We are having come wonderfully warm weather at the moment but tomorrow it is due to rain of course but then the weekend, which is a long one for us again, is due to be warm and sunny.  So DH and I will definitely be in the garden getting jobs done.

I always love looking through our photographs on the computer to show you a Throwback Thursday Picture and found these from May 2013.


This was Eldest and Girlfriend before the Sixth Form Ball in May.  This was just before they took their A’Levels.



So although it was only five year’s ago (the above picture was taken a few weeks ago) they look so much more mature now.


The new Duchess of Sussex was at Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday Garden Party on Tuesday and looked every inch a member of the Royal Family.  There is still a lot of talk about the wedding and those for and against the dress, I am “for”.  I saw the florist interviewed at Chelsea Flower Show who did those fantastic flowers and she explained that the couple wanted a very natural look and I thought they were stunning.  Of course the weather helped. 

I have been going through my diary trying to arrange to see our friends, amongst all the swimming/carnival events and have managed to find eight Saturdays between now and end of November when we are not doing anything!!!!!  I am hoping that our friends are going to be able to do some of these dates, otherwise we will be having them all at home in one go!!!!

I hope you are having a very Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx


No it is not a new disease although it sounds like it!  It stands for General Data Protection Regulations and comes into force from the EU tomorrow, May 25th.  Here in the UK we are being bombarded about privacy messages and a few friends in the USA have had them and are concerned about it.

The new regulations are coming into force to try to stop data breaches and people using data held by companies etc for other means.  Companies collect your data such as emails, addresses, telephone numbers, date of births etc when you buy something or enquire about something and then retain the data to be used again by them.  There was also a time when some companies would sell their email list to other companies and the new rules are stopping that.

If a company holds your data they will now have to encrypt it so that if there is a breach the data cannot me used.  If you do not want the company to retain your details then just opt out when they send you can email and they have to then remove it.

Through our business we are having to encrypt our data despite the fact that the data we hold is about our customers or prospective customers and they have given us their data but it is to stop any breaches.  The swimming club are of course have to do a lot to keep the data safe and encrypt that because of the information held about the swimmers and their parents.

A question was asked about Blogs and this falls under a different section of the regulations

Article 4(18) defines enterprise as ‘a natural or legal person engaged in an economic activity, irrespective of its legal form, including partnerships or associations regularly engaged in an economic activity’

Most blogs have a follow button and that is then linked to an email address.  This is stored by the platform you are using ie not stored by yourself on your personal computer.  However if people are not happy about their email being stored by the software then they can un-follow the blog but that means they will not receive updates when the blogger adds a new post.

Therefore you have to take a view on how you are seen on the World Wide Web.  I will say that with all the social media platforms out there and the amount of data that people share on that, having your email address out there is probably quite a small thing, but that’s my view!

To my Followers if you do not wish to receive any further blog updates via email because of the new rules, then I completely understand if you wish to un-follow me, although I will be sorry to see you go.  However I will never use anyone’s email address for anything other my posts.

Hugs, Susie x

PS Sorry that was a boring post!  I will put something else better up later!!!!

Talking TV.

Why is it that some actors make a programme and then some actors completely ruin it.  In fact when you look back on all their performances they are actually rubbish at acting and wonder why they are ever offered another part!


I was scouting round on Netflix for a series to watch whilst I was ironing and I found “Person of Interest”.  I know I am late to the party as it began in 2011 and ended in 2016 but it has five seasons so I have plenty to watch and I do like Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Taraji P Henson but then came across the episode in Season 1 with Amy Acker in.  She is just awful.  I remember seeing her in Angel when I watched that and then she was in an episode of Grimm and she is just the same in every part she has.  I once read an article about her and the critics lauded her and said she was the best actor of her generation, I think they were watching the wrong person!  However these bad actors make you not want to watch the programme!!!!! 

I skipped the episodes with her in and still got the gist of what was going on!


It is that time of year again for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  The Queen attended yesterday and looked lovely in pale pink and the weather has been amazing. 


My favourite of the Show Gardens is this one below


This is the “Welcome to Yorkshire Garden” above by Mark Gregory and it won a Gold Medal. We saw it on TV last night and the colours were wonderful and very much a cottage garden.  It was also awarded Best Construction.  The little hut is actually making cheese during the show.  Have a look on-line at all the flowers.  One of my favourites is featuring a lot this year, the Lupin.  Unfortunately we cannot grow them here although I always try because they get eaten by the slugs and snails!!!!!


Tonight I will be doing some quilting for my super secret quilt and I also have some planning to do of things which I need to get done and things I would like to get done!!!  You know I love lists!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

What a Weekend.


What a great wedding and although we were only invited via the media I think we all enjoyed it.  I loved her dress, I thought it suited her (please mind the pun!!!!) down to the ground.  I am sure that there will be a little one on the way before long.


On Friday after running errands I went to our local garden centre for a couple of plants and some other bits.  As you can see from the sky it was so hot the sky is just a very pale blue.


I also went up to our local farm shop, Croots, where they have horses and sheep.  Here is the new foal who is a month old now.  It was so warm he was asleep!


The lambs are growing fast and were busy grazing despite the heat.


This is the view from the farm shop across the valley.  It really was a beautiful Spring day.


In between watching the wedding DH and I managed to get a few jobs done in the garden, although it was too hot at the top of the day to be outside. 


The furniture came out and the umbrella, after a good clean we set it up on the patio.


I got some more seeds put in the my grow house and gave it a tidy.


I emptied the pots and put new compost in and planted the summer bedding flowers.  They will take a little while to fill out but will look good soon.


DH tidied this corner next to the shed and wall and put some new gravel down.  It is where we store the compost and sticks and the watering can.  We found the frog hiding behind the compost bag but he moved to behind the vegetable planter.


This pot has sweet pea seeds in and will hopefully get going soon.


Here is my vegetable planter with a couple of tomato plants in and some cucumbers and lettuce and also some herb seeds.  It will be interesting to see what comes up.  All a little bit of trial and error at the moment. 

It is a lovely warm day again today and the sun is shining, unfortunately I have a basket of ironing to do as well (!) having finished my work this morning.  One benefit of becoming a new Duchess is that Megan will never have to clean or iron ever again unless she wants to!!  

Tonight I will be working on my super secret quilt.  My machine came back from its service and it was all okay just needed a lot of clearing out of bits of cotton and fluff.  I have been told I need to bring it in sooner rather than later next time!  Oops!!!


Don’t forget to take my picture Mom.  (I love this picture as we have an Airedale shadow!!!)

Have a Great Monday and fabulous Week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monthly Friday Book Club.


In keeping with the Royal Wedding tomorrow I thought I would share with you this book.  It was first published in 1998 but I have read it a couple of times and loved every page.

Georgiana Spencer (Princess Diana’s ancestor) became the Duchess of Devonshire and mistress of Chatsworth House in 1774.  She very quickly became the toast of London and Society very much adored by the Prince Regent and friend to Marie-Antoinette. 

Her clothes were copied, if she attended the theatre the play was a success and she also influenced the politics of the time.  However in private her husband, The Duke, was indifferent to her charms and had an affair with her best friend, Lady Elizabeth Foster.  For twenty years all three resided at Chatsworth which was at times fraught. 

210 years later a similar scenario would be played out within the walls of Kensington Palace with Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Amanda Foreman’s writing is very easy to read and although she is delivering historic facts, they are not the same old dry boring ones of your school history lessons! 

This book is definitely on my To Read list again.  It is available from Amazon in all versions.  If you like historical novels you will not be disappointed in this book.


Georgiana by Thomas Gainsborough

I hope you are having a very happy Friday and looking forward to the Wedding of the Year tomorrow.  The weather is set to be sunny, warm and 19°C so everyone should have a lovely day ready for the open carriage ride of the Newlyweds.

Hugs, Susie xx