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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag!

Look the sun is out and I am allowed outside for longer than five minutes!!!!  I am making sure there are no cats or squirrels around.

I even managed to find an old tennis ball from last year in the garden.  Mom said it was too dirty and yucky but I think it is just right.

Mom couldn’t resist taking pictures of the flowers which are around at the moment.  The little primrose which was a self set and her Christmas Roses, although Christmas was three months ago!!!!!

Mom says I can’t stay out too long as the sun is starting to go down and it is getting cool again!  Only a few more minutes please?

Happy Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!

Image result for tennis balls

These are my most favourite toys, tennis balls.  I love them.  I love my squeaky toys and my soft toys but tennis balls are the best.  Anyway Mom tried to get me some and they had sold out 😦  However our good friends Molly & Mackie’s Mom let my Mom know where she gets Molly’s tennis balls from, it’s Ebay! 

Mom never thought to look on Ebay, although she should have as we all the know the World is on You Tube and you can buy anything on Ebay!!!!!!

img_0457Look what arrived in the mail.  They are re-conditioned tennis balls, which means they have been washed, re-pressurised and re-packed like this.  Mom ordered 15 for me.

img_0460Come on Mom don’t tease me, gimme, gimme, gimme!

img_0462Yeah new tennis ball!

img_0463Nope I am not going to give it to you to throw for me!

Thank you to Molly, Mackie & Sue for giving us the low down.

Woof, Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag!

img_20170218_174658If Mom isn’t at her desk working she is up in Eldest’s room quilting!  I really sometimes cannot keep track of her!  Here I am waiting for my dinner on Sunday and it was late!  It was 6.05pm and I get fed at 6.00pm on the dot.  Now this really is not on Mom!

img_0454 img_0455Mom went to the sports store to get some tennis balls and would you believe, they didn’t have any!  I am disgusted, but she did stop at the pet store and get me a squeaky hamburger and a woolly sheep.  I love them (the woolly sheep is the same colour as you Treacle!)

img_0453Of course you can only have so much play before it is snooze time!  The weather has been nice and mild over the last few days so I haven’t minded going out but tomorrow they have forecast gales and heavy rain, I think I am going to spend the day in bed!!!!  (you always do anyway Treacle!)

Thank you Mom for the additional comments.

Woof, Treacle

Image result for snoopy bad weather

The Wednesday Wag!

img_0444It’s been a funny old week here.  The weather is not good and I have to keep having my paws wiped every time I come in from a walk and dried all over after having been in the garden. 

Yesterday I got to go for a walk with Dad as he had taken his truck in for a service and so we walked back home.  It was great.

img_0447Today I have been driving Mom mad as every few minutes I dive out of my basket, which I manage to fling into the back of her chair and race to the window barking!!!  Here is a picture of my basket after one of these episodes!!!!

img_0448This is where it should really be!!!  I think I keep hearing that pesky squirrel or it could be the rat!

img_0439Of course I always want to see what Mom is up to with her camera but she says I got a little too close here!!!!!!

Mom has also promised me some new tennis balls at the end of the week and I can’t wait as I seem to have lost all of my others!!!!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!

img_0197Treacle saw her shadow this morning and came straight back in the house.  So although Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, our Groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter!!!!  So far the weather forecast agrees with her as we are to have storms and high winds this week and then it is going to turn freezing again!!!!!  Just when we thought Spring might be lurking somewhere around.

Image result for uk rat

Do you remember when Treacle was paying a lot of attention to our outside steps and we could not work out what it was?  Well we have now seen one of these in the garden!!!!!  I know we live in the countryside and I love the wild animals but I could do without these!!!!  And come on we have owls about at night and foxes and all other manner of animals what are they doing?  Do they have enough food that they don’t need a big, fat juicy rat?  We think we have this because our neighbours have a huge compost heap which is not covered and they also have a caged rabbit.  Hey ho.

DH is away tonight but Eldest and Girlfriend are coming for dinner and Youngest is home so Treacle will be happy.  I am sorry she has not written The Wag today, winter takes it out of her.

Hugs, Susie x

What a Weekend!

Image result for roger federer australian open 2017

It was a busy weekend for us, as always, but I did get to watch this match on Sunday morning!  Frankly I think these two are the best Sportsmen in the World and I think there are a lot of others who could take a leaf out of their book (including Andy Murray!).  I loved that Roger said he wished they could have drawn as they really both did deserve to win!

DH and Youngest were in London on Friday for work and did not get back until late and then Saturday he was training first thing in the morning and then Saturday evening Youngest was competing for the Club and they came third.  Sunday, all day, DH was out as President of County swimming at a local event.  I fitted in house jobs and washing and ironing.

Image result for dog washing

DH and Youngest did do one job for me though on Saturday between swimming things; they bathed Treacle!  You know the film “Dances with Wolves” well Treacle was “Walk with stinks”!!!!!!!  So because she had been bathed everything of hers, two beds, three towels, teddy and her collar, were all washed!!!!!!    She smells sooooooooo much better.

Dog shower!  What an awesome idea :) Houzz - Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design:

If I get to design my own house one day, this above will be definitely a necessity!  I think it is such a great idea!  Our very good friend, Farm Quilter, is able to bathe Tara in the sink as she is little but of course Treacle has to go in the bath.  You end up having a bath almost with her and then the bathroom needs a thorough clean afterwards!!!!!!  It is worth it though!

Image result for fife

DH is away again this week on business in Scotland (I can’t go unfortunately!) and then next weekend he is announcing for the local Chinese New Year Event on Saturday evening.  However the rest of the weekend we are doing nothing, yeah!!!!

I hope you are having a Happy Monday!

Hugs, Susie x


Clean dog, clean bed, clean basket oh for all of five minutes!!!!!!!!

The Wednesday Wag!

img_20170124_232355Youngest abandoned me last night to go to a friend’s 17th Birthday celebrations!!!  Mom and Dad took pity on me and put my basket in their room so I was not lonely without him.

It always unsettles me a little bit when things aren’t as normal so today I have been driving Mom mad by Bed Hopping all day!!!!!

img_20170125_102725Bed Number 1 – Eldest’s.

dsc03900Bed Number 2 – Youngest’s

erewash-20130328-00021Bed Number 3 – Mom & Dad’s

img_20170125_102738Back to Eldest’s!!!

Mom collected Youngest at 5.00pm tonight from college so he is home, Yeah!!!!  Back to normal.

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday.