Winter & Christmas.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ― Edith Sitwel

“At Christmas every body invites their friends about them, and people think little of even the worst weather. I was snowed up at a friend’s house once for a week. Nothing could be pleasanter.“ “Emma” Jane Austen

Literary Monday and two quotes which sum up the season!  We got our home decorated for Christmas over the weekend and The Boys helped. I will show you pictures tomorrow. Still have a few more jobs to do and hoping to get them done this week.  Also have a few nice things coming up including lunch with Jayne on Thursday.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….!

DH’s two events went well and the weather was kind for the light switch on.  This weekend we have another swimming event on Saturday evening and then DH is out all day Sunday at another swimming competiton which will give me time to finish off the jobs!  Cannot believe that it is only three weeks to Christmas!!!  I honestly don’t know where the time is going. 

I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and a good week ahead. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Mom I need my Biscuit, it has gone past 12 midday!

All these Christmas decorations, I had better stay out of the way!!!


Youngest decided he wanted to stay in for his Birthday, so we had a takeaway dinner and then he opened his presents as he had been at work all day. 

Treacle getting in on the act, helping to open his presents!!

Eldest & Girlfriend.

Card opening!

DH & My Boys!!!!  They are all smiling for a change!!!

It was a lovely evening. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

It’s Friday!

Made it to Friday!  What a few weeks, Feeling a lot better although the cold is still hanging around.  I ran some errands this morning and going to do home jobs this afternoon.  DH is out compering tonight another Christmas light switch on and it is going to be cold again.  They had forecast snow last night but nothing appeared but it was very cold, in fact Treacle was disinclined to go out last thing until she was told she had to!!!

My Calendar note from yesterday was a quote from Sara Coleridge, daughter of Samuel Taylor Coleridge;

Chill December brings the sleet, Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

Definitely describes our weather over the last week and very much Christmas vibes!

I missed #TBT yesterday being busy with work so I thought I would show you some throwback pictures of previous Christmas visits.  The above tree was in Chatsworth three years ago.  It is dressed in red my favourite Christmas colour.  Below is the Chatsworth Library. I could spend all day every day in here and never come out, especially at this time of year. 

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland from two years ago.  The country cottages full of lights. Below the Old Market Square tree lit with red and white lights and the Council House. 

The above picture is Treacle, the floating head!!!!!!  Her body is there just in the dark so you can’t see it!! 

This was last year when we were allowed out during Lockdown.  Treacle had her coat on as it was cold and she didn’t walk too far because it was so cold!!!  Her lead was a present from my good friend, Susan, whose Daughter makes them.  It is really great. 

I hope you lovely lot have had a great week and a lovely weekend to come whatever you are up to!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

It’s December!

Yes we have reached the last month of the year, how are you doing?  Countdowns are all very well until it gets to the pointy end of things and now there are only 24 days to go before the big day!!!!  So panic mode starts to ramp up!

Yesterday was St. Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of Scotland and I forgot!!  Here is my favourite picture for the day, it just reminds me of patchwork!!!

You will see that I have changed things on my Blog to reflect the season and here is a Christmas tree for you.  We are hoping to get ours at the weekend and decorate then.  Still have a few things to catch up but am getting there. 

Treacle is keeping a low profile and spending time in her basket especially as it is still cold so she is either here or lying next to the radiators which are on!!!  In fact most mornings she now has to be encouraged to get out of her basket to go out and then have her breakfast!!!!! 

I ventured out for the first time in three weeks (!) and it was quite nice to be out and about and also not too busy.  I have home jobs to do tomorrow and then I am out again on Friday trying to catch up.  I have re-arranged to go out with Jayne for lunch next week and I have a spa appointment the following week which will be lovely.  The weekend is going to busy with DH out for another tree lighting and then he is compering for the Life Saving side of the Swimming Club on Saturday evening so hopefully Sunday we will be able to decorate our home!  I have already seen a few houses that are decorated already.

I hope you are having a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Getting There.

So the cold I had developed into a chest infection for which I had to beg the Doctor to give me some antibiotics because it seems at the moment that unless you have Covid they are too busy to deal with anything else!  Having got the antibiotics I felt so much better, still have the cold of course but hopefully it is going now after two blooming weeks!

Of course it meant that I missed out on three Christmas activities which I love to do because of being ill, one was Christmas shopping with Jayne, one was our visit to Chatsworth to see the Christmas things and the lighting of the village Christmas Tree on Sunday!  Hey ho.  One thing did happen over the weekend though :

It started on Sunday and continued through the day and settled.

It got thicker and there was quite a lot by Monday morning when everyone had to go out to work!  Treacle had fun though but by this morning it was all gone.  Perhaps we will get some more later in the year and it would be lovely over Christmas!

Being in has meant I have kept up with my work and home jobs and just have a few more things to sort out but not going out is really having an impact on sorting things out for Christmas!  There is also another Covid varient which may cause issues further down the line so they have now said we need to go back to wearing masks again.  To be honest I have always worn a mask when around a lot of people so it will be no different.  I just hope that this will not affect Christmas this year like last. 

I have missed a few things whilst not being well.  One was the passing of Author Wilbur Smith on November 13th.  He was a favourite author of mine for a very long time and I have read all his books except the last few who he co-authored.  Now my good friend Susan doesn’t like Clive Cussler’s Co-Authors but I have found them okay and still in his style but I really did not like the Wilbur Smith co-Authors and so have not bought the last few.  I still have all his books and read them again on a regular basis.  My favourite book was “Eye of the Tiger” and then “River God” which is part of his Egyptian series.  I also loved all the books based in South Africa. 

Being ill in bed thank goodness for Netflix, as I could not concentrate on the book I am reading.  I found this little gem from 2010 to watch “Pretty Little Liars” and it was really good. 

