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Busy Few Days!

It has been a busy few days with work now that everyone seems to be back to work despite the new lockdown!  Today I have been doing home jobs and have some ironing to get done but am hoping to get some quilting done over the weekend. 

This is today and it is great to see after all the rain over the last few days.  It is very cold but that does not matter there is a blue sky and the sun!  I rather thought the sun had left to go on his holidays after all the grey days we have had!  In fact it has been so bad I was even considering of buying one of those light boxes!!!

Even Treacle has enjoyed being out today, wonders will never cease!!!

We also had a lovely surprise through the mail when we received a package from Susan, Tara & Sita, our friends in the US. 

It made it Christmas again.

She sent us some wonderful gifts and we sent out Thank You’s to her.  Here is what she sent.

We have heard about the Girl Scout Cookies and here we get to try them, they are yummy.

Susan always done wonderful work and she sent me this lovely mat I am using on my dressing table and the towel below which is under my machine.

She sent me this lovely shawl and DH the wonderful warm scarf which I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of before he spirited it away.

I love these and need them regularly; a magnet to store or pick up pins which I drop regularly!!!

Treacle got pressies and she loves opening them.

A lovely new red tennis ball.

And a Squeeky platipus which she loves.

Susan sent all of my gifts in this wonderful bag.  The moto is so apt!!!

She also sent me the Reno Gazette Journal Comic pages with Snoopy on! 

We love everything Susan, thank you so much.

We have made it to Friday and we are supposed to get some snow over the weekend again, but they have told us that before.  Because of all the rain lots of areas have severe flooding again and I feel so sorry for those affected by it. 

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you might be up to.  We are not doing anything again because we can’t except jobs at home and as I say hopefully some quilting.  Happy Friday you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Tuesday Thoughts!

Yesterday was “Blue Monday” which is the supposed to be the worst day of the year because Christmas is well and truely over, it is a long time to pay day because you were paid early in December and the weather is generally bad.  However I didn’t feel too bad yesterday but today I feel yuck.  We spoke to some friends over the weekend and they said the same thing especially with the lockdown and we are due for heavy rain for the next three days!!!!

I am also finding it hard to come up with new meals for all five of us, that everyone likes and not keep cooking the same meals week in, week out! 

And to add to all of this I am in one of those cycles where I am waking up during the night!  Saturday it was 4.00am, Sunday was 1.00am, then 3.00am and then 5.00am!  This morning was 4.00am again!  By the middle of the day I feel exhausted! 

I think I am going to have to do something over the weekend to shake all this up so I can break this, especially as it looks like we are going to be in Lockdown until at least March!

I really wish I was at the cottage in the Highlands with this view! 

Treacle is helping me being in her basked next to my desk.  One thing is for sure she will not want to be out in all the rain!!!!

I hope you all are having a better Tuesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

Joy Then Pain!

Well we knew it might happen after one day over Christmas mixing with relatives and friends, the country will now be paying for it by possibly going into a full lockdown like last March!  This new varient of Covid seems to be running rampant and although it is no more dangerous than last year, it is more easily spread.  So to curb this the PM is due to probably announce tonight another full lockdown!  I know the saying is “no pain, no gain” but it is hard to see, although both the boys have plans of what they want to do if there is another lockdown, they always keep busy whatever is going off!

DH doesn’t know it yet but we will be decorating if we go into another lockdown!!!  Last year we got lots of jobs done, mainly in the garden as previously we had only done the minimum, so it was a good opportunity to get it done.  However we did not get any painting done inside.  So I have ordered some Tester pots to make sure I have the right colours and we will be off!!!  There is a definite benefit to lockdowns!!!

For me the worst bit of Christmas has happened, we have put all the decorations away!  I know it is normally January 6th but that is Wednesday and DH is, well at the moment, at work so we had to do it at the weekend.  I hate putting the decorations away, our home looks so ordinary without them!  I have cleaned our home from top to bottom today, as well as working, and tomorrow I have a basket of ironing to get done and then we are all back up to date!!!  Youngest has two new pieces of bedroom furniture arriving next weekend which is part of his Christmas present so we will be building those then!

Susie’s Aims For 2021!

Now you all know that I don’t do Resolutions, if I did by now I would have broken them or forgetten completely about them!!!!    So I know it is the same but I think by saying Aims takes a bit of the pressure off!  If this year is going to be the same as last year my Aims are going to be centred around home things because I don’t think we wil be doing much else outside so to speak!!!

1.  Quilting – to do some quilting each week and get on with my projects that are waiting to be finished.

2.  Finish the Boys Memory Books and tidy up their keepsakes in the attic.

3.  Sort out the pictures on the computer and put notes with them and also put the several hundred pictures we inherited from our families, that are just in a box into albums!!!

4.  Decorating our home inside and out!

5.  Keep on top with the garden.

There you go, I will keep you up to date with how I am doing on these.  If DH, Girlfriend and the Boys are busy at the weekend with the furniture then I will try and do some quilting then.  Pictures will follow!!!

Have a good first week of January, especially if today was your first day back at work after the Holidays!!!!!

New Year Hugs & Love, Susie xx

My Stitching Resolution Blog Hop!

If you follow my Blog you know that I don’t make Resolutions, as by January 4th they have probably all been broken/forgotten/unworkable!!!!  So for the last few years I have made some Aims (I know it’s the same thing but hey it works for me!!!).  Of course we started 2020 with a lot of aims which if anything this year has taught us, it is to be flexible!!!

Anyway the wonderful Carla at “Creatin’ in the Sticks” who is the Master of Organisation came up with the wonderful idea of what we would all like to be doing quilting wise in the New Year.  So we are to let you know what:

My Stitiching Resolution Aim for 2021 is ………………..

To Get Back to My Quilting! 

Again some of you will know that our Eldest came home at the end of November 2019 for good, which I am loving.  However I was “camping” in his room as my quilting den and so when he came home I lost my space.   Now before he left I used to sew at my desk in our den which I work on every day of the week but it required a lot of moving of things and of course when I had finished quilting for the day it all had to be packed away and it was not a problem until I was using Eldest’s room.  I could just leave a project on the machine and material all over the place and basically a mess and leave it, but not on my desk as I use it for our business work. 

Since I had to move everything back downstairs (my stash is actually in clip boxes under our bed!) it has really not inspired me to quilt at all!  So 2021 is going to be the year that I will sort things out so I can get back to quilting again.  My aim over the last few years has been to do some quilting each week and I am definitely putting that down again.  I also have several projects which need completing.

Do you, when you go to quilt shows, see some material and it is labled enough to make a quilt?  Then when you start you think hmm big enough for a doll quilt?!!!!  Well this was the material I had above!  I loved the pinks but there was not a lot left so I added some white and the grey and made this little pinwheel quilt.  I am going to back it with more of the grey.

The above were blocks from Kathleen Tracy Quilt Along (A Sentimental Quilter) so I set them on point and added the white and I am going to back it with the material below.

Again this was a kit I bought at The Quilt Show in Birmingham for a little boy and it said all the material was there and it was just!  I need to back it and obviously quilt it.

There is a story behind this quilt which I won’t go into now, but it is for a King size bed so it is huge.  I have bought the backing for it and just need to get the wadding and then quilt it.  It will take a while on my machine but I will get there.  It is various shades of grey.  It was a pattern from Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company on You Tube.

These are the quilts I want to make next but have not got around to cutting them out.  The above ones are for DH and I as I want to make a winter inspired quilt for our bed but I used some of the top material for something else so now need to get some more of that!!!!

You all know that I love Snoopy and have collected over the years various material, panels etc to make a Snoopy quilt and again I have not got around to it!!!!!  Definitely on my list to do this year. 

Again a Christmas panel I bought some time ago and I just love the pictures.  I think they were supposed to be for cushions but I am going to make them into mats.

You may have seen these mats on my blog from previous years but I still have four which are not finished (!) so they are going to be quilted, bound and finished!

This is the material that DH bought me for Christmas.  I just love the greens.

Now I know that some Quilters are very organised and whenever they finish a project collect all the spare material and cut them into different sizes and store them.  I would like to say that I did that, but I didn’t and now have a huge clip box full, bursting at the seams, with scraps which need to be dealt with.  As you can see above I did start to do this with a project I did finish and cut them into various squares.  My other aim is to make a scrap quilt and so I am hoping, again this year, that this will be something I can get on with.

Finally I have two quilts to make for DH’s cousin, her daughter.  Memory quilts for her two children and I need to buy some provisions before I start this so again another job to do.

There you have it, there is a lot of things to do but I am hoping that 2021 will give me the nudge to get on with them and who knows we may have another lockdown and I can get on with things then!!!!

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Thank you to Carla for arranging such a great Hop and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Treacle – My Quilting Helper!

Stay Away!

Yep it has finally happened, one of us has tested positive for Covid!  So we are all now self isolating for fourteen days!!!!  I suppose we have done pretty well to get to this point in the year and have not had an incident of it before!!!  Therefore we are starting Christmas now!!!! 

We decorated our home yesterday for Christmas and I will get some pictures of that for tomorrow. 

One person who is really happy we are all at home is Treacle.  She got up this morning and it was like yeah you are all here!!!!

Anyway we are all fine, no symptons of the dreaded Covid just the cold that we have all had!  At least I will have no excuse not to blog over the next two weeks!

Stay safe all.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


No not Covid just a cold which DH has shared with me!!!!!!

We did get the garden done yesterday as it was lovely and sunny but very cold, in fact we were de-icing the cars. 

I did get this done on Saturday whilst everyone else was busy doing whatever!!!  It did take me all day!  Just now need to write all the cards and that is then done.  I have a few other jobs that need doing this week which I am planning on getting done in the evenings and perhaps during the day this week, I mean what is Lockdown for?!!!!!!!!

I still have some baking to do which I am also hoping to get done this week and then next weekend we will be getting the house ready before we put the decorations up.  We are hoping to be able to go out after Lockdown has ended and see some of the decorations and for a family meal to be a little more festive hopefully.  We shall have to wait and see if we are allowed.  Also need to get to see some of our family and friends before the big day with gifts and hopefully do some social stuff but again we are waiting to see what is being said!

I am off to get dinner now and I think an early night again and start tomorrow early to get all the jobs done and hopefully my cold will be better!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

There is Always Something!

I woke up with my left hand really hurting so I think I had lain on it or bent it backwards!  It hurt down the guiders and then down my thumb.  If I take pain killers and anti-inflamatories the pain goes but I spoke to the Pharmacist as it does not hurt to type but feels week when I try and hold anything!  She thinks it is a strain and the muscles are healing but the tendons are still inflamed as it is quite swollen!  She suggested I wear this support until it gets better!!!  As I say there is always something!

This will be tonights job.  Don’t you find that washing seems to breed?  No sooner has the basket been cleared and it is full again!!!

This lockdown I am feeling like the above picture!!!!!!  We got a lot done during the last lockdown but it was Spring and the weather was wonderful and we were able to get out in the garden and it was light nights.  However this time I find my motivation has motivated off! I feel like Treacle and just want to hibernate!!  I will be writing a few lists as this seems to motivate me as I feel good when I tick the jobs off my list.  I hadn’t been out since the lockdown started but I did go to the supermarket yesterday morning which was a good day to go as it was really quiet.  I got those things I needed for the last of the presents and a few other bits.  It was quite nice to be out.

I am really hoping that this weekend will be dry so we can get those little jobs finished in the garden and a few jobs around our home.  It is not long until we will be getting the Christmas decorations out, although I cannot believe it is almost Christmas.  It really has been an upside down World this year!

