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Cuteness Alert!

I had to pop out first thing after I had taken Youngest to school to see a good friend, Jo, who runs The Painting Parlour ( from her home in our village.  She is a very talented artist and runs painting parties for all ages (she has had quite a lot of hen parties there).

She is going to do two pieces for my stall in July so I went to have a chat with her and whilst we were having a cup of tea she introduced me to the new additions of the family.


Mummy cat who is called Pringle and the last of her kittens.  Dad is a Ragdoll so the kitten on the right follows his colouring and the kitten on the left is following Mum.  Jo is keeping the kitten on the left, who they have called Flo.


Snack time over so lets play!


I’m winning!!!!!

They were absolutely gorgeous and I was very tempted to slip one into my bag before I left but knew Jo would notice!!!!!!  I don’t know how Treacle would have taken it though!

Managed to get all the house jobs done so we have tomorrow clear to do the painting, well that’s the plan but it could all change again when DH gets home!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Hugs, Susie x


It’s been raining all day today and it has been cold too.  In fact it feels more like winter today than winter was!!!

I have spent all day working and Treacle has spent the day snoring in her basket by my desk!


So here is a Throwback Thursday picture of our Boys in Florida in April 2010, where the weather was fantastic and warm and lovely and oh so much better than here today!!!!!   I hope the weather is better where you are. 

I haven’t got any quilting done yet (!) but am hoping to over the weekend in between DH and I painting our bathroom.  It is only small so I am hoping it won’t take us long and half of it is tiled so hopefully……….

Tomorrow I have got to be out in the morning and then I have house jobs to do, but if I get done quickly I may get a couple of hours of quilting in hopefully……………….

Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!

DSC05244I have been to the Spa!  Do you think I look wonderful? I feel so much better and the ladies did their best to balance the shaved bit of my leg but I will have to wait for my fur to grow back.  Mom says I smell so much better too!

DSC05245Can I have my treat now for being so good at the Spa please Mom?

DSC05243Youngest is home so we can play!

DSC05246First I have to go out in the garden quickly as it has been snowing again here today!

DSC05247Here I go, quick, quick before it rains again.


Mom took this while I was at the Spa, can you see it snowing?

Have a Woofy Wednesday


I have been busy with help!

DSC05173Do you remember this?  This is Eldest’s bed in his room I am using as my sewing room.  Well after we got back from vacation it was getting on my nerves that it was so messy.  So I started to do some tidying but what you can’t see is four long click boxes full of my stash as well, which were on the floor so I needed DH to help move things.  This weekend was D-Day!!!

DSC05238 DSC05237So my stash is now all tidy and sorted and the boxes are tidy now with one box having just my scraps in it.  The two roles of wadding are for the Boys quilts.

DSC05239My sewing area is now much tidier as well

DSC05241Now I feel so much better having got it sorted and feel I can sit down and get lots done. 

DSC05240This is a quick sneak of my Quilt Commission for DH’s cousin.  As you can see it is all pinned and waiting to be quilted, which I am hoping to do one evening this week.  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do, jobs before pleasure.

DSC05232 DH Managed to get the lawn cut at the weekend but was delayed by Treacle who wanted to play ball.

DSC05231You can’t see me hiding can you?

DSC05230DH retrieving the ball where he had kicked it!!!!!

We are definitely in April as we are getting lots of sunshine and showers and it was even snowing earlier!  However all the hedges, trees and bushes are looking wonderfully green and new.


The tulips are blooming nicely


The Primula has bloomed although something has had a go at it!


My Christmas Rose is still blooming nicely

DSC05234The Vinca Major has just come out.

Treacle will be a little late with her Wednesday Wag tomorrow as she is off to the Spa for a lovely bath and clip after her adventures last week!  She is doing fine and eating well, no worse for having had her procedure.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Laugh No. 1 Today

DSC03881This is the disgusted look Treacle has adopted this morning, after having been in the garden and Mom completely insulted her by shoving an old ice cream pot under her, just as she was having a wee! 

I have never seen a dog so mortified and indignant!!!  But it worked!! I just now need to take it to the vets later for them to check to make sure everything is okay after her procedure!!!!  I am sure she will get over it, whether she will forgive me may take a few days!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x


Susan (Farm Quilter)  I have sent you a couple of emails and don’t know whether you have received them.  Hope you have.  Susie


Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday but not ours today but HRH Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates her 90th Birthday today.  DH, Eldest, Youngest and I were all born during her reign and we as a nation are Elizabethans, a word we tend to associate with Queen Elizabeth the First.  I hope she has a lovely Birthday and long may her reign continue.


The one thing I do envy about her life is she doesn’t have to do the cleaning or the washing and ironing!!!!!  Anyhoo off to get the house jobs done now!

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Susie x


DSC05160Treacle is feeling a little better today, but I think that has to do with having had breakfast and lunch and dinner!  There has been a little bleeding but not too much.  I am going to take her to the Spa next week to have a lovely wash and a warm dry in the cabinet.   I have been busy working all day and she spent the day in her basket by my desk.

I collected Youngest from school and he had an appointment afterwards, when I got a frantic text from Girlfriend to say could I pick Eldest up as she was going to but the car had a flat battery!  I managed to make it in time having dropped Youngest off and then fight my way through evening traffic and then get back to get him and drop Eldest off!!! Phew what a trek!

My Grandma!My Grandmother

I have also been busy sorting out the kitchen cupboards before I start my Spring cleaning.  Do you find that you have foods that you eat because your parents or grandparents used to eat them?  I was tidying my fridge and found my most favourite marmalade which is lime and lemon.  It is quite old fashioned but I love it and then I realised it was my Grandmother’s favourite.  This is the Grandmother who taught me to sew and cook and how to do all those other household chores.  I spent all my school holidays with them when I was little and had a great time. 

DSC03082My Grandad

Grandad taught me how to garden and I used to help him look after his bees.  Our friends who we saw a few weeks ago has just got some bees and I am invited round to see them soon.  I would love to have a bee hive but as Treacle is very naughty and snaps at them, I don’t think I would have much of a hive left!!!!

I am hoping to get some tidying done in Eldest/Sewing room!  Well that’s the plan but I am sure it will change!

I hope you Wednesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x