The Wednesday Wag on Thursday.

I went for my much needed Spa Day today!!!  Mom has been calling me a fluffykins as I have been really, really wooly.  In fact I have not had a cut since before Christmas!!!! 

Here I am before I set out.  Mom has been brushing me even more than normal to keep the fluff down!!!


Here I am back home!  Mom says we have half a dog now after all the fluff has gone!!!!


I am sorry for appearing nude in the pictures but my collar is being washed, along with all my beds and my soft toys!!!  Mom was going to also wash the actual baskets but the weather has turned cooler, of course, and they need to be done on a warm sunny day!!!  I am sure she will get around to it soon. 

I feel so much better and a lot cooler even though it is not as hot as it has been the last few weeks.  In fact Mom thought I had actually put on some weight but it just turned out to be fluff!!!!!

I hope you are having a terrific Thursday.

Woofy Hugs, Treacle xx



So Week 11 of Lockdown and slow easing of certain things, despite our Supermarkets saying that there is now no problem with their supply chains, there is no flour of any description available!!!  It is, they say, because everyone has been buying flour at the start of Lockdown for baking and the flour mills cannot keep up with the demand.  Surely after eleven weeks now things should have gotten a little easier?  Anyway I have managed to find, on line, a supplier who has plenty of flour and it should be arriving tomorrow.


Which brings me to the second supply issue, lack of eggs!  Are the chickens in Lockdown?  Are they social distancing so not laying?  Really!!!!  I managed to buy twenty four eggs last week which will be okay for a bit but I usually buy that amount every week for cooking/baking etc.   Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!!

Eldest has heard that he is back at work from Thursday of this week, yeah.  Although I am going to miss him terribly as he has been at home for 24 weeks since he dislocated his shoulder and was just due to go back as Lockdown happened!!!! I always used to feel like this when the Boys went back to school after the summer holidays.  Anyway he is so pleased.  However Youngest will not be happy as he has not heard anything yet!!!!  Swings & Roundabouts!!!

Our nice sunny weather is due to break tomorrow with rain and cooler temperatures which is just as I told it would be as Treacle goes to her spa on Thursday!!!  It is not due to rain on Thursday which is a good thing as we are eating outside with the Boys and their girls, we will be wrapped up though.  Hopefully the sunny weather will return soon.

Happy Tuesday All.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx




Goodness me it is June!!!  Five months gone and what months!!!  It is still quite worrying as no one seems to know how things will go from now on, it is all guess work and we have to assess our own risks.  Our Boys are still waiting to hear about going back to work and DH is still working, but obviously it is a lot quieter than normal.  I think we have to take each day as it comes.

New Day

The weather over the weekend was very sunny and warm and we got a few jobs done inside and out.  Now we have finished all the big jobs we only have bits and pieces to do.  I got quite a bit done on Eldest’s memory books.

We had a lovely meal on Friday with Eldest and Finacé outside and despite all good intentions of taking pictures, I forgot!!!!  We are hoping on Thursday evening to have a meal with all of us, again outside!!!  This will be the first time in three months we will all have been together, it will be so nice.  Treacle is off to her spa on Thursday as well so she will look all clean and tidy!!!


This is her new spot under the table and bench when it is warm!!!  As you can see she is very fluffy at the moment. 


I keep brushing her to try and keep her woolly coat clean but every time she goes outside she comes back with half the garden in her coat!!!!  Our floors look more like woodland floors with all the bits!!!!  I will be glad when she is cut but of course the weather is set to be a little cooler after Thursday!!!!  Of course!!!


My good friend Jayne it is her Birthday a week before mine.  We usually go out for lunch or shopping for the day but I don’t think that is going to happen this year!!!  Perhaps we should arrange to go out for a picnic far from anyone else!!! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and will have a great week, whatever you are up to.  Stay safe.

Hugs & Love Susie xx




I know it is not the start of Summer until Monday but the weather is defintely summer like!!!  We have had wall to wall sunshine all week with warm temps during the day and cool at night.  Poor Treacle is not happy with all her fluff and only has to get to next Thursday when she will be all skinny again!!!

I thought I would show you some more pictures of the garden.


Now that we have widened the drive my Jeep looks quite lonely when it is the only one parked!!!!!


This is looking across the valley from our home and as you can see all the trees are now fully clothed!


Looking down our Hill and the trees in the farmers’ fields.  They have been muck spreading today!!!!!


Our back door into the garden. 


It is all looking very tidy and the flowers are starting to appear


Our trees are all in leaf now.


We put the outside lights up.  They are solar powered.


The flowers starting to come out.


My various veg plants.  I still have a few pots to fill.


The top of the garden and the Boys Den which needs to be re-stained.  Hopefully we will be able to get that done next weekend along with the shed and the patio furniture.

Busy getting dinner ready for tonight and will set the table outside in a bit.  I will remember to take some pictures!!!! 

Have a great weekend you wonderful lot and of course stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


I thought I would throwback to not that long ago this week to the Boys Sixth Form Balls which they both attended in May of their years.


Eldest ready to go out in May 2013


Youngest ready to go out in May 2018

They always have the May Balls just before they finish and do their exams during the summer.  Youngest’s they changed from being formal to suits!!!  At least he is smiling, unlike Eldest in his picture!!!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 17.03.25

Here is Madam today!  Her leg is better.  We think she hurt it chasing the blooming squirrel who was running along our back fence!!!!  Treacle felt very sorry for her self for a day and would not eat her dinner but was back to her usual self the next day!!!  It is also very warm again and with all the fur she is finding it very hot.  A week today she will be at her Spa for a well deserved wash and cut.  But those of you who have followed my Blog for a while now will know that means the weather will go very cold then, it always does after I have had her cut!!!!



Hands up who can’t believe that it is June next Monday?  Five months of the year gone already and what a year!!!  I know we have got a lot done, which I am very thankful for.  I have been speaking to a few friends and they have been saying that they had very good intentions of getting lots done during Lockdown, but actually done not a lot.  So I am ahead of the game there!!!  I still have things to do, but when don’t you, at least these are things I want to do what I call my nice jobs such as quilting and doing the Boys memory books. 


Fiancé is coming for dinner tomorrow night and we will be eating outside and maintaining our 2m distance (!) and Youngest and Girlfriend are coming at the weekend for dinner and again we will be eating outside!  At least the weather is nice again.  I think this whole period would have been so much worse had the weather been dreadful.  I will get some pictures.  This was our table last year when friends came for dinner.  I wonder when that will happen this year, if at all?!!!!

I have managed to get house jobs done this morning early before it got too warm, I started when DH left for work at 5.30am!!!  I have then got my work done and am now going to start on the basket of ironing.  Of course with the nice weather and being able to get it dry outside I have been washing everything in sight including the winter dressing gowns!!!  I sent the winter duvets off to be washed and they are now back, all clean and packed away ready for winter again.

I hope you are all having a thrilling Thursday.  Friday tomorrow and the weekend.  We are due for more wall to wall sunshine.  Stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Wednesday Wag.


I have my Spa appointment for a week tomorrow!!!  My ladies are back working from Monday and have lots of safe things in place but I just hope that they still have biscuit treats for us!!!!  Mom says I would be very shaggy if I had to go any longer!!!

I am also feeling sorry for myself today as I hurt my leg running up and down the garden yesterday when it was very warm!!!  SO Mom has kept me in all day today.  It is very warm again today but the back door is closed and it is nice and cool in our home!!!!  Of course it will probably be cold and rainy next week when I have had my haircut!!!!


It is a great day for snoozing in my basket with my toys!!!!

I hope you are having a very happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx