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Throwback Thursday!


The Boys with Santa.  We always took them to see Santa at Great Central Railway near Loughborough.  They loved the steam trains, you got to go on the train for the length of the line, which is double tracked and takes about an hour there and an hour back.  This picture was taken in 2005 and Eldest was ten and Youngest six.


As they got older we used to have lunch on the train and see Santa as well.  Theses two pictures were taken five years later in 2010.  I really miss taking them to see Santa, DH and I loved it as much as they did!!!!

Work is slowing down now as quite a few of the companies we work with have now broken up for the Christmas holidays but the traffic is still horrendous as the shoppers are out and about.  Once we have finished shopping tomorrow that will be it we won’t be going anywhere near any shops until well into next week and then only if I must!!!!  We have a few fun things planned for the holidays with the Boys and Treacle and of course Youngest will be out and about practicing driving with his Dad!

Christmas is coming together in our home and I should have everything ready by Christmas Eve but if if isn’t well it won’t matter.  I am trying for the laid back approach this year (am I convincing you yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tonight I have a basket of ironing to get done and the final bits of wrapping. 

I hope all your plans are coming along well.

Christmas Hugs,

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

img_0339It’s almost Christmas!!!!  Yippee!  Can’t wait for Santa to appear and leave me my gifts!!!!  

However I am disgusted with Eldest!  He is a traitor!!!!  DO YOU KNOW WHY?  Girlfriend’s family have a new puppy!!!!! 


Meet Tiny!  She is ten weeks old and is a Bernese Mountain Dog and will not be tiny for long!!!  She arrived last weekend and is just settling in to the family home and Mom says she is cute but not as cute as me is she Mom? 

No Treacle you are still the cutest!

When she is a little older and settled down we are hoping to go for a walk together and get to know you, but she will be about my size and I like dogs my size.  Little dogs make me a bit nervous so if they are my size I am okay!

I will just have to remind Eldest that he belongs to me and not go over to the dark side!!!!!

Woof, Treacle


Five More Sleeps!

Image result for five more sleeps

Yep only five more sleeps to go and omg!!!  I have so much to do!!! 

I love, love, love this time of year especially driving around at night and seeing all the houses lit up with their trees and lights outside and some people go really to town.  of course there are some houses that you would never know its Christmas, Bah Humbug!!!

Anyway I have been putting up more lights at our home!!!!

img_0348Here is our Christmas Tree.  We got it from our local Garden Centre and Eldest’s Best Friend, who is a Horticulturist there, was working the day we went to get it.  He helped us pick this one out and it has been great.  DH says we have to have a huge tree to accommodate all the ornaments we have which we have collected since we were first together in 1986.  It also includes lots of things the Boys have made over the years at playschool and school.  The smell of the tree is wonderful and you can smell it right through the house.

img_0358We have put up lights on the kitchen cabinets this year and they look great and I just might leave them up!!!!

img_0357My Boys bought me this sign a few years ago and it is so true!! They love the kitchen at Christmas especially when I am baking!!!!!

img_0356This is one of my favourite pieces,  It is a made of pottery and I just love Santa’s face.

img_0354This was a gift from our friends, Ted and Helen, after a visit to Germany where their daughter and family live.  I had liked them for a while but the ones over here were all candles but I loved that this shows the nativity.  It sits in our dining room window.

img_0353Finally our stair lights.

img_0339Here is madame last Wednesday all lovely and fluffy and I do love her this long but of course it is not practical really, especially when she kept coming in the house with half the garden attached to her paws!

img_0359 img_0360Here she is after her visit to the Spa and yes it is due to be cold again this week!  Of course!!!!

Friday was the swimming club Presentation Night for the main pool swimmers and it was due to start at 7.00pm as there was so much to get through.  I was in Nottingham during the day and was going to straight to the venue.  Well with one thing and another the whole of Nottingham and Derby became gridlocked!!!  I left at 5.00pm and sat in traffic in various places for well over an hour and had to go down several back roads that I know to try and get around the traffic.  All in all it took me two and a half hours to get there which should have taken no more than an hour!!!!  Fortunately I did not miss Youngest receiving his trophies!!!!

img_0336 img_0330He handed over as Captain this year after two years and presented the Andrew Parr Trophy for Boys 8/9 Years 50m Breaststroke.  Here he is with it.  It was a good night but I did leave after the presentations were made as I was shattered!

Saturday evening we went to the Boy’s Godparents house for dinner and to see them before Christmas.  It was a lovely evening, especially after such a hectic week and also before another hectic week this week!!!!!! 

There is still lots to do but I am just taking each day as it comes, otherwise I think I will get too stressed.  Work is really busy as well but at least that all stops for the holidays on Friday, so it will be great to have a rest.

I am also determined to get some quilting done whilst it is the holidays and definitely get my sewing room tidied.  It has been used as a wrapping station over the last few weeks so as you can imagine the mess in there!!!!!! 

I hope all your plans are coming together for the Christmas period.

Christmasy Hugs

Susie xx

Image result for christmas kitchen

Another Christmas kitchen which I love.

It’s Tuesday! Well I think it is!

dsc00652I was sorting out the pictures in my folder and came across this of Eldest, Youngest and Treacle and the last time it really snowed here in 2010!  As you can see from how deep the snow is there was a lot and it has not been like this since.  Treacle and I are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we get snow like this, this year!!!!

Today I thought it was Wednesday!  All Day!!!!  I was quite disappointed to find out it was only Tuesday but then I do have an extra day to play with this week then!!!  I think the Season is starting to get to me!!!!!!

The boiler men had to come back today to repair the repair they did before as it was still not working properly.  It is supposed to be now!!!!

Image result for The Yorkshire Vet

This is Julian Norton on the left and his business partner Peter Wright at their veterinary practice Skeldale in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.  It has been a new programme in the UK called “The Yorkshire Vet” and is based in James Herriot Country and is in fact his old practice!  

Image result for James Herriot

James Herriot, whose real name was Alf Wight, wrote about his life as a young vet in North Yorkshire from when he first arrived newly qualified to settling in and raising his own family, along with all the animals and their owners he treated.  If you have never read the books then they are a must if you love animals.  They made it into a television programme in 1973 called “All Creatures Great and Small” and it was a hit.  Well the TV are now following the real vets in their current practice and it is a great programme.  The added bonus is it is narrated by the actor who played James Herriot in the original TV programme, Christopher Timothy. 

With all the TV programmes that are on today with stress this is a very gentle show and I love it.  If you get chance to see it do.  There have been three series so far.

I hope your Tuesday is going well and yes it is Tuesday!!!!  and your plans for Christmas are coming together

Winter Hugs, Susie x

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Only Thirteen Days to Go!

Image result for Christmas

Well there are only thirteen days to go and oh boy do I have a lot to get done!!!! 

We saw the family on Saturday and it was so nice to see them and have a relaxing day visiting and to forget all the jobs for the day.  Everyone is well and happy and looking forward to the celebrations.

Image result for devonshire arms chesterfield

We went here on Saturday night for dinner with the company we work with in Chesterfield.  The food and the company were lovely and a great way to end the day.

Sunday we were getting all those jobs completed and DH and Youngest helped along with swimming and driving and eating and washing and ironing and on and on!!!!!!!

Today has been busy with work which is not getting any slower even though there are only thirteen days left before Christmas!!!!!! 

img_0342Here is fluffy Treacle and her clean Santa Hat.  She is going for her spa day on Thursday and although she looks very nice when she is cut, I do love her this fluffy.  She is so cuddly!!!!

img_0343 img_0344

This evening Santa paid a visit to our Hill (the local Rotary Club were collecting for their charity) and Treacle was there to see him!

I am going to get some pictures of our decorations over the next few days.

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

img_20161122_133222I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

I need to address the spurious claims made by my Mom yesterday about this picture!  I was keeping her warm and being a wonderful comfort to her whilst she was in bed sick!  Yes I am lying on her legs and stopped the blood flow and yes I was stretched right across the bed and Mom was on the edge of it and yes I do usually have the bed to myself but I think I was being extremely good in letting Mom be there!!!!!!!!

That big celebration of Christmas is coming soon and I have sent my list off to Santa Claus for him to peruse and hopefully deliver a few gifts.  I was also told, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from the Christmas tree which is in our sitting room!  As if I would go anywhere near it!

Treacle I caught you with your head under the tree investigating!!!!!!

No, not me, must have been that other Airedale!!!!!

Youngest will be finishing College for the Christmas break soon and I can’t wait, especially as I will not have to be getting up at silly O’clock with him so he can get there.  Bring on the Christmas break!

It has been frosty the last few mornings and my paws have been extremely cold, but I am hoping for some snow, come on Snow!!!!!!!!


I know it is not TBT but here is Wing It Wednesday and Youngest and I in our Santa hats!

I hope all your plans for Christmas are going well.

Woof, Treacle

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Image result for the most wonderful time of the year

Well it is when your computer decides to start working again!!!  Just settled down to get all my work done and it decided to blow a gasket!  The main piece of software we use decided to download all the new files several times so I ended up with over 4,000 documents!!!   DH is my IT guy and of course he was not around so no work got done but it also meant I could not use the computer either!  Technology is a wonderful thing when it works!!!!

DSC04284Anyway it is the most wonderful time of the year.  It is snowing on my Blog which I always love.  It is great driving around, especially at night, and seeing all the houses slowing being decorated for Christmas.  I just love seeing the lights.  I am hoping to get some pictures of the Winter Wonderland in Nottingham over the next few days.

