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Finally I Am Back!


Well I have finally recovered from the stomach bug last week which took all of last week!!!  It was not pretty!  I have today been catching up with my emails and work which I missed last week and have managed to catch up especially as it is the second week of March already and only two weeks before Easter as it is early this year!!! 


I tried to do a bit of sewing yesterday but did not get a lot done as I have been very tired, which is recovering from the Op, and I know that if I start anything when I am tired, I usually make mistakes, so all I got done was a bit of tidying!!!  I think if I want to do anything meaningful I need to go in there first thing in the morning!!


I have also been managing to get my cleaning, washing and ironing done which is great as I hate when it is not done and everything is disorganised!!! 


Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK and both Boys were home which was lovely.  This is also a #TBT picture, which I missed last week, to when we were all in Orlando in 2008.  Eldest was twelve and Youngest was eight and I love them to bits!!! 

Now last Friday should have been Book Club Friday but I missed it so will be doing that this Friday, just a week late!!!  I have a good book for you too!

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Susie xx


Nurse Treacle has been helping all last week, keeping me company and cuddling!

Sorry For The Break!


So despite being two weeks into recovery after my Op I managed to get a stomach bug!!!  So Monday I was sick and DH was not only having to cope with me on crutches he was having to cope with my being ill as well.  He is a Saint. It is going round from what I hear but what makes me laugh is, I haven’t been out anywhere!!!!

I spent all day in bed yesterday just drinking water and nothing else and have today got up and although I was not supposed to I had a bath!!!  For the first six weeks after a hip Op you are not supposed to go beyond 90° in case you dislocate it.  Our bath is a corner bath which is quite deep and high sides so technically I can’t climb in but before my Op I had perfected a way of getting in and out wihout climbing, so did that today and got in without any problems and had a long, hot bath and felt so much more like me when I got out!!!  I am now adding food very carefully to make sure I don’t relapse as it is the worse thing to me being sick!!!!


Cuddle monkey has been keeping me company on the bed and I have been watching films and falling asleep usually half way through but I have seen then all before!  Anyway I have not been doing anything else so this post is really boring!!!  I didn’t even get into my sewing room at the weekend because of one thing and another so hopefully I will be able to get in there this weekend!! 


It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday and last year My Boys, Girlfriend & DH took me for breakfast on the Saturday morning at our local Farm Shop which was a wonderful idea and I loved more than flowers etc.  I don’t think I will be doing that this year because of my hip but hey ho.

All our snow has gone and it has warmed up a little but is still cold at night and for some parts of the UK they have forecast more snow!!  Which is getting a little silly now on March 7th!  We should have Spring flowers blooming and birds nesting but we all seem to be in Winter mode and still hibernating!

I hope everyone is fairing better and having a Wonderful Wednesday! Treacle will be back next week with her Wednesday Wag, she has not been doing a lot either!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Snow Day!

We are doing The Wednesday Wag on Thursday this week as Mom has saved these pictures!!!! It started to snow yesterday morning quite early but not a lot,  however it continued to gently snow for most of the day and night and this morning it has been snowing a gale and is still snowing now!!!  Thanks to Parr Films for the pictures!  Enjoy!

Treacle’s Snow Day!



I am ready for the Off!


Get Set!  GO!!!!!!!


Snow Ball Catch!


Airedale Snow Race!


Down the Hill To Start Again!








Up to the Top of the Hill to start again! 

The only problem?  Getting her to come in again!!!!!

It’s still snowing but it is due to warm up a little bit so I suspect it will go pretty soon.  Some parts of the UK, especially Scotland, have had a lot of the white stuff.  Our primary school in the village is closed today and I suspect will be closed tomorrow as is the senior school and Youngest’s college in Nottingham.  So Snow Days all round!    DH and Eldest managed to both get to work but I think they would have both liked to stay home.   Of course I can’t go out in it 😦 but it is very pretty to look at. 

So what is a girl to do but make a hot chocolate with plenty of marshmellows!!!


My days swing from being okay and thinking that everything is going well with recovery to feeling dreadful!  I also think I am getting a little stir crazy being at home all the time!!  I don’t know that I will manage six weeks without going out, oh wait I have a dental checkup next week, yeah!!!! Party!!!!  I have been doing my work along with binge watching films, some of which I have seen before and some I haven’t.  It also makes me realise how many films are made each year and how few are actually good!  The DVD’s will be coming out next!


The birds are busy at the feeders today.


I think tomorrow I will definitely spend the day in my sewing room.  It is also warmer in there than the rest of the house.  Although the central heating is on, we control each room by thermostatic radiators which are all turned to their highest setting, it is still cool.  It doesn’t help at the moment that I am not able to wear my staple outfit of everyday when at home of Jeans and Boots!!  The jeans press on the wound too much, which is now undressed, and so I am in jogging bottoms all the time and they are just not as warm and I am wearing my trainers.  I will be so pleased when I can get back into jeans and my boots. 


Of course today is March 1st and start of the Spring months but as you can tell we are still definitely in the grip of Winter.  I think Spring has been postponed.  


This is coming up fast, so mark your Calendars for March 17th (the third Saturday in March) and hopefully we will all get the chance to play with fabric all day and make things. 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


Where Has All The Magic Gone?


Am I the only one who thinks that the World, through the eyes of the media, is just generally an awful place?  This sort of follows on from yesterday’s post of our media making it sound like Britain was going to disappear from the World because of a slight temperature drop and some snow!!!  I do not watch the news as I feel that they present their spin on it, I do read the headlines but very rarely get further to reading a whole article and the best way to get the news is the five minutes on the hour on the radio which gives you the headlines and a quick synopsis which tends to be a statement of facts!

However I do feel that the joy is going out of the World, people don’t seem to be happy unless they are complaining or arguing and I find it very tiring.  We all need to read the books or watch the Harry Potter films again or The Wizard of Oz or any number of movies or books which take us away from all this negative and back to our happy places. 


Now some may say I am contradicting myself by discussing this but since I have been watching a bit more TV than normal I wanted to share this documentary with you.  I don’t know if you have seen it but it is currently showing its third season here in the UK and the first two were fascinating.  Based upon the release of government documents in the UK and US after seventy years under the Freedom of Information Acts and the fact that both our Governments felt that Hitler did not actually die in the Fuhrer Bunker at the end of the war and did, in fact, manage to escape to South America. 

The investigations have been done in a very thorough and methodical way and what they have found has been fascinating.  When I was in school we were just taught that he died by his own hand at the end of the war and that was that and I had not heard of this theory before but apparently a lot of people believe he did survive.  It is worth watching and I loved it as I am quite a history nerd especially as my father was in the RAF during the war.


I have had some visitors today, Jayne, Mom of Eldest’s best friend who bought some lovely flowers and chocolates and then Pat & Alan friends from the Village, who came this afternoon with more flowers.  It was great to seem them and now the house looks Spring like with my flowers. 


Well for all the hysteria yesterday it DID NOT look like this, this morning.  In fact the snow we have had during the day has not even covered the garden!!!!  A huge disappointment to Treacle as you can imagine. 


This was what we expected!!!  This was taken in 2010 the last time we really had snow and you can telll how deep it is.  These are the steps which go up to the garden and those are my pots on the steps.  Now this was snow!!!!  There is supposed to be some more later in the week but who knows!

I have ordered some fabric for my table runner I am planning for our friends wedding anniversary so will show you that when it arrives but have not done anything else in the sewing room.  I think I will spend tomorrow in there, especially as it is very warm in Eldest’s room as it is smaller than the others and next to our boiler!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday and if it is cold with you, you are staying warm and toasty.

Hugs, Susie xx


Sunday Snooze!


Well Punxsutawney Phil was definitely correct when he saw his shadow and said we would have six more weeks of Winter as it is freezing here today and the early part of this week we have snow forecast and falling temperatures.  Apparently it is going to colder here than the Artic!


I have been up and about and slowly getting used to crutches.  I saw the Nurse on Friday for them to check all was okay and re-dress the area and she is very pleased with it and all is going well.  She actually said “I bet you wish you hadn’t had it done?” and I had actually said the same thing to DH on Friday morning!  I know that I won’t have any pain now and it is the best thing to have it done but at the end of last week it definitely felt worse; walking with crutches, the house is completely upside down to accommodate me, I can’t do anything normal, I can’t even cook but I know it will get better, I think it was just that low that a few people have told me can happen.  So One Week Down, Five To Go!


At least I am in good company, although Mrs Beckham’s is her foot and not hip but still, I mean we could be sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tee Hee!!!!!!


RIP Emma Chambers 1964 – 2018

I was extremely shocked yesterday to hear of the untimely death by natural causes of Emma Chambers (above left with Dawn French) aged 53.  Any death is always a shock but for someone so young who appears to have had no health issues it is more of a shock, especially as we are the same age.  Emma came to prominence in the UK as Alice Tinker in “The Vicar of Dibley” and international fame as Hugh Grant’s sister in “Notthing Hill”. 

I have managed to spend a little time in my sewing room and just pottered about, tidying up and planning a few things rather than get down to any long sewing projects.  Hopefully next week I will feel more up to doing something.  DH and Youngest have been at the County Championships last weekend and this weekend which is always a big event (which was when I was going to have my in-home Quilt Retreat!!) and next weekend they are swimming on Saturday night and all day Sunday so am hoping to get something done next weekend.  Also another week will have gone by.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to the coming week!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

I’m Back!


Big Hugs all round to everyone who has sent thoughts, prayers and love whilst I was in for my Op.  I’m now back at home and all is great.


I can now say that I am The Bionic Woman (for all of you young enough to remember that programme!!!) I have had a full hip replacement on my right side.  Last June my hip just went having had no pain or problems with it or the other side at all.  It may possibly have had something to do with doing Ballet from the age of 2 to the age of 16 and playing tennis competitively and swimming competitively and horse riding I think it gave up the ghost at my age!!!  Not that I am that old!!!!!

I have spent the day at home and working at my desk for some of it and DH and Youngest have been very busy helping me get around and do things.  I have two elbow crutches which I am waiting for my Licence to use them!!!!!  and finding out how I can get around doing things.  It is a six week recovery programme but the physios think I will be getting about a lot sooner than that.

At least I can get back to blogging and reading everyone else’s blogs too.

Hugs, Susie xx

I Will Be Away For A While.


I will be taking a little blogging break, not through choice, as I have to go into Hospital this morning for an operation.  I am hoping that I will only be in for a few days but it is then a six week recovery, again I am hoping that things will go a little quicker!

So much for my two weekends of Quilt Retreat at Home!!!!!  I will make up for it later in the year!

I will be back as soon as I can. 

Hugs, Susie xx