When Your Favourite Films Become Middle Aged!

There comes an age, usually after your teens, which you reach and in your mind you never really move on from it despite the birthdays which come and go.  For DH it was 17 when he could learn to drive, that was the age he wanted to get to and for me it was 25.  Don’t ask me why but 25 to me seemed to be I was an adult, not a Kidult ie 18 but not really an “adult”.  This was in 1989 and I had been married for a year, working, my own home and was killing it at life!!!!   In 1986 I was 22 and started living with DH which is when my life really started, so the films we went to see then remain very much a big part. 

Of course now those films are middle aged and I always say when something like this comes to your attention it is only then that you realise that you are getting older too, not those birthdays which come and go every year!!!!!!! 

These are my favourite middle aged films that came out in 1986.

“Highlander” was one of DH and My’s first dates.  What is not to love in that it began in Scotland and had a film score by “Queen” and what a score it was, our favourite song which became DH and my’s song “It’s A Kind of Magic” is from the film score!  Haven’t watched this for a while but originally had it on VHS tape and then bought it on DVD (how many films and albums have you done that with?).  Still love to watch it now.

“When Harry Met Sally” I loved and again bought it on VHS, DVD and have it on my iPod as well!!!  If I EVER want to watch a feel good film and immerse myself in the ’80’s then this is what I put on.  It really is based upon Pride & Prejudice but we can forgive Norah Ephron for using Jane Austen’s book as her inspiration and Harry is definitely not Mr Darcy but he is the 1986 version.  I loved the idea of moving to New York and living in the City that never sleeps and I loved the clothes and the bookstores and that Sally was a journalist.  We lived in Nottingham at the time and for the UK it is a vibrant city, not quite open 24 hours but DH and I had the same sort of life as Harry & Sally, all before “BC” – Before Children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My final middle aged film is “Labyrinth” with another kick ass score by David Bowie!!!  It was the romatic film of 1986 and who would not want to dance with Mr Bowie in that fabulous dress worn by Sarah, but the true heroes of the film were the Jim Henson characters especially Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus!



Sir Didymus!

If you have never seen these three films then check them out over the weekend they really are feel good ones and in fact I will probably watch them.  They have also managed to stand the test of time, despite being 35 years old they have not really dated, even When Harry Met Sally which is firmly set in the 1980’s.  The only other film, which is not quite middle aged at only 23 is “You’ve Got Mail” another Norah Ephron film and yes this is on my iPod too!!!  I think by the time this does reach 35 it will still be standing the test of time!!!!! 

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to, us?  – chaos; cars into storage, hire cars being delivered, vans to transport things places including Penny and somewhere in between the normal weekend stuff!!!  I will be back here on Monday, probably asleep at my desk!!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag & #TBT!!!!!

Here I am with my Birthday haul of presents.  I love everyone of them and start playing as soon as I get up at 5.00am, the Boys really love the very loud squeaky ones!!!! 

SO not only did I have a very busy day on Tuesday, Mom took me to the Spa yesterday as well for my Birthday wash and Airecut!!!! 

Here I am back home and Mom says I look and smell so much better!!!

I think I deserve another biscuit today!

It has been a very busy two days and I am so exhausted!!!  Mom has washed all my bedding and quilts so I am having to make do with the inner until the outer is dry!!!

Mom could not get onto her Blog yesterday for some reason so has had to do yesterday’s post and today’s post together!! 

SO here are a few #TBT pictures of me when I was a long younger and so were the Boys!!!

The Boys and I not long after I came home!!!  The Boys were 12 and 8!!

Me & My Big Sis Kelly.  She always wanted to play with my Puppy squeaky bone!!!

What do you mean I can’t be on the bed?!!!!!

So nice to be relaxing on the deck in the sunshine!!! 

I am spending today in my basket next to Mom’s desk catching up on my sleep.  It is still very cold here and although I was very warm with all my fur, I am now cold!!!  We are all hoping the weather is going to improve soon, it is May for goodness sake!!!! 

Have a wonderful Woofy Thursday.  

Love Treacle xx

Second Room Done!

DH and I managed to get our dining room painted over the long weekend, despite DH having to have a two hour meeting on Saturday morning regarding swimming!!!!  Also Friday went to pot a little bit with a few other things which needed attending to.  Anyhoo we managed to get the room cleared and then started getting it done.  The picture below is after we had cleared the room and painted the walls.

Below is with all the furniture, pictures etc put back.  It is the same colour as it was before but looks cleaner.

It looks great when it is done, just a trial when you are doing it!!!!! 

So we have another long weekend at the end of the month and one more room to do, our sitting room!!!  This should be a little easier to do as the walls are light coloured, as you can imagine the Red is quite hard to do with the white ceiling! The biggest thing will be clearing the bookshelves into the dining room, so that will be a job for the Friday.  We did also get the dining room Spring cleaned as well so two birds with one stone so to speak!!! 

That was our weekend and of course this week is now a short week.  I am hoping to get some more spring cleaning done this week but this weekend is going to be chaos as Eldest is leaving his job and starts his new one a week today and we have to sort out things and cars and we are also helping Girlfriend with moving some stuff for Penny and anything else that comes up as well.  So that is going to be fun. 

It is still really cold here but we are hoping it is going to get warmer soon.  Yesterday it rained heavily all day, which is usual for a Bank Holiday!!! 

Today is Treacle’s Birthday and she is 13!!!!  Everyone is at work today but in tonight so we will be spoiling her then, she has lots of new toys to play with and some treats.  Tomorrow she is off to the spa, she is getting quite wooly again!!!  Happy Birthday Treacle we love you to bits. 

Have a great week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Friday Findings.

I knew this was going to happen, especially as we did not get to go away at Easter but spent the time decorating.  I now have two books from my Book Year with Heywood Hill to read!!!!  I also have a rather packed To Read shelf already as Eldest caught me up with the Clive Cussler books I have missed!!!  I love nothing but reading for hours when I can but at the moment we still have quite a few jobs to do around our home, so I am reading when I can!!!!  Here are March & April’s books.

Normally as I am at home all the time I get to open all the boring post which of course is usually bills so it is really nice to get these parcels, it’s like having your Birthday or Christmas once a month!!

I am going to get all my normal jobs done today and then clear our dining room so we are able to start painting tomorrow and Sunday and get everything put back and tidy on Monday.  Well it’s a plan!!! 

It was the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge’s tenth wedding anniversary yesterday and I remember we were in Scotland for the Easter holidays and we all watched it.  When you look back over those ten years and see what has happened it really does focus your mind on what can happen in a decade.  

We were staying at Foulis Castle, seat of Clan Munro. We had a wonderful two weeks and the weather was amazing.   Corinne & Gordon came round for dinner and it was so nice we played baseball in the fields after.

The window overlooking the Courtyard.

The kitchen with the old baking oven and the log burner.  I used this chair a lot whilst we were there, reading of course. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up and I will be back on Tuesday, no doubt with paint in my hair!!! I am a messy painter!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



Throw back to both Boys at their Sixth Form Balls at this time of year.  Both 18 in these pictures albeit four years apart!!!!  They do scrub up well!!!!


Youngest and Girlfriend were out walking Ralphy Puglet at the weekend and came across this:

You can see the black tracks, train tracks. running down the road.

Here is the other end of the tracks and as you can see, hanging over the edge of the quarry.  You can see how big this is from the diggers at the base of the drop.  Apparently this is for the latest “Mission Impossible” film and no doubt for Tom Cruise to hang off the train as it goes off the cliff!!!!  We do not know when they will be filming here but no doubt it will be whenever we won’t be around!!!!  

Do you ever have one of those days which is all planned out and you get up with the aim of getting that list completed and then it all goes to pot?  Well that is my day today!!!  I was going to get lots done today and nothing has gone right all day.  At least I have tomorrow to try and rectify things.  One thing for sure I WILL NOT sit down at my desk or answer any of my phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do hope you lovely lot are having a better day. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Wednesday Really?!!!

The Wednesday Wag.

It is blooming cold at the moment so my door is not open all day for me to run in and out as normal so I am spending my days in my basket next to Mom’s desk!!!!  It is not normally this cold at this time of year and guess what?  Mom has booked me in for a Spa day next Wednesday!!!! I mean really?!!!!!!!    I am really hoping that we are going to get some warm Spring weather soon.


Tuesday disappered in a cloud of work and I did actually get an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair coloured and cut!!!  So I don’t look like the above any more!!

It was announced yesterday that Molly and Jacob have both made the Olympic GB Team for swimming!!!  To make the team is a great achievement and we wish them the best of luck in Tokoyo.  Molly went to the last Olympics but this will Jacob’s first time and what a trip for a sixteen year old.


I watched the funeral of HRH Prince Philip and here are some stills of the day.  Although cold it really was a stunning day with the sun shining.

The Bands playing on the Inner Courtyard. The Land Rover specially designed by Prince Philip to carry his coffin.

The Royal Marine Band marching through the George IV Gateway to the Inner Courtyard.

