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Happy Halloween & It’s Wednesday.



I am here!  It just took all day Monday to catch up on all the work which had piled up over the previous week whilst my computer was upgraded!!!  I managed to finish at 6.30pm from quite early on that morning, but so glad I am back on track.

Yesterday I had to go out and run some errands and drop Youngest off at the train station for him to visit Girlfriend at Uni.  Again I didn’t get back until about 4.00pm, long day!


Here was one of my collection stops!  120 Advent Calendars for our Young Swimmers!!! This is instead of a party, this year they are getting a present!  Just have to wrap them now!!!!!!

I also had to collect a laptop from the computer place which was 40 miles north of this place which has been sorted for the swimming club.  I then came back the pretty way instead of the motorway through Chatsworth park and stopped at their Farm Shop to get a few supplies.


I also called at the Quilt Shop on the way home too as it is near here (!)  I got home and was thoroughly tired and felt quite coldy so had dinner early and went to bed!!!!  DH was out so Treacle kept me company.


This was cuddling last night.


This was Monday whilst I was working all day, you can see how busy Treacle is!!!!!

Two of the fireworks from Friday evening!  It was very cold.

We have been spoilt with all the nice weather at the beginning of October and now it has turned very cold, with a biting wind so all the winter jumpers are out and now in use!!!!

I hope you are all having a great week and I should now be back every day! I also need to catch up on the Blogs I read too but that will have to wait until later.  Have a great Wednesday, nearly the weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Saturday!


Happy Weekend everyone, my computer is now back after its upgrade and DH has just had to sort a few things out and I think we are now back to where we were; just faster!!!!  I will update you next week on what has been going off but here are a few things for today!


Tonight we gain an extra hour of sleep as our Clocks go back one hour to GMT!  Yes!  I really do miss that hour!!!  I know it means that it will get dark earlier and earlier but I really don’t mind and for a while we will have light mornings again so there is a benefit!!


Whilst my computer was having a tune up I had my very own mini quilt retreat in my sewing room and I got lots done on my Christmas gifts.  I can’t show you anything unfortunately as quite a few who they are for read my blog, tee hee, so I am afraid you will have to wait until after Christmas!!!!!  I am really enjoying the process though. Speaking of quilting I will be in there again later as DH is out tonight at an event where he is announcing, so it will be the perfect time to get some more done.


We have been very spoilt with all the nice weather we have had in October with it being warm and then sunny and mild for a few weekends which was great getting the last of the garden jobs done.  Today it is really cold!!!!  We were out last night at a friend’s retirement party in his field (he owns a big farm in our village) There was a huge bonfire, fireworks and a BBQ to celebrate their retirement and although having gone with thick jacket, gloves, scarf, thick socks and boots etc I was still frozen!!!!  I think I have just about warmed up!  It was a good evening.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Don’t forget to put your clocks Back!!!!

Happy Monday.


Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend, ours was busy!!!  Friday night we were at a friend’s house for dinner and had a lovely evening and didn’t get home until 2.00am!!!  We then had to be up early on Saturday as we had some jobs to do and in the afternoon it was the first of the Swimming Club in-house Championships. 

Saturday morning I got the cars cleaned out inside and DH put a new wooden handrail up the steps to our front door as the other one had broken.  We got to the swimming pool at 3.00pm to set up and we managed to get all the computer equipment to talk to each other eventually and were set up for the swimmers to start at 5.00pm.  We got home around 8.30pm shattered but it was a good event and we had a lot of swimmers who broke quite a few Championship records which was really good to see.

Sunday we were up early again to get the last jobs in the garden done, including painting the Boys’ Den with wood stain before winter and DH was busy finishing staining the hand rail and then clearing up the leaves which were busy falling. 

We can now say that the garden is ready for winter and has been “put to bed” so to speak.  I am so pleased with what DH and I have got done this year in the garden especially last year as I couldn’t do a lot because of my hip, so it has been a great year for that.  Here are some pictures.


Here is the Boys’ Den stained.  We think we may need to do it again in the Spring but at least it will protect it during this Winter.


The patio and steps leading into the garden, DH has just cleared all the leaves up and he turned round and another lot had fallen!!!!!


I left my vegetable bag out and put in some leaks and cauliflowers for Spring.


The hardy Fuchsia is busy dropping its flowers so I have been sweeping them up.


We were lucky with the weather over the weekend as it was sunny and quite mild.


You can see the cherry tree leaves how golden they are now.

When I was cleaning out our cars I checked the first aid boxes we carry and threw out anything which was out of date and went this morning and replaced some of the things and re-packed them to go back in the cars.


I always find that the pre-filled ones you can buy in the shops never have the things I want in them, so I bought two of the smaller clips boxes for our cars.  The Boys also have them too.  Here they are ready to go back.  I also checked the house medicine cupboard and bought some replacements for that too.   


Treacle was busy helping all weekend too, although we think she has rolled in something she shouldn’t so I have rung her Spa to try to get her in for a bath!  It will kill two birds with one stone as I can also book her Christmas appointment at the same time, so I don’t forget and then they are full up!!!!!


Can I please have a biscuit for helping?

We got to the pool at 3.30pm yesterday as we were able to leave all the equipment up from the previous day.  Although the computers worked perfectly the day before we could not get them to talk to each other on Sunday and we only just got it all sorted before warm up!!!  The swimmers, parents and officials didn’t know anything about it just DH and I and Connor running around trying to fix it!!!  The swimmers again had a good event and some more Championship  records went so it will be a busy Presentation Evening on December 21st!!!!!

Of course being busy over the weekend I felt like today should have been Sunday really!!! 

The other thing is my computer is going away for a few days to be upgraded and a new disk inserted so I will try to log into my Blog on Eldest’s computer  but if I don’t manage it I will be back later in the week.  It’s always the same, I am up to date with my work, all of it, and then my computer has to go away so I will be a few days behind!!!!  I will catch up though because I don’t want to get in a mess when it does come back!!!!!   Of course that means I will get to play in my sewing room for two days of quilting as I won’t have a computer, there is always a silver lining.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx


Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.


This months book is a Kathy Reichs.  You know I love the TV show “Bones” which was based upon Kathy’s character of Temperance Brennan, the books are better and are in no way like the show.  “Speaking in Bones” is Kathy’s eighteenth in the series and, as with all her books, is based upon a case or an idea from her actual job as a forensic anthropologist.

This story begins with an amateur detective trying to convince Brennan that she has identified one of the hundreds of remains held in storage but Brennan does not believe her but as further evidence comes to light and Brennan becomes more involved in the case she is warned not to pursue it.  However this does not deter her but then realises that the case is far more complicated and she is dragged into a world she had wished she had left alone. 

I have got a little behind on Kathy’s books but that is not a problem as there are few to catch up on.  You can get the above book on all platforms from Amazon.

I spent a few hours in the book shop at the end of September getting a few books, which I didn’t have time to do whilst we were away, so I am all set now for the darker evenings with plenty of books to read!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


Moomin Again.

I can now show you the second Baby Quilt I was working on as the new parents and Grandparents have received and seen it.


It’s another Moomin Quilt for DH’s Cousin’s daughter.  They new they were expecting a little boy so I was able to make the colours fit.  Their little girl, Emilie was born two and half years ago and it was my first commission quilt from Judy to make a Moomin quilt for them, below.



A closer look at the panels and the quilting.  As the blue border was quite strong I went for a white border to offset it a little.



The back has a little blue and white all over flower on it and I used this for the binding too.


They love it!

Well if your big Sister has a Moomin quilt then you have to have your own!!!!

Mary & Andy son Joe

Here is Joe at six days old.

Next quilting jobs – finish my quilted Christmas gifts!!!!! Only nine weeks to go!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag!


This was my “I didn’t want to get up this morning” pose!!!!  I was very happy and settled on Mom’s bed when she got up!!!


Although I have not got a football at the moment for outside Mom and Dad gave me another huge tennis ball for the house.  I love it and love carrying it around.  The blurry bit on my back in the picture is my tail wagging very fast!!!!!!


Mom washed my towel today as it has been very wet the last few days and so when it came out of the dryer she put it over me as I love it when it is warm and snuggly!


This was the other day in the sewing room, the temperature had dropped so it was a little cooler and Mom covered me up whilst she was sewing and I was sleeping!!!!

Mom says they are forecasting lots of snow this year, I do hope so!!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

Good News!

As you know I don’t watch the news or read much of it now because it is all so depressing, but this week we have had some good news. 

Friday last was the second Royal Wedding of the year, that of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank.  I sort of watched it, ie it was on the TV whilst I was working, but I did love the flowers on the steps up to the Chapel, lovely Autumn colours.



I also liked the Bride’s dress but thought it was a shame she did not wear a veil.  The Page Boys and Bridesmaids all looked lovely although the colours were very much Spring like and I thought they would have carried the Autumn colour scheme through, but no one asked me!!!!!!!


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex attending and I bet it brought back happy memories of their own wedding just five months previously.  It is quite a funny feeling going to a friend’s wedding not long after your own.  It happened to DH and I; we attended some very good friend’s their wedding five months after ours and this time we were guests instead of the centre of attention and it was quite surreal, although it was great to sit back and watch it all happen rather than being in the middle!!!!


Of course we then found out yesterday that the Sussex’s are expanding their family with a baby due in Spring next year.  How wonderful especially as the baby will be close in age with its Cousins, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s children.

So some good news for once in the middle of all the usual rubbish that is out there!!!


The Baby Quilt I was working on is finally done and I will show you pictures at the end of this week.  We are going out on Friday night to friends for dinner, which should be a great evening and then Saturday and Sunday it is the Swimming Club’s in-house Championships.  Normally we have the events a month apart or certainly a few weeks apart but we can’t this year due to other swimming events, so they are the day after each other!!!  I am sure the Swimmers or their parents will be moaning but hey ho!!!!


The weather at the moment is supposed to be good for the weekend so DH and I are hoping to get those last little jobs done in the garden and then that will be it for the Winter.  They are still predicting lots of snow for us this year beginning in the middle of November and going right through December and Christmas.  It is one of those “I will believe it when I see it” scenarios however!!!!

Treacle has had a few fraught days with the high winds whistling around our home and it has kept her up at night so she has been snoozing the days away in her basket next to my desk.  She did liven up a bit though when Youngest got home from visiting his Girlfriend at Uni.  It won’t be long before I am off to bed to read my latest book and no doubt she will be next to me snuggled up!!! 

Speaking of Books I missed last Fridays Monthly Book Club so it will be out this Friday!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Busy, Busy, Busy!

Friday last was the only evening we were in as the weekend was very busy!!!  We ran some errands early in the morning on Satuday and then in the evening we were helping at the League swimming event at Cheslyn Haye.



The venue wasn’t too bad and we were in the little foyer so it was relatively cool but on poolside, where DH was, it was roasting. It hadn’t helped that the day was really mild with a warm wind blowing but everywhere we were the heating was on, so I was slowly melting into a little puddle!!!!  We got home around 10.00pm quite tired!!!

Sunday morning we got some jobs done in the house as it was pouring with rain and then in the afternoon DH went to the swimming pool where our Club swims for the County Mini Championships (for the younger swimmers) were being held.  The event went well and DH got home around 8.00pm when we had dinner.  I had spent the afternoon and evening trying to finish sewing the binding to the baby quilt, which I finally finished at 2.15am this morning!  I am tired now!!!  I will show you pictures later in the week.

Tonight DH has a Swimming Club Committee meeting, before the AGM next month,  so I will be in my sewing room moving on to getting my Christmas projects finished.  Christmas will soon be here!!!!!

I hope you are having a Marvelous Monday and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s Friday Right?


This was me yesterday, frantically trying to get work finished, house jobs done, washing & ironing done and the baby quilt finished!!!!  I got everything but the baby quilt finished!!!!!!  I even missed #TBT!!!!

SO we will do #TBT today:


Yes I know it’s a Christmas picture but I am just slowly sinking under the weight of Christmas emails, so you have a Christmas #TBT!!!!   This is from 2005 and Eldest was 10 and Youngest was 6 and I just loved those ages.  They are independent little people but they still want you around and your help and they still rely on you.  Wonderful. 

I am hoping this year that Eldest and Girlfriend will be coming for Christmas Dinner so I will have my family all together, which in this frantic, technological age is something I think is very important. 

Reindeer in Nottm 3 05

Speaking of Christmas (tee hee) there was an advert on TV the other day for the Christmas 24 Channel and you know how last year it began on November 1st?  Well this year it begins on October 20th!!!!  Soon it will be June 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#

This weekend, like all of them in October for us, is busy.  Youngest is going to see his Girlfriend at Uni, DH and I are seeing Evalyn, Owen and their parents tomorrow as it is Evalyn’s 5th Birthday and from there we are going to the first of the big Swimming Gala’s for the year.  We thought we would just be attending but the Club who are hosting do not have enough helpers, so I am now running the timing equipment and DH is announcing!!!!  Then Sunday is the second of our County’s Mini Galas for the younger swimmers and DH is announcing at that!!!

We were hoping to get the Boy’s Den and our bench stained, as well as replacing the wooden handrail up the steps to our front door on Sunday morning but the weather does not look like it is going to co-operate.  It was going to be sunny but now they are forecasting rain, like  today.  We woke to bright sunshine which soon disappeared and now it is torrential rain and very high winds.  This storm is called Storm Callum but it is nothing like what the US and The Philippines have been experiencing, although it is getting all the leaves off the trees – another job.  I am glad that I managed to get the shed and my little grow house stained this week, two jobs off the list anyway, tee hee!!!!


As much as I am resisting Christmas and it’s fast approach I am having to get some Christmas presents, especially those which need ordering, so I am just going to go with the flow and have decided to just enjoy the journey.  At least by being organised I won’t be stressed by the time Christmas does arrive!!! 

IMG_0921Treacle last year!!!  I am hoping to have got her new quilt done by this Christmas!


To add to the Christmas feel of this post, last year in the Derbyshire Peak District; a dusting of snow just before Christmas.  They are still forecasting a lot of snow this year and if so Treacle will be very happy!

I hope whatever you are up to this weekend, you have a great one.  Happy Friday!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


I am hiding at the top of the garden from Mom as I have stolen her stick out of the ground again!!!!  tee hee!


This is a better hiding spot as I blend into the background, don’t you think?


Sorry Mom, I won’t chew the next stick you put in the ground, promise!

It has been lovely and warm today and I have spent the whole day outside.  Mom says it is going to rain tomorrow but I hope not.  I also had my biscuit outside.

Mom tried to get a new football for me today but they had not got any which were suitable so she will be going out on Friday to run errands so will try somewhere else then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x