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I Am An X-Phile!

Yes it has been Twenty Years since this programme first appeared on our TV screens, in fact on BBC 2 in this country!  It was seen as being a niche market programme not suitable for the main BBC channel.  For those of us who like these sort of programmes instead of the endless soaps or, at the time, lots of home makeover shows, The X-Files was (and is) amazing!

Who didn’t want to be Scully or Mulder!  The story lines were different to anything else being shown on TV at the time and they were the first to have this male/female business partners but really wanted to be more story line!

At the time we had video players and I always recorded the episodes to watch again and again, until the tapes failed! 

Some of my most favourite episodes are Squeeze, Dod Kalm, Humbug, Anasazi, Clyde Bruchman’s Final Repose, How The Ghosts Stole Christmas; hell I like all of them!

In January this year DH bought me a late Christmas Present, the complete collectors edition of the X-Files!  Seasons 1-9 and Fight The Future Film!  I have been watching my way through the Seasons whilst doing my ironing (I have to watch something when ironing!) and I have just started Season 9!  The best thing about this is that when I have finished I can go back and start again from Season 1!!!!

This week Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were celebrating the 20th Anniversary!  It really can’t be 20 years can it?  However they are talking about a new film and I will definitely be at the cinema if they do.  It would be great if they brought the show back but it would have to have all the same writers, producers, directors etc for it to be the same!  They would also have to come up with a way to bring back the Lone Gunmen, but I am sure as it is the X-Files they could do it!

So Happy 20th Birthday X-Files and don’t forget

The Truth Is Out There


Trust No One

Hope you like the green writing, it just had to be green!!!!!

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag


I have been out and about today and one of my stops was the hairdressers!  Mom got me there for 9.15am and by 12.15pm I was ready and don’t I look better?


This was what I looked like before we went!


Can you see how well they have styled my neck and legs?


I also got a present when we got home – a new collar!

The only problem now is that I don’t have any of my beds!  Mom has decided to wash them all, as I am now nice and clean, so I have purloined their beds!!!!!  Although I wasn’t allowed on them after I had been out as it is raining heavily here today!

I am off now for a quick snooze before Youngest gets back from school and its playtime!

Have a Waggy Wednesday.


Animal Paw Print

Welcome To The World!

Miss Wilkes 141013

Evalyn Mya

October 13th 2013

6lbs 9ozs

Congratulations to Mummy & Daddy, Fliss & Lee.  All well and happy.

The two Uncles, Grandpa and I are visiting tonight, so more pictures tomorrow.

Lees wedding (183)

Mummy & Daddy on their wedding day.

Auntie Treacle will have to wait to be introduced!

Susie x

You Know When ….

It’s only October 10th but oh boy the marketing companies are sure getting ahead of the game.  So far today I have had eight emails from different companies about Christmas!  “Order now before stocks run out”! “This offer is only for a few weeks”!  and so on!!


I have to start thinking about Christmas soon as I have got three Christmas cakes and puddings to make as gifts and they have to sit for a while.  I must also confess that I have already bought some gifts, for the Boys, because if I don’t get them (size wise!!!) then they will all be gone!  Also I have got one gift for Youngest which he has wanted since last year and they only appear at Christmas so I did buy those!  I have also made a list of things to get for gifts which I think the various recipients will like, which makes it easier when I get to do the actual Christmas shop. 

Nottingham’s Market Square 2012

The supermarkets are already full of Christmas things, including the food, and it seems to be getting earlier and earlier when things appear and as much as I try and ignore it, you do get caught up in it!  One person I know has already started playing Christmas music in their car and changed their ringtone to a popular Christmas song!  Youngest is starting to play Christmas music on the piano for school and today the weather has turned from very warm at the start of the week to freezing cold and Eldest asking for the heating to be put on (not yet, put a jumper on!)


Of course Treacle is booked in for a hair cut next Wednesday which means it will definitely be really cold then!

Oh well that is my rant for today!!!  I must get on now as there are only 75 days to go before December 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susie x 

The Wednesday Wag!


Today is cooler so I enjoyed being out as it was a bit warm yesterday, especially with my thick coat!  Mom has arranged for me to visit the beauty parlour next week for a wash and brush up!

The Boys have been teaching me a new trick, which I think I am pretty fantastic at!  It involves them shouting “Paws!” at me and I then launch myself into the air with my paws out and they catch me!


Here I am with Eldest.  I usually get a biscuit after I have performed this trick!


They are going to try and film a video so they can upload it to You Tube for the Animals singing a Christmas song which is made by Klaatu42 each year.  Here is the link and if you are ever having one of those days, the animals will make you laugh!  (  Mom’s favourite is “Animals of You Tube singing Deck The Halls”  Check it out it’s great!  Also the new one “Wet Dog”

Have a Woofy Wednesday

TreacleAnimal Paw Print