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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.

It’s doing this again today!

So I am doing this!  Mom is working at her desk so it is the perfect place to be!

I will be doing this a little later one, waiting for the Boys to come home!!!

Happy Wet Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

I am really dreaming of this though!  I would love to have some really big snow this year!!!

Well Treacle the way this year has gone, I suspect we will get a really bad Winter!!!! Mom

The Wednesday Wag.

This morning when I went out first thing it was very, very cold on my paws!  We had the first frost of the Autumn/Winter! Daddy and the Boys were scraping their windows this morning.

Last night Daddy and the Boys were out and about until late dealing with car things so Mom and I snuggled up in bed as it was so cold and we were watching TV.

Mom and I were watching spooky films which have been on because it was Hallowe’en last week!  I do have to shut my eyes at some of the scenes though!!!!!!

It is going to be cool during the rest of the week but no rain, after last week when it rained almost every day!

Apparently we are in for another Lockdown from tomorrow but that just means hopefully that Daddy and the Boys will be around more but I still have Mom at home anyway, I suppose she will do!!!!!

I hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

I have been waiting for my clean quilt outer to be put back, but I really do like my basket without the outer!!! It is very comfy and warm. The weather has been really yuck over the last few days with lots of rain and very cool temperatures, just after I have had my Airecut of course. Mom says at least it is easier to dry me now with less fluff!!

I also have a new bed upstairs in Mom and Dad’s bedroom. My basket up there was slightly smaller than my one downstairs and although I have the same inner it is not as comfy, so Mom bought me a new one which has a memory foam inner.

I do like it, but Mom and Dad’s bed is better!!!! They are going away for the weekend this week, so I will get their bed all to myself!!!

We were hoping to have good weekend weather soon as Mom and Dad want to go on a longer walk, but so far the weather is not co-operating!!! After this weekend hopefully we will get at least one weekend of good weather before it gets worse. Mom thinks that this Winter is going to be horrendous, based upon how the rest of the year has been!!! I don’t mind if it is snow, just not the rain!!!

I do hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag!

I have been out enjoying the Autumn sunshine although it is getting very cool in the evenings now.  Mom says I am looking very wooly again so I may need a trip for a Spa day!

I have also been snuggling in my basket whilst Mom is working, although she keeps complaining that I snore!  I don’t know what she means!

This is Dora the Duck from my favourite store, Mungo & Maud, although the Boys say she is more like a penguin.  I don’t mind what she is I love playing with her and her squeek has not gone either!!!!

I hope you are all having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Love Treacle xx

Where Are the Days Going?!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but the days are just all merging into one and no sooner have I gone to bed, the alarm is going off and it is time to get up!  DH and I went to Barrow in Furness twice last week and the whole day is gone and I have been trying to catch up ever since!

We have been having some lovely warm weather the last two weeks but it dropped very cool in the evenings, however it has now changed to much more like Autumn and it is raining today!!!

The Wednesday Wag!

This is what happens when both Boys are at home!  You are sitting waiting for your dinner and the Eldest Muppet puts his cap on your head, I mean really!  Then Youngest Muppet is taking pictures!

It’s amazing what you will do to get your dinner!

I think it suits me further back on my head, don’t you?

As the weather was wonderful at the weekend Mom and Dad were in the garden and the Boys were helping too.

They were busy trimming some of the trees in the garden and whilst they were not looking I pinched a branch to have a chew on it!

I just need to get hold of the end of it!

It is not behaving so I had to put my paw on it!

This is when Mom shouted at me as I am not supposed to be chewing sticks as I hurt my mouth the last time!  She then came and picked it up and spoilt all my fun!


You might have gathered if you read my Blog regularly that the Boys can injure themselves without too much difficulty.  I got a call yesterday to say Youngest was on his way to hospital because of this :

That is a pick tool and he was using it and it slipped and he stopped it with his hand!!!!!

From the X-ray you can see how far it went through and fortunately missed everything and surprisingly there was not a lot of blood and no stitches needed!  He is fine today and gone off to work to see what other damage he can do!

My Boys are both a pair of Muppets!!!!!!!!

Stay safe

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Thursday Things.

DH and I had to go and visit a customer yesterday in the Lake District, so left home at 5.00am and got there about 8.00am.  We then went into the local town for breakfast and a cup of tea!  This monument overlooks the town of Ulverston and was erected for Sir John Barrow, who was born there in 1764 and eventually became Second Secretary of the Admiralty.  It was made to look like a lighthouse although there is no actual light in it and it was to remind people of Sir John’s naval history.

It was a long day and we got back around 3.00pm where we finished some more work before having dinner and then off to swimming.  However we have to go back again tomorrow with some more parts!!!  It has been one of those weeks.

Madam spent the day here!  We have had the forecasted warm weather, although it is dropping cold at night, so she was sunbathing on our bed whilst we were out!!  She came down and saw us when we came in blinking as if she had only just woken up!  So that was why there was no Wednesday Wag yesterday. 

In fact the whole week has flown by with work and swimming issues.  The swimming looks to be staying the same with less hours for the foreseeable future which is what none of us want, we would like to get back to all our usual days and session times.  I was also speaking to our Accountant yesterday and we were both saying that we don’t see anything changing much and it will probably be like this, this time next year which is slightly depressing.

I seem to be getting an email a day now with Christmas offers.  It is almost like everyone has agreed that it has been such a year that Christmas needs to start now!  I mean they are always early here in the UK but September, that really is early this year!  I was saying though that so far this year we have had bad floods in the UK, the fires in Australia and USA, the locusts in India, the pandemic and probably to add insult to injury we are going to have a dreadful Winter, lots of snow and freezing temperatures!!  I never say this but I will really be glad to see the back fo 2020 although I am not sure that 2021 will be any better!!!

At the moment I am taking it two weeks at a time!  I think that is the longest we can look ahead for as everything seems to change on a moments notice!  My next two weeks?  Swimming!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

PS  As it is Thursday here is #TBT!  The Boys with Santa in 2005!  Aged 10 and 6, on the steam train at Great Central Railway!

Madam and her Reindeer Ears, she does not look impressed!!!!!

The Wednesday Wag.

It is a lovely warm day here today so I have been out in the garden since early this morning.

I have been getting out of the sun and into the shade by the table outside.

Of course I do come in sometimes and have a quick snooze in my basket by Mom’s desk.  I find a lot of fresh air makes me very sleepy!

Mom says that she thinks I might be moulting at the moment because when she brushed me on Sunday there was a lot of hair coming out and she puts it down to the time of year with Autumn on its way!!!

When it is a little cooler Mom and Dad have said we can go on a long walk, which we haven’t done for a while, can’t wait!!!

I hope you are having a very happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.

 Everyone is back home but I loved having Eldest all to myself during the Vacation and Fiancé also came to see me during the day whilst Eldest was out at work, it was great fun.  Dad was busy last weekend tidying the garden and caught me in my hiding spot, above!!!!

Dad, Eldest and Youngest were busy with the cars last weekend which was a long weekend and I was outside helping with them. 

This is Penny, Girlfriend’s new horse, at the new stables.  She loves being able to see all the other horses and what is going off.

Mom was making sure I am Covid safe!!  I did get a biscuit for being a good girl on the photo shoot!!!!!

It is raining today so I have been in doors with Mom whilst she is working.  We are hoping that the weekend will be nice and warm as Mom and Dad have a few jobs to get done and I can be out helping!!!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely summer.

Woof, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.


You will be pleased to know that I am feeling a lot better today, after a second visit to my Doctors!!!  Daddy took me last night and there is a new arrangement at the moment for seeing my Doctor whereby Daddy has to ring to say we have arrived, the Vet talks to him on the phone, we then walk to the door and I go in by myself, my Doctor does what is necessary and then he rings Daddy again, who is in the car park.  Afterwards I am brought back to the door and collected by Daddy with a bag of medicine and Daddy pays for me over the phone!!!! 


Daddy told my Doctor that I am always better once I walk in their door and he said that is always the case!!!!! 


I had three lots of tablets to take, some special medicine to go into my food and special food to eat as I would not eat the chicken and rice that Mom had cooked especially for me, or the scrambled eggs or the eggs and chicken and rice together or my dry food.  However I would eat my Bonio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did hear Mom say to Daddy I was a proper little madam – I don’t know what she means!!!!!!

However Mom, Daddy and the Boys have now decided that I need to move from my dry dog food to the wet dog food they make and some mixer as they think I may have gone off my biscuits.  They have ordered some and are going to give it a try!!!

Anyway I am now back to normal and have been chasing the baby blackbirds today!!!!

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Love, Treacle xx

The Wednesday Wag.


I am in trouble today.  Youngest came yesterday for a little while and I was playing with him and a stick and Mom thinks I have hurt my mouth with it (!) as I was not keen on eating my breakfast this morning until Dad put some water on my biscuits!!!!  It’s not my fault!


I have also been terrorising the baby Magpies which are now in our garden!!!  They come down off the fence to find worms and things and I stalk them and run at them and they fly back onto the fence, but don’t leave!!!!!

It is drizzly rain today so I won’t be spending too much time outside!!!  Rain and I don’t go together. 


Mom says I need an Airecut soon as I am getting fluffy again and she had better get me done just in case another Lockdown happens, whatever one of those is!!!!


I am waiting for the Boys and Dad to get home so we can play!!!

I hope you are having a very happy woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx



Today, in a normal year, would have been the start of the school summer holidays!  Six weeks of no timetables, no having to be up early and no homework!!!  I used to love the first day of summer holidays with the Boys and usually the first day off would be a PJ day for the boys!  Of course the weather was usually a bit iffy and true to form it is rainy today!!!

This year, of course, has not been the same at all and a lot of the children have been off since March so they have had extra long break, although they were supposed to be home schooling.  I am sure if the Boys were still at school we would have been doing school work first thing in the morning and then they could have the afternoon to themselves, it is certainly what we did with homework if they had any over the holidays!!! 

Anyway I hope they all have a good summer.

Happy Wednesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx