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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


The last few days have been lovely and sunny and warm so the back door has been open from early in the morning to early evening and I have been outside all the time!!!!  I just love this weather.  Mom was throwing my tennis ball for me for a while and then I decided I wanted a rest!!!!!


Mom has bought me a new ID tag which is brass and has deep engraving and then painted black.  This side as you can see says that I am microchipped and the other side has Mom and Dad’s name and details on.  I don’t notice that I have a new tag but Mom says it sounds different on my collar!

Youngest and I are on our own today and I love it, as I get away with a lot of things when Youngest is in charge!!!!  Mom and Dad are back later today.

I hope you are having a very happy Woofy Wednesday.



Anyone Have Time To Come Outside?


Today is just lovely and sunny and warm and I have been outside since 7.00am this morning and only came in to collect my lunchtime biscuit!!!!  I just love this weather.


This is how Blue the sky is today with just a few whisps of white cloud.  Mom took this from her car so the black band is where she rested the camera but then got the car too!!!!!


I had been outside all day yesterday too as the weather has been so sunny for the last few days but I was really tired last night and got to snuggle with Mom at bedtime!!!!!

I love this Spring weather.  I hope you are all having a great week.

Woof, Treacle xx

Happy Birthday Treacle.


Our Wonderful Treacle is 11 Today!  Happy Birthday Treacle


Here are her presents.  She loves opening presents, whoever’s they are but it is especially great when they are for you!!!


Action shot of Treacle and Youngest opening one of her gifts!


Always need a bit of help!


A new interactive game for her to move things to get a treat!  She worked it out with a bit of help from Youngest.



Anymore Treats Mom?


Treacle with her toys that she got for her Birthday.


She got two extra for Easter two weeks ago and a couple donated from the clearout by the Boys so we have said we will go through her Toy Basket and tidy it up and get rid of any which are wrecked!!!!!!


It has been a busy day!!!

I am going to make her some biscuits from a recipe I have found on the web, but didn’t have time to do them yesteday but will have a go over the weekend!!!

I had some errands to run this morning and I called at the Garden Centre to pick up some plants and some seeds for the summer and I called at the garage to get some fuel and get my car washed as it had not been done in ages and was getting really dirty!!!!

DH is out until tonight and then out again early tomorrow morning at another swimming event and then will have to move all the sound equipment to another venue for the Monday event!!!  I am going to be busy at home getting some Spring Cleaning done and some quilting too!!!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


You would not believe what has been going off in our home this past weekend!!!  I mean really no where for a dog to lay its head, every single room has had stuff in it!!!!  It was great as both my Boys were here but they hardly had any time to play with me as Dad and they were running up and downstairs with things and Mom did not have time to play as she was sorting all these things out!!!  I mean, really!!!!


One consolation from all this was that the weather was amazing and I was able to spend all day outside in my garden playing football and having the odd bark or three at the wretched squirrel when he tried to call!!!!!

The house is now back in order and I gained a few things from the tidy up, a new softy from Youngest and an old cushion shaped like a camper van (whatever one of those is) for my basket to lean my had on from Eldest.  Yeah for tidy ups!!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Woofy Easter (I also got two new toys for my Easter present).