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We spent the weekend tidying up from the plasterer being here and the ceilings are drying out nicely.  The weather is still cold here but having the heating on has dried the ceilings so bonus!

DH was out at swimming things and then spent Sunday setting the exhibition up at the NEC for this week.  DH and I are away from Saturday to Scotland for the holiday which was originally booked in 2020, moved to 2021 and then moved to this year!!!  I went and got my hair trimmed today and I have a few other jobs to get done this week before getting packing done.  Usually we have a chaos situation before we go away and I am trying very hard to avoid that this time.

I managed to carve out a little bit of time to read which was lovely and I am busy sorting out the books I want to take away with me. 

Treacle spent the time in the sitting room whilst the plasterer was here and we had moved her basket in there.  As you can see she was not upset at all by the move!

In fact when he had left and I went in to move her basket she would not move!!!!  She loves her basket.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Thursday Again!

Not quite had to have a digger in to do the plastering but it was bad enough!  The kitchen has been done today and tomorrow is the Den where I work.  The plasterer is really good and keeps everything clean but it is still a messy job.  DH and I will need to get someone in to decorate after it is all done and dried.  Normally we do all our own painting but we do not have many weekends free. 

Treacle spent the day in the sitting room next to the radiator in her basket and when I went in to see her, she was all curled up fast asleep and looked so, so comfy!

It was quite a shock this morning when we got up as it was snowing!  I mean snowing at the end of March really?!!!!!  It settled a little bit but then melted away but it has snowed on and off all day and it is blowing a gale and feels like the Artic!  The sun has made one or two appearances but it is really cold!

The weekend is chaos as always with DH out on Saturday at swimming things and Sunday he is setting up the business exhibition so I will be clearing up after the mess of these two days and doing other home jobs and if I get on well, some quilting. 

So as it is Thursday I thought I would show you a few #TBT pictures.

Above was two years ago when we were in the first month of the first Lockdown and DH and Eldest decided to take the garden away to increase the parking!!! 

Above is Eldest and Youngest at Glen Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in 2007.  Eldest was eleven and Youngest was seven.  As you can see it was a bright sunny day but cool.

Youngest, DH and Eldest in DisneyWorld 2010 waiting for the paddle steamer to arrive.  This is on my computer at the moment as my background.  I am busy saving up for a return trip when all the dust settles with the Covid issues. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

#TBT of Treacle from 2012!  She loves lying on the deck as she can see the whole garden and also what we are up to!!!

Ladies Who Lunch!

Having had a frantic week last week it was lovely today to go out for Lunch with my very good friend, Jayne!

We had lunch at The Joiners Arms in Quarndon and it was lovely food and quite busy for a Tuesday lunchtime.  We sat and had a lovely catch up and got home at 3.30pm!!!  We are arranging another lunch at the end of April after Easter.

Tomorrow is going to be home job day and getting up to date with things as Thursday and Friday this week we have the plasterer coming to do the ceilings in our den, kitchen and laundry.  I am sure I will have to clean again after he has been but at least it will be clean before he starts!

I also have a visit to our dentist on Thursday for teeth cleaning and the weekend is busy as DH is away all next week on another business exhibition which they are setting up on Sunday!  I will be trying to get some more jobs done. 

I hope your Tuesday is going well. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Where are the Weeks Going To?

So I started last Monday off with all good intentions of posting something every day and then the week just disappeared and I don’t quite know where to!!!!!  So here is a quick round up of what happened last week!

I did some baking and made two of these, one for us and one for our friend who has had her knee replaced.  However I could not go and see them as her husband had tested positive for Covid!  DH and the Boys have eaten both!

I got three baskets of ironing done and now have another three to do!!!  I am sure it happily breeds in the laundry!!!

Last week we had a few nice days with warm temperatures during the day, although it dropped cold in the evenings.  Treacle enjoyed the sunshine.

The sun also brought out some of the spring bulbs.  I will also get some more pictures of the flowers appearing now we have had some warm weather.  Although it is due to be cold again this week!!!!

Add to my confused brain we put our clocks forward on Saturday night and I absolutely hate losing that hour and never feel quite right until we gain it back in the Autumn.  I love the lighter nights but…….!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK and I had a lovely day, doing nothing at all which was a real treat for me!!  I had lovely cards from the Boys and some bath bombs!!!  They also very kindly got a few jobs done off my list!!!! 

My Mother and Grandmother!

I didn’t get much reading done last week as by the time I got into bed it was late and I was too tired to read!!!  Hopefully this week will be a little calmer!  I hope you all had a great week and a good week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

National What Day?

Every day has a different “National Day of …..”.  Obviously Saturday was National/International Quilting Day so I thought I would have a look at what today is.

March 21st

National Poetry Day / International Day of Forests / National Fragrance Day / Harmony Day.

There are also seven more you could choose from!!!

I am not, I must admit, a big fan of poetry and of course we did quite a bit in my English Literature class at school most of which I hated.  However this was a favourite of mine:

Sea-Fever by John Masefield

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;

And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,

And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.


I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide

Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;

And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,

And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.


I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,

To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;

And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,

And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

I have always loved that poem. 

International Day of Forests and of course for me the most famous Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood of Nottingham.  Here is the Major Oak where it is said Robin used to hide from the Sherrif of Nottingham!

National Fragrance Day.  Do you have a favourite scent?  This is mine.  DH bought it for me when Chanel first launched it and I have worn it ever since.  It is quite a warm, spicy scent which I love.  I cannot wear Chanel No. 5 as my Mom used to wear that and when I smell it, it reminds me of her.

Harmony Day: The State of Being in Agreement or Concord

Well we could do with a bit of Harmony in the World at the moment couldn’t we?  Let us hope that a certain person in Moscow is listening!!!!

My Monday did not start harmonously with my trying to talk to the Tax Office (!) as I was trying to set something up and kept going round and round in circles.  However they could not talk to me as I was not on the account, because I needed to set it up and couldn’t!!!!  Irony right.  Perhaps there is a day for irony!!!!

Have a great week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


Other Things I Missed This Week!

I missed St Patrick’s Day on March 17th!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!

So as well as us donating money to the British Red Cross for Ukraine, Charlie Mackesy got these T-shirts made, money from the sale will go to the Ukraine fund so I bought one.

This is Charlie with his dog, Barney.  He is the author & Illustrator of the book “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse”.  They are pen and ink drawings and are lovely with words which celebrate kindness and understanding. 

I also follow him on Instagram (  I just love the drawings they really are magical. 

I am hoping that next week will be a little calmer!  So sorry for no posts this week, I will do better next I promise!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Oh What A Week!

It began on Monday with Miss Floof having her Spa Day and looking so much better and smelling a lot better when she came home!!!

She has felt a lot better too and full of the joys of a Spring Airedale.  Although today, it was nice and sunny again she was out in the garden unsupervised and has come in after eating grass and digging, when she actually decided to come in that is!!!

We finally got all the paperwork sorted for DH’s old truck and managed to order the new one which will be arriving in September.  This is the new one and it will be in this colour, Valencia Orange!!!!  You will certainly see him coming!!!

On Wednesday I went to see a good friend who had her knee replaced last week.  She is doing really well and of course the pain has gone so although she is on crutches is getting around really well.  I took them dinner.

Thursday morning I was playing taxi with both Boys, Eldest to his work and then followed Youngest as his Land Rover was in for a service and then to take him to get his golf out of where it is stored. However he forgot to take the key so I had to drive him back to the Land Rover and then back to the garage!!!!!  I finally got home at lunch and then sat down for work.  Then Eldest came home at 5.00pm and said he had pains in his chest and had spoken to our GP who recommended he go to our local A&E Hospital!!!

So I took him and arrived at 6.00pm.  I had to stay in the car park because of Covid and he went in.  Several tests, bloods etc later they decided he had at sometime possibly damaged his breast bone and it was in spasm which was why it was so painful.    He finally came out at 5.00am this morning and I had slept on and off in the car!!!  It was extremely cold but I fortunately had my coat in the car and put that over me.  The Fox came to visit though!!!!