As you can see Treacle is taking this Lockdown in her stride!!!

Hugs & Tuesday Love, Susie xx

As Predicted Monday Again!

Yes Monday is here again!  The Weekend was very wet as predicted too!  Eldest was working on his project car and got it running again with some new parts he bought for it and then something else went!  It is not a problem just a nuisance but he has next week off work on holiday so will be able to do quite a bit then.

As you can tell by Treacle’s face she hates the rain and being dried when she comes in!  I think should would make a great Mary though in the Nativity!

The nights are drawing in and when it is raining it is dark even earlier!  I have the lights on most days now and we havent’ seen the sun for a week or so. Lots of people are talking about putting their Christmas decoarations us soon just I think to cheer themselves up!!!  As much as I would like to we always have a real tree so won’t be getting that just yet!  Although I have got all my Christmas shopping now done, just need to get it all wrapped and various parcels posted off.  I also have all our Christmas cards to write and read to mail. 

I hope you are having a great Monday and a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Start of a New Week.

We had a super busy weekend.  DH and the Boys spent the weekend sorting out the garage so Eldest’s new “project” car could go in the garage!  It took them all day Saturday and some of Sunday to finish and a few trips to the local tip!!  It is now very tidy and both Boys can work on their projects without any problems. 

We also had a visitor on Saturday and he stayed overnight.  This is Ralphy, Girlfriend’s dog (he is a Pug).  We weren’t too sure how Treacle would react to him visiting and staying but we were careful with the introductions which we did in the garden and then came inside.  We fed them separately and watched how things went and they got along famously!  I was amazed as Treacle is getting on in years and did not think she would tolerate Ralphy but she was fine.  He will be visiting again soon.

Ralphy with Eldest.

Saturday we also let our Fireworks off for Bonfire Night.  Both of the dogs are not bothered by fireworks and we had only bought quiet ones.  It was good fun and the weather co-operated, it was cold but very misty.

A few pictures of the fireworks.

This was a huge firework which lasted for a while, but as you can see it was very, very red!  There was an old record which begins “I am the God of Hell Fire and I Bring You Fire!” by the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and this picture reminded me of that!!!!

I spent yesterday tidying things up and getting all the washing done.  There are five of us now at home during this Lockdown so it soon mounts up.  I am determined to keep on top of it so I don’t get a backlog!  I did start to sort out my quilting but did not get too far with it as I then had to get dinner!  I am going to sneak a day this week and do more when there is no one else here, except Treacle of course.

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Here We Go Again!

Well here we go again into a National Lockdown!  Supposedly only for a month from November 5th (now that’s a good day to start here in the UK as it is Bonfire Night!!!) until December 2nd, Youngest’s Birthday!!!!!

The panic buying has already begun in the supermarkets (!) and people are now busy cancelling things!!!  Oh my goodness!  Again!  DH will probably still be working though as we do make essential parts but the Boys are not so sure if they will be able to continue or be furlouged again!  I, of course, will still be working from home as normal for me!!

We had, as always, a busy weekend doing jobs and the Boys were busy with car things and then Saturday night we had a Hallowe’en dinner but no Trick or Treaters this year.  The week was going to be steady but not now the Lockdown is happening on Thursday!  Swimming will not be on either which is just typical, having just said I would finish!!!  Hey ho.

The idea of the lockdown is to try and get the infections under control again so that everyone can spend Christmas with their families and loved ones without restrictions, not sure it is going to happen but who knows.  We will be at home at Christmas as normal so hopefully whatever happens it won’t affect us.  I am, however, planning even more now just in case!!!!

It has been wild and stormy weather over the weekend so no jobs done outside!!!  and the week looks to be more of the same.  It is supposed to get better later in the week and hopefully the weekend too so we can get those last jobs done in the garden. I don’t think we will get many more weekends of good weather which will make this new Lockdown harder as we will all be inside!!!  I think I need to go and get some paint and get everyone helping me with decoarating some rooms before Christmas!!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx