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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag!


Dad left really, really early this morning to get to something called a conference so I had been out and had my breakfast at the crack of sparrows and Mom was still asleep in bed, so I went back to bed too!


I still haven’t caught up on my sleep from the other night when it was very, very windy. 


A little later when everyone was up I was allowed out in the garden un-supervised.  Last week I was out on my own in the garden and when I came in I had been digging, a lot!  Dad still has to find out where I have been digging and I did get into a little trouble for it!!!


As it’s almost Thursday, so #TBT, Mom found this on the computer the other day of Youngest and I when we were little!  Mom has to refrain from looking at lots of these in one day otherwise she gets very melancholy!

I was chasing leaves in the garden today as it was still a little windy but I was too fast for Mom to get a picture, tee hee!

Happy Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!


I have been looking after Mom today as she has developed a cold!!!  In fact she said that although DH normally stands for Darling Husband, today it means Dratted Husband as Dad has had the sniffles over the last few days but he has passed it on to Mom and she has a full blown cold!!!  Here I am lying next to Mom on their bed, on Dad’s side, tee hee!!!!!


Don’t worry Mom I will keep you warm even if you keep waking me up by sneezing!


I finally got in my basket out of the way, of course even asleep you have to have tidy paws!!! 

Have a Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!


Mom has been out all day today so I have been in charge of Youngest!!!!  He just is not Mom and then he went out and left me, but Mom got back not long aftet that!  It is so much better when she is in!!!!


Now she is home I can get some sleep, Youngest is far too excitable!!!!


It has been sunny today so Mom let me out as soon as she got back and I had a good run round and found my football, I had better make the most of it as they have forecast rain for all day tomorrow!!!!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday.  Friday soon.


The Wednesday Wag!


It has been sunny this morning so Mom allowed me to spend time outside on my own on the strict warning to not get into trouble!  Me?


Although it is sunny it is not that warm and I can definitely feel that Autumn is on the way.  I managed to find my football. Dad has not mown the grass for two weeks because the weather has not been good but he needs to get on with it!


Where did my ball go now?

I also saw Mom on her computer looking at Christmas things.  If Christmas is on the way I will need to get on with my list!  Now what can I ask for this year?  More squeaky toys and tennis balls!!!!  (thanks for ratting me out Treacle!)

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.


Not Just A Dog!

Dog : (noun) a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, non-retractile claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice.


Hmm I don’t think the above description really relates to Treacle!


Amber Valley-20140629-00106


Of course the description doesn’t mention anything how well they can dress!


It doesn’t mention anyting about how clever they are; using a toy so you can see out of the door.


It says nothing about how helpful they can be.


It says nothing about how peaceful they can be.


It says nothing of how athletic they can be; “look at my feet”


Dog: Treacle – Happy, cuddly, clever, sometimes naughty, loyal, loving and all round wondeful furr-kid and we love her from her cold wet nose to her paws!


Have a Wonderful Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Wednesday Wag!


I’m in trouble again!  Mom was stroking me last night when she found another lump on my back by my shoulder blades.  When Dad and Youngest got home they helped her investigage it and Dad found that it was infected!!!!!  After a lot of treatment and copious amounts of TCP  it is all nice and clean and healing!!!  Mom thinks that I may have been stung by a bee and it became infected!!!!

I have been wrapped up in my quilt this morning as it is not that warm either!


I was feeling a little better this afternoon.


Can I have a biscuit as I was so good whilst Dad dealt with it please?

The weather is getting cooler here and I have been out in the garden again but Mom has been surpervising me!  It is definitely getting that Autumn feel now and I think I will get into my hibernating mode soon.  I hope we have some snow this year, I really love snow.

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday.



Pets On Quilts 2017!


The day has finally arrived for the start of this year’s Pets on Quilts show, organised by the lovely Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting (  Follow the link to her site where the entries will be.

Of course Treacle had to get in on the act as we have, occasionally, missed the show but not this year.

Here is our entry into the “Dog on Quilt” Category for you to hopefully vote for us!


Here she is lying on Youngest’s Quilt which I have just finished!!! Talk about timing!!!  Of course one picture is never good enough so here are a couple of others.


Youngest was assisting with the pictures getting Treacle to look at the camera, but of course she was looking at him instead.


Of course it is all too much eventually and you just have to lie down.  I am sure all these super models are the same you know, three pictures then they have to lie down!!!!!!


Here is a full length picture of Youngest’s quilt.

The party is open for ten days and then Snoodles will do a post about how to vote.  We thank you in advance if you vote for Treacle, we do very much appreciate it.  Have a lovely time looking round at all the other entrants and thank you to Snoodles for arranging this great event each year and to all the sponsors who have donated prizes.

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx