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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

Pets On Quilts Show 2018.

Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting ( arranges this great Internet show every year and lots and lots of lovely sponsors give prizes for the various categories.  As with anything like this a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes and I would like to thank Snoodles for all her hard work and the sponsors for the prizes.

As you may have realised if you read Quilting Blogs, lots of us Quilters have animals of all types and this show gives us a chance to show them and our quilts off.

If you read my Blog you will know that Treacle, our Airedale Terrier, features heavily and even has her own day on the Blog, The Wednesday Wag.  She is very much a part of our family and we love her to bits.  It is also a very special year this year for us too as Treacle is ten years old, double digits now!!!

This year I have managed to get my quilt finished completely so I am able to take Treacle’s picture on it!!!  In the past the quilts have been in various stages of completion!!!!!

So here is our Entry for the “Dog on Quilt” category :


Treacle on the Summer Quilt.


What you probably don’t know, if you are new to my Blog, is that Treacle is a snuggler and loves being covered up and would quite happily stay under the quilt.  In fact in Winter if it is really cold she prefers her very own quilt to be put over her to keep her warm!!!!

We are actually away on vacation when the show is on, but I am hoping to still be able to hop around and see everyone else’s entries. 

Thank you for visiting us here at Susie’s World and please vote for Treacle. 

Love & Hugs,

Susie & Treacle  xxxx


Whispering Wednesday Wag.


I am still recovering from my tummy upset!  I had to have some more medicine and Mom thinks it is getting better but I am still sleeping quite a bit, although I did chase the squirrel out of the garden this morning!!

I am still hoping to go on vacation on Friday but Mom says we will have to see how I am by then!!!

Woof, Treacle.


The Wednesday Wag on Thursday!


Mom had to go out yesterday to a business meeting so I was indoors all day and I cannot say I was sorry as it was so warm.  Mom had drawn all the curtains and blinds on every window so it was very dark but cool and she put ice cubes in my water bowl before she left so I had cool water to drink.  I go out very early in the morning before it gets hot, but I am still hot even with my very short haircut.


The weathery man has said we are going to get lots of thunderstorms between now and tomorrow evening but our garden and everywhere needs a good drink of water too.  I am not bothered by the storms but we usually lose power so Mom has made sure we have new batteries in our portable lanterns and the radio and is going to get dinner now so that if the power goes off it won’t matter.  If it stays off we do have a portable gas burner stove so Mom and Dad can boil water for tea and cook on that if necessary.


I am keeping an eye on all the bees on the lavender.


The patio is very, very hot!



This was very early this morning before the sun had woken up!

Mom has a busy day tomorrow with grocery shopping and other errands to run and a busy weekend, she is hoping to finish tidying up the garden before the vacation and also get the bags down to start packing!!!!  My bag is already packed with my toys, food, basket and bedding. 

Happy Hot Woofy Wednesday (on Thursday!)



Very Hot Wednesday Wag!


I am so glad Mom got my hair cut very short in this heat!!! 


My tennis ball is on the steps but it is just too warm to bother with it.


I am being plagued by pesky flies but I am very quick and catch them if they are not fast enough!!


Even though it is hot can, I still have my biscuit please?


Snooze time.

I hope you are staying cool in this summer heat and have a very woofy week and weekend.

Woof, Treacle


Terrific Tuesday & Wednesday Wag.


Yesterday The Queen and the Country celebrated 100 years of the Royal Air Force, which is close to my heart as my father served in the Air Force during WWII.  There was a Memorial Service at Westminster Abbey in the morning with several members of the Royal Family attending, followed by the presentation of New Colour to the Air Force by the Queen in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, followed by the biggest flypast ever.


The Queen watching the flypast.


The new Duke & Duchess of Sussex on the balcony.


The RAF Pipes & Drums Band.


The planes in the flypast just kept coming.


Finally the Typhoons flying in the 100 formation.


The RAF Squadrons spelling out RAF 100 in the Grounds of the Palace.

Watching the whole event made me very proud to be British and to have the connection with the RAF.

Today DH and I went to see a show case of the work done by Youngest this year, his final year at college before he goes off to Uni or something else!!!!!  We not only saw his work but work by the other students and it was all very good and of a high quality.  I am sure they will all do well with their final marks.

Today, of course, is Wednesday Wag but Treacle was in all day on her own as we were out but probably a good thing for her as it has been very warm today. 


This is when I come in.


When Daddy comes in!!!!!!



Still watching the wonderful tennis matches but so sorry to see Roger Federer go out but great for Kevin Anderson to be in the semi-finals.  It really has been an open Open this year with lots of different names coming to the fore.

Tomorrow is house jobs day and I am also going to go to the gym for the first time in over a year and as you know it is never that day or the next when you feel it, it is the day after that so probably by Saturday I won’t be able to move, tee hee!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs, Susie xx



Summer, it’s great.

We are having a lovely summer, even if the temperatures are up there.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Treacle yesterday afternoon lying in the shade under the tree which is in the middle of our lawn.


I was taking a picture of Youngest dressed in his suit for the Sixth Form Ball but I am not allowed to put it on the Blog 😦  Treacle was most upset I was not taking a picture of her so she stood in front of me until I took her picture!!!


She has spent three hours at her Spa this morning and this is what she looks like now. 


I got them to go very short on her legs and beard because it is so hot and I really don’t care about the Airedale cut in this weather for her, it’s what is most comfortable for her and as we know her fur will always grow again.  She looks so much happier now outside.  I just love her ears, they always remind me of a bat (I don’t know why!!!!)

Here is a collection of our flowers which we are managing to keep alive at the moment watering them at night when the sun has gone down.


I just cannot believe how blue the sky is at the moment with not a cloud in the sky.  When I was driving to fetch Treacle from the Spa is was 83°F in the car, fortunately Treacle was not in the car too long and I had the air conditioning going full blast.  A friend the other day said that she went out in her car and drove around no where in particular just so she could be in the cool air of her car!!!


Fortunately this bit of our patio is cool even with the sun out as we have the big table umbrella up.


It’s not a very clear picture but I caught this bee on the lavender being very busy, it is a Red-tailed Bumblebee.  They are so cute.

House jobs to do today and tonight is Wild, Wet & Wacky where the teenagers get to compete at different games on the park in teams and it includes a lot of water, foam and general silliness.  I don’t like the event as one year I was down there this boy broke his leg and I heard it go so the whole thing freaks me out!!  DH is down there compering again and playing music while the games are on!!!  Youngest is out at the Sixth Form Ball with his Girlfriend.  Tomorrow it is set up day for the park for Saturday and in the evening DH is commentating on a new event for Carnival, Little Eaton Cake Off!!!!! 

I won’t be going to the Carnival on Saturday as DH is always busy as he is Event Director and Youngest will be busy as he is a Marshal for the day and I don’t think I want to walk around for that length of time.  Although my hip is fine I still get tired and achy after a long day and with the heat, I am going to stay at home and quilt.


Really enjoying the matches at Wimbledon this year, although a lot of the seeds have been knocked out already.  It is also the British F1 at the weekend so another busy sporting weekend and although we are not into football (the boys hated it) there is the England match at 3.00pm.  We think this may have an impact on visitors to Carnival and the last time it happened the park emptied as everyone left to go home and watch the match, although it did mean that we got cleared up early!!!  There is always a positive to these things!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Linky Party & The Wednesday Wag.


I am pinching a little bit of Treacle’s Wednesday Wag to let you know about Val’s Tuesday Archives at Val’s Quilting Studio (  This is a Linky Party every Tuesday where we re-visit old Blog Posts based on a different theme each week.  This week Val is holding a Giveaway as it is her 200th Linky Party, so why not hop over and have a look at whats been going off and join the fun and have a chance to win.  Val has let you know what you need to do to join the fun and also several ladies, including me, have already linked up.  It is also good fun to look back at old posts and get inspiration from things you have made in the past and also see what other talented ladies have been up to.

Thank you Treacle x



I mean really using my day to promote your quilting!  Mom!  “sorry Treacle, it won’t happen again”.


Since Monday it has been lovely and warm and Mom keeps telling me I need to go visit my Spa but I am okay at the moment.  I have managed to find plenty of shade when I need it to cool down but then I cannot resist sunbathing for a while.   Mom said she is very glad I am not white and she would then have to put sun cream on me as well as Dad and the Boys!!!!


I am loving it at the moment as Youngest has almost finished college and so is at home more and his new Girlfriend is also with him.  She loves dogs and that means I love her too.  I am so lucky as both my Boys have Girlfriends who love dogs, what more could a doggie ask for.  This picture was last week at Mom’s Birthday.


It is even sunny where I sit waiting for my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mom says walks have to be done early in the morning or late at night when the sun has not gotten up or when it has gone down so it is hopefully cooler.  Mom likes the heat but even she is staying out of it today after the last few days.


Because I am spending lots of time out-of-doors I am very tired as I am not getting as much sleep as usual and as it is so warm I am getting up in the night trying to find cool spots to lie in and then keep waking Mom up.  Dad does not hear me and still manages to sleep all night without being disturbed!!!!

This weekend Dad is out for some of it so I think we will be gardening and then Mom will be quilting so I will be able to catch up from all my missed sleep this week when she is quilting!!! I hope you are having a lovely start to summer.

Woof, Treacle.