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Susie’s Friday Book Club for September on Monday!

I didn’t do Book Club on Friday as it was September 11th.  So just a few days over here is September’s Book Club Book.

Those of you who read my Blog regularly know I am a huge fan of Clive Cussler and since his passing I have, for various gift giving occasionsn asked for the books I have missing from the collection.  So for my Birthday DH and the Boys bought me a few of them.  One of which was the above.

His books are rolling adventures which keep you turning the pages until the end and this one is just the same.  Kurt Austin and his crew are trying to stop a meglomaniac destroying all the oil wells in the world so that the only option left is to use their business of green energy to replace the destroyed wells.  Some new characters are also introduced in the book from NUMA Headquarters as well as all your favourite ones.

His books always make me want to join NUMA, like I always wished I had gone to Hogwarts for school, if only!  I think you very rarely find authors where you like all the books they have written but in Mr Cussler case I have.  I love Stephen King books but I have never been able to get into reading “The Dark Tower” series, for some reason I just don’t like them. 

Anyway if you need another book for your “To Read” shelf then you can add this one, I loved it.

I hope you are having a great Monday and will have a wonderful week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.


I am half way through this book but as it is 700 odd pages long I get a pass.  It is Book One in a series of three by Robert Jordan. 

Set in a distant land Rand is busy helping his father take cider into the village from their farm for the celebration of Beltine (spring to you and I).  However his father is concerned about visitors to the village and a strange hooded figure on a black horse which only Rand and his two friends could see.  His father, much to Rand’s annoyance, insists they go back to the farm, where in the dark of night they are attacked by un-holy beasts.  With his father badly hurt Rand gets him back to the village where he discovers that it was attacked, but only his friends’ houses.

One of the visitors tells him that he and his two friends need to leave the village and travel to the far distant Capital but won’t tell him why, but it is the only way to keep their village safe.  Having healed his father the visitor insists they leave in the middle of the night all haste to the Capital.

The story unfolds with the un-holy beasts at their heels, Rand and his friends being terrorised in their dreams and new cities which are not friendly either.

I love these fantasy books and am looking forward to reading Books 2 and 3 as well.  They certainly take you away from real life for a while!!!  If you like fantasy books, in the style of Tolkien then you will love this series.  As always available from Amazon in all forms.



I have been reading so much and working, I have been finding that my eyes are getting very tired.  I use glasses to read and work at the computer and I did have an eye test last year and it was okay but I was due for a re-test in March, which of course did not happen.  Anyway I have booked in for a test next week!


It is Molly’s Mom’s Birthday today!  We hope you have a lovely day!

Have a wonderful weekend all. Hopefully we will be able to get some jobs done outside over the weekend as the weather is supposed to be warmer and sunny.

Friday Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

Yes I know it is Monday!!!  I was out all day with DH last Friday for work so this post did not get done!!!!!  Sorry.


As much as I love fiction books, especially, mysteries/crime etc I do also enjoy what I call coffee table books.  This one is by Angela Kelly who is the current Dresser to H.M. Queen Elizabeth.  Ms Kelly has been with the Queen for over twenty five years collating her wardrobe from every day wear to the official robes which are used on ceremonial occasions. Ms Kelly even wears Her Majesty’s shoes to break them in before she actually wears them!

It is filled with fascinating pictures of life around the Palace whilst dealing with the clothes and events.  Ms Kelly has a very easy style of writing and it is filled with anecdotes and funny events from those twenty five years.  In fact it would be fantastic if well all had our own Ms Kelly to help with our wardrobes!!!!!

So if you would like to take a peak behind the curtain of the various Palaces and see how things are done, this book is for you.  I got the hardcover version but it is available from Amazon on all platforms.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It was a busy but not busy weekend for us, things got done but others didn’t.  We saw the Boys and their Girls over the weekend which was lovely and we got a few bits done in the garden until the thunder storm hit yesterday when the rain came down in stair rods!!!!  The garden was looking okay until then when it battered all the flowers and plants!!!  We are due to have that sort of week all week but at the moment next weekend looks nice, fingers crossed.

Have a great week, all.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



Susie’s Friday Book Club.


Anyone who reads my Book Club suggestions knows that I am a huge fan of the late Mr Cussler.  I particularly like the Oregon Files series of which this is his latest. 

Juan Cabrillo and his team are tasked with rescuing three CIA agents in Southern America before their covers are blown, which seems a simple mission, but all three go wrong almost from the start.  Also in the same area a covert CIA operation is also taking place when it is attacked by what looks like a tramp freighter, however it has hidden features and destroys the CIA ship.  Why has Cabrillo and the Corporation turned on their own? 

