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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


Mom got up early to make Dad’s sandwiches so I had been out, fed and I just had to go back to bed this morning, I was so, so tired!!!


When I did wake up I went upstairs to wait for Eldest to get up, I was barking to try and wake him up which is why the above picture is blurry!!!!


I decided to be quiet so Mom managed to get a picture!!!


I then went back to bed, when Mom was downstairs working!!!! 

It has been cool the last few days but I don’t mind being outside at the moment as I have my thick, woolly coat on!!!  Mom has rung my Spa ladies but they are not working at the moment but they have put me on the list for when they get back.  However if it goes on much longer Mom says she may have to buy some clippers.  We are all in the same boat at the moment!!!!!

Youngest and Girlfriend came yesterday to pick up some things so we were all outside at the front on our driveway, being careful to social distance.  I was on my lead but I got to see them and then I was very carefully watching to make sure there were no cats around.  I think they were all in doors social distancing!!!

I hope your week is going well and you are all staying safe. 

Woofy Wags, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.


It’s another sunny warm day here in Derbyshire and I have been making the most of it on Mom and Dad’s bed.  It was cool first thing so I was on the bed but as it warmed up I moved outside!!!

Mom worked this morning but this afternoon she has been baking!!  A new loaf, her orange cake and some rock cakes which were Granddad’s favourite!!!



Above, all cooling on the top.


Orange Loaf Cake.


White loaf of bread, freshly baked today!


Rock cakes, just the right size for me!!!!


I got to help with the clean up!!


Although after I had licked the spoon a bit I started to chew the spoon!!!! Mom then put it in the dishwasher!!!

Mom has been doing a lot of cooking in the kitchen whilst we have all been at home and she made this for dinner last night.


Cottage pie!  She then spread Red Leicester cheese over the top!!!  I haven’t had any yet but there are leftovers!!!!

I am hoping to get a Rock cake after my dinner! 

Happy Woofy Wednesday and stay safe.  Treacle xx



This little lady is 12 today!

The first of the family to have a Birthday in Lockdown!!!!  Mine is next, will we still be in Lockdown then?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two weeks ago, above, when it was lovely and warm and sunny!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-04 at 09.59.36

This morning.  DH went out early again, so Treacle had been out, had breakfast and so came back to bed.  Don’t blame her on her Birthday!  We got up at 8.00am!!!


The day we go her home!


Eldest with her, he was 12.


Youngest with her, he was 8.


Treacle with our dear Kelly!  Kelly’s look says “What have you brought home?!!!”


This was Kelly’s favourite sitting spot, above, looking into the garden, so Treacle on the right copied her!!!!


Two very pretty grown up Airegirls!!!!  They had both just come back from the Spa so I got a picture before they got messy again!!!


Treacle again just back from the Spa!!!


The Boys with Treacle not long after we got her.


All three of them ten years later!!!!  Eldest 22, Youngest 18 and Treacle 10!!!!!

Unfortunately because of Lockdown we can’t all be here but I am sure we will have a second celebration when we can.  She is opening her presents tonight when DH gets back and we will be video calling the rest!!!!

Happy Birthday Treacle, we all love you!!!!

Stay Safe all.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


It has been doing this all day today, I have got very wet everytime I have been out!


So Mom has been working at her desk today and I have been extremely busy helping from my basket next to her desk.


It has also been very cold.  Mom did put the heating back on yesterday but Eldest switched it off again last night so when Mom and I got up at 5.00am it was really cold again!!  Eldest did not get up that early and the heating controller is in his room so Mom was not able to switch it back on until he was up!!!  Mom put my blanket over me to keep me warm. 

I am hoping that the rain will stop by the weekend and I can be outside all day!!!

I hope you are all staying safe and warm.

Woof, Treacle xx


The Wednesday Wag, Lockdown Wk 2.


I honestly don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment!  All my family are at home a lot more than normal but then Dad and Eldest were out yesterday as they were delivering essential parts so it was just Mom and I.  Then Dad has gone out today to work as normal and it is just Mom and Eldest and yesterday Youngest and Girlfriend arrived to collect some things and then they left!!!  I just don’t understand at all!!!

I just settle down for a snooze when some job is started either outside or in!!!  I have also seen Mom getting her cleaning things out so I think we are going to have one of those big cleaning days!!!!!  Oh boy I will definitely be staying out of the way especially if the vacuum cleaner is out!!!


Long walks are off the agenda at the moment as well as we are only allowed out for an hour at a time, so it is a quick walk around the block and back home!!!  If we meet anyone we cross over so we don’t walk past them and shout hello at them!!!!  IT is a very strange reality at the moment.

Mom says that if the Lockdown stays in place for a while she will have to get the clippers out and give me a spa day at home!!! I will definitely be hiding then especially if she also mentions the dreaded word “Bath”!!!!!


They have also been busy in the garden and all the trees they have cut down have now gone.  They say that they are going to be working in the garden again at the weekend which is great fun as I get to play ball all the time!!!

I hope you doggies out there are all staying safe with your hoomans, keep woofing.

Treacle xx


Treacle of the Day!


I had been outside playing all day and Mom decided that I needed a good brush when I came in!   I was not impressed.


How does that look Mom?  Can I go and play again please?


I am getting a bit of a woolly coat at the moment especially my beard and eyebrows and Mom has threatend to get the scissors out and give me a trim!!!!!!

Happy Woofy Weekend Everyone, Stay Safe!

Treacle xx