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Definitely Autumn.


Well it is definitely Autumn here as the first few leaves of our big cherry tree in our garden have started to fall.  It is also cool in the early morning and in the evening when the sun has gone down, so although we are due for some warm days the heat does not last long!


My dryer is now fixed, the part had to come from Germany, and yes I have another load of washing to do courtesy of DH and the Boys!!!! 

I managed to get my Baby quilt finished on Sundy and the binding sewn on so I just now need to hand sew it to the back, wash it, dry it and it will be ready and waiting for when the Baby puts in an appearance.  It is due on Youngest’s Birthday although we know that that does not always happen!!!

I have been busy sorting out all the Birthdays I need to buy for between now and December with presents and cards, so that in a few weeks I can concentrate on buying Christmas presents.  I find that if I do it this way I don’t forget anything.  In past years I have been so busy sorting out Christmas that have then forgotten Birthdays!!!  Especially those in December like Youngests!!!


DH is compering an 80’s Retro Event on Saturday evening and I am going too as to make it authentic he is going to use the vinyl singles we used to play in the 80’s!!!  They are all scratched and pop but they are authentic!!!  It is also a gaming event with genuine 80’s arcade games so it should be good fun.  As far as I am concerned the 80’s was the best decade for music since I was alive, the 70’s were good but I preferred the 80’s, and play a lot of that music today on my iPod!!!  In fact Youngest is a big fan of the music and has a lot of it on his iPod too and wishes he had been alive in that decade!!!!  I turned sixteen in 1980 so I suppose I hit the decade at the right time!



Of course you always look back with rose tinted spectacles but I think it was a great decade.  I was at college and then got a job earning real money, I gained a lot of new friends through work and started going out on a Friday or Saturday night.  Princess Diana came on the scene and influenced a lot of fashion during the 80’s and as she was only three years older than me I really related to her.  The fashions were better after the weirdness of the 70’s!  and, of course, I met and subsequently married DH during the 1980’s, so defintely the best decade for me!!!

I will try and get some pictures on Saturday to show you what it looks like!!!!

Today has been busy work wise again but tomorrow I am out in the morning visiting a friend whose Birthday is later in the week.  I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

The World Gone Mad!


The above picture just about sums up our Politicians on both sides of the Houses of Parliament at the moment including The Speaker!  In fact their behaviour over the last few months and in particular the last few weeks has been more like a Monty Python Sketch than elected officials!  I would say that the Reception Class at our Village School are better behaved than this lot!


I really try very hard to avoid the news but the bits I do see I can honestly say I am ashamed of how people in my Country are behaving..  Also all the other news where people are having a go at each for no reason, country leaders are accusing others of all and sundry and every day we have someone crying “the sky is falling” literally!  I really do think the World has gone mad!

There was an old campaign slogan by one of our Political parties years ago saying that if the other party gOt in “would the last person leaving the country switch the lights off”!!!!  It was a great slogan and that Party subsequently won the election but with all the chaos at the moment, it really does feel like that now!!!!

Having had a very busy but productive week last week, not so much this!!  It is one of those taking two steps forward, four back!!!!  Hey ho.


All Treacle is worried about is the continuous supply of her Bonios!!!! 

Youngest has tablets from the Doctor for his chest infection and is beginning to feel a little better but Treacle is happy that he is at home for snuggles.  However my dryer will not be fixed now until a week today as the part has to come from Germany and then the engineer cannot get here until next week, Grr.  However the weather is supposed to be nice again at the weekend so hopefully I will be able to get all the washing dried outside!!!!

Yep it’s definitely one of Those Weeks!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Again!

So last week was a long week but the weekend, of course, flew by!  I went to help DH on Friday evening whilst he was setting up all the sound equipment for Saturday.  It was a long evening and we didn’t get home until 10.00pm!


I spent the whole day in Nottingham shopping on Saturday for various Birthdays coming up in the next few weeks.  It wasn’t as busy as I was expecting it to be and then I met up with Fiance and her sister who were also there shopping! 


Sunday DH was again out at swimming things so I got to do some quilting but then Youngest came home ill!!  He had not been feeling very well since Friday evening after work but got worse over the weekend.  I took him to the Doctors today and he has a stomach upset and chest infection so is now on tablets!!!!  He was also up in the night and so were we, so am really tired now!!!!

I think I am going to have one of THOSE weeks!!!

Tonight DH is out again at the swimming club meeting so I will be able to carry on with my quilting, whilst nursing the poorly sick person!!!!  I just hope I don’t get!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx


It’s Friday!


Yep we have made it to Friday!  You know how usually the weeks fly by, well this week for me has been very, very long!  I don’t particularly know why; I have been very busy with work every day and then doing Home jobs in the evening as well so I suppose it is that.  I have also had a few late nights as well as early mornings so that could also be the reason why!!!!


I got all my cleaning done today (I always look like the above when I am cleaning!!!) and tomorrow I am off to Nottingham.  I have quite a few Birthdays coming up which need presents for so that is my job tomorrow, whilst DH roasts at the swimming pool all day!!!! 


DH is out again all Sunday with swimming so I will be quilting!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have had a great week and will have a good weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx




I feel like Snoopy today!!!  It has been a very busy work day and I have only just finished at 6.15pm!!  Still have dinner to cook and a basket of ironing to do!  Plus my tumble dryer has broken!!!  Grr

At the weekend we got quite a few jobs done in the garden and it is starting to look tidy ready for it’s winter snooze!  We had a lovely evening with our good friends Val & Dave who came for dinner on Saturday evening.


Treacle has been spending all day outside whilst the weather is still nice, so at night she is absolutely zonked!!!!  Doesn’t stop her from using the WHOLE of our bed!


You know that I love Christmas but I am already getting bombarded with emails, mailers etc about Christmas!!!!  I know there are three months to go but honestly!!!!!

I hope your Monday is going okay and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


Home, Caught Up and The Fesitval of Quilts!

We got home on Saturday evening after a long drive but the weather was kind to us.  Sunday we spent sorting things out and DH mowed the lawn that was not quite up to his knees! Monday I sat down to deal with 698 emails and accounts to sort!!!  Finally by today I am now up to date.  I just have a basket of ironing and then we are back to normal operating!!!!!  Tee hee!

We had a lovely holiday although DH did fit in four days of work with customers up there!!!  But the rest of the time it was very peaceful, although it did fly by!  I think we could have done with three weeks really!!!!

The Thursday before we left I went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham.  It was the opening day and not too busy.  I took a lot of pictures so be warned this is a picture heavy post.  I also went to see Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company speak.  She was great and as engaging as her You Tube Tutorials are and also her Husband Ron was there too. 

However I will say that although there were lots of quilt entires as always they did not appeal to me at all.  Whether it was the colours used or the blocks I found a lot to be quite uninspiring.  However below are the ones I loved.


This was my favourite quilt of the whole show.  I just love the colours and the subject matter.  I did have all the names but have mislaid the book!!!!  Sorry.


The above quilt had a 3D effect and looked like fruit boxes. 

Below is a shirt quilt which looked great as a scrappy quilt.


I took the above picture as it is definitely a Boys Quilt.


I loved the above one with the colours and how intricate the pattern was.


The London Underground above! 


Another favourite, the colours drew me to this.


As you know applique is my nemesis!  So I really appreciate these two quilts and all the hard work that went into them.


I love the deep red of this quilt and the different blocks.


I also admire anyone who can make fabric look like a painting!


This was done in postage stamp blocks!!!!!


Again I loved this picture quilt.


The above would make a wonderful baby quilt.


I just loved this happy cow!!!!!


I loved the above quilt as it is a smaller version of Treacle!


A very pale but intricate quilt.


These two quilts are just so intricate with the applique.


DH bought me a VIP ticket so we got to sit and relax in this lounge area and also had lunch there.

Jenny’s talk was a two hour Trunk Show and she had brought lots of quilts and then explained how she made them and also how to change the shape of a block by just turning one side of it.  Ron helped, as do all husbands, with the holding up of the quilts!


I also bought some fabric whilst I was there with my money box savings and had a good look around at different products.  We also, as we seem to do each year, saw DH’s cousin!!!  Of all the days it is on and all the people that go we always seem to be there on the same day!  It was lovely to see Jackie.

We got home around 6.00pm and then started sorting out things for going away on the Friday.  I will tell you all about our adventures on the Friday tomorrow!!!  It includes Treacle!!!!!

I hope you are having a lovely summer.

Hugs, Susie xx