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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.

Well it has been a busy week since I was last here.  I went to the Spa last Friday and here are the results.

Here I am with my fur coat on.And here I am below back from the Spa all washed, clean and smelling so much better according to Mom.

Have you got the angle right Mom?

Here is my right side, it is my best you know!

Here is the top of my head, very fine I think! 

I was quite tired when I got home though and Mom had washed all of my beds etc but she had at least left me my quilt inner to sleep on until everything was dry. 

Also I had another surprise on Friday.  Do you remember that Mom and Dad last year bought me a new bed for their room below.  I only use it at night and when they were moving it the other week the zip came undone and then they could not get it done up again.  Mom was not happy as it was not a cheap bed so complained to the shop where she got it from and set off on a trek for another new bed. 

Well the new one arrived last week and I love it.  It is called a sofa bed and I really do love to lounge on it!!!!!

It is also huge, so much so that Mom & Dad now can’t open their bedroom or dressing room doors propertly, oops!

I love it, so much so that after the hoards had gone out the other morning I came back upstairs and went back to sleep on it whilst Mom got ready!!!  Mom says I am a spoilt doggy but I do not know what she means!!!  

I hope you are having a very Happy Woofy Wednesday.  Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag!

I am very busy today helping Mom in the den.  She is busy working at her desk and I am in my basket catching up on my sleep!!!  I have had a busy few days.

This was taken on Shrove Tuesday and Youngest was busy putting my pancake in my bowl for me.  Nothing would distract me from watching him!!

Mom has been busy sorting out pictures and have found a few so thought she would be a Wednesday Wag TBT!!!

Here I am with my Sissy, Kelly.  I am on the left!

Here I am with Daddy and Youngest in Eldest’s room when Mom was camping there as her sewing room.

Here I am helping to model one of Mom’s quilts! 

Mom could have put a lot more pictures up but thought you might get bored!! She will try and remember to do a TBT for me once a month!!!! 

I do hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday. 

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

Over the last few weeks it has been very cold here and I do not like the cold but if you follow Mom and I you will already know that!  However this week the temps have gone up and I am loving being outside in the garden, so much so that Mom cannot get me in sometimes!!!

Whilst it was cold I spent a lot of time in my basket next to Mom’s desk.  I now have these new quilt covers and they allow my quilt to be more open and folded so it is really squissy and comfy.  When it was really cold Mom covered me up with part of the quilt and I was lovely and warm.

The snow drops are starting to come out and last week they actually had snow around them.  I keep chasing the blooming squirrels away so they don’t eat Mom’s bulbs but they have got a lot already!!!!  Hopefully Spring will be on the way soon. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday. 

Love Treacle xx


The Wednesday Wag.

You cannot see much here but I am modelling my new coat which Mom and Dad bought for me to keep me warm and dry on snowy and wet days like yesterday.  I really don’t like being dried and so my coat keeps a little of the weather off me.  Of course it is mostly rain we have but it was great to play in the snow with The Boys!

Of course with the weather being as it is I am spending a lot of time in my basket next to Mom’s desk and when it was really cold she wrapped me up in my quilt which I loved.  I was warm and toasty.

I am very awake however when it gets near to lunch and dinner time!  Mom when do I get my dinner again?

This was after I went out at lunch time and had been playing in the snow and would not come in for Mom!  So I was wrapped up until she was able to dry me!  I was not amused!!

I love snowy days.  I hope you lot are having a Great Wednesday and week and coping with the new lockdown, I might be getting my Boys at home for a while if they have to go on furlough again!!!

Happy Woofy Wednesday, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag!

It has been doing this all day today at home and I am not amused!!!  I have got very wet every time I have been out and it is also cold!

So the best place to be is in my basket next to Mom!

I really am not up for my close up today!

However the rain has not stopped that pesky squirrel trying to eat all of Mom’s plant bulbs!!!

I hope you are having a better Wednesday than we are.

Wet Woofy Hugs, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

It is doing this today!  You just know how much I love the rain, NOT!  I got wet this morning with Daddy, he then went out and Mom and Eldest, who has a day off today, got back and let me out again and it was STILL raining so I had to be dried again!

I am NOT amused!

I am okay now as I am snoozing in my basket but am going to resist when I am requested to go out again!!!!! I am in rather a grumpy mood now!  Beware all who come near!!!!!

Wet Woofy Wednesday Wag!

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag!

Snoopy and my bestie Molly may have snow but I don’t!  There was a sprinkling just after Christmas but it all went away within an hour, I didn’t even get to play in it!!!  They keep forecasting lots and lots of snow but I haven’t seen one single flake!

Molly and her wonderful Mom sent me some lovely presents for Christmas, this mouse plays a tune when I pick him up and I absolutely love him first thing in the morning but the Boys are not keen and they hide him from me.  However I soon find him again!!

I also got these yummy treats too!

I had some great Christmas presents and got to open them myself!  Mom and Dad bought me a new collar and lead, you can just see the collar here.  It is very much the same colour as I am but they bought it for winter as the pale piece either side all round the collar is reflective and so is the lead.  Mom can now see me in the dark and also what I am getting up to, Drat!!!!

The weather here is just very cold and damp!  I am not keen on very cold and damp and especially as I have to have my paws wiped every time I have been out!  We have this tiled floor so I don’t see why I just can’t paddle all the way through with wet paws!!! (you don’t have to do the cleaning Treacle!  Mom).

We are in another lockdown but everyone is out at work so it is back to being just Mom and I during the day although when everyone is back they won’t be going out anywhere so I do get them at home more!!!  Just a shame the weather is not good enough to be in the garden but I am sure the nice weather will come round soon.

I do hope you all had a Woofy Wonderful Christmas and are going to have the Woofiest of New Year’s!

Woofy Love, Treacle xxx

The Wednesday Wag – on Thursday!!!!!

There is a lot going off at home at the moment.  I have had all of them at home for lots of days and it has been wonderful. There are lots and lots of parcels arriving at the door.  When the doorbell goes I am in a race with Mom to see who can get to the door first, it’s usually me!!!  I have a new quilt in my basket and I love it.  It is so comfy.

My besstie, Molly, has a new header on her blog and we got the picture.  Just look at all that lovely snow, the red tennis balls and the wonderful Christmas scene.  Mom just loves the picture.  They are forecast to have snow this weekend and I will be so jealous!

Molly is wearing her Santa hat and here is a picture of me, a little blurry sorry, with my Santa hat and my tennis ball.  Mom needs to find my hat so I am ready for Santa Paws!

Girlfriend has been visiting Penny and here are some more pictures.  I would love to go and meet her but doggies are not allowed at the stables unfortunately.

All of the Christmas decorations have come out at home and Mom has been busy baking and I have been helping!!!  I do get to try one of all the goodies!

I can’t wait for Christmas, I love opening presents and having all my family at home!!!

Happy Wednesday Wag on Thursday.

Woof, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

It’s doing this again today!

So I am doing this!  Mom is working at her desk so it is the perfect place to be!

I will be doing this a little later one, waiting for the Boys to come home!!!

Happy Wet Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

I am really dreaming of this though!  I would love to have some really big snow this year!!!

Well Treacle the way this year has gone, I suspect we will get a really bad Winter!!!! Mom