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Wednesday Wag and Treacle Is Pleased!

Treacle’s Quilt
Treacle is so pleased with me as I finished her quilt whilst we were away!  That and one other thing is all I managed to get done, while we were away.
I shamlessly copied Cooper’s Quilt from Thelma’s Blog “Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.  I had seen Cooper’s Quilt on one of her posts about her living room and thought what a good idea and loved the way it looked.  I did ask her permission for me to copy it and show it here and she very graciously said yes!  Thanks Thelma!  She was also the first to see the completed quilt.
This is where Treacle always lies, as she can see into the kitchen, the den, sitting room and dining room  from here, our downstairs is open plan, and this has been her spot since we brought her home as a puppy!
This is her lying there as a puppy!
The applique is a pattern from Cindy at “Quilt Doodle Doodles” and is her dog, Wilson.  I thought it looked like Treacle so put it on the front.
This is the Back of Treacle’s Quilt

Of course it didn’t stay on the floor too long with Youngest around!

Yes, she loves her quilt!

You can go and get on with work now, I have my quilt!!!!
Right, onto the next thing now!
Happy Wednesday and Quilting
Susie x

We’re Back!!!!

The view from our Bedroom window the first morning we were there!
You know the feeling, mounds of washing, piles of mail, cupboards empty, yep we are back from Vacation!
We had a brilliant time and the weather was very kind, for The Highlands!  We spent the two weeks not doing much of everything, getting up when we wanted and eating when it suited, which was so nice not being ruled by clocks for the two weeks!!!
Needless to say I hardly got any quilting done (!) and so have lots to do now we are back, after getting back to normal now home.
Treacle was pleased to see us, although she does sulk when she comes home from the kennels, as she is allowed to get her own way whilst there!!!  
Work has piled up too but I will plough my way through it!
Whilst away we celebrated Eldest’s 17th Birthday and today he is on his first driving lesson!!  We all went out for dinner while away with our friends who live in Errogie to the Kincraig Castle Hotel, Ross-shire and had a lovely meal.
The front of the Castle
Eldest and Girlfriend before dinner.
Birthday Breakfast – the only day you can have chocolate cake for Breakfast!!!
I will post some more pictures when I have managed to sort through them!!!  I will also post pictures of the quilts I have finished.
I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.  Another job is to get everyone sorted this week for the Boys going back to school next.  I cannot believe that six weeks have almost gone and I hate it when the Boys go back to school as I really miss them!  Oh well Treacle it will be back to you and I on our own during the day!
Susie x


There won’t be as many posts in the next couple of weeks as we are off on vacation
I will be taking this with me so I can sew when everyone else is busy!!!! I got all this when we visited the quilt shop for Andrew’s quilt material!  I think I was very good not buying too much, although there is a quilt shop near to where we are staying!  There is method in my madness!!!!!
A selection of fabrics which were on offer

Having just finished the Think Christmas Blog Hop my eye was drawn to these Christmas fabrics, so I will be busy making gifts whilst I am away too.
Hope you have a lovely two weeks and will see you all soon.
Happy Quilting.

Missed It!

Pets on Quilts
In all the running around I have forgotten to add Treacle on her quilt for the Pets on Quilts competition going on over at Lily Pad Quilting ( love the pictures and stories, so Hop Over and see all of the entries and the prizes that can be won.
You can vote for your favourite and Padsworth will be keeping track. 
Never mind Treacle we will enter next year! 
Have you ever seen a three legged dog on the stairs?  Treacle sits on the stairs like this so she can see out of the dining room window on the road and who is going by!!  She does have four legs, the other one is tucked up behind her.
Must get on jobs to do!
Have a Thrilling Thursday.

Susie x

I Really Do Need 48 Hours in 24!!!!

It has been busy again and here is what Youngest and I have been up to! 
Friday last I had to go for a check up at the Hospital which sort of dented the day with the timing of it.  But I took him to my local quilt shop to get some fabric for his quilt, after I have finished Eldest’s!
This is what he chose :

He loves Camper Vans and I can see him having one when he is older.  My plan is to cut the camper van material then but the Union Flag material around it as a boarder and then join them all together with the red fabric.  I also found this which I will add in somewhere.

Saturday’s weather was forecast to be not too bad, so one of Youngest’s sticks for his trips out was a day trip to Skegness!  Now for everyone who does not know where Skegness is, it is on the East Coast about an hour and half away from where we live.  It really is the nearest sea to us.  When I was a little girl my Grandparents had a large static caravan there and I spent every holiday and summer down with them and my parents, so it holds fond memories for me.  

We took Eldest when he was younger but had never taken Youngest so off we set.  Fortunately the weather was not too bad and we did all the things I used to do when I was little.

Baby seals rescued from June and July.

This baby seal is well on the road to recovery

These will be leaving soon.
They have a seal sanctuary where they rescue ill or baby seals, get them better then release them back into the wild.  These are a few who were in when we went.  We then walked back along the front to the Pier.

It’s a joke that the sea is always out at Skegness but there is a lot of beach!

The deck chairs and donkeys a feature of the beach since I was little

The Boys had a go on a pedal boat
Sunday the weather was not so hot and I had suggested that the next wet day we would watch all the Harry Potter Films back to back.  What I didn’t realise was that all the films add up to almost nineteen hours of film!  So we began with Year 1 The Philosophers Stone and only managed to get to the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban!  We have decided to watch the rest on another wet day!!!

Monday saw Youngest and I at Shugborough Hall, with was the home of the Earls of Lichfield, but now belongs to The National Trust.  This is quite a small manor house but in fact was very cosy, with beautiful furnishings.  

The back of the house and gardens.

The old Stable Block
The formal Dining Room

One of several Drawing Rooms overlooking the gardens.

