Friday Yeah!

photo S&AEldest and Girlfriend are away for a week in Menorca and the weather is warm and lovely. 

We have an extra day at the weekend, late Summer holiday, and so far the weather is supposed to be nice so DH and I are hoping to get the final jobs in the garden finished and some jobs finished in the home.

Treacle is a little better this morning but still on a restricted soft diet and her medicine.  She is fine in herself and running round the garden like a lunatic so the Vet is not worried about her, in fact she went bouncing in to see the Vet, tail wagging and waiting for her treat that they give them after their exam (of course she did not get one so was a little miffed!!!)   In fact I felt a complete fraud saying she was ill the way she behaved, talk about showing your owner up!!!!!

Youngest and two friends have gone off on the train early this morning to the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham to a gaming show called “Insomnia”!  It is a massive show so we don’t expect him back until late tonight (they are planning on going for dinner after it closes)

Here are some more pictures from the holiday :

IMG_0131A slightly different view of our Loch.

IMG_0135This was docked at Invergordon, a deep water port.  It is the MSC Splendida, 137,936 Tonnes and 3,500 people on board!

IMG_0134To DH and I, who like solitude on holidays, this would be our worst nightmare but each to their own!  I also think it looks like a floating block of apartments!!!!  Gone are the days of graceful sailing ships!!!!!!

IMG_0132This is the view looking out of Invergordon towards the sea.

IMG_0139The sun shining off the sea.


IMG_0147The sunset that evening.  The day had been clear and wonderfully warm.

IMG_0145When the moon rose it was full and very sunny!

IMG_0143The heather was blooming already, whereas normally it is only just coming out when we leave but it was very purple.

IMG_0142This was just sailing in, one of the many oil tankers.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer weekend.   We need to make the most of it as the nights are starting to draw in and before we know it, it will be Autumn! 

Hugs, Susie x

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Oh Boy What a Week!

Right I hope you are ready for this post as it is going to be a bit long!

IMG_0201This person, Eldest, as you can see was Ten in this picture.  Well on Monday eleven years later he was twenty one!

IMG_0152Happy 21st Xander we love you and are very proud of you.

This is his smile now!  What is it with Boys and not smiling!!!  Anyway ten of us went out for dinner on Monday evening and had a lovely time and celebrated his 21st in style.  We then went back to their place for cake and presents.  On Sunday we hosted a family and friends lunch at home for his Birthday.  We had ten for lunch and fortunately the weather was good.  It was a lovely afternoon.

IMG_20160821_150221Evalyn came and here she is eating Birthday cake with her eldest Uncle!

IMG_0154This is his Birthday cake which Girlfriend made.  Tiramisu cake and it was lovely.

IMG_0161Opening his gifts.

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Today was results day for Youngest and although he didn’t get exactly what he wanted he did well with a mixture of B’s, C’s and one D!  Almost the same as his Brother!!!!  So he has decided to take the course at the college in Nottingham which is Acting & Film Production which he really wants to do.  We are so happy and proud of him and he is really pleased that he got in to the college.  He begins on September 12th!

Swimming is on its summer break for a week – NO SWIMMING FOR A WEEK YEAH!!!!!!!!

Here are some more pictures from the holiday.  We sailed up Loch Ness again and the weather was amazing.  We stayed outside on deck for the whole trip.

IMG_0113This is where you move out of the Caledonia Canal and into Loch Ness

IMG_0128Looking down Loch Ness

IMG_0127The Mountains above.

IMG_0125Looking back the way we had come and at the deepest part of the Loch.

IMG_0124The wake from the boat, which is often mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster.  People used to ask us when the Boys were little if they were going Monster hunting.  Our reply was “No we don’t need to as we take two little Monsters with us”!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0123 IMG_0114This is where the Loch splits and forms the River Ness.

Told you it was a long post!!!!!  Hope everyone is having a Thrilling Thursday and thanks to all who have commented on Treacle’s post for The Pets On Quilts show at Lily Pad Quilting.  Voting is open now.  Treacle is not very well at the moment.  She went to the vets today and has some form of bug so we are dosing her up with medicine and she is on a special diet.  Hopefully she will pick up in a few days, otherwise it will be a return visit to the vets!

Hugs, Susie x


Pets On Quilts Show 2016!

DSC02433Treacle – This is my Quilt!

Treacle is entering “Dog on Quilt” category or “Dog under Quilt” in her case!!!!!!

Yep we almost missed it!!!!!  I was going to sort this out before we went on holiday but just ran out of time, but I have 13 hours left in which to get the picture uploaded and we have just squeaked in!!!

SO here is Treacle under her very own quilt and I am sure her look says “Leave me alone Mom, I am trying to sleep”!!!!!! 

She uses her quilt to lay on on the tiled floor but we have been known to use it to cover her up in her basket if it is really cold.

Thanks to Snoodles and all at Lily Pad Quilting for the wonderful job they do each year putting on the show and to all the lovely sponsors and their Giveaways. 

Hugs, Susie & Treacle x Woof


Home Again!

IMG_0148The view out of all the main windows at the Cottage.  It is great.

We got back from holiday on Friday of last week, a day earlier than expected as Youngest had to coach at the swimming club on the Saturday morning and DH had to collect some parts from one of our customers on the way down!  However we had a lovely two weeks of not doing very much of anything.  The weather was amazing.  I am not going to do one whole post of pictures because a) there are too many b) you would be fed up by the end of a too long post!!!!!  So I am splitting them up over the next few days.

Today is animals!

IMG_0079One of many Highland cows.  She looks happy!

IMG_0096We had a heard of cows visit most days, the mommies, the daddy and the babies.

IMG_0095 IMG_0090The Deer came to visit, sometimes in the early morning and sometimes at night.  Fortunately I spotted them early one morning.



These two pictures were taken whilst we were overlooking the sea at Nairn.  The seagulls below were all facing the same way!

IMG_0138I managed to catch up with all my work on Monday and Tuesday and tidy up the den so we are now back on track.  I will tell you tomorrow about the weekend which was very busy and I am just recovering.  Tomorrow is results day for Youngest, oh Boy!!!!!!!!

The weather here is now very, very warm again so we are all suffering in the heat and my car blew a gasket (!) yesterday so I had to get that fixed today, hmm!!!

I hope your summer is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


This pictures makes it look like another mountain covered in snow, but actually it is a cloud, which looks like a mountain covered in snow!!!!

Throwback Thursday!

DSC02391Our Scottish Vacation in 2012!  Youngest is 12 Eldest and Girlfriend are 16.

Despite Eldest’s face he is having a good time!!!!!!!  I have got the house jobs done, just now need to do the basket of ironing and then tomorrow we can pack!  Treacle is all ready to go. 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_0077Mom and Youngest got back this afternoon and say that they are not going out again as Youngest has finished his course!!!!  Yeah well done Youngest.  Which means I get my playmate back for a few days before we all go off on vacation.  Mom is going to pack my suitcase tomorrow after she has done the House jobs!!!!!

Whilst Youngest was on the last day of his course, Mom went to see some friends who live not too far away from the Leisure Centre.   We have not seen them for a while as they are now retired and do a lot of travelling.  They have just come back from a vacation in Majorca and in September they are off to Switzerland for a fortnight.

It has been rainy today but still quite warm but Mom keeps having to towel me dry when I come in from the garden, but I have stopped digging for the moment!!!!

IMG_0032This is where I sit when I try and hypnotise Mom into getting the biscuit tin down!  It didn’t work!

DSC04939Well it didn’t work getting an extra biscuit so I may as well have forty winks!

I hope you are having a Waggy Wednesday and I will see you in a fortnight.  Happy Holidays.

Woof, Treacle