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June Birthday.

I had a lovely Birthday last week, even though it was a Monday!!!  DH and The Boys took me to our local Italian Restaurant for dinner and it was great.  I was on my own for most of the day as they were all out at work but at least it was quiet!!!!  I had some lovely gifts a bottle of my favourite perfume “Coco” by Chanel (!), I also had one of those presents which it was given to me on my Birthday but it is for the family really (!); a new garden shed!  We bought our old one when we first moved in, twenty years ago now, and it was getting in a state so we have bought a new one and they have been busy assembling it.

I also got a surprise in that they bought be an old hand Singer sewing machine from 1945.  I will get some pictures of it but it is in amazing condition and has been really looked after.  At the moment I don’t really have anywhere to put it but eventually it will go in my sewing room when I get one.  It is very like the one my Grandmother used to sew on but Granddad had converted hers to electricity, as he was an engineer and it was the sort of thing he did! 

Last week flew by in a haze of work which I am still trying to catch up on now.  I still have jobs at home to do as well and those two memory quilts to finish but I am hoping that this week and next I will be able to catch up on it all.  I hate being behind in my jobs!!!!!

DH & The Boys went on Saturday to Goodwood Festival of Speed which was their Christmas present from me to them.  They had a great day seeing all the cars go up the hill ( it is a Hill Climb event) and the weather was fantastic for them.  Here are a few more pictures of the day.

The Entrance always has an amazing sculpture with cars.

Part of the track with some of the Grandstands.

The Start of the Hill Climb.

More of the Track and Grandstands.

The Bentley Stand.

Coco went to her second Puppy Socialisation Class on Saturday but I will let her tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

Carnival began in the Village yesterday and this year we have a Carnival King instead of a Queen for a change and of course it is back for the first time in two years so we think there will be a good attendance at all the events.  It will be a long week though!  

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

Mom says I am getting to the straggly stage with my hair as my grown up brown Airedale furs is coming through the black of my puppy furs!!!  Sometimes I look like I have been plugged in and got a shock as it all stands up on end!!!

Mom has enrolled me in the Puppy Club where my food comes from and they sent me all this!  I am enjoying the food and Mom has read all the books, although as I am the fourth Airedale they have had, so they do know quite a bit already!!!

I keep pinching washing from Mom’s washing basket and then lie on it.  This is Youngest’s work jumper and polo top and I love having them!!!

This is my other Mommy, Luna and that is my sissy, Binx.  Mom thinks that Binx and I are about the same size. 

I am getting used to our routine now and also used to Mom who has to go out sometimes so I get left at home in my crate but Mom usually comes home quickly so I am not alone too long.  They all went out the other day for a while and I was such a good girl in my crate and I didn’t really realise they were out.  They leave the radio on whilst they are out, Mom puts the classical station on and the Boys put the pop stations on so I get to hear lots of different music!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend. 

Puppy Woofs, Coco xx

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

To the Best Husband and Dad.  We hope you have a wonderful day.


To all Daddies/Dads/Grandads/Step Dads out there we hope you have a terrific day too.


Sorry for lack of posts this week it has been very hectic as always with work and it is also our Business Year End, Carnival in the Village at the end of this month, swimming events and everything else I normally have to do in the week!!!!  No excuse I know but……..

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Ladies Who Lunch.

Jayne and I were “Ladies who Lunched” yesterday in Nottingham for our Birthdays which are a week apart.  We went to Bella Italia, above,  in Nottingham and the food was great.  We usually go over to Nottingham near Christmas so it was lovely to have a walk around in the summer instead. 

Also in summer the City Council host a “Beach” event in the Old Market Square, above, but obviously it has not happend the previous two years and I am not sure it will be on this year.  It is always a very popular event and the weather is mostly good.  In winter of course they have the Winterfest event with the ice rink. 

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and the rest of the week it is due to be the same although on Friday it is set to be very hot with a maximum temperature of 29°C so I am going to get all my jobs done tomorrow and have Friday off.  Last year when it was like this the temperature in our Den where I work reached 32°C and it really was unbearable!!  I think I will need to get the fans out again!

Today is a work day and at the weekend DH is out on Sunday at a swimming event and on Saturday, for a change, I am going for a spa day as part of my Birthday present!!!  I hope you are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xxx

Great Weekend.

A very long and busy weekend but really had a great time. 

This was us in our seats waiting for Queen & Adam Lambert concert to begin.  This was my Birthday Present from DH and The Boys from 2020 but because of the dreaded Pandemic it was moved to last year and then they moved it again to this year and we finally got to go.  It was held at the NIA in Birmingham town centre but all other concerts DH and I have been to have been held at the NEC on the outskirts of Birmingham.  It was chaos trying to get in but we actually managed to go in the door where our section was which was a miracle.

The concert was due to start at 8.00pm and there was no support act but was delayed as there were so many people not in.  The lighting and affects were amazing and as you can see below, Freddie Mercury was also there via video footage and John Deacon and pictures of the Band from their early days.  Adam Lambert does an excellent job on vocals and puts his own style on them.

As you can tell from the pictures there were some fantastic affects.  It was worth the two year wait to see them. 

The concert finished a little later than expected so DH and I got to the car park by 11.10pm and we were on the top floor.  So we sat there for another hour trying to get out!  It was just a mess as it is the centre of Birmingham and all the roads were blocked.  The Areana capacity is 15,600 so can imagine the amount of cars trying to get out!  We got out of the car park at 12.30am and got home at 1.30am and we had not eaten so ended up at McDonalds!!!  It was a great night.

Because my Birthday is a Monday and the day before DH is out all day at a swimming event we decided to go out for Sunday Lunch yesterday.  We went here, The Saracen’s Head at Shirley in Derbyshire.  They do a wonderful Sunday lunch and we have also been in the evening, the food is great.  Had a lovely time but I don’t know about you but whenever I eat my main meal at lunchtime, I do not want to do anything else for the rest of the day!!!!  Got a few little jobs done and had to bath Coco (don’t ask!) and I decided to dry her with my hair dryer so she will be used to it when she goes for her Spa Day, managed to get her completely dry and then my hair dryer broke!!!!  I have had it for a while so no surprise but honestly!!! 

This week is a busy week with work but tomorrow I am sneaking a day to go out with Jayne, whose Birthday was yesterday.  We always go out for lunch to celebrate our Birthdays and we are going over to Nottingham.  As you know we usually go over just before Christmas to do some shopping, so we thought it would be nice to go over in the summer!!! 

Have a wonderful week you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Saturday Conundrum!

When you are looking on the Book Shop Website for a Father’s Day book and then find yourself adding twenty new books for your “To Buy” List!!!!!  Oops!

It does help that DH and I like similar books so the answer, of course, is to buy a book that I know he will like and read and then I can read it after he has!!!!

Hope your Saturday is going well.  Have a great weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xxx

Susie’s Book Club Friday.

April 2022 Book

I read this whilst we were away for our shortened Easter break.  Claire Tomalin has written several Biography’s of famous people, including Charles Dickens.  She always presents the life of the person she is writing about in very clear way without too many opinions of her own. 

Jane was one of eight children born to her parents, George & Cassandra Austen.  George was Rector of Steventon and received money from the living so the family were not rich and he suplemented his income by farming and teaching various Boys who boarded with the Austens.  In fact the home was quite chaotic and meal times were a centre for discussion regarding politics, current affairs and acquaintances!

Despite a dalliance with Tom Lefroy when she was Twenty, Jane never married and her work became her life with her first novel being published in 1795, Sense & Sensibility. 

From reading this book I think that Elizabeth Bennet’s character in Pride & Prejudice is very much how Austen herself was. 

If you are a biography reader then I can highly recommend this book.


May 2022 Book

Now I normally read these books up to and around Christmas of course but this was given to be for Christmas and I didn’t get around to it.  It was actually a recommendation from my good friend Jayne, her daughter Emily on her Instagram Account; “Read By Emily”  ( 

It truly is a feel good book!  Carmen works in her local department store but it sadly closes and she is at a loss as to what to do next but her sister comes to her rescue and tells her about the local bookshop in Edinburgh who needs some help and she has a spare room in her home.  Carmen is reluctant to accept any help but decides it might be worth a change of scenery.  What her sister did not tell her is that the Bookshop is in dire straights and unless they can turn things round by Christmas will also be closing.  Will they get a Christmas Miracle and save the little Bookshop?

I love these sorts of books, they are an easy read but so enjoyable.  If you don’t want to read it now at the height of summer, buy it and save it until November!


June 2022 Book

This is what I am currently reading, another Clive Cussler book from the Kurt Austin range.  You know, if you read this section of my Blog, that Mr Cussler is a huge favourite of mine and Eldest bought me all the books I was missing from the collection. 

Kurt and his partner Al are on a NUMA survey ship when they are asked to help at a disaster on a small island in the Mediterranean called Lampedusa where a ship has run aground and released a black poisionous mist which causes the local inhabitants to fall where they stand.  However someone managed to get a distress call off and they go to investigate.

They are then asked to try and find out what happened and come up against a secret organisation who are using knowledge from the Ancient Egyptians to change all the area in Northern Africa.  If Kurt, Al and NUMA are unable to find the cause and the cure millions will die and the world will not be safe.

I have read lots of Mr Cussler’s books now (several times over as well!) and some people would say they are all the same but I find that although it is usually a case of us against them, goodies versus the baddies, his books are always engaging and full of adventure and fun.  Very much like the James Bond films.    If you are into this type of story then you can’t go wrong with this book or any of the Cussler books.


Sorry I have done three books on one post but it has been quite a hectic few months since April (Coco’s arrival being one of them!) but I am back on track now.

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday and will have a great weekend and see you all back here on Monday with pictures of the various things we are up to. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Platinum Jubilee

Well it was a terrific four days with lots of great Pageants which I think we do very well here in the UK.  If you did not get to see the final day here is a link to Instagram (if you have that) with a quick review of the Mall; .  Someone mentioned that we would probably never experience anything like this again, especially as those next in line are all older.  We may get a Jubilee with Prince William who may celebrate his Silver Jubilee, all depending upon when he actually takes over of course and Prince George may celebrate the same or more, again depending when he takes over.  Obviously H.M. The Queen took over when she was 26 so very young really.

I think it has set us up very well for the summer and here is hoping that we get some nice warm days to come.  At the moment it is raining!!!

This is Sue Barker who fronts the BBC Wimbledon show every year who is stepping down after this year and it is such a shame, summers and Wimbledon will not be the same without her!  A former tennis player who won the French Open and was in the Semi-Finals of Wimbledon and the Australian Open, she had twelve career titles before retiring and then became the presenter of Wimbledon Fortnight for the BBC in 2000.  She will be sorely missed by me and I am dreading who they will replace her with.  I have watched Wimbledon on TV since I was a little girl and have been lucky enough to actually attend the event three times and even saw Sue Barker play the first time I went when I was fourteen.  I am sure she will enjoy her retirement.

As it is #TBT I thought I would show you a picture of Treacle, above, at three months old and Coco also three months old, below!  Airedales they all look a like!!!!  Same long legs and fluffy fur!!!

 Tomorrow is home jobs day and grocery shopping and I have a firm coming to check the roof of our home, before the bad weather starts in winter again!!!  Busy, Busy and Saturday we have a few jobs to do and Sunday as well, along with going to the Queen concert and also out for Sunday lunch for my Birthday.  Before I know it, it will be Monday again!!! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

A Quilty Post!

Yes I know don’t faint, a quilty post from me!!!  I did get quite a bit of quilting done whilst we were in Scotland but not quite finished things off, so I have been trying to get things done since we got home.  Anyway here is the first finish which should have been done for the end of November last year, so only six months late!!!  Groan!

I took these pictures yesterday outside as it was lovely and warm which was great, but it has blurred the quilt a bit!

This quilt is for our very good friend Alan, who after the Lockdowns bought a caravan for him and his wife, Pat, to go on holiday as although they love to travel abroad they are not confident at the moment so are travelling in this country.  Anyway he said right at the start he would like a quilt for his caravan more as a joke but I thought what a great idea for his Birthday at the end of November last, for this year when they started travelling again.  SO I managed to get some caravan material and I found the VW Camper Van holiday fabric and combined with this wonderful blue spot. 

My very good friend, Susan, in the US, sent me this wonderful green material and I saved it for just the right project and thought it would be perfect for the backing to this quilt. 

I took a couple of pictures inside too.

Of course I had material left over so made a couple of mats for the table.  I still have some fabrice left so when I have finished everything I need to do I will probably make them some other things for the caravan.

I am going to take it round tonight for him.  Onto my next job which I am hoping to get done for second week of July, along with another quilt.  Then I am hoping to get my Christmas gifts made for “Christmas in July”!!!!  Really trying to be organised!! 

I hope you lovely lot are having a great Wednesday, almost the weekend!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Coco’s Corner.

Welcome everyone to my little corner of Mom’s Blog.  I have been told I have some very big paws to fill.

Since I came home with Mom & Dad it has been great fun.  I have two big playmates called Eldest & Youngest and they keep my entertained and have been a great help to Mom especially when I need a bath.  I had a bad experience the other day though when Mom bathed me, she got this machine out and do you know it blew air in my face!  I was not happy at all but Mom says I need to get used to it as I will have to go on something called a “spa day” which I think sounds good but you never know.

I also get to sleep on Youngest & Eldest’s beds which is great and they play with me and fuss me until I finally go to sleep.

Mom sits in a chair at a thing called a desk and my crate is next to this desk so I sleep in there next to her until she is able to play with me.  Here I am sat on her desk but she says I won’t be able to do that for long as I am growing up fast, whatever that is!

I went to Puppy Socialisation Class on Saturday with Dad and he said I was a very good girl.  I got to meet three other dogs and one of them was so naughty he had to be put back on his lead!  I stayed off my lead until right at the end and I was at the other end of the hall and Dad called me and I came straight back, I did get a treat of course.  Anyway Mom is taking me at the end of this month again but Dad thinks that I will not have to go again as I am very good with other dogs.  Mom & Dad are also going to take me for a walk at Chatsworth House, which sounds really regal, soon and hopefully I will get to meet some other dogs there.

I hope you have enjoyed my first little Corner and will come back again next week.  I hope you are having a lovely Puppy Woofy Day. 

Coco xx