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Happy Halloween!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Spooky Halloween today! 

As it is also #TBT so here are the Boys when they were little dressed for Halloween.


They dressed as everything over the years, Youngest for most years was Harry Potter and Eldest always wanted to be something from Star Wars!!  This particular year they were a devil for Youngest, quite appropriate and of course Darth Vadar for Eldest!

DH has been at the NEC all week at a business exhibition so it has been manic here but it closed today.  Tomorrow I have errands to run and then the weekend is definitely a quilting weekend no matter what else is happening!!!!!!

Happy Spooky Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Again?


We put our clocks back at the weekend and usually I love gaining that hour back, although this year it doesn’t seem to have had the same effect.  Probably because we were up very early Saturday and Sunday just gone!!!  DH was announcing all day Sunday and I spent the whole day doing jobs and instead of quilting, tiding the sewing room!!!!!

Next weekend he is out all weekend at another swimming event so I will Definitely be quilting then!!!


I have also been getting on with various food prep for Christmas.  Today I have made the Christmas Chutney from a recipe by Delia Smith and tomorrow I will be getting the Christmas puddings made as they have to steam for eight hours each. 


I also have mince pies to make and usually make around 60 and freeze them but I always have to make a few extra so DH and the Boys can eat them straight away.  Then it will be the Christmas cookies, again for the freezer and a few for the tin and finally the sausuage rolls and cheesy stars!  Cheesy stars are really easy and go great as a snack or if you are having a drinks party.  I used to make lots of them and the Boys would take them in their lunch boxes to school near Christmas and I would get requests from their friends for them!!!!

I have sorted out all the Birthday presents I need between now and Christmas and am now onto my Christmas list.  I have already bought a few presents that needed to be ordered and have stashed them away and my good friend, Jayne, and I are going Christmas shopping on November 5th.  We have done this for quite a few years now and it is a day I love, it is very social and we get to catch up on all our families news as well as getting Christmas shopping done and of course having lunch!!!  I will show you the parcels when they are all wrapped.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good week ahead.

Hugs, Susie xx


Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.

Book Club should have been two weeks ago but that was when I was still running Eldest around after his Op!!!  Better late than never as they say!!!!


If you like Agatha Christie then you will love Jessica Fellowes, who is the niece of Julian Fellowes creator of “Downton Abbey”!  The Mitford Sisters were real and in fact the youngest of the sisters, Debo, married Andrew Cavendish the 11th Duke of Devonshire and resided at Chatsworth House.

This story is woven about the sisters when they were young, in fact Debo has only just been born.  Louisa Cannon escapes London and her terrible Uncle and takes a position as assistant to the Sisters’ Nanny.  However a murder on a train has an impact on the whole family but especially Louisa and the eldest Mitford Sister Nancy (an author in real life).  Nancy persuades Louisa to help her investigate the murder and the connection to their family, whilst Louisa is trying to stay away from London and her violent Uncle. 

So far there are three books in this series, I have book number two and I really enjoyed this one so will be getting the third one.  As I say if you are a fan of Agatha then you will love these books.


As predicted it has been raining all day today and due to rain all day tomorrow.  I was going to try and get some pictures of our Autumn trees but they just look very wet and very sorry for themselves at the moment.  Sunday is supposed to be a better day so I will try and get some pictures then.

Have a Wonderful Weekend you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx




Yesterday passed in a whirl of work and Treacle kept me company all day in her basket.  One minute it was 7.30am and I sat down at my desk and then it was suddenly 6.00pm and I hadn’t started dinner!!!  The weather has been up and down, yesterday when I got up it was foggy and I could not see the end of our road but by 2.00pm it was sunny with even a little warmth to it!  Today it has been raining all day and Treacle is not a happy bunny!!! 

Treacle snoozing in her basket yesterday.


This was yesterday morning at 8.00am as you can see the fog has come down and we cannot see past the houses across the road from us!


Eldest and Fiancé have returned from New York and they had the best time ever!  Youngest has arrived in Orlando and they have already been round some of Universal where they are staying.  Here are a few pictures that they have sent us so far:


The entrance to Universal.


Youngest has finally got to go to Harry Potter World!  It was due to Open in 2010 which was when we last went as a family but sadly, even with the extra ten days we had there, it did not open until after the summer.  He was most disappointed.


Hogwart’s Express.


Jurassic World. He never liked the films but he likes the rides!!!


Of course it wouldn’t be the Boys if they weren’t sending us pictures of cars and Trucks!!!!


I managed to catch up on my work this morning and got house jobs done this afternoon.  I did get all the washing and ironing done yesterday as well but at least I only have DH and my washing this week!!!!  Tomorrow I have some errands to run and in the evening we are out at a business dinner.  The weather is supposed to be heavy rain all day tomorrow and Saturday and nice on Sunday when DH is busy all day!!!  The garden will have to wait!  Saturday I plan to get some more jobs done at home and I will be quilting Sunday.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


Boys Away!


Both of our Boys are now on Holiday in the USA! Take Care of Them for Us!!!!


I think I actually met myself coming back the other day!!!!  The last few days have been a whirlwind of work and sorting Youngest out to go away and of course the weekend spent at the swimming pool with the Championships!  We got there both days at 2.00pm to sort the timing system out and by the end of Session one on the Saturday it crashed!  So on Sunday Sue and I were promoted from the cupboard where we usually sit to where DH sits on poolside to avoid too many connections between the computers!  It worked and we didn’t have any problems.  We also finished early but by the time we had packed up it was 8.30pm!!! 

We got home and had a meal with Youngest and Girlfriend as they would be travelling down to Gatwick, where they are flying from, on Monday evening for today’s flight! 

So for a few days it will be just DH, Treacle and I until Eldest and Fiancé get back at the end of the week.  Friday evening we have a business dinner to go to and then Saturday jobs to do before Sunday when DH is again at another swimming pool commentating for another swimming club!!!!  It’s just this time of year!!!!

Here are a few more pictures from their trip to New York.  I am loving living this trip with them!!!!!


They went and visited the Intrepid as Eldest loves anything military.


They went on the Staten Island Ferry, I love the blue of the sky!


The Brooklyn Bridge below.


They went for Afternoon Tea at The Plaza.


Sophie Plaza

Fiancé in the entrance to The Plaza

New York by night

New York by Night.

I can’t wait to see all the other pictures when they get back.

Treacle has been a little distracted with all the comings and goings but today settled into her basket for her morning snooze. 


I am still busy getting on with making things food wise for Christmas and this week it will be the Christmas puddings and start making the mince pies.  They freeze really welll so I can get them stashed away and also the Christmas cookies. 

I am also going to make some Christmas Chutney this year which goes really well with cold meats and I can also give jars of them as gifts.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xxx


#TBT only to Yesterday!  Eldest and I are playing a game over WhatsApp, he sends me a picture of where they are in New York and I have to name it and so far I have got them all correct!!!  I have never been but have watched so many shows, films etc I think I would know my way around!!! 

Anyway here are the pictures he has sent me so far :


A hearty Breakfast before they set off!


Central Park looking towards The Plaza.


New York American Museum of Natural History: I told him not to stay overnight!!


Metropolitan Museum.


The Ice Rink at Rockfellar Centre.


A Big Barnes & Noble Store: Now I would not have got past here without staying in there for a while.


Grand Central Station.


The New York Public Library: Another building I could lose myself in for a whole day!


The Empire State Building.


Madison Square Garden where they went to see a Basketball Game last night!


A typical New York Lunch!!!!

I am loving getting these pictures from Eldest to see what they are up to and where they have been, it is sort of like being there!  No doubt when Youngest gets to Orlando I will be getting pictures from there, which I can share with you.

It is home jobs day today and I got up at 4.30am to make sure I got them done first, I also have some errands to run and grocery shopping to do, washing and ironing to get done and then help Youngest pack for his trip!!  It is all go.  Friday I think I will sneak a day and do some quilting as the weekend is going to be busy as always.

I hope your Thursday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Autumn Wednesday Wag.


The last few days have been dreadful weather and today it is cold, misty and rainy!


Of course last week Mom took me to the Spa so I have no coat to speak of and it has, of course, turned cold!!!  This was today, the weather is so bad that I spent the day in my basket next to Mom in our Den. 


This was Monday when Mom washed everything of mine in sight!  My beds, my quilted mat, my towel and even my collar!!  I hate it when she has one of her cleaning sprees!!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day with sunshine and a bit warmer again, so hopefully I will get to spend a bit more time outside!!! 

Eldest has arrived in New York and is having a great time.  He sent Mom a message last night 9.00pm their time, 2.00am Mom’s time (!), they were in Times Square!!  It was great to see all the colours of the lights.

Mom has been busy with getting things sorted for Christmas already and I saw some toys that just might have my name on them arrive the other day, although Mom says they have to go to Santa Paws to bring me on Christmas Eve!  They have said they need to go through my Toy Basket to sort out any that have gone to make room for my new toys, I can’t wait!!!!

I hope you are having a Happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx


Today is “Dreich”!


Today has been cold, grey and quite misty but not in a good way! It is only now 4.30pm but it is already getting dark!!!  In Scotland this type of weather is called “dreich” and it definitely fits today.   I really don’t like these sorts of days.  


I had to run errands this morning including collecting Dollars for Youngest for his trip next week!  It is quite weird to think that both Boys will be in the USA, different States, and we will be here!  In fact I am quite jealous!!!  Eldest and Fiancè flew out today and Youngest will be flying out next Tuesday.


Stitch it and Gift blog hop button large it button

I am still sewing the backing down to the Baby Quilt I am making and am also getting some of my Christmas gifts done and planning four more to get done.  A couple of these will appear in the Blog Hop during November hosted by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks.  I will post details when we know who is hopping.


We are out for dinner on Friday evening with Youngest and Girlfriend and then Saturday and Sunday evening it is our Swimming Club Championships!  They are usually good evenings as it is just our Club although they don’t finish until late.  DH is commentating and I am doing the timing with another Sue!!!  At least we can get a few jobs done during the days.

I have managed to catch up with everything after last week and have planned a few more Christmas jobs to get done during the next few evenings!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx