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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


The sun is shining, the back door is open and I am free to run in and out as I want.  I am also busy eating the long grass that Dad has not had chance to cut this week, tee hee!!!

Mom is busy washing everything in sight so if you stand still be careful or you will be put in the washing machine!


Alright Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup now!

Mom says she wished she had got me into my Spa earlier this week instead of Friday as we are going to have some very warm days and then it is forecast to get cooler again after Friday when I am going to be without all my fur!!!  It always happens. 

Sorry I can’t do a long post today I need to be outside enjoying all this wonderful sunshine.

Woof, Treacle

The Wednesday Wag.


To be quite honest I don’t know if I am coming or going with all this weather.  We had some snow again the other morning, just  a light sprinkling but snow all the same and I am so glad that Mom has not taken me for an AireCut as it has been very cold over the last few days.  Everybody keeps saying it is Spring but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Mom says everyone needs to know about this who have dogs, so she has put it here:

There have been quite a few news items on the radio about alabama rot in dogs, as there have been a few cases in the UK and one near us in Derbyshire.  They think it is caused by walking through mud and appears as skin lesions on the dog’s legs, chest and abdomen if not caught very early it can then lead to other complications including renal failure.  They are advising everyone to wash and dry their dogs legs, chest and abdomen with warm water immediately returning from a walk if they have been through any mud and ensuring they are dried well and to inspect them regularly.  Any signs of lesions then to go to your vets immediately. 

I am okay as I hate walking through anything wet and really don’t like mud or any bits of water but Mom says she is keeping an eye on me anyway.


It’s raining again here today so I don’t even like going out to do what is necessary I am quite happy in my basket whilst Mom is busy working.  We are supposed to get some better weather at the weekend but we are not holding our breath!!!!

I hope you are having a happy Woofy Wednesday and the weather is better where yo are.



Easter Wednesday Wag!


Mom found this picture of when I was dressed for the village Carnival but she says if she can find the hat in the attic at the weekend I can use it as my Easter Bonnet;  I hope she doesn’t find it!!!!!


Mom is working very hard at keeping me clean and tidy as my fur is quite long at the moment.  She has not wanted to book a spa day for me as it has been so cold and it is due to be cold tonight again and of course she has not been driving as well although Dad said he would take me.  Here is a picture of me having just been brushed and Mom says I look like a teddy bear!!!


Of course Mom says it does not take me more than five minutes to look like a scruffy mutt again!!!  I am quite happy sleeping in my basket whilst the weather is still cold and rainy.


I am only going to move if there is a biscuit in my near future!!!!


Nope, no biscuit so sleep mode resumed!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Woofy Easter and a very happy Woofy Day.



The Wednesday Wag!


Mom and I are really not feeling Spring like at all.  All my snow has gone but the cold has remained and although it was sunny today it was not warm!  They are forecasting more snow over the Easter Holidays but I think we all need some warmth.  With Mom not being able to drive I have not had my visit to the Day Spa although Mom says it is probably a good idea as it is still so cold!  Wheneve the weather gets better and Mom can drive she will make me an appointment.


This pesky creature has been in my garden today and although I chased it away it then came back but Mom would not let me out again as I hit the fence hard and it wobbled!!!!


This was our patio and steps two year’s ago when Eldest cleaned everything with the pressure washer, so Mom wants it doing again but I think Dad will have to do it this time!!!!  She has lots of jobs planned for over the Easter Break depending upon the weather!!!!  I think I will be keeping out of the way whatever is happening!!!

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday



The Wednesday Wag!


Mom says we need to have Spring pictures on the Blog as the weather is not good at home with all the rain!  Here I am in our Garden last year with the daffies coming out and the little violas.


Whilst Mom has been under the weather she has not been reading her favourite Blogs so we missed Miss Molly’s Birthday on March 3rd when she turned six!  We are so sorry we missed it and here is a Birthday cake to make up for it.  We saw you had a lovely day with your Mom. 


The benefit of Mom getting over her Op is that she is usually in bed early and I get to snuggle, which is my most important job at the moment.  Because the weather is not so good either I don’t feel as if I am having to split my time.


Also today we have heard the news that Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76.  Mom said that every Generation has a genius which then propels our knowledge forward and Stephen Hawking was our generations Genius!


This was his most famous book, of which you had to be a genius to understand it!  He will be missed.

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday wherever you are and the weather is being kind to you.  They have forecast snow for here at the weekend again!!!!! Yeah!


The Wednesday Wag.


Mom says I need more exercise, especially at this time of year when I am in more than I am out so does this count, stretching my leg whilst lying in my basket?!!!!


How about balancing on the stairs with no help?


I am too tired now from all that exercise I am going to stake my claim on Mom & Dad’s bed before Mom gets here!!!!!

Exercise is for when the weather is nice and sunny and warm not at this time of year.  It might be sunny today but it is very, very cold!

Have a very Woofy Wednesday and stay warm.



The Wednesday Wag.


Today’s weather.  Mom always thought that thunder and lightening only happened when it was hot but it was like this today and something like thunder snow!  It didn’t settle and last long but it was not nice when it was happening.


Mom can’t you make it go away, I really don’t like it?


I think I am just going to hide here for the day and I really don’t need my last walk!

Don’t worry Treacle we can get away with a quick trip out before bedtime and hopefully it will have all passed by, by then. 


Hmm, okay I’ll just have forty winks before then.

Hope you are having a better Wednesday than us.

Woof, Treacle