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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.

I have a new job title, Mom gave it to me after the weekend.  Meet the QuiltyDale!


It is a very important job.  I supervise all of Mom’s work on her quilting jobs and see if they pass muster.  Now they are very long days and after a while the gentle hum of her sewing machine just puts me to sleep.  However I do know when she moves just in case there is a chance of the odd biscuit.


Dad and Youngest come and visit us in the sewing room when they get back from wherever and would you believe it but they sit on my bed which is where I supervise from!  I mean really!

Anyway I love my new title and am doing my up most to live up to my new job but just sometimes it all gets a bit much!


I just have to have a snooze!

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Woof from Treacle, The QuiltyDale!

The Wednesday Wag.

I have been very busy at home helping with the gardening.  Mom and Dad spent all day outside on Monday and I was busy pulling sticks out of the pile and then I heard about if you plant things they will then grow and flower so I did this and am now patiently waiting for a new tree.


I am sure I will have a tennis ball tree very soon!

There is a very good video on how to plant a tennis ball tree here :  Go check it out.


I was also very busy helping Mom with her quilting.  As you can see I did not want to see what she was working on so turned my back to the work table!


But then I just had to turn round and see what she was up to.


I did help a lot in the garden but then it was all too much and I just had to come inside and have five minutes rest!  I did sleep very well that night, all the fresh air you know!

I think Mom and Dad will be out in the garden again at the weekend so I am making sure I get plenty of sleep in before then so I can help.  It is great fun as they do stop and play tennis ball with me!!

Happy Woofy Wednesday


The Wednesday Wag.


I am not happy today as it is cool and Mom will not let me have the door open all day!!! So I have been looking at new films coming out at the cinema and I have seen this one which we will all like I think.


It looks really funny and Mom says it is the Doggy version of Miss Congeniality!!!! I will let you know what Mom says if she goes and sees it!

Mom says I need to get my hat out for Saturday as it is the Royal Wedding, whatever that is.  So long as it goes with my new Pink Collar I don’t mind!!!


Mom is it going to be nice tomorrow, can I spend all day outside? 

Yes Treacle it is supposed to be better tomorrow and nice and warm by the weekend, in fact we will hopefully be able to eat outside this weekend if we get all the summer furniture out and celebrate the Royal Wedding in style!

Oh boy, more work jobs, think I will stay out of the way!

Happy Woofy Wednesday everyone.


The Wednesday Wag.


Although Mom thought I was hiding from her in this picture I wasn’t it was just a great place to keep an eye on her in the kitchen.  Especially if she went near my food cupboard, then I could be straight in and help!


The weather has been wonderful over the last few days and the door has been open all day and well into the evening so I have had time to run in and out whenever I wanted to.  But with all this fresh air and running around, I am so tired.  Mom has been working at her desk all day today so I have been snoozing in my basket, which you would never believe but Mom washed it!!!  As it was so sunny she left it outside to dry in the sunshine and it now creaks a lot more than it did!!!!


You are not taking another picture are you Mom?


I need a snooze I am so tired.


I am going to ignore you now and go back to sleep!


Fooled you Mom, where is my lunchtime biscuit please?

Woof Treacle

Tuesday Really?


We have another lovely warm day today and tomorrow but Thursday will be back down to 14°C a 7° drop from today, so jumpers will be out again!!!  I do wish our weather would settle down and if it is going to be nice and warm stay that way!!!  We are not due any rain until next Sunday so hopefully Saturday we can get some garden jobs done.


Here is Treacle today outside (in this weather it is very hard to get her in) she blends in very well with the plants and I think she was trying to hide from me!!!


Pictures of the garden in the sunshine.  You can see how green it is as everything has now woken up from its winter slumber. 


A very blue sky that is almost opaque!


My Daffodils which I thought were not going to do anything are still going strong.


I bought two new terracotta pots for some new plants and my little grow house is doing really well.



This is the queue for her lunchtime biscuit earlier.


This is the queue for her lunchtime biscuit, hoping I had forgotten that I had already given it to her!!!!!!

I managed to get the two blocks for April done on the “It’s a Wild Life” BOM and just have May’s to do.  I have picked out the pattern I am going to do on my super secret quilt and started to cut out the pieces for it.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx