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I Am Finally Back!!!!

We are back, the computer and I!  You would think we have been away on holiday but oh no, just both of us sick!!!
My computer needed a whole new memory (I think I could do with a whole new memory too sometimes!!!!) and I have finally got over water infections, bad leg and generally feeling that the World is against me!!!
I have managed to catch up on all the work, which piled up, with no computer and am now back on track.
Helen contacted me with her address for the Halloween Giveaway and then my computer broke so I haven’t been able to get her address until now, so I am so sorry Helen and I will post it this week!!!!!
I have also been running around trying to get things sorted for Christmas and swimming at the swimming club has been a bit manic too.
Last Friday we held our Small Pool Championships.  This is for our swimmers aged between five and ten years old.  They all had a great time with everyone winning either a trophy or medal.  Afterwards we held a party for them all and the rest of the swimmers who weren’t competing.
We thought when we decided to do this that we would get between fifty and sixty of the children there; we had 112!!!!!  We got caterers in to do the food (good job or else it would have taken us days to do it ourselves!) DH did the disco for them (we did discos every Friday and Saturday night before we had The Boys!)  and we had an entertainer who was making balloon animals and keeping the children entertained.
The children had a great time and loved every minute of it; the adults were shattered by the end of the two hours!!!!!  Anyway we will be doing it again next year.
Then the Boys were swimming for the Club on Saturday night in Wolverhampton and the Club came third again, so really good result.  Then Sunday evening they were swimming at Loughborough University in their 50m pool.  Next weekend we have the Derbyshire Sprint Competition at Sheffield 50m pool and both Boys are doing that.
Friday DH and I are going Christmas shopping.  We usually pick a Saturday to do this but as we have no weekends free until just before Christmas, we are both taking the day off and it all has to be done then!!!! So I am getting into the Christmas spirit ready for Friday.
I have also got to make two large Christmas cakes and three small ones (and this year I cannot find thin red cake boards to put them on!! Now why is that?), two large and three small Christmas puddings and loads of mince pies, Christmas cookies and chocolate truffles.  This is all to go in four Christmas hampers which I make up for DH’s family.
Saturday we will be writing our Christmas cards as well and if we have time, wrapping the gifts we will have bought on Friday!!!!!
I can’t wait.  I love Christmas, I love the planning, the baking, the cooking, the parties, seeing friends, being with DH and The Boys and Treacle too!!!!!  There is nothing I don’t love.
Bring on Christmas is what I say!!!
So I am sorry to all my followers and everyone who pops in to see what I am doing, that I have been away too long.  Hopefully my computer will now behave itself for a while and I can get back to writing every day.  I have also missed reading all the blogs I follower, I hate getting behind.
See you tomorrow, Treacle says woof.
Susie xx