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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


I am dreaming of snow, lots and lots of snow like the above picture in 2010.  The weatherman has promised us it is going to be the snowiest of Winters this year but there is not a flake in the sky!  In fact it has been raining all day today but it has not turned to snow.  I think I am going to ask Santa Paws to bring me some.


Mom has been very busy in her sewing room this week and I, of course, have been keeping her company in there.  The sound of her sewing machine puts me right to sleep.


I am off to my Spa tomorrow for the morning to see the ladies and they are going to make me all clean, clipped and shiny ready for Santa Paws to arrive with all my gifts.  Mom will show you some pictures when I get back.

I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Christmas Wednesday.  It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Mom will show you our decorations tomorrow.

Woof, Treacle silhouette-1314467_1920



The Wednesday Wag.


Here is my new Toy basket that Mom and Dad brought home!  Isn’t it amazing and I have so much room for lots of new toys from Santa Paws!!!  I can also now find all my toys as it is wide!!!


I even managed to find Mr Pig who was at the bottom.


I was also in the sewing room the other day whilst Mom was busy and I am sure she was wrapping a present for me, but she wouldn’t show me even though I put my best “Please” face on!!! 

The weather is not nice at the moment and it is grey and horrible all day and dark and it has been raining for two days and I really don’t like being dried every time I come in.  Mom says I am going to the spa soon which means it will probably go very cold then!!! 

I hope you have a very happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

It is Wednesday again, the middle of the week, and lots and lots of jobs are being done at home.  As you can see even my quilt was moved for cleaning purposes but that does not stop me sleeping on it where ever it is!!!


Youngest was making sure my Santa hat was still okay from last year and Mom says it probably just needs a quick wash to make it smell a little sweeter, I really don’t know what she means!!!!


If you have finished all your jobs now Mom, can I have my biscuit?


It must be coming up to Christmas soon as I see lots of things being wrapped and I think some of the presents may have been for me, as I was investigating the bags and Mom quickly removed one to the top of the wardrobe.  That’s just not fair!!!!  I need to inspect all of them to make sure they are all correctly wrapped!!  Ever since I ate that whole Christmas chocolate log that year, nothing is left at my level ever now!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week and have a great weekend, apparently I am on my own with Youngest this weekend as Mom and Dad are away so that is going to be interesting!!!!  I hope he knows my schedule and will do everything on time, or else I will be putting in a complaint to the Management!!!!

Woof, Treacle


The Wednesday Wag.


After all the nice weather we have had, today it has been raining, in fact more than raining, I think the term is stair rods!!!  I have not enjoyed being out in it!!!!

I had my lunchtime biscuit and am now quite happily in my basket in the warmth whilst Mom is working at her desk.


I am definitely a Fair Weather Airedale!!!! 

I hope you are having a Happy Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag!


This was my “I didn’t want to get up this morning” pose!!!!  I was very happy and settled on Mom’s bed when she got up!!!


Although I have not got a football at the moment for outside Mom and Dad gave me another huge tennis ball for the house.  I love it and love carrying it around.  The blurry bit on my back in the picture is my tail wagging very fast!!!!!!


Mom washed my towel today as it has been very wet the last few days and so when it came out of the dryer she put it over me as I love it when it is warm and snuggly!


This was the other day in the sewing room, the temperature had dropped so it was a little cooler and Mom covered me up whilst she was sewing and I was sleeping!!!!

Mom says they are forecasting lots of snow this year, I do hope so!!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

The Wednesday Wag.


I am hiding at the top of the garden from Mom as I have stolen her stick out of the ground again!!!!  tee hee!


This is a better hiding spot as I blend into the background, don’t you think?


Sorry Mom, I won’t chew the next stick you put in the ground, promise!

It has been lovely and warm today and I have spent the whole day outside.  Mom says it is going to rain tomorrow but I hope not.  I also had my biscuit outside.

Mom tried to get a new football for me today but they had not got any which were suitable so she will be going out on Friday to run errands so will try somewhere else then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x