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Check Up

Went to the Hospital today for another check up.  They think I may have a small infection at the wound site so I am now on double antibiotics which are making me feel awful.  In fact I feel worse now than just after my op.  
Am going to sit down this afternoon and do nothing, well perhaps read.  
Susie 🙁


You can’t quite see the bottom of the shelves which are covered in books

An assortment of books on these shelves and some which are quite old which came from the families.
I wanted to put up the list of books I have read since the start of the year as it would be interesting to see exactly how many I have read!  I know I read a lot but can never quite remember how many, especially when the books get passed around the house for DH and The Boys to read, more so now as the Boys are reading more adult fiction.
Beth left me a comment in August after I mentioned I was reading the Game of Thrones books by George RR Martin.  
“Your choice of books is great. I love that series of books, and love to quilt as well. If you haven’t tried them yet, try reading the Eye of the World series by Robert Jordan, or Terry Goodkinds’ series. Both are great.” Beth
I haven’t read any of Robert Jordans but love Terry Goodkinds.  Another set of fantasy books I love, in all the series he wrote, were David Eddings books.  Sadly he passed away in 2009 so there will be no more but the legacy he has left us with is great.  I am able to re-read books, unlike DH who has once read something can remember it all.  Says a lot for my memory!
If I have run out of new books to read I am quite happy to go to our shelves and get something I have read before, they are like old friends to me.

Here are a few pictures of our bookshelves in our sitting room and as you can see I have plenty to choose from!  At the last count there were over 1000!

So thank you Beth for recommending a new author, I am always on the look out for new things – any type not just fantasy, although I have gone off chick lit a while ago as they became all the same!!!!

Happy reading

Susie x

Our Crazy Weather

Anyone who has visited England and know the English we have an endless fascination with our weather.  I think it is because we get so much of it in a week.  We obviously don’t get the extremes like some countries, especially the US with their tornadoes and hurricanes but what we do get is often strange!
I have been slowly getting things ready for Autumn and Winter, changing over curtains, cloths, tableware and was just about to start on the bedding when I saw the forecast for this week.  Last week they were forecasting snow in October (remember I told you in an earlier post?)  well this week, in fact from tomorrow until Saturday our daytime top temperature will be  79dF/26dC!  So all those summer clothes which I have washed and pressed ready for putting away and getting out the winter clothes is going to have to be put on hold.
In fact when I got up this morning at 5.00am this is the view from our sitting room window and into our garden!  Yes fog!  So this week we have had heavy rain and cold temperatures, now fog and tomorrow summer again!  Great fun.
Susie x
Our garden in need of work but with the fog coming down. 5.00am this morning.

Outside the sitting room window normally the view is over the valley with the trees just turning. today we can only just see the houses!

Addicted to Masterchef Australia

I don’t know if anyone has seen this version of the show, but I think it is the best.  I love the presenters and the whole format of the show.  I stumbled across it in its first year, three years ago now, when I was surfing the channels and the best thing is we all love the programme, including the Boys.
Last Christmas, in fact between Christmas and New Year, I did a Mystery Box for the Boys.  I was very kind and gave them a recipe and the ingredients and they had to cook the main and desert between them.  They loved it and did a really good job. In fact I did say that each Friday evening (the only night we don’t have to be somewhere else) they should cook the meal.  We managed it for about a month and then life intruded, but it was good while it lasted.
Check out the Masterchef Australia website, they also have some great recipes on there too.
At the moment here we are on Series 3 and I am hooked.
Susie x


Car Shows

It goes with the territory of having Boys that you end up going to classic car shows!  Whilst we were away there was a classic car show at Brodie Castle and I can honestly say I have never seen so many cars, bikes and buses.  It was really good.  The Boys were in heaven and arguing about which cars were the best.  Here are a few pictures we took out of 70!!!  Good job we have digital cameras these days and don’t have to get prints made any more.
Have a lovely weekend, I am going to try and get some quilting done this weekend.  Eldest is off to Queen Mary Uni in London with DH on Saturday and I have Youngest at home and  Sunday we hope to get the garden done before winter sets in!!!! It’s getting colder…….
Susie x
The evergreen Mini

The original pick up!

Jeeps, don’t you love them

What a great colour!


Going through my pictures again the other day I found these from our holiday in Scotland.  
One evening I opened the front door of the cottage and there is was, the moon in all its glory.  Unfortunately the pictures do not do it justice but I still think they are great.
Susie x



On the Bread Board left to right beetroot, apple & tomato chutney and strawberry jam at the front jar of pickled onions.

All the jars waiting to go downstairs in the store.
Before I went into Hospital I spent a few days putting up some fruit and vegetables for the winter.  I spent a great fun afternoon getting everything in jars and labelled and into our new store under the house (I will get some pictures of that to you as well!).
So we are all now set for Winter with a few treats to keep us going until Spring next year.  According to a forecast I saw today they are expecting snow here as early as October (which is really early for us) so I think over the next few weeks I will need to stock up on other things just in case we can’t get out from our Hill!!!!!
Susie x

Back to School

The Boys are now back at school and the house seems really quiet, especially having had the Eldest at home for so long because of his exams.
Before they went back we managed to get both of their rooms decorated, especially the Youngest as his room was essentially a little boys room and now being almost twelve he needed something a little more grown up.  Eldest one just needed a new coat of paint, although he did have a huge clear out of things and lots went up into the attic and a few to the charity shop.
Here are some pictures of the makeovers.
Susie x
New wardrobe, chair, bed and bedding for Youngest

New bookcase and toys sorted!

Desk under the window for studying!

New paint and bedding for Eldest

Tidy book shelves and board

Desk under the window for more studying!