Why are simple things difficult?

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Well I am trying to sell on Etsy!  I thought it was going to be easy to set up until I got through to the page about postage!!!  Well the UK postage can be complicated and as it was 8.00pm on Sunday evening there was no one to ask!!!!  I left it thinking I would sort it out this morning when, overnight, my computer got an update for Windows!!!!!  Well that blew it up!  So I haven’t even looked if it kept my details until tonight when DH gets home to have a look at it with me!

So this morning it was taking so long to sort out the updates, I was not able to use my computer under pain of death from DH, I had to find other jobs and I suddenly realised how much I use the computer for!!!!  I managed.

The weather is definitely Autumn-ish today and quite a bit cooler than recent days.  We have put the big outdoor umbrella away having got it nice and dry and I think next weekend we will be putting the patio furniture away.  Needless to say we did not get any of the jobs done over the weekend as other things intruded!!! 

I am waiting for the freezer repair man to come by this week and that is a challenge because again you don’t realise how much you use the freezer until its not working!!!!

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We have another busy weekend again coming up but I am ever hopeful that I can fit in those jobs!!!

img_0197As you can see Treacle is really worried about all the jobs which have not got done!!!!!!

I put the Autumn/Halloween decorations up at the weekend and I love it.  No I didn’t get any quilting done either or my scrapbook things but I am hoping to this week.  I always have hope!!!

I am off to get the dinner ready and have a go at a few jobs I can get done.  I hope your Monday is going well, well you know for a Monday!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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Friday, really?

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Yep its Friday again and what I want to know is what is really going off in the World as the news is full of “THAT” divorce!  You know how they say major issues happen when there is some big celebrity news, which is a cover, so what is going off?  If there is nothing really serious happening I can honestly say I am sick and tired hearing about THAT divorce!!!  There were seven major articles about it in the newspaper today, and this is a “proper” paper not a tabloid!!!!!  Oh boy it is going to be a long few months!!!

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In further news in the UK, is the transfer of the Great British Bake Off from the BBC to Channel 4 (non commercial station to a commercial station).  What makes me laugh is that whoever negotiated the £75million deal for Channel 4 did not check first that the hosts and judges were locked into the deal!!!  What a lot of idiots!!!  Mel, Mary and Sue (left to right in the picture above) have all said they will not go and work with Channel 4 but Paul is, and no doubt for a whacking great pay rise!  I love the show in its current format but won’t be watching the new one on Channel 4.  Hopefully the BBC will be able to come up with a new baking show featuring the three ladies.

I managed to get my house jobs done today and a bit of work too and just have a basket of ironing to finish before the weekend chaos starts!  Youngest is swimming all day tomorrow and DH is going with him in the morning and then we need to swap over as DH has to be in Kirk Hallam during the evening to compare the Harvest Moon Festival!  Sunday we have a few jobs to get done but in the evening we are shipping the whole of the swimming sessions to the other pool we swim at for a test of the timing system!

Image result for autumn leavesTreacle is having fun playing in the leaves which have fallen off our cherry tree over the last week.  The weather today is nice but a little cool, I think Autumn has arrived!  I am also going to decorate the house for Autumn and put out the Halloween decorations.  I know it is a little early but who cares???!!!!!!

I am hoping to get some quilting done tomorrow whilst DH and Youngest are out and I also have some scrapbook projects to get sorted as well.  As the nights are starting to pull in I am now finding other things to do inside as we can’t be outside in the evening  as it is getting dark earlier.  I also need to catch up on my favourite Blogs.  I have not had time to sit down and read the latest posts but am hoping to do that over the weekend too.

I hope everyone has a lovely Autumn weekend. 

Hugs, Susie x

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It’s Been another one of those Weeks!!!!

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We got to Thursday again and I honestly can say I don’t know where the days have gone!!!  We went out on Sunday afternoon to celebrate a friend’s 80th Birthday and the hall was packed which was great to see.  I sat next to a lady from our village who herself is up there in years but she was wonderful and had a great sense of humour.  DH was busy sorting out the sound and lights and the DVD which was running with pictures from the Birthday Boy’s life.  I had to leave early to take Youngest swimming but it was a lovely afternoon.

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However DH was in trouble as he had left my freezer door open overnight and so all the food had manage to defrost and had to be either cooked or disposed of.  We discovered that there is a fault with it (so it wasn’t entirely his fault!).  We have called the repair guys who will be coming out next week and have a claim in for all the food!

We are all busy with the swimming club at the moment.  We have Galas coming up, our own Club Championships, DH is busy as President as well as all the other mundane tasks which need to be done!  Including organising the Christmas parties (the dreaded “C” word).