It is this little one’s Birthday this week, 22, now where did that time go?  He is six in this picture with his favourite set of PJ’s and a Thomas The Tank Engine train for his train set!  Of course the presents are now more expensive and to do with actual vehicles that run on the road; Could I have a new bumper for my car for my birthday please?  (!) (Ignore the devil eyes, obviously did not have the red eye reduction on that day but saying that it was probably 5.00am!!!!!).

Eldest took Treacle to her Spa Day for me as he was off and she came back looking so much better and smelt better too!  All her bedding, towel, collar, toys etc had a spa day too so for a few days everyone and everything is clean!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Happy Thanksgiving.

To All My American Friends & Followers

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have a wonderful Day and a lovely long weekend. 

I am still suffering and have only managed to get up today after spending two days in bed!  I am really hoping that it will go soon.  DH is out tonight and tomorrow night compering the Christmas Light Switch on in two areas and then doing the same for the Village light switch on, on Sunday!  It is very cold here and frosty in the mornings.  I am hoping to catch up tomorrow with home jobs and Treacle has her spa day.  I have also lots of jobs to do at the weekend but I have given our good friends the tickets for Chatsworth Christmas as I am not up to walking around the house and garden.  I will go next year.

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

What Day Is It?

So my cold hit me on Wednesday full blast, I have been coughing and spluttering everywhere and DH and The Boys are staying away as if I have the plague!  They have been bringing me drinks and medicine but from a distance!  To be perfectly honest I don’t want them to get it either!  It is definitely a cold as well, I have taken the test.  I think that we all did so well last year staying away from each other because of Covid that we stayed away from everything so the colds are worse this year. 

I absolutely hate being ill, not only because you feel dreadful but also it makes me get behind with everything, just as I got on top with work and home jobs etc.  It makes me so cross.  It’s like getting half way round a board game and then your turn sends you right back to the beginning again!!!  The house looks like a bomb has hit it, the washing and ironing piles are in a race to see who can be biggest, I haven’t a clue what’s in the fridge, something might be alive in there (!) and Treacle doesn’t know if she is coming or going.  Speaking of which I have to be better before Friday as she has her spa day! 

I was supposed to be Christmas shopping with Jayne tomorrow but cancelled as I am sure she does not want me to infect her! 

Anyway this picture popped into my inbox and cheared me up no end.  My very good friend Susan sent me it, a friend of hers took it, and I hope she doesn’t mind me showing it you.  It is Reno where Susan lives.  It is an amazing picture.

And they have snow, on the mountains!  Saying that it is getting cold here, well cold for us, in that we are scraping the windows of the cars in the mornings.  Hopefully the cold will kill off the cold germs!!

I hope you lovely lot are all well and have a good week. 

Hugs & Sniffly Love, Susie xx


Sunday Home.

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel on Sunday morning before packing to come home. 

The Hotel had started to put up their Christmas Lights.

Our Room.

Which had a balcony and overlooked the garden. 

We had a wonderful few days break and came home with some Christmas presents and I also came home with a cold!!!!!!  I have taken a test and made sure it is not Covid and it isn’t, just your run of the mill ordinary cold!!  Saying that I have a sore throat, cough and runny nose!!!!  Of course I have this and everyone else is feeling fine!!! 

I have had a busy few days with work and also home jobs.  DH and Youngest have been away for two days on a trip which was cancelled from last year to do with Land Rovers and driving.  Saturday evening DH has a compere event and Sunday we have home jobs to do before we start the Christmas events!!!

I do hope you lovely lot have had a great week and a good weekend to come.

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xx

Shopping Saturday.

Saturday we decided to do some Christmas shopping but again we did not get up too early. 

Some of the shops were decorated for Christmas and others were not, which was a shame.  It was the same with the streets some of the lights were lit and others weren’t.

Now you know I can’t go past a bookshop without going in!!!!

Fortnum & Mason, The Queen’s Grocers, always have to visit when we are in London.  They have the tastiest treats and their decorations are always wonderful.

Their central staircase above this year.

I had also booked for DH and I to have Afternoon Tea in the Diamond Tea Salon on the top floor.  This originally was an apartment for Mr Fortnum and his family and over the years had various uses until The Queen opened the Diamond Tea Salon in 2012, her Diamond Jubilee year. 

We got a special cake for our Anniversary.  However we could not eat them all but got a box to take them home in. 

Fortnum & Mason were all decorated for Christmas and I looked great. 

Piccadilly had their lights on.

The Fortnum Windows.

It was very busy with quite a lot of people Christmas shopping too!!!  It was nice to get back to the hotel and chill out!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH xx

Our Wedding Anniversary.

As we had a busy day on Thursday we did not get up early on Friday, which was our Anniversary.  It is a real treat for us to not have to get up early and get one with the day!  We had arranged to see friends, who now live in London, for Brunch.  We had not seen them since 2019 before all the chaos so it was great to catch up.  We met them at 10.30am and finally left to get back to the hotel at 3.30pm!

In the evening we had booked a table at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho for dinner.  It was a lovely meal.  Here are some pictures of the evening.

The Restaurant is in Soho just around the corner from Carnaby Street, which was all lit up for Christmas.

We had a drink at the bar before dinner.  It was fascinating watching the barmen making the cocktails.

Every time I take DH’s picture at the moment he manages to have his eyes closed!!!!!!  No he is not asleep!

Our Starters.

Our Mains.

DH had flaming Creme Brulee for dessert.

One of the traditions at the restuarant is that they have a button at each table and at the bar to press for Champagne.

The Button and we pressed it!  I got a glass of champagne!

It was a lovely way to spend our 33rd Wedding Anniversary.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH.  xx