivers getting new jobs during the pandemic and not going back so there is a shortage now.  It is also the same for deliveries to other companies.  I will let you know what it is like when I can drive it!

This week is a little quieter and especially now as no one can go anywhere (!) and the weekend at the moment is free so we will be doing all the jobs that we should have got done last weekend!  There is always a pay off when you spend a weekend having fun!

I hope you lovely lot had a good weekend and have a good week.  It is pouring with rain here at the moment so definitely and in-door day.  Treacle is not keen on going out!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


It’s Friday!

It wasn’t quite this cold this morning but it was very misty!  It is definitely feeling like Autumn! 

I managed to get all the home jobs done this morning and then I went to see a friend whose Birthday is on Monday with her present.   I only meant to stay for coffee but then stayed for lunch and it was so lovely to be out of our office and see them both!  I got back at 4.00pm and managed to catch up on the days work and just now need to do the washing and ironing. 

Tomorrow is the best day for good weather so I will try and get our garden done then as Sunday it is due to rain for most of the day and in the evening we are out for another Birthday meal as a 21st celebration and that will be the weekend done!  However if the weather is bad I can play with quilting fabric and I can interchange it with baking if I get fed up!

I am also trying to sort something out which I will hopefully show you soon but at the moment it is taking a little longer than I thought, but it has to be sorted by the end of September!!!!!!  Ohhhhhhh.

Next week will be a busy week but I do have a massage booked which will be so nice.  Next weekend will also be very busy but in a social way, we have the 21st Birthday party on the Friday evening, out with friends for dinner on Saturday evening and then out for Sunday lunch with another set of friends!!!  I will need to diet all week with all the food I am going to eat out!  Isn’t it always the same, nothing going on for weeks/months and then three things in one weekend!!!  I am not complaining of course!

It is then another very good friend’s Birthday on the Monday and later that week it is October!!!  Who can believe it will be October?  Oh boy.

Of course last week should have been Susie Book Club Friday so I will do that tomorrow!!  One month it will be on the right Friday I promise!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Sorry couldn’t resist another Christmas picture!!!!

Tuesday Thinkings!

We have been having a lovely Indian summer here in the UK after August was quite grey and rainy!  However today it is doing this and it has been very grey all day!  We have still got warm temperatures but it is dropping cold at night and very much has an Autumn feel!  We are hoping to get some more work done in the garden at the weekend, among other jobs which need to be done.

It was very busy last week with work which is why there were no posts and other things happening with Boys and DH and things so the days flew by and before I knew it we were at the weekend! 

DH and I had a business meeting on Friday afternoon in Nottingham and then decided to have a date night as we had not been out for a while.  We had a pizza and then went to see the above film which was really good. It was also great to be able to go to the cinema again after the chaos!!!!

Youngest had found this shop in Nottingham that DH used to go to when it was a hardware store.  It is now a cafe and antique shop as well as several other little businesses.  We met Youngest, his best friend and his Dad on Sunday afternoon for lunch and it was a lovely day so we got to eat outside and it was great to watch people and the world go by. 

I managed to get all the house jobs and all the washing and ironing done over the weekend as I did not manage to get it done last week.  At least we started this week with clear decks.  Yesterday I woke with a really bad headache which the tablets I took did not even touch and I gave up at 3.00pm and went to lie down, fortunately I managed to get rid of it before I went to bed in the evening!!!!! 

Today and for the rest of the week DH is at a business exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, the first one in almost two years, although he doesn’t think it is going to be busy unlike previous years as people are still being cautious.  The Government are now talking about booster vaccines for everyone over the age of 50 in the UK to try and ward off lockdowns during the upcoming winter.  Never have the words “Winter is Coming” had more meaning than this year!!!!  I really hope we will not have any more lockdowns and hopefully Christmas will be more normal this year, but who knows. 

We have a 21st Birthday meal to go to on Sunday and DH has to be at swimming during Saturday and hopefully in between we can do some more in the garden and I will try and get some pictures.  I also have a quilt to get done which I am going to try and fit in doing as well. 

I hope you lovely lot are having a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Treacle has not moved from her basket today as it is raining heavily!  She knows the best place to be!!!


Twenty years ago today I was working at home and Youngest was with me, aged two, and he was watching a Thomas The Tank Engine story on TV when he pointed to the TV saying there was something on the bottom, I had a look and the news was running along the bottom.  I distracted him with some toys and turned the channel over to the news and actually watched the second plane hit.  It was awful to watch and yet I was unable to not watch.  By the time I collected Eldest from school two hours later the towers had come down.  DH was home and we just kept the news on all night. 

I read a book not long after written by four of the wives who had lost their husbands and it was about them coming to terms with their loss and moving forward and it was very powerful.  So today our thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones, for all those who lost loved ones because their jobs were to help those who were there and to everyone around the World who were witnesses to that dreadful day. 

We will not forget

The wives in the book started saying to people they met after a while “Love You, Mean It”  and I think that sums up the takeaway from 9/11.

Hugs & Love, Susie x

It’s Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Made it to the end of the week, work wise it has been one of THOSE weeks!!!!

So as promised ages ago here are some of the projects I finished whilst we were away, I just need to sew the bindings down. 

This is a small quilt which was a block of the month with Kathleen Tracy from her website.  She did the blocks and I put them on point.

I had some of this Autumn fabric left enough to do the back of the quilt.

These are some of the Christmas mats which I have finished and again just need to sew the bindings down. 

The backs fo the mats.

The backs and fronts of two mats and I made these from the squares left over from another project which I still need to sandwich and quilt which I will show you when done.

I have two Christmas projects which I have almost finished and I have just bought some more Christmas fabrice for another project I want to get done for this year. 

Now you just know I had to buy this when I saw it!!!!!  This is a pack with all the fabric in and then I have bought some more of Snoopy on his Dog House and also Snoopy on his sleigh.  I cannot wait for it to arrive and start making with it!!  I cannot decide whether to make some small things or a winter quilt?  What do you think?  

I still have some other projects which need finishing/starting and am hoping to carve out some time to do things. 

The weekend will be getting the garden done and a few other jobs around our home and then it will be done again for a while!!!  We have got to have some of our window glass replaced and they came today to measure up so hopefully it won’t be too long before it will be done, that will be another thing ticked off my list!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and I will be back on Monday with some more things. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Do You Need Me Mom?  Okay if not I will stay here! (The Leaves are starting to fall!)

Oh My It Is Friday!!!

This week has been chaos as always being the first week back from vacation!!!  I have managed to keep up to date with work and getting there with home jobs!  Sometimes I do wonder whether it is worth going away, but of course it is, just when you are in the middle of trying to get things sorted when you get back!!!!

I was scanning around Pinterest the other day and saw this quote.  It is so true I always do this!!!

Saw this on Instagram, I mean Snoopy and Star Trek!!!!  Snoopy would defintely be the Captain!!!

Saw this also on Instagram as a T-Shirt to buy, slightly rude I know but after dealing with a business matter today which has been going on since Tuesday with no one answering my emails and getting no where on the phone, I really could slap them (the business) so that Google would not be able to find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still got lots of jobs to do but they will get done as it is a long weekend for us in the UK and the weather looks okay too so hopefully the garden will be done.

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope it is a good one and I will be back Monday with some pictures.

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xx

I am keeping an eye on my Tennis Ball to make sure it doesn’t move!!

Bits & Pieces & The Wednesday Wag.

After the heat over the last few weeks our weather has settled into a more normal summer pattern for us of warmth but days of rain and they have forecast thunderstorms again for the weeked!  They have promised we will have some more nice warm weather a little later in the month but this is usual for us especially as the school children are now on holiday for their six weeks!  Of course going to Scotland you don’t expect 24/7 sunshine but of course DH and I don’t really bother about it. 


As you know in the summer we always have the back door open so Treacle can come and go as she pleases.  However it means that I don’t always know what she is up to and it seems that she has eaten something she shouldn’t have in the garden and now has an upset stomach!  So she is on the chicken & rice/scrambled eggs bland diet!!!!  Here she is feeling sorry for herself!

Although saying that she rather likes the chicken and rice!!!  However this ALWAYS happens the week we are due to go away, it is almost like she knows!  The Boys are at home all the time we are away so she will have them all to herself which she absolutely loves! 

Of course as we are away she will be able to hog our bed all to herself!!!


Pictures from British Swimming

We have been busy watching the Olympics although most of it after the event as Tokoyo are about seven hours ahead of us.  Our swimming club swimmers did not do too bad although no medals for them.  Molly Renshaw got into the final of the 200m Breaststroke but did not place.  Jacob Whittle who is only 16 did make it to the semi-final of the 100m Free but again did not get into the final but did smash his PB time.  By the time Paris comes around in three years time, when Jacob will be 19, I am sure he will be up there with the best of them. 

We have watched quite a few events; the diving, the swimming of course, the Equestrian events, the Triathalons, the bike races, the rowing (!) and some of the gymnastics.  I think under the circumstances all the athletes, officials etc have done an amazing job. 


Do you remember this?  This was the whole of our sitting room, mainly all the books, when we painted it.  Well look at this :

This is St Paul’s Cathedral in London, part of the conservation & restoration project of it’s library.  This is some of the 12,500 books which have been packed away in 977 clip boxes and transported to their temporary home whilst the work is carried out!!!  How neat and tidy but of course a lot more people involved in the packing and sorting!!!!  Makes our stacking look shameful!!!!


I have some business work to do today and also some home jobs to do as well as trying to sort things out for the vacation!!

Whatever you are up to today I hope you all have a good day, half way through the week! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Busy Weekend Again!

DH and I had to pop down to London again last weekend so we went on Friday evening and spent Saturday and Sunday there.  The heatwave had broken so it was nice and warm but not roasting.  Here are a few pictures.

After the appointment at 9.00am on the Saturday we went to Borough Market. It is somewhere I had always wanted to look round.  It is like Covent Garden used to be before it became trendy.  The above building is The Hop Exchange.

The entrance to the market under the railway.

Next door to the Market is The Shard.

As you can see here it is built in, around and under the railway.

Outside one of the many places to eat.

I just love the old signs under the railway arches.

I just love the ironwork which holds the roof and walls up.

I just love looking around at all the old buildings.  They don’t have any particular history just that they are old and I love the shapes etc.

It was still warm so DH and I got drinks from a stall which was watermelon and it was great.

Across from the drinks stall was this fish stall which looked very clean and fresh.  As you can see the crabs were definitely fresh!!

Saturday evening I had another of these wonderful cocktails!  We also walked down the road from the hotel to a lovely Chinese Restaurant and passed this on the way. 

The Boys’ favourite Author.

We had a lovely evening.  On Sunday we drove back and then went out for Sunday lunch with our good friends from the village.  It really was a very decadent weekend!!!!  Of course Monday came round quickly and back to work and all the washing and ironing and meetings!!!!!!  Hey ho. 

Today is Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday and we are out, again, tonight for dinner with her.  Tomorrow is home jobs day and Friday I am having another day off (!) and am off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham so will have more pictures to show you. 

Over the weekend DH is busy both days with a swimming competition.  Speaking of which our very own Olympian, Jacob Whittle, did really well in Tokyo coming 13th in the 100m Free which for 16 years of age is a great achievement and Molly Renshaw began her journey today with the heats of the 200m Breaststroke. 

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week.  Can’t believe it is Friday soon. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Treacle loves it now it is cooler again and was having a Woofy Day as you can see from the look on her face!!!!!

More Sport.

Last Saturday we went to see Girlfriend compete in Cheshire at an International Competition.  The weather was not too bad although it did rain for a bit.  Here are some pictures of the day.

Girlfriend and Penny in full flight!


Well Done, time for something to eat!

Second Round Ready to jump.

They had a great week coming 7th and 5th and getting a clear round on Saturday and into the jump off but unfortunately Penny had a pole down but it was a good week for them. 

I have not been feeling too well over the last few days, heat, long days and well you know!  Jobs which should have got done over the last two days will have to get done over the weekend now but hey ho.  However I think I will get up early and get them done first thing as it is due to be hot over the weekend and we have had heat warnings.  Not as hot as the some parts of the US but hot for us!! 

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you all have a lovely time and I will see you here on Monday.  I will try and do Book Club Friday later as I missed last week due to being away!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Crew xx

Sporting Weekend!


Many Congratulations to Novak Djokovic on winning his Sixth Wimbledon Championship!

Although we do not watch football we have to say Good Luck to the England Football Team for tonight’s match against Italy.

A very sporty Weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx