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We Are Back.

I spent Monday catching up on work and Tuesday catching up on home jobs, finally I am able to show you pictures of our mini vacation!  You saw the Merry Marylebone pictures from the Wednesday evening.  Thursday we visited Kensington Palace.  I had always wanted to go and also there was an exhibition of Royal dresses including Princess Diana’s wedding dress. 

Warning:  Picture Heavy Post!!!!!!

The main part of the Kensington Palace tour is where Queen Victoria lived before she became Queen. 

The first room we came to had some Tiaras from the Royal Collection.

A door into the gardens.

This dress was worn by Princess Margaret at a Ball.

A dress worn by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on a Royal tour.

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress.

This dress was worn by the Queen Mother at her Husband’s Coronation.

The following pictures are all from the State Apartments where Princess Victoria and various other monarchs resided including William & Mary of Orange.

King William’s Throne.

The Audience Chamber which had wonderful deep red damask walls.

The Staircase, I loved the lamps.

A Tableaux of Queen Victoria and her Court.  There was a lot of scaffolding in this room as they are trying to shore up the roof and floor.  They had tried in the past but it now needs a more permanent solution.

All around there were little figurerines depicting Princess Victoria’s life. 

The Rules that everyone had to follow around Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria’s Dog, called Dash.

Princess Victoria’s Doll House.

It was a great visit.  We then walked into the park surrounding the Palace.

The front of the Palace where you visit.

The weather was good and it was nice to see a blue sky and the sun after several days of grey!

We then crossed the city for Lunch at Fortnum & Mason in The Royal Exchange.

We passed Trafalgar Square

DH Had Dover Sole for Lunch

I had Mushroom Wellington.

In the evening we went to see the Play “The Play That Goes Wrong”.  It is a play within a play and very, very funny!!!  If you get chance to see it do.

The set before the play started!  It does not look like this by the end!

We had a very busy day Thursday but it was great fun.  We got back to the hotel around 9.30pm and had some supper.  I will show you Friday’s adventures tomorrow.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH.


For #TBT today I wanted to show you some pictures of our visit to London during October school half term in 2005, which I cannot believe is fifteen years ago!!! Eldest was 10 and Youngest was 6! We had a lovely week and the weather was quite good for October!

I love looking back on these pictures and to see the fun we had as a family. DH and I are going to London tomorrow for the weekend. This is the trip that was cancelled from July, then September and now the end of October!!! With all the new restrictions we weren’t sure if it was going to happen, but so far and fingers crossed we are going!!! I will have pictures to show you next week!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx




#TBT only to Yesterday!  Eldest and I are playing a game over WhatsApp, he sends me a picture of where they are in New York and I have to name it and so far I have got them all correct!!!  I have never been but have watched so many shows, films etc I think I would know my way around!!! 

Anyway here are the pictures he has sent me so far :


A hearty Breakfast before they set off!


Central Park looking towards The Plaza.


New York American Museum of Natural History: I told him not to stay overnight!!


Metropolitan Museum.


The Ice Rink at Rockfellar Centre.


A Big Barnes & Noble Store: Now I would not have got past here without staying in there for a while.


Grand Central Station.


The New York Public Library: Another building I could lose myself in for a whole day!


The Empire State Building.


Madison Square Garden where they went to see a Basketball Game last night!


A typical New York Lunch!!!!

I am loving getting these pictures from Eldest to see what they are up to and where they have been, it is sort of like being there!  No doubt when Youngest gets to Orlando I will be getting pictures from there, which I can share with you.

It is home jobs day today and I got up at 4.30am to make sure I got them done first, I also have some errands to run and grocery shopping to do, washing and ironing to get done and then help Youngest pack for his trip!!  It is all go.  Friday I think I will sneak a day and do some quilting as the weekend is going to be busy as always.

I hope your Thursday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

No Spoilers Here.


No Spoilers revealed in this post!  DH and I went to see “Avengers: End Game” last night and can honestly say it does not seem like three hours long.  It was good and did answer a lot of the questions left at the end of Infinity War, although I did get a bit confused at one bit!!!!

It will be interesting to see how the movies from now on deal with some of the things raised in the film. 

If you are a fan of the movies then you will enjoy it but I also think you will perhaps have to see it a few more times, when on DVD, to get all the nuances. I know I will!!!!

My two favourite characters of all the films, Rocket and Natalia Romanova aka Black Widow!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

#Throwback Thursday!

Still no snow just freezing temperatures and fog!  It looks very pretty as all the tress and bushes are white!  So for Throwback Thursday here are some pictures from 2010 when we had the last heavy snowfall when we all had a snow day!  Eldest was 15, Youngest 11 and of course Treacle. 


You can see how much snow we had then!  Treacle was in her element!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


After all the nice weather we have had, today it has been raining, in fact more than raining, I think the term is stair rods!!!  I have not enjoyed being out in it!!!!

I had my lunchtime biscuit and am now quite happily in my basket in the warmth whilst Mom is working at her desk.


I am definitely a Fair Weather Airedale!!!! 

I hope you are having a Happy Wednesday.

Woof, Treacle.

The Wednesday Wag.

lsI was at the Spa on Monday for my bathing ritual and there were only a few other dogs in with me, so it was very relaxing!


Front View


Right View


Left View

Mom has washed all my beds, my quilt, my collar, my towel and Teddy so we all smell so much better.

The weather is still nice so far but it will not doubt start to get cool, especially as I have had my Airecut!


Of course I had to have several hours sleep to recover!!!!!!

I was also busy keeping Mom safe whilst Dad and Youngest were away over the last few days.  Sleeping in her bed was a real chore!!!!!

Woof, Treacle.