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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a busy few weeks since I last sat down at the computer (I have been working though!!!)

DH and I went away for the weekend following our 25th, Eldest looked after Youngest for us, and we went back and visited all our favourite places from when we were first together!


One of our favouite places is Chatsworth House and ever since the foot and mouth outbreak a few years ago they have been keeping the house open until Christmas and the lower floors are decorated with a theme.  This year it is “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, one of my top books as a child.  Each room has an extremely large Christmas tree decorated in a different colour.


The Chapel

IMG-20131115-00019 IMG-20131115-00020 IMG-20131115-00021

Each area has a scene from the book

IMG-20131115-00022 IMG-20131115-00026 IMG-20131115-00025 IMG-20131115-00024 IMG-20131115-00023

The White Witch’s Hall


Aslan the Lion in the Library.  The picture does not do it justice as he was breathing and the mice are untying  the ropes!

IMG-20131115-00030 IMG-20131115-00033 IMG-20131115-00032 IMG-20131115-00031

The State Dining Room set for dinner

We had a lovely day, it was really cold and frosty, great for walking.  We then drove to Nottingham and stayed at Harts Hotel in the city centre.

This is a favourite of ours and where we went for Eldest’s 18th Birthday dinner.  We were going to go out to the cinema on the Friday evening, but as happens with us always, there was nothing on we wanted to see!!  So we stayed in and had room service!!!!

Saturday we spent the day Christmas shopping and it was great to be able to walk around without a time limit or two Boys wanting to go here, there and everywhere, whilst we got nothing done!  In the evening we went for dinner at their Restaurant, across the courtyard.

The food was amazing as always and when we had coffee this is what they brought out


This is the view we had from our room at night

Nottingham-20131117-00038 Nottingham-20131117-00039

On the Sunday both Boys were swimming in the County Sprints Competition at Pond’s Forge, Sheffield and they didn’t think we would be there, but we decided we would go and surprise them.  As with most swimming competitions warm up was 8.00am to start at 9.00am so we had to get up ridiculously early to drive up there and get a parking space so we were there when they arrived!

It was a great day with Youngest getting PB’s in all his races and Eldest getting a fourth place and a bronze medal for his last 50m Free race.

By Sunday evening we were all tired but it was a memorable weekend.

The following week and this week have been spent in a haze of work and activities with the Boys.  Youngest had a dental appointment for his braces and then a hospital appointment for his toes.  Eldest has been busy with course work for his two further A’Levels.  We also ran our second Club Championships, again both of our Boys doing well, except for I was doing the timings with Girlfriend and the computer system crashed!!!!  That was fun!!!! We then had to enter all the times manually but we managed to catch up and then finish on time!

Jayne and I went Christmas shopping again, in Nottingham, and I bought more than she did!  The day did not start too well as there are a lot of roadworks in Nottingham at the moment so I knew we would be stuck in traffic but on my way to collect Jayne there was a huge queue because of some emergency work! So a journey which takes ten minutes from my house to Jayne’s took three quarters of an hour!  Anyway we had a lovely day, lunch and afternoon tea included, and the weather was again kind to us being sunny and cold.

This weekend is going to again be a Christmasey one as tomorrow night we are writing Christmas cards, Saturday we will be getting our tree to decorate on Sunday and Saturday evening DH and I are out at one of the companies we work with, their Christmas dinner!  Can’t wait.

Monday is Youngest’s 14th Birthday!!! Where have the years gone?  I will show you pictures next week.

I also have lots of quilting to do but there really are not enough hours in the day.  We haven’t been over to see Evalyn since, as both Boys have had bad colds and we were not going to inflict that on them just before Christmas!

So to everyone celebrating Thanksgiving have a great day.  I am Thankful for DH, Our Boys and Treacle.  I hope that everyone affected by the storms in the US are safe and enjoy the day.


The Wednesday Wag!


As you can see it is not a very happy Wednesday Wag today!  I have been like this since last Wednesday.  

I have a sore paw and Mom noticed I was licking it a lot and then when she managed to catch me and hold me down, she found I had a sore patch, so off we went to my doctors!  He is really nice my doctor although I was not happy when he stuck a needle in me!

He thinks that I have caused the problem by licking it so I have some tablets to take, a cream for Mom to put on and this hood thing!  The only problem with it is it has stopped me licking my paw but I keep bashing into things with it, including Mom’s legs!!!!


Mom says I cannot have this off until my paw is completely healed (I caught her scratching the leg with her back leg, just where the sore is!!!!! Mom) so I don’t know how long that will be!!!!!!


I have had lots of sympathy from The Boys and a new tennis ball!  Oh well, hopefully It will be better by Christmas (hopefully sooner as you need a bath before then! Mom)

Hey I thought this was The Wednesday Wag Mom?  Have a Wonderful Wednsday

Woof, Treacle

paw print

Wednesday Wag on Thursday!

DSC02914You will never guess what they have been doing to me!  They, being Mom and Dad, wrapped my Christmas presents the other evening and they would not let me have them!!!!  They came up with the excuse that they have to go to Santa for him to deliver them on Christmas Eve!

I could see a lovely box of bones and a new squeaky bone and a toy that squeaked and a lovely knot ball!!!!  But I wasn’t allowed to even get a sniff of them!


I went to sulk under the dining table and this is my cross face!


I am now giving them the cold shoulder and refuse to look at them and I won’t have my picture taken!

How many days is it to Christmas?

Have a Terrific Thursday (I am now off to investigate where they have hidden my presents)

Sorry Treaks you won’t find them; I have hidden them really well until they go to Santa! Mom x

Woof, Treacle

Animal Paw Print

Christmas is Sneaking up!!

Who wouldn’t want a room like this at Christmas?  Yes that time of year is sneaking up on us and fast!  Youngest went back to school this week after a lovely lazy week off where we did hardly anything and there are officially now seven weeks to go before the start of the Festive Season!

I find that the pressures of the season really begin when they go back to school in September after the long summer holiday.  The Christmas catalogues start popping through the door and they manage to sneak a few Christmas shows on the TV!  The Boys activities start again for the Autumn sessions and the weeks fly by and before we know it, its October half term and then only seven weeks to go!

Whilst they were off it was Halloween and Bonfire Night.  This year obviously Youngest felt he was far too old to go Trick or Treating so he was going to give out the sweets to our spooky visitors.  He then went out with DH for the day to work and because of traffic didn’t get home until 9.00pm!  Eldest decamped to swimming club for the night so I was left to open the door and hand out the goodies!  Some of the costumes this year were amazing and the children/parents had worked hard on them. It was a busy evening and I was shattered by the end of it!

Guy Fawkes

“Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, Treason & Plot” The old saying from our school days to remind us of when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament and the King!  When I was little and lived at home one of our neighbours were called “Fawkes” and I always thought they were talking about the Dad!!!  Girlfriend and her family came round for dinner and we let some fireworks off between the showers of heavy rain!

Swimming Pool at Sunset

If only the pool was like this!!!

Last weekend was our first part of the swimming club’s Championships and both boys did really well, with Eldest just missing out on a Championship record but he is going for another at the next Championships at the end of the month.  Monday was the swimming club AGM and we have had a few issues this year which meant that Monday could have been quite stressful.  As it turned out things went a little better than we all thought, but it now means that DH is Chairman again (!) and I am now Secretary!!!!  Hmm how do we get ourselves into these things!!  I then had a two hour meeting on Wednesday regarding the swimming quality standard which we are applying for and I had a headache by the end of it!Hopefully I will get to Christmas Shop here one day!

Tuesday I went Christmas shopping and got most of it done, I still need to get some things and those elusive little presents which go in the stockings, table presents, crackers etc which I think always take more time than the big presents. 

Today was supposed to be home day and get jobs done but I ended up sitting down at my desk and that was it!  I spent the whole day working so tomorrow will have to be home day and all the other jobs I need to get done too.  The weekend is going to be frantic as Friday we have our Small Pool Championships and immediately afterwards the Party for all Small Pool Swimmers, all 124 of them!

Saturday evening we are hosting the second round of the Arena League which we swim in (we only found out a week and a half ago we were hosting!!!) so that will be a long night.

Sunday is Remembrance Sunday so Youngest will be on duty at the village church for the service with the Scouts and DH and Eldest are helping out at another service where we swim. Then it will be Monday before we know it!!


After dropping Youngest off this morning at school I called at our local Starbucks for one of these! I needed it after this week and before the weekend to come!  I love this time of year but sometimes I feel that all the running around, planning, cooking, wrapping just gets too much and at least once before Christmas I will threaten to cancel the whole thing!!!!!  I love making Christmas special for the family but oh boy its hard work making those memories!!!!!   So the next few weeks I will be surviving on very little sleep, making endless lists (which I inevitably lose and have to redo!!!!) and lots and lots of the above!!!!!!

47 Days and Counting!

Hope you have a Thrilling Thursday.

PS.  Treacle’s fine by the way, she is just having a quiet time at the moment!  It’s because the weather has turned cold and she is very reluctant to go out!!!!  She spends all day in her basket next to my desk and only appears for her breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!!  This morning I got out the shower to find her snuggled into the quilt on our bed!  When I tried to move her to make it she refused (its surprising how heavy an Airedale can become when they don’t want to move!). 


Waiting for her lunchtime biscuit!