Youngest is having an amazing time at college and really enjoying his course, which is such a relief. 

I am planning to do house jobs tomorrow and grocery shopping and a few other jobs, but I did get all my other work done today so am up to date with that.

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We are having fantastic weather for the third week of September, it is still warm during the day, although it does drop cold at night but I am not complaining.  It means that we can still get jobs done in the garden. 

I hope everyone is having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag!

dsc04539I have major complaints about my staff this week!  They have been in and out at all times of the day and night, including the weekend!!!  In fact I have missed my lunchtime biscuit on a couple of days!  I think if things don’t improve they will be sacked!!!!!!

IMG_0031I have been catching up on my sleep.  We had a big thunderstorm the other evening and Youngest and I were both awake so I spent the next day asleep.  Mom says I am lazy, but I say I am conserving energy!

Youngest has been busy with his college course but he is at home with me for a few days which is great fun.  The weather is still warm and summery although it is getting dark earlier in the evening.

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Mom saw this the other day in the paper and I am very jealous, I would really like a tennis ball this size.  Mom says she will check it out and Santa may bring it at Christmas for me!!!!

I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday


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We Made It!

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You know how some weeks fly by and then others seem to crawl?  Well this week seemed to me to have ten days in it!!!  But we made it to Friday!!! 

Today has been a catch up day for work and then we took a little gift round to the Boys piano teacher as a Thank You for all the lessons.  Now Youngest is at college and there at different times he is not able to have lessons every week but she did say that if he needed to learn a specific piece he can go see her.

We are home at the weekend so can get some jobs done as we don’t have many spare weekends left between now and Christmas, between swimming and other events DH has to go to as President.  Sunday we have been invited to a friend’s 80th Birthday which is being held in the village hall and is a lunchtime event, so we will still have the evening to get things done.

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We also have other Autumn things coming up including Goose Fair and Bonfire Night, as well as Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary and of course Christmas things!!!!  It’s always a busy time of year but I love it.  What I must not do is meet myself coming backwards!!!!!! 

Also starting to plan the Christmas baking which needs to be started during October!

The weather has turned a little cooler today and we had a thunderstorm over night but some parts of the country have seen flash flooding.  The forecast is still for the temperatures to be in the upper sixties so quite nice for this time of year, then I suspect all of a sudden it will go cold!  At the moment I still have all our summer things out and summer bedding and then it will be a made scramble to get the winter things out!!!!

I am cooking another Beef dish tonight and will show you next week how it turned out.

I hope you have a lovely Autumn weekend

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle says Woof!


Remember this from May this year and how this is how I definitely feel when I see a spider?  Well there is now an amendment, this is how I feel when I see a snake in our garden eating a frog!!!!

We had just got home and let Treacle out into the garden, who almost immediately came back in for her lunchtime biscuit and we heard this squealing really close to the house!  Youngest and I got Treacle in and went to investigate (big mistake)  we just saw a frog sitting under one of the bushes.  I decided to go around the side to see if I could see anything and there was a snake!!!!!!! OMG.  Now I know there are places in the World with far more dangerous snakes but you just don’t seem them here in the UK. 

Anyway we looked it up and think it was a Grass Snake, so we quickly went inside and shut the door!!!

We went out to investigate after three hours and it had obviously slithered off to digest its dinner!!!!  DH’s view was “all part of life” but not when you see it right in front of you!!!  Of course that is it now  for me gardening!!!  I will direct and DH can get his hands in to where this thing could be lurking!!!!!!

DSC04019Do you remember when Treacle was fascinated by something under the steps?  Well could it have been the snake?

When we did go out to investigate we found this high up on the back door.

img_0194It obviously decided it didn’t want to be a “Snake Snack”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to know what Ophidiophobia is?  The fear of snakes and it  is the second most common fear in the world.

I am going to go and lie down in a darkened room, it’s not what you expect when you get up on a Thursday morning!!!!!

Shivery Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_0175I am melting today!  The temperature has been hot, but the humidity is running at about 90% so Mom has been giving me ice to crunch and putting it in my water bowl. 

Mom says I need a visit to the spa soon and then the weather will change to cool and raining because it always does when I have a trim!!!!

DSC05275I am still on patrol though!


No matter how warm it is I still love my basket!

Mom had been in and out all day doing jobs so I have been in the cool of our home.  She keeps the curtains and blinds closed all day so it keeps things cool.  The weather is due to change again at the end of the week and become more Autumnal.  Mom says when it is cooler she and Dad will take up for a long walk in the grounds of Chatsworth House. I love it up there. 

Woof, Treacle