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It’s Friday, Yeah!!!!!!

This picture is for Youngest as he loves VW camper vans! 

It has been a busy old week and I think I have seen every single piece of farm equipment this week on the roads whilst taking Youngest backwards and forwards to his course!  There have even been a couple of combine harvesters.  The wheat has done really well with all the rain and then lots of sun so some of the fields are now being harvested, instead of at the end of August beginning of September.

Youngest has really enjoyed this week and done a lot of work and has three more days next week and he is well on track to passing the course.  I went to the dentist this morning for teeth cleaning and we are all going next week for our six monthly checkup.  This afternoon was house cleaning and getting up to date with my paperwork for work.  I am trying to keep on top of things so I don’t have lots to do next week in the build up to us going away.

IMG_0031This is where Madam has spent the day! 

IMG_0068But as soon as Daddy got home, cuddles!!!!

Eldest and Girlfriend are going out for dinner tonight as they have been going out together for five years!!!!  Oh my.  They are coming for a family dinner tomorrow evening before we all go off on vacation and work things.  DH & Youngest are having their hair cut tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to do some more work done in the garden and a couple of final house jobs, which need doing and then we are up to date with that.  Of course by the time we get back from vacation it will all need doing again!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

Things to Smile About.

Each time we switch on the radio or TV or look at a newspaper there is more and more bad news so I thought these pictures would make you smile and at least ignore for a little while the big, bad World out there! 

A cloud that looks exactly like Winni The Pooh has been spotted above a charity event in Sandbanks, Dorset

This picture was taken in the blue skies over Dorset, UK and it is Winnie The Pooh.  I love it.


This picture reminds me of when our Boys were little.  I am going to hold you tightly to keep you still while I have forty winks!!!!

Little Donkey baby moment love

Just adorable.

Northern Pygmy Owl:

An alternative to the Christmas Fairy?

Super cute home library with a seating area! | pins for your home:

A great Book Nook!


And finally Snoopy.

I hope you have a lovely, calm Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

PS  A lot of the pictures can be found, and more, on my Pinterest Boards:

The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04941I have been outside all day again today as the weather is warm and sunny although it rained quite a bit last night.

Mom was still shouting at me for eating the Fuschia flowers but she has found out that they are not poisonous, so she is quite relieved.  Molly & Mackie’s Mom asked if they taste of strawberries and I love strawberries, but Mom is not too sure she wants to try them herself.

I am missing my playmate, Youngest, as he is out on a course (whatever one of those things are) this week so he is not home until 6.00pm but he is in time to give me my dinner!

I think we may all be going on vacation soon as Mom is starting to get things out and bags are appearing, so I am off to choose which toys I will be taking with me.  Mom also has to get my basket, which goes with me, out so she can give it a wash and clean before we go.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer Wednesday

Woof, Treacle


Are We There Yet?

I am playing taxi driver this week as Youngest is doing his Level 2 Teaching Aquatics course and because Derbyshire are having a problem with the local pools the course is being run in Litchfield.  Now from where we live to get there is approximately three quarters of an hour and on Saturday DH and I went off to find out where the leisure centre was so I knew for Monday morning, when Youngest had to be there for 8.30am. 

Monday morning we set off at 7.30am and got to within ten miles when the traffic was at a full stop!  Saturday night/Sunday morning they had put  over five miles of roadworks up, but there were no signs to say they were doing this on Saturday!!!!!!  We made it in time, just, but it was very close.  So having spoken to DH at work he told me of a back route to get home avoiding the traffic, which I used last night and this morning.  It takes well over an hour to get there now but with no traffic hold ups, but it is all country lanes!!!  I clocked the mileage today and it is forty miles so I am doing 160 miles a day!!!!!!!    Youngest is really enjoying the course, so that is all that counts.

In other news (!) I managed with DH’s help to get Eldest’s/the Sewing room cleaned from top to bottom and it looks wonderful now.  I still have some sewing to do which I am hoping to get done later this week.   I also have some extra housework to do before we go away on vacation.  Eldest and Girlfriend are looking after the home while we are away so I am getting things sorted before then.  Can’t wait to go away!!!!!

IMG_0073Treacle is misbehaving and has now decided to eat the fuschia flowers!!!  She has been told off and sent to her basket and is now looking very sorry for herself!!!!

At the end of August Eldest celebrates his 21st Birthday and we get back from vacation on the Saturday, so he has decided he wants to go out on his actual Birthday, which is the Monday, for dinner.  We have booked a table at The Bulls Head, Repton for eleven of us and I am glad that is another thing ticked off my To Do List!!!!

I have a basket of ironing to get done before I go and collect Youngest and then take him straight to swimming. 

I hope your Tuesday is going well

Hugs, Susie x

I Won!

I never win anything but always like to support quilter’s Giveaways as they have taken the time to sort things out.  Anyway I entered Farmquilter’s Giveaway ( in May and I won one of the prizes!  She is so nice.  I got the Gift Certificates for Appliques, Quilts & More (  Farmquilter knows how bad I am at applique and so I was able to get some applique shapes, so I can practice some more!!!!!!

IMG_0071 IMG_0072This is what arrived in the mail today!!!!!  I chose the snowflakes and Halloween appliques which gives me chance to sort projects out before Halloween and Christmas.  I had to have the Trucks because of DH and I have always loved the Dutch barns.  I think the Barn and the Trucks will go together. 

Thank you so much Farmquilter for your Giveaway.  I will show the projects when I have done them.

As it is Friday I will join with Molly, Mackie and their Mom for Flower Friday.  These have opened in my garden this week:

IMG_0074My lavender and it smells wonderful.

IMG_0076The Buddleia has just started to open but unfortunately no butterflies or bees were on it when I took the picture!

IMG_0075I cannot remember what this is called but I just love the flower.


Treacle is spending so much time outside as it is lovely and warm (not hot and oppressive today) that we can’t actually get her in at night!!!!!!


Checking out the garden to make sure there are no intruders!

We are hoping to get more things done in the garden this weekend before we go away on vacation and Youngest is busy with swimming and he is going bowling with his Girlfriend and a group of their friends on Sunday.  All next week and three days of the following week he is on his Level 2 Teaching Aquatics Course, so it will be like being back at school taking and collecting him from the course everyday!!!!  DH and he also have to get their hair cut before we go away.

I am hoping to get some quilting done over the weekend as I still have two projects to finish which again I want to try and get done before we go away.  I am ticking things off my list slowly but surely though!!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday today and this was taken in 2011 when we took the Boys to London to celebrate Youngest moving from Primary School to Senior School (aged 11) and Eldest moving from School to Sixth Form (aged 16).  We had Afternoon Tea in the Palm Court of The Ritz Hotel.  Very serious faces!!!!!!!

It has been warm today but not as bad as the last few days and last night I slept the sleep of the completely exhausted!!! 

I managed to get the cleaning done today, first thing before it got too warm, and then did my work before taking Youngest to the local airport, so he could meet his Girlfriend and her parents back from their holiday!!!!!!!! Here we go again!!!!!  DH is busy working most days and evenings so I get to see him for only a couple of hours!  Can’t wait for our vacation when we can spend some time together as a family.

Hope you are having a lovely, and hopefully cool, summer.

Hugs, Susie x

The Hot Wednesday Wag!

This is what it has felt like over the last couple of days and today is the same.  The humidity is of course the worse thing running at about 50% during the day but up to 85% at night, so no one in the house is getting any sleep!!!!!

Mom worked at her desk yesterday, the hottest day, and then got her ironing done and she felt like this afterwards :

Today she and I have been helping to clean Youngest’s bedroom from top to bottom.  She usually tries and does this once a month but with being busy for the last two months it has not been done, so today was the day!  He is generally tidy so that was not the problem but its the amount of things he has!!!  Which all have to be moved and dusted and polished and then put back!!!  It took them FOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and in this heat!!!!  She still has to do Eldest’s room (which she is now using as a sewing room) but apparently Dad is going to be roped in to help!!!!!

However I did get a gift after helping with the room :

IMG_0070One of Youngest’s old footballs!  Its great.  Mom’s gift?  A load more shredding!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Mom has normally cleaning jobs to do and the grocery shopping as she has to be out on Friday, although she hopes that she will be getting some more sleep soon as she is starting to feel a little spaced out!!!!!!  I don’t know what she means!

Hot Woof