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I Have A Sore Head!!!!!

No I haven’t lost the plot yet but am losing the will to live, trying to sort out a new host for my blog!!!!!
As you know trying to upgrade this one so I can load as many pictures as I want has not happened and I cannot contact anyone at Google to sort it out!!!
DH, who knows all things computer and is not only an Engineer he also can write computer code, is trying to build a new blog on WordPress, which even he says is not easy!!!!  
With all this going off we are extremely busy with work and some problems which are happening there too and then trying to sort The Boys out as well, I really don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment!!!!
Quilting seems to have got lost in the mix somewhere and I need to get sorting as we now have the Schedule for the Wicked Blog Hop, hosted by Wicked Wendy and I am on the First Day!!!!!! Oh my
It all begins on Monday October 22nd and ends, of course, on Wednesday October 31st, Halloween!!!!!
Here is the Schedule for the Monday :
Monday, October 22nd
Don’t forget to stop by and see all the clever ladies who are hosting an event.  I can’t wait.  There will also be a little Giveaway on my day too.  I have an idea of what to do and have all the material sitting on my desk waiting for me to play, now I just need to find some spare time.
I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday, today is normally The Wednesday Wag but Treacle has been under the weather recently (trips to the vets included in the rushing around!)  The vet thinks its the weather (!!!!!) which is not good here at the moment.  Only I could have a neurotic dog!!!!
Susie x  

Back To School!

Eldest in his Upper Sixth suit!

Youngest ready for Year 8

My Boys!

I know they have been back at school for two weeks now, but I found these photographs on my camera card when I was transferring them to the computer!!  Too much technology!!!
This will be the last year I can get this style of picture as it is Eldest’s last year at school!!!!  Next year, hopefully, he will be heading off to Uni.  
They only ever look like this on the first day!  After that the uniform seems to go down hill, until it is replaced for the start of the next year; LOL!
Got to go out today and run some errands and then get back and finish some work.  Treacle is in charge today, no doubt she will be on the computer later!
Have a Wicked Wednesday (We will all soon be Wicked in the new Blog Hop coming up soon.  Don’t miss it!!)
Susie x

Something Quilt Related At Last!

The picture hasn’t turned out too well but this quilt was stunning

A closer view of the applique work.
Hopefully Tuesday will prove a little easier than Monday was!
Quilt Club was last night and it was a bring and buy sale for Charity.  We all brought a lot of things, we all bought a lot of things and not much left over and we raised over £80 for the Charity this year.   I was very restrained and only bought these:
Six Quilting Magazines for 40p each!
Show and tell was very short as everyone had been too busy sorting things out to bring and sell.  The Quilt above was by one of our older ladies who decided she wanted a project to keep her busy for a few months!  She finished it in a week!!!!!  The pictures are not very good but it was stunning and I am very envious.
It was a lovely evening.  I was sitting next to one lady whose daughter has just started her second year at Uni and I was talking to her about all the form filling and nervous weeks when waiting to hear back!  I think you always feel better having talked to people who have gone through it, sometimes you feel so alone when trying to navigate through something new and unchartered!  
Tonight I am going to quilt, come hell or high water; which the high water part would be pretty funny as we live on a steep hill!!!!!!
Got to catch up on some business work and then sort out my walk in closet.  We are having a charity collection at the Swimming Club to raise funds for the kids and my closet at the moment is very messy as I am half way through swapping my summer for winter things and sorting through what I want to get rid of.   
The weather here is getting cooler by the day and I am sat at my desk now with a vest top, jumper and cardigan on, thick jeans and, as The Boys call them, my non-Uggs!  They look like Uggs but aren’t and are only meant to be worn in the house, but they keep my feet lovely and warm!!!!  I am also trying to walk in some new shoes for a party we are going to at the beginning of October, my feet also hurt!

My new shoes

My non-Uggs!!!!!!!
The leaves haven’t started to fall yet, because of all the rain we have had this year but they are starting to turn colour and I can’t wait to see the wonderful reds and oranges.
I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday. 

Go Away Monday!!!

Planking: This white cat could be hardly noticed while sleeping stiff as a board across a camouflaging white sheet
Don’t you just love this picture?  Oh to be a cat and this relaxed!
How is your Monday?  So far mine has not gone as planned.  
I had to take Youngest to the Doctors this morning and despite our appointment time, the Doctor was running forty five minutes late!  Anyway he has managed to damage the tendon on the top of his right arm, so we have some anti-inflammatory cream and he has to rest it.  Which means no sport at school for two weeks and he can still go swimming but only do kick sets, ie just use his legs!  He only missed one lesson this morning so no too bad.
I am also having trouble with blogger.  I had noticed with a couple of other ladies who blog who have had the same problem when they have reached their free download limit.  This of course if for pictures.  I decided I was going to pay for the extra storage and keep everything else the same.  
I arranged it and paid Google with my credit card.  As it was such a small amount by credit card company called to see if was a transaction I had authorised.  I said yes and that this small amount would be going out every month and I knew about it so don’t block it! 
Last month, again, I had a note from Google to say my payment had been blocked by my credit card company and I needed to go in and authorise it again.  I called my card company and complained and they said that Google is always blocked and even though I said it was okay they would still automatically block it!!!!!  As you can imagine I had words with them.  I tried to have words with Google with no luck.  They won’t take one yearly payment and you can’t pay them any other way!
I am now looking into other ways of hosting my blog and will let you know in due course what is happening.  I hope that all my Followers and anyone who reads my blog will follow me wherever I go.  I hate it when everything is settled and then this makes it all change!
I hate change!  I want to be that cat!  We all know that the best bit about blogs is the pictures!!  Sorry for a moaning Monday.
The weekend was not too bad, although very busy and I am still hobbling about but the pain is starting to ease now.  I still don’t have my car!  The part was held up in Customs over here!!!!!  I think the Karmic worlds is against me at the moment.
At least it’s Quilt Group tonight, yeah.
Have a Happy Monday.
Susie x

Is This a Quilting Blog?

This came from Shadywood Quilts website But I think it is so accurate!!!!
Yes, it’s supposed to be!!!  But there hasn’t been much quilting of late!  Everyday I have the best intentions of when I have finished my work and got the house and Boys sorted I will sit down and do the quilting, which is starting to pile up.
However, last night I fully intended to do the above and then with things happening; driving lesson, grocery shopping, homework, getting dinner, DH being late because of traffic jams, it was 8.45pm before everything was finished!
I looked at my sewing and decided I was too tired to even think about sitting down to do any.   
I have got up this morning with my right leg and back hurting and I think I may have trapped a nerve on that side whilst asleep last night!  I had trouble down the right hand side whilst I was expecting our Eldest and every so often this happens.  I can’t sit, lie or stand at the moment and if I do after ten minutes it hurts!  I don’t think there will be any quilting done for a bit 😦
I have also, taking notice of Rule Number 1 above, just bought this new fabric
A lovely Layer Cake which I am going to make into a quilt with another one I have.

A bundle of Moda Fabric in Autumn colours and I love it.

A better picture of the stack.
I bought this from Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop (  Corinna Jones runs the online shop and also has a blog.   She has a great range of Moda Charm Squares, of which I can only get a few in the UK, and she also has an Ebay shop too.  She is really helpful and shipped my order the next day.  
I can’t wait to start creating with it but I think it will have to wait until I am feeling better!!!  Now where did I put the painkillers?!!!
Have a Thrilling Thursday and happy Quilting to those of you able to!

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag

Happy Wednesday everyone.  It has been very quiet around here since my Boys have gone back to that place called school.
On Monday after Mom had been to see the bikes come through the village, she and her friend came back for coffee and brought my good friends, Mac and Purdy with her.  I generally play with them when we are on our walks, but we got to play in the garden instead.
This is me looking out of the kitchen door windows at the two, yes two, squirrels running around in my garden!  I am not happy! However Mom won’t let me out to sort them out which is not fair!!!!!
I have also been in trouble this week as I managed to eat a whole pot of casserole which was de-frosting in the sink!  I managed it by standing on my hind legs and pulling up with my front paws.  It was lovely and had defrosted enough for me to eat it!  I was also in trouble last week as I managed to eat half a pound of butter as well!
Mom was not happy with me and I was put on half rations until my tummy had sorted it self out, which if finally did yesterday!!!!

(This Was Treacle over the last few days poorly sick – Mom)
So I have been confined to my basket for the last few days, while Mom has been working, hopefully I will soon be back in her good books!  Oh well, I just couldn’t help myself.  I now have a new name from the Boys; A meat/butter licker!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.  

Animal Paw Print

September 11th


On this day of remembering my Grandmother, we also remember all those who were lost on this day in 2001.
A book I read afterwards by Patricia Carrington, Julia Collins, Claudia Gerbasi and Ann Haynes, four widows of 9/11, had a profound affect on me. It is a book of loss and hope and I urge anyone who has not read it to do so.
The Title is “Love You, Mean It”.  It came about after Julia shouted it out to their helicopter pilot during a visit to Scottsdale.  It became their saying between themselves.
Since 9/11 I always make sure that when DH and The Boys go out the door, I tell them to be safe and I love them.

Love You, Mean It.

Susie x