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Definitely Autumn.


Well it is definitely Autumn here as the first few leaves of our big cherry tree in our garden have started to fall.  It is also cool in the early morning and in the evening when the sun has gone down, so although we are due for some warm days the heat does not last long!


My dryer is now fixed, the part had to come from Germany, and yes I have another load of washing to do courtesy of DH and the Boys!!!! 

I managed to get my Baby quilt finished on Sundy and the binding sewn on so I just now need to hand sew it to the back, wash it, dry it and it will be ready and waiting for when the Baby puts in an appearance.  It is due on Youngest’s Birthday although we know that that does not always happen!!!

I have been busy sorting out all the Birthdays I need to buy for between now and December with presents and cards, so that in a few weeks I can concentrate on buying Christmas presents.  I find that if I do it this way I don’t forget anything.  In past years I have been so busy sorting out Christmas that have then forgotten Birthdays!!!  Especially those in December like Youngests!!!


DH is compering an 80’s Retro Event on Saturday evening and I am going too as to make it authentic he is going to use the vinyl singles we used to play in the 80’s!!!  They are all scratched and pop but they are authentic!!!  It is also a gaming event with genuine 80’s arcade games so it should be good fun.  As far as I am concerned the 80’s was the best decade for music since I was alive, the 70’s were good but I preferred the 80’s, and play a lot of that music today on my iPod!!!  In fact Youngest is a big fan of the music and has a lot of it on his iPod too and wishes he had been alive in that decade!!!!  I turned sixteen in 1980 so I suppose I hit the decade at the right time!



Of course you always look back with rose tinted spectacles but I think it was a great decade.  I was at college and then got a job earning real money, I gained a lot of new friends through work and started going out on a Friday or Saturday night.  Princess Diana came on the scene and influenced a lot of fashion during the 80’s and as she was only three years older than me I really related to her.  The fashions were better after the weirdness of the 70’s!  and, of course, I met and subsequently married DH during the 1980’s, so defintely the best decade for me!!!

I will try and get some pictures on Saturday to show you what it looks like!!!!

Today has been busy work wise again but tomorrow I am out in the morning visiting a friend whose Birthday is later in the week.  I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Goodness Me!


You know all about the chaos at the moment in the UK regarding Brexit.  Well our Government have also decided that all businesses must now submit their VAT returns via their accounting software!  This is because some businesses lie on their returns!!!  I never have and the old way of submitting the return was great but because of a few we now have to use the new way!!  Well today I have spent most of the afternoon on the phone to our Accountant trying to sort it out!!!!!!  Chaos reigns!  After three hours I finally managed to get my software to talk to the Government software and submit it!!!!  I think I now need to go and lie down in a darkened room!!!!!!


I have been busy making jam, particularly Bramble Jam and Strawberry Conserve.  I still need to make the chutney’s for Christmas.


My Tomatoes are starting to ripen.  I caught Treacle the other day just about to pick one of them off the plant, a ripe one of course not a green one!!!


We have been busy sorting out the plants in my pots as the Summer bedding was just about finished so we have put some Winter Violas in, so we have some colour when it is cold and grey!!!


The new plants we have put in where we have cleared out some old bushes are doing well and hopefully they will survive the Winter!


Over the last few weeks they have been forecasting a really hard Winter with lots of snow and very cold temperatures.  However they have said this in past years so we shall see!!!


As you can see Treacle is really worried about the cold weather!!!!  She was fast asleep and snoring when I took this picture!!!!  The weather over the weekend was quite nice and this week and coming weekend is supposed to be quite warm again, so a real Indian summer!  It is great as we can get quite a bit done in the garden getting it ready for winter.  One job we have to do is to stain the shed and den again and also re-do our wooden outdoor furniture before we put it away. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club September.

Well the months are flying by now and you, like me, are no doubt being bombarded by companies about Christmas!  However one Christmas email I always like to receive is from the various book shops with their Christmas offers, especially for the children we buy for. 

