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The Wednesday Wag!

It’s been a cold and miserable day today here so I have found a great snoozing spot on Mom and Dad’s bed!  It is very comfy and I can also see out of their windows into the garden.

Dad took this picture at the weekend when it was nice and sunny.  Our weather does vary a lot at this time of year!

Mom gave me another new tennis ball today as I have taken my other new one outside, she is trying to ensure this one stays inside.

Have a Happy Woofy Wednesday


It Was A Long Evening!

Last night the Teachers and Coaches of the swimming club did a course as part of the training.  It began at 7.00pm and didn’t finish until 10.00pm and I had organised it.  I was not popular!  It was a long evening but they seemed to think it was worth it!!!!  I hasten to add that I was there even though I was not attending the course but I did get some other work done whilst there!!

Treacle has sneaked one of her new tennis balls outside, so it will soon look like this!

Today the weather has been quite misty although the sun did put in an appearance later in the day and Treacle got to run around outside for a bit.  Our Accountant came this morning to do some work with our accounts but fortunately there was nothing wrong which was a relief.

Tonight I am going to finish the final baby quilt.  The other baby quilt and the special quilt have been washed and ironed and photographed and I will be able to hopefully show you them by the end of the week. 

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

A Spring Monday!

It has been a lovely Spring weekend and it has continued today with some great sunshine.  Here is Treacle in the garden with the daffodils.

We even got the patio furniture out yesterday!

It has been a busy old weekend as always.  Friday 24th saw the birth of DH’s second Grandchild, a little boy called Owen Ezra who weighed in at 7lb 12oz!  We have not had chance to get to see him yet because of his Mum staying in hospital a little longer than planned (she had a “C” Section) and they had other visitors. 

Yesterday here in the UK was Mother’s Day.  Eldest, Youngest and Girlfriend arranged for us all to go out to Breakfast on Saturday morning after swimming which was lovely and it was great to be with them all.  Eldest popped round yesterday with a lovely basket of spring flowers for me and a card from them both and I got cards from Youngest and Treacle.

My card from Youngest!

My card from Eldest!

My card from Treacle!

Saturday evening we were out with some friends at another friends Golden Wedding celebrations in the village.  We had a lovely evening.

The only thing I didn’t like over the weekend was we lost an hour as our clocks went forward for the summer!  I never seen to catch up that hour until we fall back!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend

Hugs, Susie x

New Phone!

Related image

My mobile phone was one of these and it worked fine.  I use it obviously a lot for work and being a Blackberry it did not have all the social media apps on as we don’t use them and it was great then it decided to stop charging properly and of course, in this day and age, nothing can be repaired, so I have had to have a new phone.

Image result for sony xperia F5321

So now I have one of these!  Oh boy is it different and DH has upgraded his Blackberry Passport to a new Sony, different to mine, and we had to spend a few hours on Sunday setting them up.  The only thing we didn’t go through was how to answer the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mine rang yesterday, fortunately it was DH and I had no clue how to answer it!  I finally worked it out but it was one of those “Oh good grief” moments!!!!!

Image result for cartoon with new phone

Image result for cartoon with new phone

Do you think we all use our phones too much?  DH and the Boys get very cross with me as I put it down in the house and then leave it there and forget about it, they get quite irate when they are calling or texting me and I don’t answer.  I think I am going to teach Treacle how to face time and she can answer my phone for me!!!!!!!

I must admit that I do sometimes think back to when I was small and you had a house phone and that was it and people could only get hold of you at home.  Of course to the Boys this is just horrendous.  Of course during the 1970’s we had to cope with the three day week and electricity strikes where the electricity would go off in the evening for several hours.  I cannot imagine today’s children coping with no phones, computers or anything else which needs charging!!!!  When the Boys ask about what we did, my family read books by candle light and stayed warm by a real fire, to them it seems per-historic!!!!!!!!!!

How is your Tuesdays going?

Hugs, Susie x

Monday Again!

Image result for snoopy Monday again

Yep that’s about how I feel today!  DH is away all week for work and Eldest is away all week for work too so it is just Youngest, Treacle and I at home!!! 

Image result for March going out like a lion

Wrong!  It came in like a lamb so it is going out like a lion!!!  Saturday night it was blowing a gale and Youngest had his window open which then meant that the door, which was closed, was clicking in the latch which freaked Treacle out.  So at 3.30am she was on our bed laying between DH and I shivering, so I spent the rest of the night trying to calm her! 

Image result for First day of Spring

Well it may be on the calendar but it is cold and heavy rain here today!  Spring yeah right!

Over the weekend I did some more quilting and getting the bindings sewn to the back of the quilts and yes I actually did some quilting on National Quilting Day on Saturday!  Needless to say jobs are not getting done, although DH did mow the lawn yesterday!!!  Treacle supervised.

Almost finished the baby quilt which is needed for the end of this week.  I have finished the one quilt but can’t show it just yet as the person who it is for reads my blog (!) and I have the other baby quilt to finish the binding on which is required in another eight weeks approximately.  We seem to be surrounded by babies at the moment as Eldest & Youngest’s driving instructor he and his wife have just had a baby girl, Emma. 

I hope your Monday and the start of the week is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

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Friday Quilty Things!

Image result for snoopy quilting with woodstock

We made it to Friday relatively unscathed!!! I have managed this week to get all my work done and some extra jobs too, done the washing, cleaned the house, done the grocery shopping and had a tea with Jayne!!!  Which means that I can do some quilting on National Quilting Day tomorrow, March 18th!!!!!  Yeah!

I have managed to finish the two baby quilts and one of my super secret quilts and just now need to spend time sewing the binding to the back which I will be doing over this weekend.  One baby is due next week and the other still has a few more weeks to go so they will both be in time.  My next plan after this is to get Youngest’s quilt quilted.  It is again a large quilt so I will be taking it slow and doing a little bit each day.

I am really Happy that I am doing some quilting each week and getting things finished. 

Related image

To All Those who Celebrate – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend and you get time to get some quilting done too.

Hugs, Susie x

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