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You know all that glorious Summer weather we had and the drought?  Yep well all the water that disappeared over all those weeks has come back down today!!!!  You cannot see too well in the picture above, but the water running down our Hill was just incredible.  The plants, I can assure you, do not need watering!!!!


Throwback pictures to Goose Fair which will soon be on again at the beginning of October

Nottingham-20131004-00010ATP at Hatchards 251005

DH and I took the Boys down to London at the October Half Term school holiday in 2005, Eldest was ten and Youngest was six!  They, like we, have always loved bookshops and they always came out with books whatever the time of year, toys were only bought at Christmas and Birthdays but if we went into a bookshop no matter what time of year they came out with books.  I think this helped them to love books as much as we do.  As you can see Youngest got himself a chair and was quite happy.  This was Hatchards in London and we spent quite a few hours in there.

ANP at Hatchards 251005

Eldest above sorting out the books of what he would like to buy.  They also spent their own money on books a lot of the time too.

On the Thames 251005

Of course a trip to London is not done unless you go down the River Thames on a boat, which the Boys loved to do no matter how old they got.  The River is far too interesting to take time out looking at Daddy taking a picture, but I did!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday, it’s almost Friday!

Hugs, Susie xx

We Remember.


Seventeen years ago we were at home, I working whilst Youngest was playing and watching a Thomas The Tank Engine cartoon on the TV after lunch, as he was allowed an hour of TV time.  He came to tell me that there was some writing on the TV and I came to check and saw the news flash and turned over to the BBC.  The news was devastating, I distracted Youngest with toys and books away from the TV but I was unable to switch it off and sadly saw the second plane hit. 

DH returned an hour later from visiting customers and we just sat and watched in horror.  I went to collect Eldest from school and it was all that was talked about whilst waiting for our children.   We got home and continued with family routines whilst numb to what we were seeing on the TV.  We were the lucky ones on that day as we were together with our boys safe in our home and our hearts went out to all those who were not and to some who would never be again.

We will never forget and we remember all those who were lost and all who remain and to everyone affected by this day.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Monday Really?!!


I know there are a lot of hotter places in the World and a lot of you who cope with the heat but in the UK we are not used to it and our homes don’t have AC units, just heating.  Today has been into the 90°F and our home is like an oven!!!!  I had a shower this morning and a shower just now and am no cooler!!!!!!!


The heat is definitely getting to me, I had to Google the last episode of a series I watch to find out actually what it was about!!!!!!!!  Fortunately there was an explanation there which at least I understood.  Oh good grief Charlie Brown!!!!!!


I am busy trying to pull things together for our vacation and Youngest arrived home at the weekend changed all his clothes and took more and went off to work and then stayed at his Girlfriend’s house. When I looked in his wash bin in was full!!!!!  I think sometimes I am running a Laundry!  DH was out on Saturday night so I decided to get through all the ironing and I now have another basket load!!!  I am leaving him instructions whilst we are away on how to use all the machines so he can do his own washing!!!!!


Treacle has been outside all day as she did the whole of the weekend.  She went to her Doctors on Saturday morning for her annual physical and injections.  Her Doctor thought she is doing very well for her age and does not look 10!!  Although her injections did make her a little bit sleepy!!!  As it has been so hot I have been giving her ice cubes to eat and she loves playing with them, I am not sure how much she actually gets as she takes them outside and I think they melt before she has any!!!! 

I hope you lovely lot have an amazing week, even if you are melting!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


For #TBT today and because Wimbledon is currently on, I thought I would throwback to the 1970’s and a children’s TV programme created from the books of Elisabeth Berresford from 1968.

The Wombles of Wimbledon Common.


The Wombles are pointy nosed little creatures who live under Wimbledon Common and keep the area clean and tidy of rubbish which they collect and then re-cycle.  As you can imagine this was way ahead of its time.  The above picture is from the BBC who created the series for Children’s TV in 1973.  The Wombles motto was “Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish”.  I used to watch them as a little girl and loved them!

The Wombles names were; Great Uncle Bulgaria, Madam Cholet, Tobermory, Orinoco, Bungo, Tomsk, Wellington & Miss. Adelaide.


It was Ladies’ Semi-Finals day today and both were a bit of a white wash with Angelique Kerber and Serena Williams crushing their opponents to reach the final on Saturday.  Tomorrow it is the turn of the Men; Kevin Anderson against John Isner and Novak Djokovic against Rafael Nadal.  I think these matches will be longer possible even into five sets and I would hate to call who will win on either match. 

I have errands to run tomorrow and grocery shopping but am going to get everything done very early so I can be back in time to watch the matches!!! 

I will also be getting things ready for our friends who are coming to dinner on Saturday.  We have not seen them for a while and this is the couple whose Golden Wedding Anniversary is in September and I have made the quilt for.  We will be giving them the quilt on Saturday and I will show you pictures after then.

Today has been sunny and warm again but they have forecast that we may get thunderstorms tomorrow.  I am hoping that is all we get and Saturday will be lovely again so we are able to eat in the garden.  However, knowing my luck, Saturday will be bad too and then Sunday will be lovely!!!!! Hey ho.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx



Today I have reached 155 Followers and I want to say Welcome to my World to my newest Followers.


Thank you too for following me and being interested in my crazy life!!!  I love meeting new people through my Blog from all around the World, what a great way to connect with people. 

Writing my Blog to me is like the journals we all used to keep as girls, but we are able to add pictures and illustrations to this more easily.  I also love reading other people’s Blogs and learning about their lives, especially quilting.

Today we are in for our hottest day in Derbyshire at 83°F.  Treacle is out in the garden at the moment but I suspect she will be in soon and I am heading to my quilting room.  It has had the early morning sunshine but the sun will soon move round to the back of the house and hopefully my room will cool down a little bit.  I have switched off every electrical appliance I can to make it as cool as possible.

I hope, whatever you are up to today, you have a wonderful day and if you are coping with extreme heat, stay cool and calm. 

Hugs, Susie xx


I Love Summer.

huts-2372409_1920I do love all the seasons as I think each one has something special to offer but I think if I have to choose, I love summer.  The wonderful light nights, the weather is amazing here this year and generally most people are happy, there is always the exception though!!!!!


Wimbledon begins today and so that will be a great fortnight of tennis and as the good weather is forecast to last for another month hopefully we won’t see the roof in action.


The English strawberries are just starting to ripen but because it is always so busy for us these few weeks, I tend to get the Scottish strawberries which are usually later and make my jam when I get back from holiday.  Strawberry jam is the family favourite.


It’s the Dog Show tonight for Carnival with the new team running it and DH is compering it for them.  Treacle is not entered as it is very warm again today and I don’t think I would want her out in this heat on the park for a couple of hours.  She is currently fast asleep in her basket by my desk and not hot at all, so the best place for her.  Spa Day on Thursday for her and she will be having a short back and sides to cope with the heat.

I got up early this morning and got all my ironing done again before it go hot and just have the weekends washing to do tonight and I am up to date with that again. 

I finished quilting my summer quilt and have washed it and will get some pictures of that tomorrow and put them up.  I am now on to the anniversary quilt to be sandwiched and pinned so I can get that done and then the baby quilt to be done.  After these projects are finished, I am going to be working on Christmas presents (!).

I hope you all had a lovely summer’s weekend and have a great week, whatever you are up to.

Summer Hugs, Susie xx


Thursday Thirst.


You know how the British can be really boring as all we talk about is the weather?  Well Today is the same as yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, what I mean is it’s HOT!  Now this is actually quite unusual for us as our summers are almost always hit and miss and of course there is nothing to say that this band of warm weather will stay and as we are away on our family vacation at the beginning of August, it probably means it will be gone by then but while it is here I am making the most of it.

The garden is starting to show the effects of the heat and I am just watering our new plants.  The established bushes, trees etc don’t need it as they have been in a long time but the grass is also starting to go brown.  Certainly driving around the village, you can see how brown the grass verges are getting.  However a few days of rain and they will green right up again.


This begins on Sunday, our Village Carnival, and of course we couldn’t ask for better weather.  When I had my stall a few year’s ago it had been constant rain for several weeks beforehand and on the day it was blowing a gale so because I will not be there it will be lovely and warm!!!

Interior Apple Tree Gift Shop

Mel, Girlfriends Mom, took me out for breakfast today at a cafe in Ockbrook, near to where we live.  It’s called “The Apple Tree Gift and Teashop” and it is lovely.  The front of the building has all sorts of gifts and cards, great for that present you need for someone who is difficult to buy for! 

Apple Tree Gift Shop

This is their cake counter and I must say they looked lovely, although we had breakfast which was very good.  I will have to take DH as he loves cakes!!!

When I got back I did some work and again sorted out some other things in our Den so I am slowly getting everything tidy!!  Tomorrow I have house jobs to do and am going to get up very early and get that done before the heat gets too much.  I also have some errands to run and again will try to get them done before it is too warm.  I also have to call on the Boys’ Godparents who are back from a month’s holiday in Europe, it’s his Birthday next week so I need to take his present round as they are usually away for his Birthday too.  Oh to be retired and be able to do what you want when you want!!!!!


I have to keep checking Treacle when she is in her basket to make sure she is okay as she sleeps so soundly as she is spending so much time outside in the fresh air, that when she is in her basket she is solid gone!!!  This was this afternoon and you can see how tucked up she is!!!  She kept getting up in the night again last night as it was so warm and she was trying to find a cool spot.  One of my jobs tomorrow is to call her spa and get an appointment for her!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hot Hugs, Susie xx