The private dining room of the family

The Library

The Games Room

Youngest on the steps.

The old Kitchen
 We had a great day, even though the weather was mixed.
Tuesday saw Youngest and I heading for the Nottingham Tennis Centre, where I used to spend all of my summer holiday playing tennis, or swimming in the lido across the road.
The Nottingham Tennis Centre
It didn’t look like this when I played there, it was just lots of hard courts and grass courts.  There were also several clay courts across the city, so we were able to play on all surfaces. We had a great hours game and even beat the rain!
Photograph courtesy of Nottinghamshire Local Studies Library
The Highfields Lido in Nottingham
Unfortunately this no longer exists.  It was very near to the Nottingham University and unfortunately one year, a drunken student celebrating the end of exams climbed over the wall one night and drowned.  The lido was immediately closed and very quickly filled in and is now an art centre!  It was a great loss to the City of Nottingham being one of the last lidos and I can honestly say that on a warm summers day, there was no where better than to swim and sunbathe there!

Today has been a catch up day for work and Eldest is now home!!  Looking extremely well and a little tanned having had a fortnight of excellent weather and the use of their own pool for the two weeks at the villa.  It’s great to have him home and I know his brother is glad.

Tomorrow is a catch up home day and Friday will be a frantic packing day for our two week vacation and I cannot wait!  I may even get some quilting done.

Susie x


No Not Missing, Just Busy!!!

The Think Christmas Blog Hop is now completed and the blocks have been amazing.  I am still working my way through them as the last few days at Home have been hectic.  
However I have got Mr Random Number Generator to pick the winner of my Moda Winter Wonderland Pack and it is  Gwen who said :

Merry Christmas!! Reading your post has really put me in the Christmas spirit! 🙂 I LOVE your Christmas village– the snowmen in the yards are adorable– you have inspired me! 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win some of that beautiful fabric!!
So Congratulations to Gwen and a big thank you to all of you who left comments and became followers.  I really loved reading all the comments about Christmas and will try and visit your blogs in the next few weeks/months!  
A Big THANK YOU  to Santa Lesley  and Madame Samm for organising this and suggesting it, I had lots of fun and made lots of new blogging friends. 
I am finding that having Eldest not here and just Youngest here, a lot of hard work.  Usually Big Brother entertains Little Brother while I get some work done and then we can go out and play!!  Now I am having to go out and play immediately so all my usual jobs as well as work are falling behind! Tonight and tomorrow night are set aside for catching up.  We are going away on Saturday for our two week Vacation and cannot wait.  I have some other posts from the last few days to sort out and I will try and post whilst we are away, although the internet connection is haphazard at best!  

Susie x

Busy Days

Chatsworth House Having had a cleaning


Youngest and Treacle in front of the House


Treacle trying to catch dinner!


Come on Run!!!!!
Youngest and I took Treacle to Chatsworth House for a walk on Monday!  The weather was mixed and quite showery but we decided to go for it and fortunately we stayed dry.  We walked along the river which runs in front of the house and then back in front of the house to the car.  Treacle loved it by the river although she was very interested in the Ducks, I think she was trying to catch her dinner!!!!
After three hours they had both had enough so we headed home!
Tuesday dawned with heavy rain which stopped us doing anything outside, so Youngest persuaded me to head to Nottingham again so he could get his brother his Birthday present and then we could go to the cinema (that’s what rainy days are for!!! or so he said!)
The Amazing Spiderman
This is what we went to see.  I was very brave going to see this as I absolutely hate spiders and the one scene where there are spiders in it, I was just about crawling out of my seat!  But I hung on!  It was really good and I enjoyed it more than the other ones, so it got 10 out of 10 from me!
We then had supper at TGI Fridays on the basis that Wednesday I needed to catch up on some business work and Youngest was very good and said that that was okay (I think he was tired too!)
Wednesday I spent the day catching up on work and getting things ready for the end of the month and got it all done.
House work today!!! I always look like this when I am doing housework!
Today was a home day and getting things done at home and Youngest was a great help.  I am very good at multi-tasking!!!!!
Tomorrow we are out and about and I have to go to the Hospital in the afternoon for a check-up but that should be only an hour.
I have been blog hopping with the Think Christmas ladies and I am collecting blocks to make like mad!  I have just watched Michael Phelps win Gold for 200 IM, what an amazing swim.  Our GB Team are doing well with Gold and Silvers all over the place.  I think all the athletes are doing well.  Watching the Tennis of course and Federer has got through, yeah!
Trying also to get my quilt finished so I can enter the Pets on Quilts!  Hope you all have had a lovely few days.  Happy Quilting.
Susie x

Think Christmas Thank You!

Day 3

You know what is like after opening all the lovely gifts at Christmas and you have to then sit down and write your Thank You notes.  Well I have been doing that this morning and I just wanted to say a public Thank You to everyone who visited my Hop yesterday and for all the lovely comments and new Followers I now have.
Someone (sorry I can’t remember who and I may have dreamt it!!!) asked if I had made the pattern up myself and I can honestly say no!  I am not that confident yet so tend to follow patterns and the house block I got from off the Web (surprise, surprise!)  It was a free pattern from (hope that works).  I have used these patterns a couple of times and find them very clear to use and follow.
Day 3 is underway at the Think Christmas Blog Hop and these ladies are hosting today :
Wednesday, August 1
I will be stopping by in a little while to see what everyone is up to (I really need to get on with some work; I like playing too much!)

Treacle will also be along in a little while with her Wednesday Wag (she is too busy playing with Youngest at the moment!) and an update of what we have been doing.  
Today is the start of Pets on Quilts and I am hoping to get something finished for that, late again, oh my ears and whiskers!!!

Have a lovely Quilty Wednesday and I will be back later.

Susie x