The Universe Is Having A Laugh!

I think the Universe has it in for us at the moment!  You know how you go along and everything is fine and then suddenly you get weeks of things just not being right, well last week was one of those!  The week started off well enough when Jayne and I went out for a very nice lunch and a lovely catch up.  Then I was with Eldest at his work to get his jobs done and then Thursday I was having a much needed haircut! 

We are still having to cope with the bathroom only having our bath, shower and sink in it as the Plumbers cannot start the work until the end of November.  We are still waiting for the Plasterer to come and fix the ceiling and Friday the Roofer should have been here to do the roof.   However all last week they were warning us of the Storm Babet (silly name) which could affect us over the weekend. 

Thursday evening it started to rain and never stopped until midday on Saturday!  The laugh is that our water authority had been sending out emails saying we needed to conserve water still as the stocks were only 75% full!  Well after last week we don’t need anymore water!  We are very fortunate as we live on a hill and I am so glad we do because here is what happened.

This is the River Derwent which runs to the south of our village.  This is where it runs through the centre of Derby.  By the end of Friday you could not see the steps.

This is the road leading into the city centre which they closed at 2.00pm as it was completely flooded.

This is in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The above picture and below are our village.  Above the curly bit with the trees around it is the river and you can seen how it has burst and taken over the fields.  It is meant to do this as it is the floodplain.

The big green area is the village park where the Carnival is held and the road in front of it so the water did not quite get there.

This is where Youngest used to work in Derby and as you can see the water is very high here and it is still like that today!

In the midst of all this I get a phone call from Eldest to say that he is on his way in a police car to the Hospital as he managed to fall over going to a fire call and dislocated his other shoulder!  With all the flooding I had not been intending on going out but went to the hospital and after waiting for an hour to try and park found him in A&E.  Yes he had dislocated it!  They got it put back and then I took him home!  DH came over as his event on Friday evening had been cancelled and so had the Saturday evening one as well because of all the chaos!  I didn’t get all my home jobs done because of spending three hours at the hospital and then helping him and Suzie sort out at home.  Saturday was chaos as well and Sunday we did manage to go out with our friends for Sunday lunch which was great after all of this!

I am now running to catch up with everything this week!  Friday we are out with another set of friends and Saturday we are having a family dinner as it is DH’s Birthday on Sunday but he is out then at another swimming event (!).  I think it is going to be like this from now until Christmas! 

How is your week going? 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, Susie, that flooding is so awful!! Poor Eldest – I hope he didn’t do much soft-tissue damage that will need surgery to repair…he’s going to be limited in what he can do for while anyway. What hospital does he go to? I enjoy watching videos of your ambulance service, helimed service, and A&E shows, and often the shows are set in the Midlands. Glad your water issues are sorted for your area…a bit too much at once, but isn’t that always the way? Keep safe!!

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