It is another fantastic ride with the action continuing on each page until the end but will the Corporation survive?

Another great story from the master of action and I will be interested to see if Boyd Morrison will be allowed to continue to write the stories now Mr Cussler has passed. 


Doing Book Club today (yes I do know it is Thursday even if we are in Lockdown!) as tomorrow is VE Day 75 and I have done a special post about that. 

We are hearing things about the Lockdown being eased although they still seem to be indicating that it could be on for another three weeks.  Our Boys have had emails from their companies with how they think it will work once they are back but I do think it will be trial and error with this until we find a workable solution to all of it.


I did see in the paper today where a Dutch restaurant have erected small green houses outside for two or three people and they are delivering the food on a long wooden paddle.  The staff are wearing gloves and face shields but it does look like a cute idea to get around the social distancing.  Obviously takes up a lot of room as well but it is latteral thinking.  (picture credit: The Daily Telegraph uk)

I hope your Thursday is going okay and have a great weekend, stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

Yes it is Book Club Day and I am reading a lot, as well as other jobs and work, during Lockdown.  Here is April’s Book:


This is actually Book 3 of the Blake & Avery series by M.J. Carter but the first one I have read.  I will go back and read books 1 and 2. 

Set in Victorian London, Blake is in debtors prison as he won’t  do any more investigation work for his patron, Avery is in London to try and persuade him to do so and whilst here gets himself invited to the most popular Club in town, The Reform Club.  The Chef is the famous Frenchman Alexis Soyer, and he is about to cook a large and important political dinner with foreign heads of state attending, however one of the Members who eats regularly there dies in his rooms at The Club after one of Soyer’s dinners.  Is it coincidence or deliberate? 

Avery is asked to stay at The Reform Club and investigate and he only has a few days in which to find the answers before the major dinner.  Blake refuses to help so he is left to try and find the answers.  Can he do so in time?

If you like Sherlock Holmes then you will like this book.  It is not as convoluted as Holmes but still very good following the clues.  It is available from Amazon in all forms.


We are having another lovely Spring day here in Derbyshire with the temperature reaching 21°C and tomorrow is supposed to be the same.  Sunday is due to be a little cooler but still nice so it will be garden jobs for us to do!!!!  Make the most of the sun whilst it is out.


This was our sunrise this morning at 6.15am.


Your Daily Treacle.  As she is unable to go for a Spa Day, I have modified her beard and eyebrows as they were getting very long!!! I have also given her a very good brush (she was not pleased!).  If the Lockdown goes on for much longer I will be having to get some clippers!!!!!!  Watch out Treacle!!!


I hope everyone has a lovely Easter despite the Lockdown, stay safe everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.


This is the first book I have read of Steve Cavanagh.  This book is the fourth Eddie Flynn novel.  Eddie was a con man but a chance encounter with a Judge who steered him towards a career in the Law, has given him a respectable career.  He now represents clients getting them off charges which he was once accused of.

“Thirteen” sees Eddie being asked to be second chair in a high profile case of a film star accused of killing his wife.  Eddie is in trouble with some bad cops and his new employer wants him to go up against the cops to prove they lied about the evidence.  They are about to go into Court when the top lawyers pull out, which leaves Eddie to try and win the case on his own.  However the real killer is on the jury and ready to sway the rest in favour of the death penulty!!!!  Can Eddie get his client off and avoid death himself?

I really enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it.  It moves very well through the chapters, there isn’t too much legal jargon but the suspense is kept high.  I will be reading more of Mr Cavanagh’s books especially in this series.


Sorry this is a day late!!! I spent Thursday working and then doing home jobs and yesterday I was out early at the grocery store, 7.00am, as I hate crowds and after unloading and putting the shopping away I then spent the rest of the day ironing!!! It’s lovely to go out but the washing does not stop piling up!!!  I do sometimes think I am running a laundry service!!!!!! 

Have a great weekend, don’t panic and stay safe.

Hugs, Susie xx



1931 – 2020

Very sad news yesterday that one of my most favourite Authors, Clive Cussler, passed away aged 88.  Over the years he wrote over 80 books and in recent years worked with co-authors and as far as I am concerned is the only one to have got it right!  I have read a few co-authored books and they are just terrible and really do not stick to the style of the original stories but Mr Cussler got the right people.

I have loved all the series that he wrote and have a whole shelf of his books and can read them again and again.  In fact my January Book Club was “Shadow Tyrants” in the Oregon Files series.  We will have to wait and see if the family allow the co-Authors to carry on the writing.  Obviously family and friends will be devastated by his passing but so are his fans as the work now stops.

Mr Cussler was a master of the thriller novel and took you all over the World in his books and I am really going to miss him but thankful that I have his books to read again.


This was the first book of his I read and it just captivated me.  I then had the pleasure of going back and reading all of his novels before this and then bought each book as it was published.  In fact I still have a few to get!!!


Rest In Peace Clive and thank you for all the books.

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.


I have read a few of Michael Connelly’s books now and really enjoyed them.   He does a few series books and this is about Harry Bosch.  

Harry is a retired Detective who looks into cold cases and this time assitsted by Detective Renee Ballard who has her own problems.  She had reported a case of sexual harassment and because of this had been sent to the Graveyard shift!!!   When she gets back to the precinct one night to write reports, she catches Harry snooping in their filing cabinets!  He is looking for old information on a cold case of a young girl murdered and it is more complicated by the fact that Harry is currently letting the young girl’s Mom stay with him!!!

I started reading this book whilst DH and I were travelling around Scotland last week and am hooked!!!!  It is one of those books that you think “I will just read one more chapter” at night when I should really be putting it down and going to sleep!!!!

Can recommend Michael’s books!!!

So far I am keeping up with this New Year’s Aims of doing more reading!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are up to.  It is a bit wild and windy here today!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.


As those who read my Blog regularly know that Clive Cussler is one of my favourite authors and he is also one of the authors who has managed to get very good co-writers for his books.  This is the one I am reading at the moment. 

The Oregon is a very unique ship, made to look like a beaten down tramp steamer, when in fact it is a hightly sophisticated ship inside.  It is run by The Corporation who consist of ex-CIA, ex-Marines, ex-anything who have the skills needed to carry out covert operations around the World led by Juan Cabrillo. 

In this book they are trying to trace the Nine Unknown who hold scrolls of knowledge passed down through the centries from the original Nine Unknown.  They have grown into huge corporations and businesses because of the knowledge but one of the Nine now wants to take it all and run the World.  The Corporation need to find out who the Nine are and try and stop the One!

I have only just got a quarter of the way through it but it is living up to Mr Cussler’s excellent sense of adventure and is just the right book for me to escape this dreary January weather!!!!!

There are several different novels by Mr Cussler all with different and exciting characters and anyone would be a good starting point.  The first one I read of his was “Treasure” which is the ninth of the Dirk Pitt series and that definitely carries you away to foreign lands and adventures.

Tomorrow DH, Youngest, Girlfriend and I are off to London so I will have lots of pictures to show you on Monday

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget if the weather is bad, grab a book and disappear for a few hours to another World!!!

Hugs, Susie xxx


Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.


Hi All, for this month I give you “A Tudor Christmas”, which looks at where all our Christmas traditions come from.  A lot of people think that the Victorians gave us a lot of our Christmas activities and traditions but in fact many of them go back to Tudor times.

Alison Weir is a famous historical author and has written extensively on Henry VIII’s wives and Siobhan Clarke is a lecturer and guide for some of our historic Royal Palaces including Henry VIII’s favourite, Hampton Court. 

The book examines different aspects of Christmas and explains how they came about.  I love books like this, I have always loved history, especially about Christmas my most favourtie time of year.  Eldest bought this book for me last Christmas and I read it during the holidays.



Sorry for radio silence this week but it has been one of those weeks!  Had a great day on Tuesday with Jayne Christmas shopping although we both said that all the stores seem to be doing a very “low key” Christmas this year with a lot less displays and Christmas gifts!  We usually spend the day looking for those little extra gifts for our families and hardly found anything!  It think it must be a reaction to all this rubbish Brexiet delays and now, of course, the General Election!!!  Just what we all need before Christmas!!!


Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with work and also helping Youngest sort out where his suitcase was after his trip to Florida!!!  Yes as only with us, his case was not on his flight because of a mix up with the tickets attached to the bag and it was left in Florida.  Eventually it made its way back to Gatwick and then to Heathrow and finally last night to our home at 7.45pm!!!!  We didn’t think he would ever see it again, so at least that was one benefit and it looks to be in one piece!!!

ALC Pool

I managed to get home jobs done yesterday as well and also all my washing and ironing so at least I am up to date for now!!!!  I am hoping that next week will be a little calmer.  The weekend is manic of course and DH is out all day on Sunday as it is Remembrance Sunday here and he is out on Saturday night too at at friend’s daughters 18th Birthday doing the music for her!!! Tonight it is the Small Pool Swimmers their championships but that is usually a quick event and the littlies love it especially when they get their trophies!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle’s had a quiet week, lots of rain so she has been snoozing in her basket!!!!!