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Mother’s Day


Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK and I had a great day with DH and our Boys.  We watched the Grand Prix from Malaysia in the morning and then had a late lunch.  Above are the cards I got from the Boys, DH, Girlfriend and Treacle!


They also bought me these DVD’s and a new TV for the kitchen!  Our old one was on the fritz and it used to take about ten minutes for us to get a good picture, if at all!  


These lovely flowers (the picture does not do them justice) were from Girlfriend.

DH and The Boys cooked a roast dinner in the evening and it was lovely, especially as I had not had to cook it!!! It was a great day spending time at home with the family and I consider myself blessed with my family.

We also moved on to Summer time on Saturday evening and although I love the light nights I hate losing that hour of sleep!  I never feel good until we put the hour back!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday.

Susie x


Treacle finishing her dinner!

Filming Again

His website was frozen: George later revealed fans were seen keen to read the chapter his servers crashed

I don’t know if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, I love it and the Books, but if not the gentleman above is Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in the programme.  Well last week and this Eldest has been filming as an extra, with him on a new film, set during World War I, called “Testament of Youth”.  It won’t be out until next year but its another film under his belt!

This is the film he did last year and it should be released in the Autumn of this year.  He also went for an audition this morning for a fight film and he will hopefully hear about it next week.

SO if things don’t work out with his Uni choice this year we are signing him up for Drama school!!!!!!!

I ran some errands this morning and I was not too far away from the Quilt shop so I thought I would just pop in.  Unfortunately there had been an accident at a major junction of two roads, the way I needed to go, so we had to turn round as the Police had the road closed off.  Unfortunately to get to where I needed to be I had to take a detour of fifteen miles! It was very pretty countryside but I only saw one lamb!  It think all the farmers had decided last year that if the winter was going to bad they would make sure the lambs were born later!  I love to see them when they are little and all legs and ears!

I can’t show you what I bought at the quilt shop, as the person its for reads my blog, but I will do after her Birthday!

The weather for the weekend is supposed to be really nice and quite a bit warmer which will be a nice change and Treacle can have the door open into the garden all day hopefully.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing and I will be back on Monday with more pictures!

Susie x



It’s Thursdayish!!!!  Today was house job day and catch up on some work and then I went to lunch with my friend Jayne!!!  We were Ladies Who Lunch!

Yes this is how we looked whilst lunching at our local Farm Shop, Croots.  Normally on a Thursday there is a steady trade and you can get a table, but today when I turned up it was heaving, literally heaving, every table taken and a queue!  Well I hung around and a table came free and then Jayne arrived so it all worked out.  I think the reason was the weather was changeable today, more like April, with heavy showers between bits of brilliant sunshine.  Anyway we had a very nice lunch and catch up as we haven’t seen each other since Christmas.  Thanks Jayne!!!

Tomorrow I have work to do and some errands to run and then at the weekend Granddaughter and her Mom are coming for a visit and the Boys and DH are having an haircut and swimming being fitted in as well and I am trying to get some more quilting done. 

Tomorrow if the weather co-operates I will try and get some pictures of the things blooming in the garden it is really start to look like Spring now and at the weekend the temperature is due to get into double figures!!!!!!

Hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Susie x


Wednesday Wag!


Today is Strike Day at school so Youngest is at home and it has been great!  We had a lazy morning and now he has gone out with a couple of his friends to the cinema so it is only Mom and I at home.  Eldest is off filming a new film and he and Dad left the house at 3.30am to get to the set for 6.00am!!!!!!  I was awake but only just.

Yesterday Eldest went to the pet store and bought me some new toys!  This is gator baby and I love him.  He also bought me a squeaky chicken which is realllllllly noisy!!!!!



Mom said that I need to keep the squeaky chicken in Eldest’s room!!!!


Mom is up to date with her work and house jobs so has promised to make some cakes later and I always help when she is baking.  I sit here and watch her and if anything falls down I always let her know by licking it up quickly!!!!


I had been playing with my toys when Mom started to get my dinner ready so I was very interested in that.  We have visitors coming at the weekend and hopefully the weather is going to get better and I can spend some more time outside.

I had to go to my Doctor’s last Friday as I had managed to strain a muscle at the top of my leg and I have some tablets which always make me feel better, Mom says I always space out when I have them!  However I was most annoyed as my Doctor called me middle aged, I mean how rude is that! 

I hope you are having a very woofy Wednesday.


paw print

Drive Time!


Youngest behind the wheel.

This weekend we were off to the Racetrack again for the Second Drive for Youngest.  This was one of his Christmas gifts and it worked out so well for Eldest, we are carrying on for Youngest.  This time he was driving a Vauxhall Corsa, which is not quite the same as the Fiats but he still enjoyed it. 

They spend 45 minutes in the car doing all sorts of driving, just like a driving lesson, and the Instructors are all driving instructors so they are getting ahead before being able to drive properly at 17.  Eldest found that on his first proper driving lesson he was able to drive, rather than have to learn about the pedals, lights etc.  He also said he felt it helped him to be less nervous behind the wheel.  One of the highlights of the Second Drive is you get to drive round the Oval racetrack at speed!


Swapping over in the pit lane to drive round the Oval


Here he comes, he was doing about 80mph at this stage!  On know my baby!!!!!


This is the view from the car park where we waited whilst he did the drive.  The weather was cold but sunny and some great clouds!


Eldest and Girlfriend waiting in the car

After he had done his drive Eldest and Girlfriend got to then drive an Audi R8, because they have passed their tests and been driving for a while.  They both had a great time and came away wanting one!!!!

This is what they drove, but DH hasn’t uploaded the pictures of them driving yet!!!!

Well as a surprise for me my darling DH had booked a drive for me in an Aston Martin and it was great.  I got to go round the race track six times in this lovely car but at the end of the day, I love my Jeep and don’t think I will be swapping it anytime soon.


This is what I drove!!!!


Moving off.


Getting instructions and DH reflected in the window taking pictures!

We had a great day and got home about 6.30pm very tired having spent the day outside in the fresh air, which made a change to being stuck inside because of the bad weather.  Youngest is now talking about next year’s drive, and Eldest and Girlfriend are working out what they can drive next!!!!

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x

Swimmers Swimming for Sport Relief


It has been hectic again, that’s all I am going to say!!!!

However last Thursday was the Swimming Club’s Sport Relief evening (which is one of the reasons I have been really busy!) and we had the swimmers in the main pool doing a Fun Gala and the swimmers in the small pool doing a play session.  They all had a great time, especially when they had to swim doing an egg and spoon race and another race where they had to get dressed whilst in the water!  Here are a few pictures from the evening.


Getting ready


One of the staff from the local Sainsburys who started the evening off.

DSC03677 DSC03678

The Tombola and Cake Stall – the cakes were a huge success


Our Swimming Staff eating the cakes rather than working!


Swimmers swimming


Next heat?

It was a great evening and in three hours we managed to raise £405, well done Rascals.

Youngest swam in the Fun Gala and Eldest helped on poolside managing the swimmers, DH did the commentary and I generally helped where I was needed as Gail and I had organised the evening.  We were all tired at the end but it was really fun to do rather than just swimming!

We also ended up have a late supper of fish and chips as DH and I had not had chance to eat beforehand.  Fortunately the Boys had had dinner at lunchtime so they just had some chips!

We were busy over the weekend, which I will show you tomorrow.

Have a Merry Monday

Susie x

Tuesday Meanderings!


I have had a day of running errands and this is one of the things I bought for the tombola for our Sport Relief evening on Thursday!  Isn’t he cute?  Treacle is very keen to have him!!!!!

I forgot to post pictures of my cushions which I finished a while ago now


Here are the fronts


and here are the backs.  I love this material, it is really warm but I only had a small amount of it.

I have also been getting on with my quilt club challenge quilt and this is what I have done so far.


Don’t look at the mistakes!!!!



These will form part of a larger block when all completed, just love the lavender colours.

Now on stronger antibiotics so not feeling good at all!!!!  Am going to bed early tonight and try and get rid of whatever it is as soon as possible!

Have a Thrilling Tuesday

Susie x

It Never Rains But It Pours!

You just get up to date with work and you think you are going to get a day off and what happens?  My computer decides to stop working!  Just stopped no apparent reason, it was working fine when I finished work the evening before so why?  Why, why, why?

Well it needed a new memory again!  All I can say is that I am so hard working I fry the brains out of it!!!!!!!  Well that meant I have got behind with my day work, behind with the things I need to do for swimming committee meeting and have not posted anything again for four days!!!! 

However I did get some quilting done so there is a silver lining, even if I have to spend the next week trying to catch up! I am busy trying to get the Mystery quilt finished from quilt club and it is going slowly at the moment, but I am enjoying the challenge as I am making things I haven’t done before.  I will show you some pictures later in the week.

You all know that I take part in some of the Blog Hops arranged by the very talented Madame Samm.  Well one of the Blogs I read, which I found through blog hopping, is Buzzing & Bumbling by Linda ( and last October she and her husband had the unthinkable happen, a fire at their home which completely destroyed it!  Now I think most of us would be hiding in a corner and not wanting to come out ever again but not Linda.  Her comments on the whole thing were amazing and uplifting.  Madame Samm wanted to make a quilt to support Linda in her time of need and several very talented ladies made the quilt and she also asked for support for the borders, bindings etc.  I contributed and here is the final quilt

(Pictures courtesy of Madame Samm –

Madame Samm had contacted all of us who contributed with the pictures on the strict orders of not posting about it until Linda had received the quilt!  Well we can tell everyone now as she has received the quilt and she was thrilled with it.  It will have pride of place in her new sewing room.  Linda and her husband have now found a new house and are in the process of decorating and collecting furniture for it.  Linda you are an inspiration to us all!

I had to visit the Doctors again and now have some antibiotics which I don’t like taking, oh well!  The weather here has been so much better the last few days and DH even managed to cut the lawn, the first of the season, and it smelt wonderful.  Treacle spent the day outside with DH “helping” ie running around with any twigs she could find.  I didn’t get a picture of her, she wasn’t still long enough!!!!

Hope you weekend was wonderful

Susie x

Wednesday Wag


It is a lovely spring day here at Wednesday Wag and I can now have the back door open so I can come and go as I please, although Mom says it drops cold in the late afternoon.

Mom is finally better after all my help with nursing duty, which involved me sleeping on the bed next to Mom keeping her warm! 


I have been out inspecting the garden for the pesky squirrel and it is starting to look green again with lots of shoots everywhere.


Can you see all the new shoots?


Here I am sat with one of Mom’s pots of violas.

DSC03653 DSC03652

The Christmas Roses are doing well and this little primula


The garden basking in Spring sunshine

I have heard whispers that I am going to the beauty parlour next week, so I will look great for my holidays although when Mom usually does this it goes really cold again.


I can’t spend too long today at the computer as I am busy inspecting every inch of the garden to see who has been around.  I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.  Mom says she is doing some quilting at the weekend!!!!!!!!



paw print

I’m Back!

I have finally got over the virus after two weeks of feeling really not good.  I have also got my voice back much to the disgust of DH and The Boys who thought it was really quiet!!!!!!


Even Treacle has had a miserable two weeks and I can’t decide if its because I did not sound right or whether she had got a virus too!  She has been moping about the place but not really ill!  She won’t be happy next week as she is going off to the hairdressers for a wash and brush up!

It has been really busy as well at home and work and with things on for swimming too, which always seems to be the case when you are not well.  I had to go to a business seminar the week of the voice loss.  It was a good seminar but a long day!  By the Friday evening I was laying in bed exhausted.


Youngest has been swimming in the County Championships and done well knocking more time off his existing times which is great.  The Club are also gearing up for a Fun Gala to raise some money for Sport Relief, which includes swimming for the first time.  We are also having a cake stall and tombola on the evening which should raise even more.

Eldest has been chosen as an extra for another film role, about World War I this time.  There is a theme developing here I think!!!  He is also busy with work for his exams in the summer.

We went out to dinner to some friends on Saturday and caught up with all their news and had a fun evening.  On Thursday we had parents evening for Youngest and he had a glowing report which is great as he is in the process of choosing his subjects for his GCSE exams which begin in September.

Two weeks ago we went to see our friend in the Village Pantomime again, The Barmpots!  It was a great evening and extremely funny and a great tonic when I wasn’t feeling my best.  Long may they continue!!!!!

Needless to say no quilting got done at all.  I just didn’t have the concentration to sit and sew but now that I am feeling better I hope that I can catch up on some things. 

I hope you all are doing okay and enjoying the sunshine we have here at the moment, at least it feels a little like Spring now.

Have a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x


Treacle with a little sad face!