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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag!

Mom has been busy with work this morning but then did some tidying in the sewing room, otherwise known as Eldest’s room, so I have been keeping her company!

I did get into trouble earlier though as I had not long had my breakfast when I was pestering Youngest for my lunchtime biscuit!  Mom came downstairs at 12.00 Noon when I have my biscuit and I was right on her heels and I got into trouble for almost knocking her downstairs.  Mom said it was obviously the Witching Hour but as it was Noon it was the Airedale Hour and I was obviously hexing her if I did not get my biscuit!

I decided to make myself scarce this afternoon and have been on Mom and Dad’s bed as the sun shines through their bedroom windows in the afternooon and although it is cold today it is nice and warm in the sunshine.

Eldest and Girlfriend came for a visit last night and so I had a great time with them and was sad when they went.

Mom says she has lots of quilting to do at the weekend so I can keep her company in the sewing room and then Monday they have house jobs to do, so I will be staying out of the way if the vacuum cleaner is out all day again.  I hate that vacuum cleaner!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!

I’m Back!I have returned from my spa day and Mom says I must weigh 10lbs lighter after all my fluffy coat has been removed!!!  Youngest actually collected me in his car and it was great I could see out of the back window whilst I was lying down!  Here I am waiting for my lunchtime biscuit.  It is hard word at the spa!

A standing position.

Of course I now need an afternoon snooze!

All of my beds and patchwork quilt are now clean, but they just don’t smell like me!!!  Give it say five minutes and they will all be mucky again Treacle!!!!!

Have a Woofy Clean Wednesday, Treacle


Gone to the Spa!  Back Later.

Woof, Treacle


The Wednesday Wag!

Instead of Throwback Thursday we have Wing It Wednesday and I have found a picture of Eldest with his Airedale Kelly and me as a baby and also a picture of Youngest, I’m his Airedale, and me as a baby!

I have to put these pictures up on a Wednesday as Mom gets all misty eyed when she sees pictures of us all when we were younger. 

The weather has been sunny and cool again today so Mom let me stay outside for a while.  I am loving these spring afternoons. 

Woof, Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag!

It’s been a cold and miserable day today here so I have found a great snoozing spot on Mom and Dad’s bed!  It is very comfy and I can also see out of their windows into the garden.

Dad took this picture at the weekend when it was nice and sunny.  Our weather does vary a lot at this time of year!

Mom gave me another new tennis ball today as I have taken my other new one outside, she is trying to ensure this one stays inside.

Have a Happy Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!

Look the sun is out and I am allowed outside for longer than five minutes!!!!  I am making sure there are no cats or squirrels around.

I even managed to find an old tennis ball from last year in the garden.  Mom said it was too dirty and yucky but I think it is just right.

Mom couldn’t resist taking pictures of the flowers which are around at the moment.  The little primrose which was a self set and her Christmas Roses, although Christmas was three months ago!!!!!

Mom says I can’t stay out too long as the sun is starting to go down and it is getting cool again!  Only a few more minutes please?

Happy Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag!

Image result for tennis balls

These are my most favourite toys, tennis balls.  I love them.  I love my squeaky toys and my soft toys but tennis balls are the best.  Anyway Mom tried to get me some and they had sold out 😦  However our good friends Molly & Mackie’s Mom let my Mom know where she gets Molly’s tennis balls from, it’s Ebay! 

Mom never thought to look on Ebay, although she should have as we all the know the World is on You Tube and you can buy anything on Ebay!!!!!!

img_0457Look what arrived in the mail.  They are re-conditioned tennis balls, which means they have been washed, re-pressurised and re-packed like this.  Mom ordered 15 for me.

img_0460Come on Mom don’t tease me, gimme, gimme, gimme!

img_0462Yeah new tennis ball!

img_0463Nope I am not going to give it to you to throw for me!

Thank you to Molly, Mackie & Sue for giving us the low down.

Woof, Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag!

img_20170218_174658If Mom isn’t at her desk working she is up in Eldest’s room quilting!  I really sometimes cannot keep track of her!  Here I am waiting for my dinner on Sunday and it was late!  It was 6.05pm and I get fed at 6.00pm on the dot.  Now this really is not on Mom!

img_0454 img_0455Mom went to the sports store to get some tennis balls and would you believe, they didn’t have any!  I am disgusted, but she did stop at the pet store and get me a squeaky hamburger and a woolly sheep.  I love them (the woolly sheep is the same colour as you Treacle!)

img_0453Of course you can only have so much play before it is snooze time!  The weather has been nice and mild over the last few days so I haven’t minded going out but tomorrow they have forecast gales and heavy rain, I think I am going to spend the day in bed!!!!  (you always do anyway Treacle!)

Thank you Mom for the additional comments.

Woof, Treacle

Image result for snoopy bad weather