St George’s Chapel.

The Royal Family waiting to walk behind the coffin.

The Round Tower.

The Queen and her Lady in Waiting leave the Church to return to the private apartments.

The Duchess of Cambridge, The Duke of Sussex, The Duke of Cambridge, The Princess Royal and The Dean of Windsor, David Conner.

The Royal Family walk back up the hill to the main part of Windsor Castle.


At the weekend, which is three days, DH and I will be painting our dining room and getting other jobs done.  The weather is not supposed to be very good but this is not a surprise as it is a Bank Holiday and it always rains on Bank Holidays in the UK.  At least we are doing inside jobs.  I hope your week is going well.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Literary Monday.

I have been doing some reading over the weekend, in between getting some of the Spring Cleaning done!!!  I have a Stephen King book on the go at the moment and he is back to his normal self thank goodness, I will review it next month.

Great Book Shop Window!  Quite agree book collecting is not a hobby!!!! 

This picture was taken by Elle Croft, you can find the article here.  It is the desk from The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles.  How great is that desk or is it?  Should old books be used in this way?  It is always a huge debate of what to do with old books which are not worth anything and are perhaps damaged but it still looks good!  Elle’s article is really good, go check it out. 

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a lovely evening on Friday with Girlfriend’s family, an outdoor BBQ and the weather was good.  We saw the Puglets as I call them, Dotty and Ralphy, and it was so, so nice to go out socially and for me to get out of our home!!!!!  Saturday was spent Spring Cleaning the kitchen which always takes an age to do, as there are so many fiddly bits, cupboards etc.  But it was done thank goodness!!  I love it when it is done but not so much when I am in the middle of it!!!!! 

Have  a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

St George’s Day

Today is St. George’s Day, Patron Saint of England.  There is never as much happening today, unlike St. Patrick’s Day, but we are still proud of St. George and of course the Dragon.  We don’t know if he had a name like the one in Harry Potter or the ones in Game of Thrones but in the depiction below he looks to be quite a small dragon!!!

I managed to get all my home jobs done yesterday and grocery shopping will be tomorrow as tonight we are all out as a family at Girlfriend’s Mom’s home for a BBQ!  We are all adhering to the current Covid rules and fortunately today is a lovely, and warm, Spring day so we can be outside without fear of rain!! 

The weekend we are going to get some more of the Spring cleaning jobs done and hopefully a little gardening as well.  Make the most of the weather and time before everything starts to ramp up again!!!! 

I hope whatever you lovely lot are up to this weekend you have a great time and still stay safe. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  Sorry for lack of posts this week but I have been trying to get a lot done and catch up on things, almost got there, still have a few things left to do!!!! Friday tomorrow, yeah!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



It’s Friday!

I am glad it is Friday it has seemed one of those long weeks!! I know they are all the same length but sometimes they really do feel very long!!! 

Our swimming began on Wednesday and the swimmers are glad to be back in the pool.  At the London Acquatic Centre they are currently hosting time trials to qualify for the Olympic Squad this year and our swimmer, Molly, swam the 200m Breastroke final last night and won with a time of 2:20.89 which is a new British Record and well under the qualifying times for the squad!  Jacob Whittle, also from our Club, swam the heats of the 100m Free this morning and is in the final tonight with the fifth fastest time.  Well done both.

We have had a bit of controversy over the last few years in Derbyshire regarding a certain private school who’s new headmaster swept in and declared that they would become the centre of excellence for swimming in the whole country.  Since then they have “poached” swimmers from various Clubs, employed a former Olympic coach from abroad and done everything they can to boost their Club.  So it was quite funny in the heats yesterday morning at the Olympic trials for their only swimmer, swimming the 200m fly, to finish the final 50m doing front crawl!!!  He was of course disqualified!!!  Perhaps instead of being so up oneself they need to tell their swimmers that if they are racing a stroke you don’t change half way through!!!!!  I am sure they will claim that as he was last anyway he probably hurt his shoulders and was swimming down!!!!  Yes that may be the case but it still looked ridiculous! 

Tomorrow is the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and there has been a lot said about who will attend because at the moment only 30 people can attend a funeral!  He always said he did not want a lot of fuss and the current situation has meant that there won’t be.  It is one of those days that you just have to get through and I am sure it will be the same for HM The Queen and the Royal Family.  We will be watching. 

I have managed to get our home jobs done and am ploughing my way through the mountain of washing!  Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more Spring Cleaning done and a few other things.  The weather is due to still be cool, roll on warm Spring sunshine we are definitely lacking and missing it this year. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx