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I Am Meeting Myself Coming Back!

We had a lovely evening on Friday with our friends, Youngest & Girlfriend.  We had a takeaway which was so nice as we had time to sit and chat without being in the kitchen!

The Snowdrops and Primulas are starting to come out in the garden with a little of pale colour in all the brown at the moment, but it is still cold here, so Phil was right that it has been cold for those final six weeks of Winter.  Although Wednesday is March 1st and the start of the Spring months I don’t think it is going to be Spring anytime soon!

There was such an uproar about the words being changed in Mr Dahl’s books that the Publishers have now agreed to release the books in their original form and also print the new ones with the modified words!  I do hope that people will buy the original ones and not the others!!!

I have been running to catch up with work and helping Eldest with his work, as well as home jobs, the washing and ironing, cooking etc etc!  Also helping sort out the membership at the swimming club!  This weekend DH is out at a swimming event on Saturday and at a meeting on Sunday so I am hoping to use that time to do some nice things, like my quilting as well as getting a start on the Spring Cleaning! We have also been invited out for dinner on Saturday evening to some friends who we have not seen since last May so looking forward to that!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco knows where the best place is to spend these cold mornings!!!  The way she is sleeping reminds me of the Star Wars At-Ats!!!!


There is what can only be described as a war of words going on here in the UK regarding Roald Dahl and his works.  The Publisher, Puffin Books, has decided to appoint Sensitivity persons (!) and given them licence to edit Mr Dahl’s words as they see fit, chopping, altering and adding where necessary to bring his books in line with contemporary sensibilities!  So a few examples are :

Ladies & Gentleman become Folks    /   Chambermaid becomes cleaner   /  Handbags becomes bags (!)  / This woman’s mad becomes This woman is not in her right mind.

There are a million other changes but you can probably see from the above they are just silly.  My opinion on this is that they are putting adult neurosis of words, descriptions, actions onto children and yet if a child was asked about these words they would have no problem at all about it! 

I suppose that if these publishers want to be politically correct then new Authors need to produce books with politically correct words in, however you must not go back and re-write works that have been around for ever.

It is the same as the people who want to re-write history because they do not like what it says.  Most countries have a history of slaves and eventually it was ended but it is history, yes a bad history but we in 2023 cannot do anything about it but they want to take down statues and erase the history of the slaves!  Some people want to erase the Holocaust from history and say it did not happen and yet that surely then is letting down all the people who died during that dreadful time.  We need to remember these parts of history so that we do not repeat them again. 

Roald Dahl as a person had his own issues but that is nothing to do with the books he has written.  Our Boys loved the books but the Publishers should not be allowed to change them in this way.  As you know I buy a lot of books and because of this I will not be purchasing anything by Puffin/Penguin/Random House Books. 

There has been a lot of discussion about the above and likening it to “1984” by George Orwell, especially Big Brother and the Thought Police.  I really hope that we take a stand against this and other forms of “woke” white washing of our lives because if we don’t then we will be living in Mr Orwell’s 1984 before we know it!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco  xx

PS if you have any of Roald Dahl’s books from years ago hang on to them as they may be worth something if they carry on changing things!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

DH and I are actually at home on our own tonight which makes a change, so I am going to cook us dinner and we can watch a film in peace!!! 

The weekend flew by and very busy for DH and The Boys helped him out which was a great help after him being away all week at the business exhibition and also having a friend’s 60th Birthday party to do on the Saturday night too!  Why does everything always happen in one week?

I was up to date with all my work and home jobs and I got some other bits sorted.  Did not get any sewing done but did organise my projects I need to finish and sort out the material for the ones I need to get done, so it was a little bit of sewing related jobs done!

I had to pop in to the supermarket on Sunday and saw these flowers and just had to get them.  I love the colours and although it is cold and foggy here today at least they give us the hope of Spring soon!

I put them on the coffee table in the sitting room.

Madam is in trouble!  The wall behind her basket next to my desk was marked when Darling Treacle used to jump in and out of it.  It goes away when it is decorated, but trying to get a decorator at the moment is harder than finding gold!  Anyway Madam has decided to have a little chew at the wall!!!  DH thinks it will be okay but she is in BIG trouble!! 

The face of innocence – NOT!

This was what I found when I went into the kitchen yesterday afternoon!  Hmm!

Still have a busy week of work this week but we have nothing on this weekend, Yeah!!!  Saturday evening we are out with friends for dinner which I am really looking forward to.  Of course there are always jobs to get done but at least we can do them at our own pace and not in a rush as DH has to be going to an event or something!!!

Have a wonderful week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Susie’s Friday Book Club.

If you follow me you will know that I have already read and reviewed some of Edward Marston’s “The Railway Detective” and have really enjoyed them.  Inspector Colbeck the hero of the stories and his partner, Sgt Leeming, are a little like Holmes & Watson but on the Railways.  The books are set in Victorian times amid the rise of the Railways, which were making getting around the United Kingdom a lot faster than ever before.

The Christmas Case begins with an Excusion Train, being hired by a local Mill Owner in the Black Country to take his staff and their families to his country estate in The Malvern Hills for tea and to see real reindeer and a visit with a present for the children from Santa Claus.  Whilst the train is going through a long tunnel it comes to a stop and the factory manager Cyril Hubbleday gets out of his carriage and walks to the engine to see why they have stopped, the weather being very cold and icy he is annoyed at the delay.  As he reaches the engine a single shot is heard and Hubbleday falls to the ground dead. 

It is decided to get the train moving and cover the body telling the families on the train that a cow had been struck by a train so they were not upset and the excusion continues.  The local constabulary are ready and willing to get the investigation under way until they are told that Her Ladyship who resides in the big house in Great Malvern has called in Scotland Yard, in the form of Inspector Colbeck and Sgt Leeming so that the matter can be handled and solved before Christmas. 

Colbeck & Leeming are given their orders by their boss Chief Inspector Tallis but before they leave he tells them that he will be accompanying them this time as he wants to visit Great Malvern as he is intending on retiring from the Force and move there.  Colbeck & Leeming know that this will add days if not weeks to the investigation as Tallis has a habit of interfering and they are both hoping to solve the matter and be home with their families in London for Christmas. 

Will they succeed or will they miss Christmas entirely with their families?

I love these books they have the charm of the mystery novel without any of the angst that some can have.  I have not quite finished it yet but can’t wait.

Happy Reading Everyone. 

Hugs & Love Susie & Coco xx

Busy Doing Nothing….!

Here is Coco’s eleven month old pawtrait!! I cannot believe that next month she is one year old.  Where to the months fly to?

DH and Youngest have done the first weekend of County Swimming Championships which went well although it was too hot on the pool deck.  It is the new 50m swimming pool and although only just opened there are already some issues with it!  Whenever they build these things they never seem to ask or take notice of the swimming clubs who are going to use it for events.  On a day to day basis it is fine but when you have hundreds of swimmers and spectators in there, you suddenly realise all the faults with the place!  One more weekend to go!

I, of course, got nothing done that I wanted to do because it was just one of those weekends.  The weather was yuck which meant I did not feel inclined to get lots done, so spent the weekend doing not a lot at all.  However, I did get some reading done so that does count!!!!

We heard today that Youngest has passed his final exams for his Apprenticeship with high marks!  We are so proud of him, especially as there was an eight month delay caused because of the Covid situation.  He just has one more set to do this week and then he has completed it and will be fully qualified!  Yeah!

Our weather has turned cold again with heavy frost on the ground and Coco was not keen to go out this morning! It is going to be like this for a few days before it gets a bit warmer again. 

Have a great week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco knows where best to be warm and cosy in this weather!!!!


Susie’s Friday Book Club.

I am still reading my Christmas Books about Christmas!  This is the book I have just finished.

Mrs Hudson, that quiet presence in the home of Holmes & Watson, has learnt a thing or two over the years.  So much so that Holmes relies on her and the housemaid, Flotsam, to help on some of his cases.

The Christmas Canary is a fabulous piece which sits atop the Christmas tree in a wonderful private house when it is stolen, never to be seen again.  Twenty three years later a famous violinist goes missing, live chickens are being delivered to notable men around the City of London and various Christmas Trees are being damaged, how are these events connected?

Holmes and Watson are busy in The Highlands so Mrs Hudson & Flotsam set off to Frawling Hall to try and find out who stole the Christmas Canary and find out what the chickens have to do with it.

Loved the book, it is well written and very much in the style of Holmes & Watson but is now Hudson & Flotsam. 

Happy Friday you lovely lot and hope you have some reading time over the coming weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

GroundHog Day!

It’s Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his burrow and saw his shadow so we are going to get another six weeks of Winter, the little darling!!!!!!  The last few days here have been a bit warmer but the next few days it is going to be freezing again, so he must be right!

It has been a busy old week again with work and swimming things and DH is out all weekend as it is the Derbyshire Championships this weekend and next.  Also next week DH is away at a business exhibition as well, everything always happens at once!

I also missed the Chinese New Year on January 22nd.  This year is the year of The Rabbit which is Youngest! Apparently they are talented and affectionate, a seeker of tranquility. The years in The Rabbit are 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

I, on the otherhand, am The Dragon!  I am robust, passionate and my life is filled with complexity!!!!! DH is The Rooster; seeking wisdom and truth, and has a pioneering spirit! Eldest is The Pig; Gallant and noble, his friends will remain at his side!  I don’t know how much stock you put into this or astrology, I do read them but then forget them!!!

I have moved home jobs which I usually get done today to Saturday morning as I have been trying to catch up on work, which I have managed to do today.  Also the washing and ironing will get done then too. 

I hope you are having a Happy Thursday.  As it is normally Throwback Thursday I found this in my Photo files:

This was February half term with the Boys in London eighteen years ago!  OMG!  The Boys were nine and five when this picture was taken. 

Book Club Friday tomorrow. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx