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The Wednesday Wag

As all my playmates are away at the moment I am having to keep myself entertained. 

Whilst Mom was in the shower this morning one of my favourite programmes was on TV, My Cat From Hell.  There really are some very naughty kitties on that show, not like us good doggies (!!!!!)

Eldest was out this morning and got back at lunchtime and brought lunch in with him!  I got some chips!!!!!!

I then tuned in to Youngest’s favourite TV programme!!!!!  I am missing him.

After all this excitement I had to retire to my basket


I am really tired now


Night night everyone

Woof, Treacle

paw print

Thoughtful Tuesday

Youngest left yesterday for his ten day visit, with his Scout Troop, to the Czech Republic and he was super excited.  I, on the other hand, was not! I am really missing him and so is his Dad and his brother (but he will deny it if you ask him!!!!)  Of course the person missing him the most is Treacle as she sleeps in his room at night and of course he wasn’t there.  Her basket was moved into Eldest’s room but it is just not the same.  Also Eldest will be leaving at the end of the week to go on holiday with Girlfriend and her family to Menorca, so DH and I will have no children at home!!!!

This has never happened to us, we have always had one or other of the Boys at home so I think DH and I will be lost!

On Saturday DH and I went to dinner at the Boys Godparents home and it was for my Birthday, which although was June this was the first weekend we were all available.  It was a lovely evening and I really had a great time and the food, as always, was wonderful. 

Work is busy too and DH has been out and about early in the morning.  After packing Youngest up over the weekend for his trip and then spending yesterday morning sorting the last little details out, they didn’t leave until 3.30pm and I was exhausted so I had a lazy morning this morning.  I managed to get all my work done and am now planning to get some quilting things sorted this evening.  Whilst both Boys are away I am determined to try and get three of the quilt tops I have finished quilted.  Well that’s the plan anyway!!!!

Have still got quite a few extra house jobs to do and the garden needs another tidy but the weather here has been so hot that it is too warm to be in the garden and unless I get the extra jobs done first thing in the morning whilst it is cool, by midday it is far too hot!

DSC03890 DSC03891

As the weather has been so good I have been getting the extra washing done and dried outside and one of the jobs was Treacle’s beds.  However she was so miserable without her bed in her basket downstairs so I had to get it off the line and put it in her basket without the cover!!!!!  As you can see she was really happy!!!!

I hope you are having a happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


Our Barrel Pond in the sunshine.

The Wednesday Wag!

DSC03883 DSC03884

It has been really warm and sunny here over the past week.  On Saturday evening because of all the warm weather we had a cracking thunderstorm and I did not like it at all.  It was just Mom and I in the house and the rain was not coming down it was crashing down! Mom’s flowers took a battering and the pond is full.  Dad will have to see to it at the weekend.

I went to my Doctors last week and there was a student vet with him (or a stupident as our friend calls them!!!!!)  Well she examined me and listened to my heart, and poked around in my ears and did despicable things to my rear(!) and then my Doctor did all the same again!!!!! I was not pleased!  Then the stupident gave me my injections!  However I did forgive her afterwards as she gave me a treat.


Then on Friday I went off to the salon for a much needed haircut and wash!  My groomer, Sally, was asked to give me the Summer Airedale cut as I am coming back with all seeds in my beard and legs!  Here is the Summer Airedale cut, I think I carry it off very well and Mom says that I have not been panting at all in the heat.


Here I am out in the garden first thing this morning whilst it was still cool.  Today is quite breezy so Mom says she is going to wash all my beds too!

DSC03880 DSC03881

Mom took these pictures yesterday when it was soooooo hot!  I really don’t need my quilt today Mom!  Just let me sleep!


Treacle, you never have any problems sleeping!!! (This was an hour later and she was solid gone!!!!!!!)

Mom really that is not the nicest picture you could put on my Wednesday Wag!

It has been really busy round here over the last week and bags are coming out of the attic which means there are trips being made.  From what I can gather it is Youngest and Eldest going away but not together!  Which will mean I have Mom and Dad all to myself!!!  It will definitely be quiet though without my Boys.

I must get back to patrolling the garden before Mom makes me come in when it is too hot in the middle of the day.  I hope you are all having a lovely sunny summer.

Woof, Treacle.



This is what it is like today here in Derbyshire and by Thursday it will be 75°F, so really warm and probably sticky!  Which will no doubt mean we will be in for  some thunderstorms!

I got my Quilt finished over the weekend for Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy ( for her Test Pattern and I am really pleased how it came out, and so is Amy.  She has given me permission to blog about it and if you want to make the same quilt her pattern will be available on her website from tomorrow.

DSC03876DSC03877 DSC03878

I love the colours which are from the Moda “Phenomenal Fall” range and I think the white really makes the stars stand out.  I was unable to quilt and bind it as the material I wanted to use for the backing was not enough 🙁  However I get to go to the Quilt Shop to get some more :)!!!!!!  

I did say to Amy that although the white is fantastic I don’t know how this picnic quilt is going to fare with our two Boys and Treacle, who are all messy with food!!!!!  You would think at almost nineteen and fifteen they would have learned not to be messy but no!  Treacle sometimes decides that if there is something she has eaten and doesn’t like it, spits it out!!!  She will even, when she is having her breakfast or dinner, sort out her biscuits and drop a few outside her bowl!!!! Now what’s that all about?

It is another busy week here so I will be rushing around, we have a swimming committee meeting tonight, then swimming as usual during the week.  Treacle also has a busy week as she has to go to her Doctors for her Booster injections and then on Friday she is at the hairdressers.  Her Valet is on stand by if I am doing other jobs.

We only have a week and three days left to go before Youngest will be finished for the summer from school.  Can’t wait! He is quite tired so it will be good for him to have a rest, especially before he embarks on the Czech trip with Scouts the week after he has finished.  Also Eldest is probably going to be away at the same time with Girlfriend on holiday too, so DH and I will be on our own for about ten days!!!!!!  What shall we do?  Run away and join the Circus perhaps?  The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Marvelous Monday, need to get work jobs done now and hopefully get to the Quilt Shop later in the week so I can finish Amy’s Quilt. Don’t forget if you want to make one hop over to her Blog for the pattern.

Hugs, Susie x

Happy Thursday!

It’s been like this today round here and jobs I was planning on doing didn’t get done and things I didn’t think needed doing became urgent!

However I am still thinking about quilting things even when busy (!) and one of my emails was a nice email instead of business.  I clicked on this link last year from another blog, I can’t remember which one, sorry, and it is an online magazine with quilting and other great things in.  The email arrived today with a link for a free pattern and they have said we can share it with everyone, so here is the link.  Go check it out and subscribe.

Chamomile Afternoon Quilt Pattern- Jacquelynne Steves

This is the pattern, isn’t it cute?

I am still busy sorting out my test pattern and hope to have it finished by the weekend and I think I will feature it with Treacle on the Pets on Quilts show which will be starting in August too.  So many good things coming up.

Hugs Susie x

A Very Busy Weekend

Last Saturday was the main day and at 6.00am it was hammering down with rain so all the poor people who were out and about putting the final things in place got soaked.  Fortunately by 10.00am the rain had moved away and it was warm and dry!


The Carnival Queen in the light blue dress the “Queen Mother” Jo in the dark blue dress and some of the attendants having lunch.

By this time I was in the middle of doing the food for the Carnival Queen, Attendants, Judges, Stewards and Committee’s lunch and I completely forgot to take any pictures of the park and all the people enjoying the Carnival!  The day finished at 5.00pm and it took everyone until around 9.00pm to clear up but it was a good day and now it is all over until next year, of course.

10 things we learned from Wimbledon 2014It was a busy weekend of Sport in England too with the finals of the Ladies and Mens Wimbledon Championships being won by Petra Kvitova and Novak Djokovic.  I watched the Ladies Final after I got home from the Carnival and felt that it was quite one sided as Kvitova really annihilated Genie Bouchard.  

We watched the Mens final live and it was a good match with both Dkokovic and Federer being very evenly matched.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Silverstone, 2014 It was also the F1 British Grand Prix of 2014 which the whole family are fans of.  We also watched this and there were several exciting bits, the best being that Hamilton won for Mercedes, Bottas came second for Williams and Riccardo came third for Red Bull.  A very good result.

DH and I had intended yesterday to get some business work done, without phones ringing, but had a call on Saturday evening from DH’s Daughter to say that she was not well and SIL had to work yesterday, so could DH and I go round to her house to look after Evalyn and her of course.  So off we set at 8.00am for an hour and half’s journey to their home to look after them until SIL got home at 7.00pm.  It was a very quiet day but busy with looking after an eight month old and a twenty eight year old!  The twenty eight year old being the most difficult of course!

July 2014

Grandad keeping Evalyn busy!

So DH and I will have to try and get the business things sorted another day.  We crashed into bed at 10.00pm and were instantly asleep!

DSC03872 DSC03871

I have done some more on the Test Quilt for Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy and am hoping to get it finished tonight and then quilted and bound tomorrow.  Well that’s the aim.  Here are a few pictures of some of the blocks.

DSC03873 DSC03874

I love the colours.


I hope everyone in the US had a fantastic 4th of July.  I have been looking around Blog Land at everyone’s celebrations and it seemed a lovely long weekend.

Happy Monday

Hugs, Susie x

Jayne’s First Quilt

Jaynes quilt

Here is Jayne’s little Log Cabin quilt made from scraps from my scrap basket.  She finished sewing the binding on at home and is very proud of it.  I think she did an excellent job for her first time of cutting, sewing and quilting.  She has definitely got the quilting bug now.

Well done Jayne.

I am still in the process of cutting out my material for the test quilt I am doing for Amy.  Do you ever buy some fabric and it then sits there for ages before you can bring yourself to cut it?  Well I have had a bundle of Moda Phenomenal Fall fabric for ages and I have been saving and saving it for just the right quilt and this is it!


All tied up with a pretty Moda ribbon


These are the fabrics I have chosen to use out of the bundle and the burnt orange fabric at the top of the cutting mat is one I bought to finish a quilt but didn’t use, so I think this will be the back for this quilt when I have finished.  

Everything is going well so far, I will let you see some progress soon.  I am hoping to have it finished by the weekend. 

Have a Thrilling Thursday, I have house jobs to do today and tonight at Carnival it is Wild, Wet and Wacky which I do not participate in or even go and see as it freaks me out all these teenagers running around with lots of water, sponges, tyres and silly games.  Youngest is in a team with his friends from school, oh boy!  DH, Eldest and Girlfriend are all down there helping so I am going to have a night in sewing to calm my nerves!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

Wednesday Wag!


Little Eaton Carnival 2013

This is what is happening all week in the Village and every night is busy.  So far the weather has been fantastic.  Monday evening was The Fun Dog Show and Mom made sure I looked my best for the evening with an extra long brush!  I wasn’t too happy about it at the time but I did look very cute and fluffy when she had done.

One of the categories for the evening was Best Costume and Mom had been busy all weekend but she did manage to come up with a great costume for me.  What do you think?

Amber Valley-20140629-00106 Erewash-20140629-00107

I am ready to attend Wimbledon!  Youngest, who was showing me, was all dressed in his Tennis whites and he had his racket with him and I took my Tennis Ball.  For this category I came second.  I came third in the Adult Dog Category.

It was a great evening as we got a biscuit for entering and then one of the categories was biscuit catch but I missed catching them.


Here I am in my basket with my rosettes.  I am very proud of them.


Aren’t they lovely colours?  They are now above my basket.


Mom stop taking pictures now I am tired and need a snooze.

Last night was the Treasure Hunt but we were all so tired and Dad had to go to a swimming meeting and it started to rain so the family decided to stay in.  Tonight is the Duck Race but don’t worry we don’t use real ducks, although someone did suggest it!  They are the little yellow kind that The Boys used to have in the bath which I always tried to steal!!!!!  However one did go missing last year and we think he decided to run away and see the World. 

Not your everyday sight in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. A giant 16.5 meter (54 feet) inflatable duck, creatively called 'Rubber Duck' sails into town on Thursday.

He was spotted last May in Hong Kong Harbour!!!!!!

The Boys and Dad are helping tonight and then Youngest and Mom have to go swimming as Youngest is doing his Pool Side Helpers course and tonight is training for the younger swimmers.

I hope you are having a good week and no doubt Mom will have more pictures of the Carnival later in the week.  She is also busy playing with fabric again.

Have a Woofy Wednesday


paw print