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It’s A Boy!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have had their Baby, a little Boy.

I could have said she was having a boy as she was late.  Our two Boys were both ten days late, lazy boys!!!!!!!  We didn’t know what we were having but when I said I was late, especially ten days, everyone said I must be having a Boy and they were!

Many Congratulations to them from Our Family,

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Fiancé & Treacle

xxxxx, woof!


May Day & The Wednesday Wag & Afternoon Tea!

May Day!


Well it is a three-in-one post today!  Happy May Day to everyone and hopefully the weather will now be glorious for the rest of the year!!!!  Our garden is certainly starting to bloom and I will get some pictures over the next few days to show you.


Afternoon Tea!


For Gail’s 70th we were at Morley Hayes where the Boys’ had their 18ths’!  The entrance above.  Next to the door there was a Magnolia tree in a very pretty pink just flowering.


We had a lovely afternoon with Gail and Pat and everyone else, a very civilised way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!!!


One of the plate of cakes, they kept refilling the sandwiches and scones and cake plates!! 


The table flowers.


Scones, I didn’t have one, DH had mine instead!!!!

Gail had a wonderful afternoon and the previous weekend had been away with her children, their wives and grandchildren and her brothers so she had a great time celebrating her milestone.


The Wednesday Wag!


The weather has been quite good today so I have spent a lot of time outside but I disappeared at one point and Mom could not see me at all, I was behind the Boys’ Den again and Mom thinks I am digging up there, although she has not been up to look, she has threatened that she will send Dad when he gets back from work!!! Oops!!!!


Think I had better keep my head down until this little storm blows over!!!!  I think Dad said that if I did this again he was going to put something up there to stop me getting around the back of the Den! That’s okay though I will just find another area to have a dig at!!!!!

The weekend is going to be busy with people in and out at different times of the day and early morning so it will probably only be Mom and I at home for most of it and it is a three day weekend too.  Although I think Mom is going out for some of it too.  Never mind I will catch up on my sleep, now the lighter nights are here and I am spending so much time outside in the fresh air!!!!  It really is very tiring.

I hope you are having a very woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x


Oh Treacle I think you will be in trouble with Daddy when he gets in!!!!  It’s fine to go up there just don’t dig so much!!!!!

Tomorrow is house jobs day and I am going to do some baking as I have a friend popping round on Friday morning and then after she has left I need to run some errands and also do the grocery shopping.  The weekend is manic and I think I am just going to make dinners and put them in the fridge for whenever they get back and want to eat!!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy May Day too!

Hugs, Susie xx


Mother’s Day 2019.

I had a great day yesterday with our Boys and DH for Mother’s Day.  Eldest and Fiance had arranged for us to go for breakfast in Nottingham first thing and we had a lovely few hours together.  We got back to find Youngest was up and about and going out but he got back in the evening for dinner with me.


I know this may seem an unusal present from Youngest but I did need a new microwave for our kitchen and he bought out of his wages!


Eldest and Fiance bought me my favourite bath and body set from The White Company. Treacle also bought me my other favourite bath and body set as well. 

The best bit of course was spending time with all of them.

We put the clocks forward on Saturday night/Sunday morning, grr, and I am slowly recovering.  A note from my Snoopy Calendar says that: “Monday after the clocks go forward is “Napping Day” so you can make up for the hour you lost with the time change!” As if we need any excuse to have a nap!!!  I might try it or at least go to bed earlier than normal!!!

The last few weeks have been really busy with work and things around our home as well as dealing with the Boys so I have got behind with my blog and also reading the blogs I follow too.  No excuse but I just ran out of time in the day and now losing another hour, it takes a lot to catch up.  However I have now managed to so should be back to blogging every day etc.  Well it’s a plan!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week.

Hugs, Susie xx


It is sunny today but quite cool so Treacle is on our bed, sunbathing from the sun through our windows which is warm, even if it isn’t outside!!!!!

Clocks Go Forward!


Our Clocks go forward tonight one hour and it takes me until they go back again to catch up!!!!!!

I love the lighter mornings and longer evenings but the first week when we move the hour on is horrendous, especially with me still waking up at 3.00am every night!  I really want to see only one 3 in a day, 3.00pm!!!!!!

Hey ho, at least it means I will be able to get lots done in the evenings now!!!

Sleepy Susie!!!!! xx


Yes it is #Throw Back Thursday today and also so much news to comment on, tee hee!


If the US celebrities accused of paying to get their children into college had done some historical films, especially about Britain, they may have learnt from our past. The wealthy in the UK used to get their children into top Universities by donating a building here and there and having their name put on it!!!!  This way the University then felt obliged to take their children even if they were as thick as custard! Generally known as “tit for tat”


Tomorrow is Red Nose Day in the UK and there will be lots of programmes happening and collections everywhere. 


You will all know about Brexit after Treacle’s Wednesday Wag yesterday and our politicians have managed to vote out every possible deal but still want Brexit!  Hence the above picture (it reminds me of Harry Potter)!  I don’t like to get political here but the people of Britain voted to leave the EU (no matter what margin it was) and yet the politicians are now digging their heels in because they don’t like the deal.  Which says to me that they want to make a name for themselves and not for the good of the people they represent!  However even if we had an election the other parties are only the same if not worse than what is in at the moment so we would be no better off!  It is a shame that they did not get business men and women to negotiate the deal, I think it would have been a lot better and be all done by now! Grr.


House jobs day today, as well as some work, and tomorrow some errands to run.  The weather is supposed to be high winds and heavy rain all weekend, so it is a good job I am inside then!!!

Boys at Firepower London April 09

Ten years ago!!!!  Eldest on the left and Youngest on the right they did love dressing up especially if it involved the odd tank!!!  They were 13 and 9 and we were away for Easter in London.

Have a Thrilling Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, yeah!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Weird Weather.


So Sunday I took the picture with a small amount of snow and this morning at 7.00am after it had just got light it was doing this!  I don’t know if you can see from the picture but it is not stopping to rain it is just coming down in bucket fulls!  In fact our small pond that we have in an old whiskey barrel is so full the little fountain can hardly work!!  DH and I will have to empty some water at the weekend.  So Treacle and I have been in all day working!!!


Treacle has been on guard patrol.


Watching out of the window.


Of course you do need the odd snooze in between times.  She is now using her new quilt as a cover, especially as she has had all that fur removed and it is also freezing cold today too!!!!


She missed this pesky thing as she was fast asleep when it paid a flying visit.  It really does not like the new bird feeders as it cannot hang on and try to get the sunflower seeds at the same time!!!!  As you can see from the size of it is not starving, it’s probably this nuisance that ate all of my snow drop bulbs! Grr!!!!!!


I am still on my clearing out mode and slowly getting around to everything so at least by the end of Spring this year I will know that everything in our home is wanted, required and loved!!!  Well that’s the plan!!!!  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx