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Busy as Bees!

I think I have actually met myself coming back these last few weeks.  It is always the same at this time of year.  We have been busy work wise which is great, but then it was Carnival, then busy with the Swimming Club as well as all the normal things that we do in the week with home etc!!!!!!  So sorry it has been a while since I posted anything, as it is I have a few things to show you.

Last Tuesday I went with Tangent to a very good friend of ours home, Chris & Anne, who keep honey Bees and Chris gave us a talk about them.  We saw the hives and then he showed us how they extract the honey from the combs.  The Bees are fascinating creatures and the honey was lovely.  You might not think that is a strange comment but for me it is because I hate honey, however this honey tasted really nice!!!!!


One of the hives under their apple tree.


The trays in the box where the bees make the combs and store the honey.


The perfectly made combs.


The comb ready for the wax to be taken off to get to the honey inside.


The comb in the centrifuge,  Two go in at a time to be spun.


Hand spinning to get the honey out, a two person job!!!!


The wax off the combs, which can then be used to polish your furniture!


The wax melted into a tub ready for use.


The combs are now empty and ready to go back for the bees to fill them again.


The honey from the centrifuge being strained.


Here is the honey ready to be poured into warm jars and sealed.

The honey is only collected for a short period of time in the summer and then the rest is left for the bees over the winter and suplimented by sugar water to ensure that the hive is healthy and happy.

We had a great evening, everyone had brought a dish to share and it was good to catch up with everyone. 

I know I missed Book Club last Friday so it will be on this Friday.  Sorry I have not been posting but it has been really hectic here!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Hello July!


Yes I know it is July 2nd, just a little late!!!!  In fact although six months have passed since New Year’s Day, July 1st is not the midpoint of the year, July 2nd is!  Thus the middle day of a non-leap year is today as 182 days have gone before and there are 182 left and today is the 183 day!  Got that?!!!!!!!!!


DH is away tonight on business so it is just Youngest and I, although he and his lady friend (!) are going out for the evening so in fact it will just be Treacle and I!!!  I think I will order a takeaway and veg out in front of the TV with Treacle!!!! 


It is Day 2 of Wimbledon and a few of the seeds have already fallen and the Duchess of Cambridge has been there all day.  I was going to join her but had too much work to do!!!!!!!!!!  Hee Hee wish I could be down there!!!!!


And here in the Village it is Treasure Hunt evening and Senior Football!!!!  I won’t be taking part in either!!!!!

It has been a busy day with work and then tomorrow I have some more things to do but in the afternoon I have to run some errands!!!  Our weather is still nice and warm without the stifling heat of Saturday, which is so much better for everyone.  Treacle is still enjoying being able to run in and out when she wants but has spent quite a few hours on her bed this afternoon, whilst I have been working.  All the fresh air finally caught up with her!!!

I hope you Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Treacle, Thursday & Friday!


Good Morning BlogWorld I know we have missed a few days but we have been so busy.  Here am I, above, on Mom’s knee yesterday as it was her Birthday!!!!!  We shared some Popcorn as Dad and Boys were all away and busy so it was just her and I!!!


Although it was Mom’s Birthday I got some treats when my food delivery arrived!  I am always envious of Molly as she gets lots of things to try and now my foody people are doing the same. So far I have tried the Training Treats and I really like them.  I don’t need the weight control of course, as my Doctor says I am in perfect condition but I am sure they will taste nice and the pouch is wet food which I have never had, so that will be different to try.


Mom has been washing up a storm now that her new washing machine has arrived including all the beds and I was with her when she was unmaking them, any excuse to snuggle in the bedding!


So after a very busy few days I am just busy relaxing now that Mom is working at her desk this morning!!!!!


Thank you Treacle you have a snooze now!  I went to the quilt shop that is closing at the end of this month and got a few things which were reduced and I thought I would show you what I got.


My purchases.


Thread was on offer and so were the needles.


Fat Quarters were on offer.


I always buy a new blade for my rotary cutter when I see them.


The material I got was £7 a metre which is half price to what it normally is.  I just love the dog footprint material.


I just love the colours in this otter material.


And I love this beach fabric.

I don’t know what I am going to make with it yet but it will go into my stash until a project comes up.

I have finished the blocks for Kathleen Tracy’s Block of the Month and in July we will get the instructions of how to put it together.  I have used scraps and bits to make the blocks so I hope they look good together when it is finished!!!!!



June 20th!


I had a lovely peaceful day yesterday and then went out in the evening to Piccolino in Nottingham for dinner with DH, Eldest and Fiance as Youngest is away for the week on his first training week at the Head Office so he will be home tonight and we are going out with him tonight as Eldest and Fiance couldn’t make tonight!!!!  That’s okay I get to go out twice!!!!!  Not doing my diet much good though!!!


Tonight we are going to The European in Derbyshire, which is another lovely little Italian Restaurant (above).


I have house jobs to do today and grocery shopping and then DH is out all day again tomorrow commentating, so I have errands to run tomorrow morning and then will get back and do some more quilting.  The weather here has been better yesterday and today with the sun shining after all the rain from last weekend and the beginning of the week but it is still cool and not as warm as it should be for Summer!


Today, of course, is the Longest Day and it was getting light at 3.30am (Yes I was awake to hear the birds start their dawn chorus!!!!) and it won’t get dark until about 9.45pm so a very long day!  Of course that means that the nights will, although slowly, start to draw in again, Noooooooooo!!!!!  We are hoping that the weather is going to be okay on Sunday so we can get into the garden as we have not been able to do anything over the last couple of weekends because of all the rain!!!! 

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a great time. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Sometimes you just need to see a picture of sun, blue sky and clear water!!!!!!


Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


Well we have arrived at Friday, a little dishevelled, very tired but here!!!!  I know one thing I am very tired of this week is how miserable everyone is!  As my Grandmother always used to say “it costs you nothing to smile” and she is so right but I think everyone just loves being in a bad mood!  Several people this week I have had to deal with cannot even bring themselves to be pleasant!  I always try, even if I don’t feel like it, to be bright and cheerful and say Good Morning and smile but everyone else go around with perpetual scowls on their faces!!!!!  They are all Humbugs!


It has been a busy week with work and other things so I have done well to keep up to date with my work and house jobs and all that!  It is our Year End for our Business so not only is there the normal work to do then I have extra to do for that.  Keeping up to date with everything helps me to not stress, because when I stress I stress about everything!!!!!


DH and some of the others are at Alfreton LC (above) tonight setting up for the swimming club Open all day tomorrow where we will be!!!!  It is due to rain tomorrow so that will help as normally it is a baking hot day and we roast on poolside!!!!  We will get there for 6.30am and probably won’t be home until after 7.00pm!!!  At least we have Sunday to recover!


Sunday is due to be nice and sunny so we will be able to get some more jobs done in the garden and I can get some pictures as the garden is starting to look lovely in its summer finery.

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


Remembering Because of Them.

75 years ago today 156,000 British, American and Canadian Troops (airbourne and sea landings) began the liberation of Europe from the Nazis’, landing on several beaches in France; the British landing on Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches.

Despite thousands of casualties and deaths the Allied Troops succeeded and thus began the end of WWII. 


If it was not for the bravery of those Troops and their sacrifice we would be living in a very different World today.


My Dad was in the Pacific Theatre so his War did not end until later but I am thankful he was safe and came home.


Thank You for our Lives by giving Yours. 

We will always Remember.

Susie x

Sorry for No Posts!


Since my last post about Chelsea I have not been well!  I could not get warm for two days, despite the weather being hot and my wearing lots of layers!  I was also very, very tired. 

We went out with Fiancé’s parents on Saturday evening and had a lovely time but I felt really tired. DH and I were really busy Sunday and then Monday disappered into a busy day of work and before I knew it, it was 4.00pm and I had had no lunch!!!  We were supposed to have a meeting on Monday night regarding swimming which all did not go well and so we had to have another meeting last night!!!!! Grr!


This is where we went for dinner near Ashbourne.


The Dining Room.  The food was lovely.


Spring Cleaning is now finished!!!!  Yeah!  I couldn’t have done it without DH’s help especially with not feeling well too!!  It is a little late this year as we would have normally go a lot done at Easter, but that was taken up with the huge empty the attic job!!!!!  The only jobs left I have to do is clean all the kitchen machines, oven, fridge, dishwasher etc but I am going to do those on Sunday.

Saturday we will ALL be at the local swimming pool for the Club’s Open event for the younger swimmers.  It is a long day but the children love it so hopefully it will be busy and the day will fly by!!!! 


DH and I have tidied the garden, so we are now able to work on specific areas to get things sorted.  We have quite a few plants which need a good trim so that will be one job.  We also need to get the patio clean with the pressure washer!!!!!  Treacle is just loving the nice weather and taking every opportunity to be outside!!!!!


My dear Friend, Susan from Washington State, sent me a parcel which arrived today (after being stuck in our Customs for days!!!!!!).  I was tempted to save it for my Birthday in a couple of weeks but couldn’t!!!!!!  She sent me some absolutely wonderful gifts, pictures below.  Quilters are the most generous of people and I have sent her a Huge Thank You!!!  I will be putting them in my sewing room and will take some pictures when they are in place. 

A lovely bag, filled with goodies and the material it is wrapped in is a lovely red fat quarter.


All my goodies.

Susan and Tara, sent Treacle some goodies and she loves them and sends a Big Woof Thank You!

Susan also sent me this lovely fabric; a fat quarter and also made from it two jar openers and a large tray which will be great for holding my current quilting project.

Susan also sent me some quilting tools and storage pieces and you know how much I love organising things so this will be a great help in my sewing area!


Also enclosed were these wonderful towels.  I bought a few when we were in the US in 2010 and still use them.


She sent a gift for DH and he will get this when he gets home tongith


They are all wonderful gifts and my Birthday has come early.  Thank you so much Susan!!!!

Tonight I think I will catch up on a few home jobs, tomorrow I have to do the cleaning, washing and ironing and Friday will be grocery shopping as we are out all day on Saturday!!!!  The weeks are flying by, I cannot believe that we are in June and six months of the year has almost gone!!!!  There is a lot happening in the next few weeks; Birthdays, Carnival in the village (!), visits and we are also coming up to the Festival of Quilts show at the NEC in Birmingham at the beginning of August!

However one of my “go-to” Quilt Shops is closing at the end of June 😦 as the owner is semi-retiring.  On the upside she is having a sale so I will be going to visit to see what I can pick up!!!!!!

Sorry it has been a long post but this is what happens when you have a few days of not checking in!!!!  I will also get around to all the Blogs I follow as I have not checked in with them for a while!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s A Boy!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have had their Baby, a little Boy.

I could have said she was having a boy as she was late.  Our two Boys were both ten days late, lazy boys!!!!!!!  We didn’t know what we were having but when I said I was late, especially ten days, everyone said I must be having a Boy and they were!

Many Congratulations to them from Our Family,

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Fiancé & Treacle

xxxxx, woof!