Quilty Projects for the Week.

I love finding quick Quilty Projects on the web to make when I need a finish.  This I found is a book cover or anything else you want to protect, like an E-Reader.  Of course you can change the dimensions to make it larger or smaller as required.


The inside below. It is a great way of using up larger remnants of fabric you have left from other projects.


I also made three of these :

Again using up remnants of fabric and these drawstring bags are great for when you go away on holiday to keep things together in your bag/suitcase.


Here is a sneak peek of our friend’s 50th Wedding Anniversary quilt.  I just need to get it sandwiched and then quilted.


And here is a sneak peek at the Baby Quilt for our friend’s daughter who is due in October.  Again it needs to be sandwiched and then quilted.


I have broken my walking foot which I am annoyed about, especially as most of it is metal except for the casing where the guide bar goes which is plastic and the two bits which hold the guide bar in place have broken.  Of course it is the most expensive of all the Janome feet!!!!!  I am hoping to get a new one soon.


I don’t know if I showed you this but Youngest bought it for me for Christmas last and I just love it.  It was too nice to put away so it now sits on the door handle of Eldest’s room.


Treacle has finally come in fromt he garden and the only reason she has is because it is dinner time!!


Here she is queuing for her dinner!!!

I hope you are all having a terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Oh, It’s Monday Again!


We had a very busy weekend.  Youngest was here on Friday with his new Girlfriend who is very nice and she had dinner with us.  Saturday Eldest Girlfriend’s parents came for dinner and we had a lovely evening but a late one and then if was Father’s Day yesterday.  I seemed to spend the whole weekend cooking but we had a great time.

Friday night we ate in our kitchen to make it a little less formal but Saturday we were in our dining room as true to form the weather was dreadful so we couldn’t eat outside.


DH bought me some lovely flowers for the centre.

We had Sunday dinner yesterday of beef, DH’s favourite.  This morning I was running errands and I think the weekend has caught up with me!!!!  Not feeling the best but I still have lots of jobs to get done.  It is the year-end for our business at the end of May and I have got most of the jobs done, just now have to do month and year end on our accounts and then I can get everything sent off to the Accountants. 

Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and going out to lunch with Jayne for our Birthdays and then Wednesday I am not sure what I am doing, although my Jeep is going in for its MoT!!!!! Next weekend we have no plans so if the weather is kind we are going to empty our garage and our room off it and throw away anything which is not needed and tidy everything up and then put what is left back.  It’s a plan and it does need doing!!  It will give me chance to give it a good clean too.  


When the weather is nice Treacle spends all day outside and I only see her when she comes in looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!!!  This means that when she is in at night we don’t see her either as she is fast asleep in her basket or on the bed in the sewing room with me!!!  I think it must be all the fresh “Aire” she is having, tee hee.  I am trying to book her appointment at the Spa for her to be cut and timing it with her holiday at the beginning of August, although her coat has not grown a lot since her last Aire cut!  She also received mail the other day from her Doctors as her annual injections are due which should be done at the beginning of July.  DH will be taking her in for those.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great week.   I am going to be doing some sewing tonight and hopefully will be able to show you what I have been up to tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

We Made It To Friday!


Happy Friday Everyone, we made it!!  It has been a busy week during the day and getting my quilting done in the evening.  I am loving these long, light nights we have at the moment although next Thursday is the Longest Day and the nights will, little by little, start to pull in again!  Treacle wakes up with the birds in the morning, about 4.00am, and I have to encourage her to go back to bed as it is too early to get up!

Although this morning I was out and about early getting my errands done before it got busy and the grocery shopping too.  My first job when I got home was to brush madam! She was not very pleased, especially as I had called her in from the garden!


I was hoping that we could eat outside like last year as above for dinner tomorrow with Mel and Charles but apparently it is going to rain!!!  So I am going to have to use our dining room.  I am miffed after all the nice weather we have had but no it’s going to be raining!!  It is always the same when I plan something, good job I decided not to BBQ!!!


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and we have a few little things for DH and I have bought the meat for his favourite dinner and the weather is supposed to be nice so we may get to eat outside then!!!

Before we know it, it will be Monday again!  Next week will be busy too as both DH and my cars need their MOT’s to be done and the following weekend, weather depending, we are going to get the garage and room emptied, sorted, tidied and get rid of anything we don’t need!!!  Well it’s a plan!

I hope, whatever you are up to, you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

Oh It’s A Shame!


I have several blogs which I read regularly and the ladies who own them post regularly (you can find them on the page “My Favourite Blogs”) but a few have decided not to post anymore because of GDPR!  I know that some of the ladies may be using this as an excuse to end their blogs but a few are concerned about the new rules. 

As I said in my post here you really only have to be concerned about these new rules if you sell through your blog and as a lot of these ladies don’t then they don’t have to worry about it.  

It is such a shame that these rules are affecting such a creative thing and hope these talented ladies do continue to blog.


Anyway onto happier things.  I have been surging ahead with my quilting.  So much so that I despatched DH to the quilt shop in Birmingham near to where he was going for work today to get some supplies!!!!!

I have been working on our friends 50th Anniversary quilt and it had lots of squares in it so I spent one evening chain piecing, which was very calming!!!!


My good friend, Susan, in the US sent me a lovely gift last year and I have used it so much.  It’s this


It has a little blade in and makes cutting between the squares a breeze.


All my squares cut and ready for the next step.

This is the pattern I got from the MSQC tutorials on the web.  It is going together really well and I will show it to you when I have quilted it. 


It’s all a bit much for Treacle!!!!!  She loves Eldest’s bed and of course I am in there too so she loves keeping me company when I am busy sewing, my wonderful QuiltyDale! The only thing is when she begins to snore!!!!!!

I have got my house jobs done today and Girlfriend came for a visit this afternoon which was lovely and tomorrow I have errands to run as on Saturday evening Girlfriends parents, Mel & Charles, are coming for dinner, so looking forward to that.

Sunday is going to be nice again so we can get the final jobs in the garden done and of course it is Father’s Day!  DH will just love gardening on his special day!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Birthday Quilt!


It’s Jayne’s Birthday today and she got a quilted piece from me!  This lap quilt in shades of blue.  Over the years I have given her table runners and a bag and now this lap quilt so I joked that I will work my way round eventually to making her a bed quilt!!!  She loved it.


DH is helping by holding the quilt up and Treacle got in on the act too!


A closer look at the flowers.


The back is a faint blue stripe.

Whenever I take pictures of a finished quilt it is either late at night and I need to wrap it to give to the recipient or the weather is dreadful and I can’t take the pictures outside!!!  I have three on the go at the moment so I will try and plan to take the pictures outside and hopefully they will be better!!!

The pattern I used for this quilt is great as it goes together well and  I think looks great when it is finished and is my “Go To” pattern for baby quilts or when I need to make something quickly. 

I am a fan of blue and white quilts as I think they look very clean, similar to red and white quilts.  In fact I need to get some more bright white fabric as I seem to use quite a bit of it.

Sunday and last night I finished getting our friends’ 50th Wedding Anniversary quilt cut out and have started chain piecing the squares together.  I need to sandwich and pin the baby quilt so I can get that quilted and still need to quilt our summer quilt.  This Saturday is supposed to be a rainy day so will probably spend the day quilting.

Happy Birthday Jayne!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx