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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.

We have had quite a few nice days with warm sunshine so I have been out and about and in my garden, Mom has let me have the back door open so I can come and go as I want to.

On Saturday the weather was nice too so Dad, Mom and I went to Chatsworth House for a walk in their gardens.  The Duke always has sculpture displays in the garden each year and this year the theme is the Dog!  Quite appropriate for me.  They also have a new puppy called Henry, who has his own Instagram Account – Chatswoof here

Here are pictures of my walk.


Come with me for a walk around Chatsworth Gardens.

This is one of the Dog Statues at the head of the Emperor Fountain.


Mom loves this picture of Chatsworth House and the grounds and the vista.


The Daffodils were all out


Also some statues of deer, although there is a big deer herd in the main grounds of Chatsworth.


More Daffodils  appearing.


We stopped half way ground for a break and of course the odd biscuit or three!


Any more biscuits Mom?


One of the new garden displays with water.


Come on Mom I need to explore over there.


The house from the side.


Biscuit stop!


Another of the dog statues and I thought this was real so started barking at him to warn him off, Mom and Dad just laughed!!!!


Chatsworth in the sunshine.

It was a lovely morning walking and then we had lunch at Chatsworth before heading home.  Mom and Dad have a few more weekends free so we can go for some more long walks exploring.

I hope you are having a very happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

The Wednesday Wag.

Well it has been a funny few days with weather.  I have been warm, then wet and now cold again!!!  Mom, of course, got my Airecut and all my lovely warm fur cut off so it is now freezing again outside!


I have to find the sunshine and warmth where I can in our home.  Mom and Dad’s bed is favourite as they have double windows in their room and the sun streams through making it lovely and warm when in fact it is really cold outside!!!!


I was also keeping Mom company in her sewing room on Sunday and it was very cool that day so I had a blanket over me. 


I have spent a few days when it has been nice outside with the door open so I can come and go as I please and Dad also got me a new football for outside but the weather is too cool now for the door to be open all the time!

After this coming weekend Mom and Dad don’t have anything on at the weekends so they have promised to take me on some extra long walks, hopefully with the weather being better and not too cold or rainy!!!!


So we have not been out and about very much with the weather being like it is but I don’t mind as I love to sleep next to Mom’s desk all day while she works and I can keep an eye on things!!!!

Have a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

A Dog’s Eye View of Brexit on The Wednesday Wag!


There is a lot of talk about this thing called Brexit and as far as I am concerned the biggest concern is my Bonios!  Now Bonios are made by a company whose base is in America!  So we should be okay however the parent company is in Switzerland and of course they are in the EU!  This is where my problems may begin as we have not agreed a proper exit from the EU.  So what is going to happen about my Bonios?  Will there be a shortage?  Will we have to get them on the black market?  Will the price go through the roof?  A dog needs these answers!

Mom says that my Bonio box is full and I have another new box in our store cupboard so I am good for a few months as I have one a day but that does not seem very long.  I think I will have to dig into my savings and ask her to order me two more boxes, I mean I know we are not supposed to stock pile food but really they are an essential part of my diet!!!


I have had to retire to Mom and Dad’s bed to contemplate this terrible news! 

Mom keeps saying she is going to make me some biscuits of a recipe she has found especially for us doggies so I think I am going to have to encourage her to do that, as I cannot be without my lunchtime biscuit.


I mean who could deny this face her biscuits?  Surely not these stupid politicians that are supposed to be running our country but seem to be out for their own ends rather than the people they are supposed to be representing!!!!!! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-30 at 17.00.15

I am off my soap box now and having a snooze!  It is all just too much!

Happy Wednesday Wag!

Woof Treacle xx

The March Lion!


Here in Derbyshire March has come in like a Lion!  We have had high winds, trees down and this on Sunday morning :

We get no snow during December, January and February but March 10th? Snow!!!!  Of course two weeks before we had the hottest February since records began!!!  Crazy, crazy weather!!!

We had a wonderful evening on Saturday with our friends who came for dinner and caught up on all their news and they went home around 1.00am!!!  Needless to say we cleared up on Sunday morning!!! 


This was Treacle on Friday last and we gave her a brush yesterday and clouds of fur was coming out and we have put it out in case the birds are starting to build their nests.  Today she was at the spa, after I had taken DH to work as his truck was in for a service today!!! 

She visited everyone at the company we work with in Nottingham this morning when we dropped DH off and before I took her for her Spa day!!!


Here she is all washed, cut and clean for all of two seconds and about five pounds lighter now all her fur has gone!!!  Of course this week is supposed to be very cold again, it’s always the same when I get Treacle cut!!!!  She will be wearing her coat for walks!!!


I don’t think I will be doing any gardening this week as it is forecast hailstones and more rain, very cold and high winds!!!  I have plenty to do with work and home jobs so it won’t be an issue!!  Next weekend DH is out all weekend commentating for another swimming club at their Open and I am going over to Nottingham again on Saturday morning and then in the afternoon I am doing a Safeguarding Course for swimming until 4.00pm, oh joy!  Sunday I will be able to spend the whole day in my sewing room, yeah.

Have a great week everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


It has been a glorious few days and I have been able to be outside with the door open although it does get cool in the evening.  Mom is trying to get me an appointment at my Spa but they have been off for the school holiday and are all booked up, she is hoping for one next week as you can see I am getting quite woolly!


Of course being outside and all the fresh air makes me very sleepy!


Did the biscuit tin rattle then?  I am awake and very aware of what is happening!!!!

The weather is going to get cooler again at the end of the week so I hope I can keep my woolly coat for that!!!

Woof, Treacle.

Well Quilt Fail!


She doesn’t like it!  Yep nice new quilt, slightly thicker than her old one BUT every time she lies down here now she pushes it away!!!!  I mean the old saying of “Dogs remember faces and cats remember places” doesn’t apply to my finickity Airedale!!!!

DH has suggested that I put her old quilt, which is now washed but several blocks are now broken on it, on the top of the new one and see if Treacle will lie down on it with her old quilt on top.  We shall see!


Unfortunately the cleaning has to be done anyway, which I managed to get done this morning beginning at 5.00am!!!  However last night was the first night I have not woken up at 3.00am, which I have been doing for several weeks now!  I don’t know why!  Anyway DH had to be up and out as he has a long trip to Cumbria today so I got up with him and after breakfast started my cleaning and I was all done by 9.00am!!!  I love it when I get a big job done before work work starts! 


We had some sad news yesterday regarding an ex-member of the swimming club, whose family are still involved.  She sadly died in a paddle board accident in New Zealand where she now lives.  We all saw her at Christmas when she came home to spend time with her family and meet her new nephew and I think we can be thankful for that.  When you receive this sort of news it always makes me thank God for my blessings and ask Him to keep them safe wherever they are and whatever they are doing.


As it is Thursday I am doing #TBT with this one, which I have probably shown you before but I just love it.  Fourteen years ago and February Half Term (which is this week here in Derbyshire) we had taken the Boys to London for the week.  This is Trafalgar Square and we had taken the Boys to the National Portrait Gallery which they just love, having been with school before and wanted to spend longer there. Then we were going to the theatre in the afternoon to see “We Will Rock You”, the Queen Musical, which was brilliant we all had a great time.  Eldest was nine and Youngest was five.

I have some work to do the rest of today and I may go out and run some errands today or tomorrow.  Saturday when DH is busy again (and Youngest will be out) I am going over to Nottingham to do some shopping and Sunday I will be quilting again.

Happy Thursday you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx