Garden Done!

Dh and I spent a lot of last year’s lockdowns getting our garden back into order after a few years of only doing the minimum.  So much so that although we have not been able to do much so far this year it really has not gotten out of hand and only took us Saturday to tidy it all up.  It has been lovely and warm, although Sunday was very hot, but yesterday was back to being nice and warm and today but tomorrow we have forecasts of possible thunderstorms which we always seem to get after some nice warm weather. 

Picture Heavy Post Warning!!!!!!!!!

Our new raised planter with some veggies in.

The summer flowers are all coming out now after the cold and wet May we had.

We have put some bedding plants into the pots.

I have re-planted my herby garden with parsley, a new rosemary plant, some oregano and my chives are still doing okay. 

The garden from our bench and the table.

The blue of the sky through our tree.

All the above pictures were taken facing the sun so they have a slightly ethereal quality. 

Of  course Treacle got in on the act the other evening whilst she was waiting for dinner!!!

This is this afternoon’s picture: 

Even though it is warm she still likes to snuggle under her quilt!!!!  Although it is cool in our den next to my desk. 

Happy Summer you lovely lot! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xxxx

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  1. farmquilter

    Your garden is so lovely!!! All those beautiful flowers, dappled with shade!! Treacle looks so patient as she awaits her dinner!

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