We got our tree on Saturday and managed to get it  and the house decorated before DH and Youngest has to go off to swimming!  I still have lots to do and am hoping that this coming weekend I am going to catch up.  Friday DH and Youngest are out doing the disco for some friends and their Christmas party.  I have been invited out to a friends Christmas dinner in Nottingham and then Saturday we are visiting family and then going to dinner with one of the companies we work with in Derbyshire.

Sunday will be job day.  Treacle is going for her spa day next week and I am having my spa day tomorrow evening when I am getting my haircut!  Sometimes I wonder why we do all this running around before Christmas because really it is only one day, but us Mom’s always want to make it the best that it can be whatever that is. 

img_20161206_221946Here are the Christmas cards ready to be posted and delivered and some of the gifts wrapped and ready.

img_20161122_133222Whilst going through my camera I found this.  This is Treacle when I was ill in bed, she was keeping me warm.  Well I think that was what she was doing, but it may have been more “you are on my bed but I suppose I will put up with you”!!!!!!

The weather here has been cold and frosty but I don’t know if we will get any snow, it would be nice if we did.  However today was a bit warmer and thus it was foggy this morning!  The rest of the week is supposed to be a bit milder again.  I do wish it would make up its mind what it is doing! 

Treacle will be here tomorrow with her Wednesday Wag and she will be holding the fort while I am out running errands and getting my haircut!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

I Am Still Here!

Image result for Christmas chaos

I am still here, just!  I have just about recovered from my cold, but been left with a hacking cough which I am trying to get rid of!!!!  Work has been just manic!  DH has seemed to be driving from one end of the country to the other and this week has to go down to Poole (on the south coast) and then Norfolk (on the east coast) he only has to go to Wales and Scotland and he has covered the whole of the UK.

December opened and it started to snowing on my blog which I always love, but where did November go?

img_0190Our wonderful Youngest son turned 17 (!) (where did 17 years go?!!!!!) and he had a lovely day with his Dad and his present? His car!!!!  OMG he is driving!!!!  He had his first lesson yesterday morning and we are off down that road!!!!!  It has been a crazy week as DH had to go to the garage where we bought his car from on Wednesday to sort the paperwork out and I had to go to Nottingham to his college for parents evening!!!  I mean really why does everything have to be on one evening!!!!!

He had a great assessment from his tutor at college and at the moment he is on course to get all Distinctions in his course.  We are so proud of him.

Swimming has been crazy busy with events.  Last Saturday DH was out all day as President and then Youngest was competing for the Club in the evening at a gala (they came third!).  Tomorrow they are out all day in Sheffield at the Derbyshire Sprint Session!

img_20161203_130324Treacle is ready for Christmas, even if I am not yet!!!!!  She is going for a haircut next week because you can see how fluffy she is.  This picture was taken just after she had been brushed (she stays like this for about two minutes!) We managed to snap this picture as she was waiting for her lunchtime biscuit!!!!

We have had the usual issues with our home!  The boiler started to play up which we got fixed and we have a booster pump for the water pressure as we are on a hill, now that has decided to go slow!!!  So the plumber has been to see it and is coming on Monday to hopefully repair it!!!! 

DSC04985Christmas cake is made (a little later this year (!)) and I now need to make the pudding, mince pies and Christmas cookies which are tomorrow’s jobs!  I also have to get the presents wrapped and the cards mailed out!


This week is shaping up to be as hectic.  Monday evening I am getting my hair cut, I look as fluffy as Treacle because I have not had time to go.  Wednesday is Girlfriend’s sister’s Birthday so I will be seeing them.  Friday DH and Youngest are out doing a disco for our friends and I am out at a Christmas meal.  Then Saturday we are visiting family in Nottingham delivering presents and seeing them before Christmas and then in the evening we are going to one of the companies we work with their Christmas dinner, which we are really looking forward to.

Sunday I will be trying to get a few more jobs done and things sorted before Christmas.  Then Youngest will be finishing college for Christmas, it will be swimming club Presentation Evening, DH is going to two more Christmas meals with the other companies we work with in Birmingham and Nottingham and I have to pick up some of the extra bits of food that we have for Christmas before the big day!!!!

Christmas Day will be hectic with my lot and others popping in and out and then on Boxing Day I will have eight for lunch so on the 27th I am not going to be doing anything!!!! In fact I think I will stay in bed alllllllllllllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am also going to catch up with all the blogs I visit and comment on and can only apologise that I haven’t been by for a while but well you know!!!

Today we are decorating the house for Christmas and I really do love it!!!  It is my most favourite job to do.  Well I love all things about Christmas.  You can keep New Year but I love Christmas!!  I will post some pictures when everything is up and done (it won’t look much different to last year but well you know!)

I hope all your Christmas plans are going well and normal service will be resumed on my blog from now on.  Quilting you say?  Yes I am trying to fit some of that in too but with everything else it has been put aside at the moment.  Again over Christmas I am hoping to get lots done!!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

22 Days to Go Before Christmas! Oh My!

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