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Our Mad Dog and Her Wednesday Wag

The Wednesday Wag.


I am hiding at the top of the garden from Mom as I have stolen her stick out of the ground again!!!!  tee hee!


This is a better hiding spot as I blend into the background, don’t you think?


Sorry Mom, I won’t chew the next stick you put in the ground, promise!

It has been lovely and warm today and I have spent the whole day outside.  Mom says it is going to rain tomorrow but I hope not.  I also had my biscuit outside.

Mom tried to get a new football for me today but they had not got any which were suitable so she will be going out on Friday to run errands so will try somewhere else then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

The Wednesday Wag.


Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to our Indian Summer we are having in a very sunny Derbyshire today!

As it is so lovely today I will show you a little bit of my most excellent garden.  Mom and Dad think it’s their garden but really it is alllllllll  mine!


If you look over to the right you will see how lovely the plants are looking in this wonderful sunshine.


I am loving the late summer look.


If you look up you will see just how blue the sky is today.


Not a cloud in the sky.


I hope you enjoyed that lovely warm tour today and thank you for using “Treacle View©”!

Woof, Treacle x

The Wednesday Wag.

lsI was at the Spa on Monday for my bathing ritual and there were only a few other dogs in with me, so it was very relaxing!


Front View


Right View


Left View

Mom has washed all my beds, my quilt, my collar, my towel and Teddy so we all smell so much better.

The weather is still nice so far but it will not doubt start to get cool, especially as I have had my Airecut!


Of course I had to have several hours sleep to recover!!!!!!

I was also busy keeping Mom safe whilst Dad and Youngest were away over the last few days.  Sleeping in her bed was a real chore!!!!!

Woof, Treacle.


The Wednesday Wag!

Mom is losing the plot!  She thought yesterday was Wednesday and she accuses me of being sleepy and not with it!

Pampered pets

I had great fun on my vacation and I was so much better after my upset tummy before I went in.  Mom says it was because I was made to be still for a while when I was in and not playing outside with the other dogs.


The last few days have been warm and not so sunny so I have been spending the day outside and making the most of it before the weather changes!!!!!  I didn’t think Mom could see me as I was hiding at the top of the garden but she always knows where I am!


The Pets on Quilts show has now finished and there were some great entries and we got to meet two new Airedales, Hannah and Guinness.  I am very taken with Mom’s summer quilt and love lying on it when it is on her bed.  Dad says she needs to make another now.


Mom has been out for most of the day so I have caught up on my sleep, being out-of-doors all day in the fresh air I am very tired at night!!! 

It is great to be back and Happy Autumn everyone.

Woof, Treacle.


Pets On Quilts Show 2018.

Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting ( arranges this great Internet show every year and lots and lots of lovely sponsors give prizes for the various categories.  As with anything like this a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes and I would like to thank Snoodles for all her hard work and the sponsors for the prizes.

As you may have realised if you read Quilting Blogs, lots of us Quilters have animals of all types and this show gives us a chance to show them and our quilts off.

If you read my Blog you will know that Treacle, our Airedale Terrier, features heavily and even has her own day on the Blog, The Wednesday Wag.  She is very much a part of our family and we love her to bits.  It is also a very special year this year for us too as Treacle is ten years old, double digits now!!!

This year I have managed to get my quilt finished completely so I am able to take Treacle’s picture on it!!!  In the past the quilts have been in various stages of completion!!!!!

So here is our Entry for the “Dog on Quilt” category :


Treacle on the Summer Quilt.


What you probably don’t know, if you are new to my Blog, is that Treacle is a snuggler and loves being covered up and would quite happily stay under the quilt.  In fact in Winter if it is really cold she prefers her very own quilt to be put over her to keep her warm!!!!

We are actually away on vacation when the show is on, but I am hoping to still be able to hop around and see everyone else’s entries. 

Thank you for visiting us here at Susie’s World and please vote for Treacle. 

Love & Hugs,

Susie & Treacle  xxxx