Busy, Busy, Busy!

Friday last was the only evening we were in as the weekend was very busy!!!  We ran some errands early in the morning on Satuday and then by 12.00 we were helping set up for Evalyn’s Fifth Birthday Party.


The Venue.


Birthday Girl with her presents, the best bit of any party!!!!!


Owen contemplating the floor and a party guest who had had enough!


The Entertainer, who definitely earned her keep.


Evalyn was entertained!


Daisy The Bunny was a great hit.

DH and I arrived at the start to help set up and the making of sandwiches etc and I had made twenty four little cakes which went before we knew it. The children all looked as if they had a wonderful time, but we had to leave before the end to get to the swimming event in the evening as DH was commentating and I was running the timing systems.


The venue wasn’t too bad and we were in the little foyer so it was relatively cool but on poolside, where DH was, it was roasting. It hadn’t helped that the day was really mild with a warm wind blowing but everywhere we were the heating was on, so I was slowly melting into a little puddle!!!!  We got home around 10.00pm quite tired!!!

Sunday morning we got some jobs done in the house as it was pouring with rain and then in the afternoon DH went to the swimming pool where our Club swims for the County Mini Championships (for the younger swimmers) were being held.  The event went well and DH got home around 8.00pm when we had dinner.  I had spent the afternoon and evening trying to finish sewing the binding to the baby quilt, which I finally finished at 2.15am this morning!  I am tired now!!!  I will show you pictures later in the week.

Tonight DH has a Swimming Club Committee meeting, before the AGM next month,  so I will be in my sewing room moving on to getting my Christmas projects finished.  Christmas will soon be here!!!!!

I hope you are having a Marvelous Monday and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s Friday Right?


This was me yesterday, frantically trying to get work finished, house jobs done, washing & ironing done and the baby quilt finished!!!!  I got everything but the baby quilt finished!!!!!!  I even missed #TBT!!!!

SO we will do #TBT today:


Yes I know it’s a Christmas picture but I am just slowly sinking under the weight of Christmas emails, so you have a Christmas #TBT!!!!   This is from 2005 and Eldest was 10 and Youngest was 6 and I just loved those ages.  They are independent little people but they still want you around and your help and they still rely on you.  Wonderful. 

I am hoping this year that Eldest and Girlfriend will be coming for Christmas Dinner so I will have my family all together, which in this frantic, technological age is something I think is very important. 

Reindeer in Nottm 3 05

Speaking of Christmas (tee hee) there was an advert on TV the other day for the Christmas 24 Channel and you know how last year it began on November 1st?  Well this year it begins on October 20th!!!!  Soon it will be June 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#

This weekend, like all of them in October for us, is busy.  Youngest is going to see his Girlfriend at Uni, DH and I are seeing Evalyn, Owen and their parents tomorrow as it is Evalyn’s 5th Birthday and from there we are going to the first of the big Swimming Gala’s for the year.  We thought we would just be attending but the Club who are hosting do not have enough helpers, so I am now running the timing equipment and DH is announcing!!!!  Then Sunday is the second of our County’s Mini Galas for the younger swimmers and DH is announcing at that!!!

We were hoping to get the Boy’s Den and our bench stained, as well as replacing the wooden handrail up the steps to our front door on Sunday morning but the weather does not look like it is going to co-operate.  It was going to be sunny but now they are forecasting rain, like  today.  We woke to bright sunshine which soon disappeared and now it is torrential rain and very high winds.  This storm is called Storm Callum but it is nothing like what the US and The Philippines have been experiencing, although it is getting all the leaves off the trees – another job.  I am glad that I managed to get the shed and my little grow house stained this week, two jobs off the list anyway, tee hee!!!!


As much as I am resisting Christmas and it’s fast approach I am having to get some Christmas presents, especially those which need ordering, so I am just going to go with the flow and have decided to just enjoy the journey.  At least by being organised I won’t be stressed by the time Christmas does arrive!!! 

IMG_0921Treacle last year!!!  I am hoping to have got her new quilt done by this Christmas!


To add to the Christmas feel of this post, last year in the Derbyshire Peak District; a dusting of snow just before Christmas.  They are still forecasting a lot of snow this year and if so Treacle will be very happy!

I hope whatever you are up to this weekend, you have a great one.  Happy Friday!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


I am hiding at the top of the garden from Mom as I have stolen her stick out of the ground again!!!!  tee hee!


This is a better hiding spot as I blend into the background, don’t you think?


Sorry Mom, I won’t chew the next stick you put in the ground, promise!

It has been lovely and warm today and I have spent the whole day outside.  Mom says it is going to rain tomorrow but I hope not.  I also had my biscuit outside.

Mom tried to get a new football for me today but they had not got any which were suitable so she will be going out on Friday to run errands so will try somewhere else then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

Indian Summer for a Few Days.


We are having a few days of Indian Summer again with the temperatures up around Summer levels, although it drops cool quite quickly once the sun has gone behind the trees.

Don’t tell anyone but I shirked work this afternoon to get my little grow house the wood stained and protected before any bad weather!!!  I cannot believe how many small bits of wood there are on it to stain and it took me all afternoon, fortunately the sun was warm and it dried quickly.


Of course Madam was outside with me and whilst my back was turned was being very naughty!  Over Winter I put away my outdoor drying line as there is no way washing will dry when it is very cold and damp (not that it stops our neighbour hanging out her washing every day and then bringing it in again as wet or wetter than it went out!!! I just don’t understand it!!!!).  Anyway we did this last year and then “lost” the hole where it fits into, as the grass had grown over it.  DH came up with the idea of a piece of wood and a plastic plant pot upside down so we know where it is.


As you can see, I now just have the stick as someone pulled the plant pot off and was running round the garden with it!!! This is because her football that she keeps outside was thrown away on Sunday as it was in a very bad way and starting to lose bits of it and I have not had chance to get her a new one yet, so that will be one of tomorrow’s jobs.


This is after I had brought her in and explained that it was not a good idea to destroy the plant pots and Daddy will not be happy!  I am also going to get a terracotta small pot to replace the plastic one as she won’t want to run around with that!!!

Our tree’s leaves are starting to turn a beautiful orange colour now and beginning to fall.  So although we have warm temperatures there are definite signs of Autumn progressing.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Musings.


Remember this baby quilt?  Well the baby who it is for has arrived!  Ivy May Bishop was born last Saturday and weighed in at 8lb 2oz, Mom and Baby are doing well.  I will hopefully get some pictures when Grandma and Granddad get back from The Netherlands. 

We had a great time at Goose Fair on Friday and Saturday DH and I ran some errands and then he was out at a swimming event so I was busy trying to finish the other baby quilt.  I am now sewing the binding on.

Yesterday the weather was good although cool so we got the front garden tidy and gave some of the plants a hair cut (!) and did a few things in the back garden.  This week the temperatures during the day are going to be warm again, Wednesday being the hottest at 22°C!!  I want to get my little growing house and the shed and the Boys Den re-stained so may sneak the day if it is going to be that warm and get those jobs done.

Here are some pictures of the garden as it settles into Autumn and will hopefully do well going through Winter, although they are still forecasting a very cold one!


The large pots on the step have my daffodils in so we just put some violas in until they start to grow and put some other Winter plants in the other two pots.


Treacle loves it when we are outside in the garden with her, just getting her in is the problem!!


Below is the other side of the patio.  We need to trim some of the plants here but it will wait now until Spring.


Our Dogwood is really beginning to stand out next to the variegated Holly, which this year has berries on!


The Hardy Fuchsia still flowering despite it being cool.


Come on Mom it’s dinner time, stop taking pictures!

I have been at my desk all day today clearing up hundreds of emails and sorting other things out.  Tomorrow I have some errands to run and no doubt more work!!!

I hope you all have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx

It’s The Weekend!



Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone.  This is how it looks today and the weather people got the forecast right for once.  It is cool today and heavy rain and that has meant a lot of the leaves have started to fall.

We went to Goose Fair last night and it was dry and quite mild and so we were lucky we decided to go then and not tonight.  Here are the pictures, there are quite a few!!!!


The Big Wheel and a very tall whirling thing!


Not the same if there isn’t a Helter Skelter there.


The only ride DH and I go on!!!  Used to be called The Twister but it stays level and just flings you about, unlike some of the new rides where they go vertical and then swing you around!!!


Youngest and Girlfriend waiting to go on the Waltzers.


The Giant Wheel where the view from the top is amazing but as you can imagine the queues for this were very long.


Girlfriend and Youngest on another ride, which was not so successful as they felt the bars holding them down were not that safe, so they were glad to get off!!!!!


All the stalls to try to win something, Youngest got Girlfriend a teddy of the “Catch a Snowman” stall!


My favourite ride of all time, The Galloping Horses but no one would go on with me!!!!



The Fun House and the music constantly playing?  Grease!!!!

It was a great evening and Girlfriend really enjoyed it as she had never been before!  We got home about 9.00pm and had fish and chips for dinner, another treat and tradition!


Treacle’s not happy today as she has to stay indoors as it is pouring with rain!  Don’t worry Treacle tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better.

Have a Wonderful Day.

Hugs, Susie xx

Goose Fair 1900

Goose Fair 1900 in The Old Market Square, Nottingham. (Credit: The Paul Nix Collection)

It’s Friday, just in case you didn’t know!


Happy Friday you lovely lot, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We had a lovely time last night with Eldest and Girlfriend and she opened her presents and loved them which was a relief!!!  I got some pictures of our table and then didn’t get any during the evening, Doh!!!!!


I also realised that the candles aren’t on the table yet either!


I will be taking my camera tonight to the Fair and hopefully get some great pictures.  The weather is quite good in that it is cloudy but mild so we don’t have to go bundled up in coats, hats and scarves which we have done in the past.  Because it was a family event right from when I was a little girl it will be wonderful to go tonight and we have loved taking the Boys from when they were little to now.  They even went before they were born!!!!!


Treacle loved last night as she got to see Youngest and Girlfriend for a little bit and then Eldest and Girlfriend so she was very happy!  As you can see she got a lot of her toys out which I have had to clear up today as it has been house jobs day!!!  Tomorrow will be grocery shopping and indoor jobs as it is due to rain all day tomorrow.  In the evening DH is commentating on a county swimming event, which will mean I can spend a lot of time in my sewing room, yeah!!!

I will post pictures of tonight up tomorrow. 

Hugs, Susie xx