A lot of books were always on my Christmas list, so much so that my parents used to say isn’t there anything different I would like for Christmas but no.  I always read a lot but especially during the Autumn and Winter months when it was dark early.  I still do now!

Anyway onto September’s Book Club entry and it is a book I read whilst away in Scotland.


This is a new character, Atlee Pine, for David Baldacci and hopefully he will write some more.  She is not your usual FBI Agent preferring to stay away from high profile offices and stationed in the wilds of Western United States.  She is tasked with helping to find a missing person in The Grand Canyon but all they find is a dead trek mule and a million questions which leads to a far reaching conspiracy including her immediate Boss.  Atlee and her personal assistant end up on the run for their lives not being able to trust anyone and the truth leads them right to FBI Headquarters in Washington DC.

As with every one of Mr Baldacci’s other books this keeps you wanting to read just one more page, until late into the night!  Can highly recommend it.

I got a lot of reading done whilst we were away so have quite a few books waiting for their day on the Friday Book Club.

Been hectic today with home jobs, grocery shopping, washing and ironing!!!!  Weekend is busy too with DH out on Saturday evening commentating again and hopefully Sunday will be nice weather and we can get some garden jobs done as well.  I hope you lovely lot have a Great Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


#TBT – Goose Fair.

As we are heading into the Autumn months there are quite a few events coming up which we always do and go to as a family.  One of which is Goose Fair, which is at the beginning of October.  The last few years the weather has been very kind and it has been cold but dry.  DH and I will be going again this year, if it is not raining.  We always go as this was where we went on our first date!!!!!

So as it is Throw Back Thursday here are a few pictures of last year’s event.


One of the Big Wheels at the Fair.


The Galloping Horses, my favourite ride when I was little.

Goose Fair 021008

A blurry picture of the whole site from the top of the bank.

In 1284 A Charter was granted by Kind Edward I to Nottingham for its city fairs.  The name of Goose Fair comes from the time when thousands of Geese were brought into the Market Square via Goose Gate to be sold so they could be fattened up for Christmas. The Fair also had other traders, many of which were cheese merchants, as well as entertainments, hot chestnuts and spiced ale.

Obviously over the years it has transformed into lots and lots of rides with every food imaginable available including the famous mushy peas with mint sauce (not everyone’s taste but it’s like chips they smell wonderful outside!). 

DH and I like to go early and then come away early before it gets busy later on in the evening and we always go on Friday night which is when I always used to go with my Mom and Dad.  Then we always have a fish and chip supper afterwards just like my Mom and Dad did for years.  I love these traditions and it is always part of the year, although if it is pouring with rain we tend to drive past and see the lights and then have supper!!!!!! 

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


The World Gone Mad!


The above picture just about sums up our Politicians on both sides of the Houses of Parliament at the moment including The Speaker!  In fact their behaviour over the last few months and in particular the last few weeks has been more like a Monty Python Sketch than elected officials!  I would say that the Reception Class at our Village School are better behaved than this lot!


I really try very hard to avoid the news but the bits I do see I can honestly say I am ashamed of how people in my Country are behaving..  Also all the other news where people are having a go at each for no reason, country leaders are accusing others of all and sundry and every day we have someone crying “the sky is falling” literally!  I really do think the World has gone mad!

There was an old campaign slogan by one of our Political parties years ago saying that if the other party gOt in “would the last person leaving the country switch the lights off”!!!!  It was a great slogan and that Party subsequently won the election but with all the chaos at the moment, it really does feel like that now!!!!

Having had a very busy but productive week last week, not so much this!!  It is one of those taking two steps forward, four back!!!!  Hey ho.


All Treacle is worried about is the continuous supply of her Bonios!!!! 

Youngest has tablets from the Doctor for his chest infection and is beginning to feel a little better but Treacle is happy that he is at home for snuggles.  However my dryer will not be fixed now until a week today as the part has to come from Germany and then the engineer cannot get here until next week, Grr.  However the weather is supposed to be nice again at the weekend so hopefully I will be able to get all the washing dried outside!!!!

Yep it’s definitely one of Those Weeks!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx