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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag!

Hi Folks, the Wednesday Wag is a little short today as the weather is wonderful here and I really have got a lot on today in the garden.


Mom says it is so warm today that there is a heat haze, whatever that is.


I am still on duty of course making sure there are no interlopers like those pesky squirrels or cats!


Mom snuck upstairs this afternoon to do a bit of quilting so I kept her company on the bed!  I was rather tuckered out after all that fresh air.

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.



The Wednesday Wag!

I have been getting over my tummy upset but am still on a chicken and rice diet, although Mom says I am eating better than they are!!!!!

Whilst I have been not myself this pesky creature has been in my garden!  And just look at this, these feeders are supposed to be squirrel proof!  After this picture Mom took, he then managed to squeeze the whole of his body into the feeder and sat their munching away until Mom frightened him off!  I mean really?!!!!

The weather has been a little better today with some sunshine but rain is forecast for the rest of the week.  Oh well usual Summer for us then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.


The Wednesday Wag!

It is very, very warm today and I am definitely a hot dog!!!!!

These are my steps where I keep an eye on the garden and those pesky cats and squirrels.

Here I am on patrol.  It may be really warm but I still need to defend the garden from all incomers!!!!

When it is too hot I come in and lie down on the cool tiles which cover most of the ground floor of our home.  I also push my quilt out of the way to get to the tiles.  I think Mom must be very warm as well, as this picture is a bit blurry of me!!!!

The best thing about the summer weather is that the back door is open all day and I can come and go as I please! (Yes but as you do not have anyone telling you what to do all day Treacle you don’t behave yourself in the evening!!!!!!  You were quite naughty last night!)

I promise I will be good Mom!

Woof Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag!


It has been very wet the last few days so I have been very, very busy at home keeping Mom company!!!!  In fact we have had as much rain in three days as we get for the whole month of May according to those weather people!!!

So what is any good Airedale supposed to do on days like this?  Curl up in your basket and sleep!

Mom I am so busy keeping you company but I do need my sleep now!!!!

Hopefully the weather is going to be a bit better at the weekend and we can get out and about.  It is supposed to be Spring but the weather is more like April with all the rain instead of May and its flowers!!!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday.


Same as Yesterday!

This is the weather again today!  I know we need the water, especially as they are talking about a drought this summer (!) but it would be nice to see the sun.  Treacle is not out long in this weather at all.

In fact this is where she is spending most of her days!  Why do we spend money on new cushions and pillows only for the dog to use them the most?

This is the “don’t disturb me Mom I am really comfy”!!!!!!!

Of course you always need to choose the right programme on TV to watch!

I have been working all day today so am hoping to get some other jobs done tomorrow.  Pretty boring really at the moment but I am still planning things for my quilting.  Hopefully I will be able to get quite a lot done when DH is out over the Bank Holiday weekend.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

It was my birthday last week but as everyone was out and about we celebrated on Saturday.  Eldest came to see me on Friday evening and on Saturday morning Youngest brought me a treat from a certain food chain with a golden “M”, after he had been coaching swimming for two hours.

It was yummy.  Dad was also on the track for a good football for me for outside in the garden but he could not find a suitable one, so he is going to keep searching.  I love my tennis balls but a football is better for outside as I loose the tennis balls in the undergrowth!!!  I will show you my new football when I get it.

I got Birthday wishes and a lovely picture from Molly and her Mom, thanks you guys.

The weather is getting better and warmer so Mom is letting me stay out in the garden all day with the door open so I can come and go whilst she is working at her desk.  Roll on Summer!

Woof, Treacle

The Wednesday Wag!

Mom and I have been very busy all day at work.  In fact Mom was so busy that she didn’t realise the time and my lunchtime biscuit was an hour and a half late!  I mean really!

And to add to the time, Mom sent me outside in the garden before she would let me have my biscuit!  I had a quick patrol of the grounds to make sure there were no squirrels or cats hiding and raced back in!  Today the weather was nice this morning with lots of sunshine but then clouded over and it has gone cold again!  Mom turned the heat off again yesterday and is now regretting it!!!!  Now it is May we were hoping for some better weather but it hasn’t appeared yet!

Mom says she and Dad are hoping to get some gardening done at the weekend if the weather co-operates and I will be there to help, well supervise!

How is your Wednesday?

Woof, Treacle