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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


I am off to the Doggie Day Spa today!!!  I will be washed and have an Airecut and blow dried and look all fluffy and smelling alot better according to Mom.  I, of course, don’t think I smell bad now but hey ho!!!!!!

I will show you pictures later!!!

Have a Woofy Spa Day!

Treacle x


Here I am back from the Spa!!!  It was raining when we came out so Mom and I got wet, again!!!!!!!!  Mom says I smell so much better (!) and look a lot better than I did before.  My ladies did not cut me too short on the basis that it could still be cold but Mom says it will be easier to brush me now!!!


Here is a picture of the top of my head!


Side view of my Airecut.


Full face view, I haven’t managed to tame my beard just yet!!!!


Mom always washes all my beds, towel, quilted mats and my collar so everything is fresh and clean as well as me!!!!


So I have to lie on my quilt inner until they are clean and dry!!!!

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xxxx


The Wednesday Wag.

Well I did have a bit of snow to play in this week but it has all gone now:(

Mom and Dad bought me some great things from Mungo & Maud when they were away and they also ordered me a new bowl.


My very good friend Molly has a raised bowl so Mom and Dad thought it would be a good idea for me too. It has taken a while to get used to it but I now think it is a great idea!


Thank you Mom & Dad!

Mom has also booked me in next week for a spa day as she says I am getting a little bit wooly.  However it will probably be freezing cold as it always seems to happen when I have an Airecut in winter!!!!!!!


Here I am waiting for Eldest to get up this morning so he can come and play!  It is great having him home at the moment and he also has a very big new bed for me to lie on it is great!!!!!

Happy Woofy Wednesday everybuddy.

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.


Mom, Dad, Youngest & Girlfriend were away for the weekend and I got to spend lots of time with Eldest who was looking after me!  I did get some presents when they got back though!!!!


They went to Mungo & Maud and I got a new softie!


I also got a new brush (not too sure about that!), one of their peanut butter bone biscuits which are yummy and there were some new wipes for my eyes and a little pot of cream for my paws when it does snow.


Of course I loved my softie best of all.


Molly got snow the other day in the US but we have just had lots of frost and cold which has been a nice change to all the rain we have had but no snow.  So I am really jealous, enjoy the snow Molly, wish I could come over and play!!!!

Mom and Dad have some errands to run over the weekend and catching up after being away last weekend but after that and if the weather is okay I will be off on another extra long walk!!!  Keeping my paws crossed that it is not heavy rain again!

Happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

The Wednesday Wag.


At the weekend Youngest and Girlfriend took me and Girlfriend’s dogs, Pugs Dotty & Ralphy, out for a long walk.  Here we are wallking to lead.  It was a lovely day although we had had a lot of rain the night before, so when we got back I was rather muddy.  Youngest and Girlfriend had to then go out so it was left to Mom and Eldest to bath me!!!! 

Eldest got me into the Bath (this was before he put his shoulder out of course!) and Mom got the shower ready, unfortunately she dropped it and it spun around wetting everyone and the bathroom, Eldest jumped back and then I made my escape from the bath!!!  Unfortunately the door was shut so I got no further and was put back into the bath!!!  I gave up then and stood still whilst I was washed.  Eldest dried me with my towel and then Mom blow dried me with her hairdryer!!! It was a very busy day and afterwards I spent the afternoon in my basket asleep, I was exhausted!!



A week today Santa Paws will be visiting and hopefully bringing me some presents.  I can’t wait as I love opening presents and being with the Boys, Mom and Dad!!!  I hope all your plans are going well.

Merry Woofmas!

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

We have had some very cold and frosty days of late which is so much better than constantly getting my paws wet and having to be dried every time I come in with all the rain we had!

This was my garden this morning with frost on the grass and fog, which got progressively worse during the morning.


Here I am out first thing, the ground is quite cold on my paws.


Mom took some pictures of the top of the garden in the fog and the berries on the tree in the centre of the garden.


I am keeping an eye out for the squirrels who keep digging in our garden!


The fog eventually cleared and the sun came out although it was still cold, however is was nice and warm in Mom and Dad’s room so I had a snooze on their bed in the sunshine!


After the next few busy weeks Mom and Dad will be available to take me on one of my extra long walks so I can’t wait for that and I am also keeping my paws crossed that we get some snow this year, as I love snow as you know!!!

There are lots of lovely things going off at home with presents being wrapped and cards being written and lovely food being made!!!  I manage to get one of the mince pies and cookies which Mom made the other day and they were yummy. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week. 


Autumn Wednesday Wag.


The last few days have been dreadful weather and today it is cold, misty and rainy!


Of course last week Mom took me to the Spa so I have no coat to speak of and it has, of course, turned cold!!!  This was today, the weather is so bad that I spent the day in my basket next to Mom in our Den. 


This was Monday when Mom washed everything of mine in sight!  My beds, my quilted mat, my towel and even my collar!!  I hate it when she has one of her cleaning sprees!!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day with sunshine and a bit warmer again, so hopefully I will get to spend a bit more time outside!!! 

Eldest has arrived in New York and is having a great time.  He sent Mom a message last night 9.00pm their time, 2.00am Mom’s time (!), they were in Times Square!!  It was great to see all the colours of the lights.

Mom has been busy with getting things sorted for Christmas already and I saw some toys that just might have my name on them arrive the other day, although Mom says they have to go to Santa Paws to bring me on Christmas Eve!  They have said they need to go through my Toy Basket to sort out any that have gone to make room for my new toys, I can’t wait!!!!

I hope you are having a Happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx