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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


So we are half way through January and we have had no more snow!  I am so envious of Molly as she has had some more snow.  In fact it has been just very wet and yucky here and everytime I go outside when I come in I have to have my paws washed and wiped!


I did forget to show you my Christmas presents from Tara and her Mom, Susan, our friends in the US.  They are super yummy but Mom will only let me have a bit each day or else she says I will be like a little barrel if I eat too much.


Here they are.  I have never had Jerky before but it is lovely.


Mom I think I would like the Duck Jerky today please.


Sorry Treacle you had some Duck yesterday, it’s chicken today. 

Well whatever I love them both so thank you Tara and Susan for my yummy Christmas snacks.

We were supposed to get snow last night and today but it turned into rain so bah humbug.  At least my basket and where I sleep is nice and warm so I am going to snuggle down for an extra long snooze.  I hope you are having a happy woofy Wednesday.



The New Year Wednesday Wag.

Happy Woofy New Year!


It has been a very busy few weeks with Christmas and New Year.  I have had lots of people at home to play ball with.  Eldest and Girlfriend came round a lot so I tackled them as soon as they came in the front door and they bought me some awsome toys for Christmas.

Obviously my biggest playmate, Youngest, was here for three weeks and I loved having him home, especially as he did not get up early in the morning so I was able to have my breakfast and go back to bed and snuggle with him.


Mom did some quilting in the sewing room, so I was able to settle down on Eldest’s bed for a quick forty winks!

We have had no more snow, just lots of rain and grey days so I end up getting my paws all muddy and wet and I hate having them washed and dried!!!!  Now if it was snow it would be no problem.


Mom and Dad bought me a new interactive toy.  It is the blue ball at the front of my toys and it is rubber with teeth in and you fit biscuits in between the teeth and then it goes solid so I have to spend time trying to get them out.  It kept me quiet for about half an hour!!!  I still have all my toys, although the duck has a hole in now, but the rest are still squeeking, honking and rattling.

Today the weather is not too bad and the sun has come out, we haven’t seen it for quite a few days, so it feels a little better.  Yesterday it was dark all day and I did not move from my basket.

I hope you all had a wondeful Woofy Christmas & New Year.



The Christmas Wednesday Wag 2 Take 2!


I’m Back for Round 2 and Mom is helping me so she hopes this works.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-13 at 13.18.11

Here I am on Saturday morning in the snow!

Mom thinks it is best that everyone starts at 25 seconds as that is the funny bit otherwise at the start you will see me at my ablutions!  Sorry!!

The snow got a little deeper over the day and night but it has all gone now!  We may get some more and I would love to have some really deep snow but at least we had a little bit for me to play in.  Thank you to Youngest for sending Mom the picture and video!

Woof, Treacle

The Christmas Wednesday Wag 2!


Welcome to Week 2 of The Wednesday Wag.  There are hopefully going to be some pictures and possibly a video of me in the snow at the weekend but it may be a bit later, because Mom says she has discovered a new species!


This new species is called “EMC” and is a sloth like creature.  It does not appear from its layer until about 11.00am and when it does it goes straight to its food source.  Now obviously most species are up and have had their breakfast way before this but not the “EMC”.  It makes itself a huge bowl of cerel with cold milk and also its dinner from the night before (tuna fish bake and peas), eating both meals at once.  It then returns to its layer to digest its meals before any thought of cleaning itself or doing any of the jobs it promised its mother it would do!!!!!!!!!!

(For all of you who are now thoroughly confused the “EMC” is my Eighteen year old Man/Child known as Youngest – but all the rest of it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The above picture is from the Look4ward website and is actually an octopus who lives at extreme depths which sort of also resembles Youngest – MOM!)

Mom says hopefully Youngest will send her the pictures and video of me in the snow and she will be able to add them on later. 

I hope you are having a lovely Woofy Christmas Wednesday, I am dreaming of Santa Paws leaving me some lovely Presents on Christmas.

Woof, Treacle

The Christmas Wednesday Wag Week 1.

It has been a very busy few weeks and Mom has been one of those Whirling Dervishes getting lots done.  In fact I have not been able to get my normal 18 hours of sleep that I usually get at this time of year. 

She has been cleaning up a storm in the house including my beds, she has washed everything in sight and lots of things have been wrapped and written.  I am tired just watching her.


So I have had to catch my fourty winks whenever I can and at the moment it is usually when Mom is in the sewing room when she is sitting down!


It is sometimes very noisy in there as her machine is going alot when she is sewing.  She also has her DVD player on and at the moment she is watching the various Seasons of “Bones”.


After a while I still go to sleep even with all the noise, a little dog just has to have her beauty sleep.


This was last night and nothing was stirring not even a mouse!!!! Mom was hand sewing and it was very quiet.  Dad and Youngest were out at swimming so it was just Mom and I and even the DVD playing did not disturb me!  I had been for a walk with Dad yesterday morning when he dropped his truck off for a service and then they were both in for the rest of the day so I was up and about.  Therefore I was really, really tired last night.  In fact when Mom went to bed I went with her and spent some time snuggling with her before Dad came to bed.

I have done my list for Santa and am ready to put my stocking out for him on Christmas Eve, it really is getting very Christmassy.

I hope you are having a Seasonal Woofy Wednesday.


The Wednesday Wag!

I have been very busy helping Mom today!


Dad left realllllly early this morning so I kept Mom company whilst she was still in bed, although she said I was snoring again!  I don’t know how she dare, I don’t snore!


It was very cold and bright this morning so I did get to spend sometime outside and I was very good as I brought Mom the post this morning too.


So can I have my lunchtime biscuit now please?


I have been so busy today and then Mom snuck into the sewing room for a few hours so I took advantage of that and had a quick snooze on the bed.  I, by the way, did not snore!!!!

I am also going to be very busy tomorrow as it is my Spa Day!!!  Mom is also planning on getting all my beds, blankets and quilt washed so we are all clean together and ready for Santa!

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.



The Wednesday Wag.


They are all out today so I am left to my own devices, now what can I get up to?


I think I will try out all the beds to make sure they are extra comfy, for my hoomans of course.

image (3)

Mom and Dad’s bed is the best as it is the biggest!


Just better make sure that everything is okay outside.


What do you mean Mom, I can’t be on the bed?

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.