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Sun, Sun & Sun!

It has been wall to wall sun today and the top temp has reached 79°F which I know is not that hot compared to some of you, but we in the UK are not used to it!!!!!  Of course as we have a long weekend this weekend it is due to rain from Sunday!!  This is always typical but then it is going to be lovely and sunny next week, when everyone is back to work.  However Youngest is off from college for a week so it will be nice for that.

DH is out all weekend at the regional swimming competition for the three days, leaving early and getting back late.  Youngest is out filming tomorrow and then out Saturday as well as teaching at the swimming club, so I am going to be able to play for the whole three days in my sewing room!!!  I may have to spend a little time in the garden though as we cannot waste this weather. 

Treacle has again spent the whole day outside and by the time the sun is going down she is so tired, as she is not sleeping during the day!!!  In fact last night she was so asleep she was snoring up a storm and when DH woke her up first thing this morning, she only opened one eye, with a look of no it is too early, go away!!!!

Okay this started on our screens this week and I was an avid fan of the first two seasons which were first aired twenty seven years ago (!) and yes it was weird and you had to really concentrate or you could miss clues but it was so new for a TV show.  It was really the start of this type of new shows followed quite closely by The X-Files, which I absolutely love. 

I started watching the first two episodes and I am confused already!!!!  I am hoping that the third one will start to make more sense!!!!! 

I hope you are having a great, Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

It is very, very warm today and I am definitely a hot dog!!!!!

These are my steps where I keep an eye on the garden and those pesky cats and squirrels.

Here I am on patrol.  It may be really warm but I still need to defend the garden from all incomers!!!!

When it is too hot I come in and lie down on the cool tiles which cover most of the ground floor of our home.  I also push my quilt out of the way to get to the tiles.  I think Mom must be very warm as well, as this picture is a bit blurry of me!!!!

The best thing about the summer weather is that the back door is open all day and I can come and go as I please! (Yes but as you do not have anyone telling you what to do all day Treacle you don’t behave yourself in the evening!!!!!!  You were quite naughty last night!)

I promise I will be good Mom!

Woof Treacle.


Some days it is hard to find words, that have not all been said before, to describe the feelings about such a senseless act.   We are thinking of all the people affected by last night’s atrocity.

1927 – 2017

Also in the news Sir Roger Moore, the third actor to play James Bond, another National Treasure passed away today!   Not a good day at all in some ways.

However, here is Youngest (on the right in the picture) dressed as a Court Clerk for his second day as an Extra on the TV Series Victoria. 

This is a headless picture as he does not like the look of his hair, which is flattened with oil and very heavy on his forehead!!!!!  I love the costume though.  The week before he was playing a French soldier!!!

The above picture is from the first Series of Victoria during the Coronation scene (which one of the Boys former Head of Year was playing an Extra!).  Can’t wait for the second series to begin, probably in the Autumn, and spend the time trying to spot Youngest.

Treacle is loving the weather at the moment and has spent all of the morning and most of this afternoon here!!! 

Lots of Hugs today for everyone, Susie x

Monday Planning!

Well last week after all the rain, this week we are due for lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures!  Talk about change and change about!!!!!  Of course that means I need to get all the summer clothes out and pack away all my thick winter jumpers!!!!  Oh I would so like an area where I could just move things around and not have to put things away in the attic but our dressing room is just not that big.  However it does give me the opportunity for a good sort out.

The weekend was good and Saturday I got some more quilting done, although this quilt is proving difficult.  The backing I had chosen was not quite right so I have had to change that and now I find that I have not got quite enough wadding so am having to get some more!!!!  Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

This is Treacle keeping me company in the sewing room (Eldest’s Room!) whilst I am sewing.  You can see how bright the picture is with the sun shining through the window. 

Speaking of planning we have been trying to sort out the trip for the Younger Swimmers for their Christmas event and that is proving difficult!!!  We have only received 32 replies out of 85 invites (!) and now looking at the costs it is not going to be viable, so we are on to plan 2!!!!

I am also busy with another event we are planning but more about that later!!!!!!

Today has been very warm and Treacle has spent it running inside and out as we have had the door open all day.  I have just finished my work and she is now in her basket by my desk, fast asleep!!!!  She has even slept through her usual teatime time!!!!

The newspapers have been full of Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday and here she is arriving at the Church.  There has been a lot of speculation about how much she has copied the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding and there does appear to have been some copying(!) but what sister doesn’t?  I must say I love the flowers and the colours they choose!!! 

Speaking of flowers, today is the start of the Chelsea Flower Show and I will show you some pictures when they are out.  It is an event I would love to go, hopefully soon.

I hope you are having a good Monday.

Hugs, Susie x


We actually saw the sun for a few hours today, before it started raining again!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So as it is Throw Back Thursday I thought I would show you some pictures taken on our trips to Orlando Florida, where the sun shone every day and it was lovely and warm and oh my do I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Castle, I love it, ever since I was a little girl and watching Walt Disney movies and the Castle used to be at the start.

Of course TBT would not be the same without a picture of our Boys.  I love this picture of the two of them and DH has it on his side of the bed – the Boys and a pickup truck!

This was at the villa we were staying in and I just managed to get both of them underwater when I took the picture.  I have this on my phone during the summer as a screen saver.  You can tell they are water babies or as is the case now water men!!!!!!

I hope your weather is better than ours at the moment.  I have house jobs and grocery shopping tomorrow and a huge basket of ironing but I am trying to get it all finished so on Saturday I can play with fabric!!!  Quilting of course.  Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

It has been very wet the last few days so I have been very, very busy at home keeping Mom company!!!!  In fact we have had as much rain in three days as we get for the whole month of May according to those weather people!!!

So what is any good Airedale supposed to do on days like this?  Curl up in your basket and sleep!

Mom I am so busy keeping you company but I do need my sleep now!!!!

Hopefully the weather is going to be a bit better at the weekend and we can get out and about.  It is supposed to be Spring but the weather is more like April with all the rain instead of May and its flowers!!!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday.


Same as Yesterday!

More heavy raing again today!  I know we need the water, especially as they are talking about a drought this summer (!) but it would be nice to see the sun.  Treacle is not out long in this weather at all.

In fact this is where she is spending most of her days!  Why do we spend money on new cushions and pillows only for the dog to use them the most?

This is the “don’t disturb me Mom I am really comfy”!!!!!!!

Of course you always need to choose the right programme on TV to watch!

I have been working all day today so am hoping to get some other jobs done tomorrow.  Pretty boring really at the moment but I am still planning things for my quilting.  Hopefully I will be able to get quite a lot done when DH is out over the Bank Holiday weekend.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x