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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

Well Quilt Fail!


She doesn’t like it!  Yep nice new quilt, slightly thicker than her old one BUT every time she lies down here now she pushes it away!!!!  I mean the old saying of “Dogs remember faces and cats remember places” doesn’t apply to my finickity Airedale!!!!

DH has suggested that I put her old quilt, which is now washed but several blocks are now broken on it, on the top of the new one and see if Treacle will lie down on it with her old quilt on top.  We shall see!


Unfortunately the cleaning has to be done anyway, which I managed to get done this morning beginning at 5.00am!!!  However last night was the first night I have not woken up at 3.00am, which I have been doing for several weeks now!  I don’t know why!  Anyway DH had to be up and out as he has a long trip to Cumbria today so I got up with him and after breakfast started my cleaning and I was all done by 9.00am!!!  I love it when I get a big job done before work work starts! 


We had some sad news yesterday regarding an ex-member of the swimming club, whose family are still involved.  She sadly died in a paddle board accident in New Zealand where she now lives.  We all saw her at Christmas when she came home to spend time with her family and meet her new nephew and I think we can be thankful for that.  When you receive this sort of news it always makes me thank God for my blessings and ask Him to keep them safe wherever they are and whatever they are doing.


As it is Thursday I am doing #TBT with this one, which I have probably shown you before but I just love it.  Fourteen years ago and February Half Term (which is this week here in Derbyshire) we had taken the Boys to London for the week.  This is Trafalgar Square and we had taken the Boys to the National Portrait Gallery which they just love, having been with school before and wanted to spend longer there. Then we were going to the theatre in the afternoon to see “We Will Rock You”, the Queen Musical, which was brilliant we all had a great time.  Eldest was nine and Youngest was five.

I have some work to do the rest of today and I may go out and run some errands today or tomorrow.  Saturday when DH is busy again (and Youngest will be out) I am going over to Nottingham to do some shopping and Sunday I will be quilting again.

Happy Thursday you lovely lot.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Wednesday Wag.

It is a slow Wednesday Wag today.  We didn’t get any snow at all so I am sulking!


Mom is busy with work and then she is busy clearing out boxes and things!!!  I am keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t start clearing out my toy box!

It is supposed to be snowing tomorrow night and all day Friday so Mom is getting out early tomorrow to get her errands run just in case it does snow!  Dad has been far to the North of Derbyshire today and it was snowing heavily there and there were a few roads closed but he got there and back okay!

I hope you are having a Happy Woofy Wednesday and those under the Polar Vortex are staying warm and safe.

Woof, Treacle x


The Wednesday Wag.


I am very much enjoying this horrible wet weather as I don’t stay out very long!!!!!  The heating is on and I am very comfortable in my basket next to Mom’s desk.

When Mom and Dad were in London they discovered a company called “Mungo & Maud” which is a shop just for dogs and cats!  They have a special set of wipes just for dogs for our eyes, ears and paws.  I have a couple of little bobbles on my eye lids which my doctor said were not harmful but could not be removed because of where they are.  Anyway they do make my eyes water so Mom wipes my eyes but now she has found these wet wipes it is so much easier for me to have it done with them.  They bought some in London and tried them out and they have been so successful that Mom has ordered some more.  So I got a parcel in the post yesterday.


This is the box when it arrived.


Mom says the wrappings are very pretty.


Here are the wipes and of course Mom could not let it pass to order me some organic treats!


Here are the wipes.


And here are the treats.


They are not very big Mom!  But they do look yummy.


Let me at them!


Thank you Mom they are definitely yummy!

They are forecasting snow for parts of the country this week and I think we may get some next week but not sure yet, probably won’t get any!!!  Mom and Dad have to go to Edinburgh again next week so Youngest and I will be home alone again!  I love it spending time just with Youngest.

I hope you have a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


New Year Wednesday Wag!

Happy Woofy New Year!


I had a wonderful Christmas with my Hoomans and lots of presents and a few treats.  We are all back to normal now with Mom working at her desk and I am keeping her company in my basket as you can see. 


The weather has been really yucky with cold winds and lots of rain and very grey skies so it really has been a case of quick visits outside.  Mom and Dad are going to take me for a very long walk at Chatsworth next weekend and they are hoping the weather is going to be better than this coming weekend.  Dad is busy all weekend and Mom is planning on staying in her sewing room which is fine by me!  I love being in there with her and it is lovely and warm, so I can’t wait for that and Eldest has new bedding for his bed!

whatsapp image 2018-12-30 at 17.00.15

Mom I love his new bedding, it is very snuggly and warm!

I am hoping that we may get some snow this year, they keep forecasting it but so far we have not had any!!!  I will be keeping my paws crossed that we get some!!!

Thank you for joining me on another year of Wednesday Wags.

Woof, Treacle.

The Week Before Christmas Wednesday Wag!


Goodness me it is that time of year when our hoomans start being very silly with this thing called “Christmas”  I know there are lots of presents scattered around our home and I have been shooed off them so I don’t open them too soon!


Sometimes I just have to hide from Mom, but this day she got me with my Santa hat!


Yesterday the weather was dreadful here with heavy rain all day, so what is a little dog to do but push her basket into the correct position so she can hang her paws over the edge of the  basket!!!!


Of course it means that Mom’s chair at her desk doesn’t turn properly with my basket pushed out but I am sure she doesn’t mind!!!!!

I don’t think we are going to get a White Christmas this year, it is forecast to be grey, overcast and rainy!  I so would like to have snow at Christmas!!!!

Thank you for reading my Woofy Wednesday Wag every week this year, I have really enjoyed being with you.  I hope you all have a very Happy and Wonderful Woofy Christmas.