Needless to say I did not get any of my jobs done today except work!!  It should have been home jobs day but I will have to get that done tomorrow now and all the washing and ironing.  Also it will be any early night for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend DH is commentating at another swimming event all weekend so I am hoping to get some Quilting done. 

Tomorrow is National/Worldwide Quilting Day so hopefully I will get some done and I hope you lovely lot do too!

Have a wonderful, peaceful Weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Early Start!

Monday came round really quickly this week!  Friday was a blur of running errands and DH was out all day Saturday at another swimming event and I spent the morning finishing my book as it was so good!!!!  I have now started a new one.  In the afternoon I carried on making the quilt backing for Eldest’s quilt. 

Yesterday we went out for Sunday Lunch with some good friends, which was great and a lovely way to spend a winters afternoon.  We got back about 3.30pm and got a few jobs done and then the Boys arrived back and they went off playing cars!!!!! 

This morning I took Eldest to work, which meant a very early start and so the day has seemed really long!!!!!  Tomorrow DH and The Boys are out visiting a car museum (!) so it will be a quiet day for me.  If I can get my other jobs sorted I may sneak a few hours quilting again or reading, who knows!

Miss Floof needs an AireCut and I will be ringing this week to see if I can get her booked in!!! 

This was the AirePosition that greeted me when I got back this morning!!  Treacle had an upside down view of Monday today!!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.”

A.A. Milne

March 1st and the start of the Spring Months and hopefully it will not be long before we have some nice weather.  I think March will be coming in like a Lamb as we have a lovely sunny calm day here today! 

Today is St. David’s Day, Patron Saint of Wales.

I am just about to start making the batter for all the pancakes for tonight (!) and get dinner ready for them all getting home.  Also trying to get some more pieces for the back of Eldest’s quilt done too.

We are also getting there with ALL the paperwork regarding DH’s truck (!) hopefully it will be settled soon but he will not be able to get a new one until September, so we will be sorting something out until then!!!!

Happy March 1st everyone. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

It might be March 1st but it is still cold, I am staying in my backet!

End of February.

Last day of February and so far it has been a very busy first two months of the year.  We have had seven swimming events since the start of the year and there is an event every weekend until the end of March so March is going to be busy.  Of course I can get some more quilting done.

Quilting you say?  Yes I actually got some done.  I have been making the backing for Eldest’s quilt, I have the right amount of material just not in the right way so I have had to cut and sew pieces together.  So far I have seven pieces made and quite a few more to do and then sew them together to make the backing.  I am also hoping to get the November due quilt done this weekend as well.  Then it is the two Memory quilts which need to be done by July!!  Hopefully after that I will be able to get some Christmas gifts done and a couple of quilts which I want to make for me!!!!!!

We had a few nice days of sun over the weekend but then it has been raining again today. March can be nice but then it can also be dreadful weather, will it come in like a Lamb or a Lion this year?  Occasionally you get a clear, but very windy day which is great to get things out on the line as they dry quickly!!!  We can always hope!

The North wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?

He’ll sit in a barn,
And keep himself warm,
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

The above is actually the rhyme but we always said “March winds doth blow” so when and how did that get changed?  Probably my Welsh Grandmother, the one who taught me to sew.  She had a whole collection of sayings and superstitions and would regularly tell me about them.  “Beware the Ides of March” being March 15th when Julius Caesar was murdered in the Roman Senate in 44 BC It is supposed to be bad luck, well it was for him. 

Tomorrow is Pancake Day and I will be making mixture for our lot.  They usually have a lighter dinner as they just love pancakes.  DH prefers just sugar and orange juice, Youngest likes chocolate spread on his (yuck) and Eldest and I prefer maple syrup, Treacle just likes the pancake!!!!  Wednesday of course is Ash Wednesday and then Lent.  40 Days of giving things up until Easter.  Is there anything you will be giving up for Lent?  Or trying to do something for the 40 Days?  I have a few things which I am going to try!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xxHere are some Spring Flowers!!!!