Well there are fourteen days left of the first month of the year and how are you doing?  The first sixteen days have seemed to fly by but with not that much happening.  DH was busy, as were The Boys, and Treacle and I were just home doing all the every week things that one does! 

I suppose after the busy last few months of last year, which I always think of being like Friday and Saturday in a week, January can always feel a little slow, however it is a good time to re-charge the batteries!  We had a little snow last night and it was very icy this morning but that was it.  It wasn’t even enough for Treacle to be interested in it!


This weekend, would you believe, we do not have anything on for the Swimming Club!  I know, amazing!!!  Then of course the age-old question of what do we do?  We have a few things to do on Saturday morning, errands etc, and then the rest of the day, evening and all day Sunday is free!!!!!  Do you ever have this happen to you and you end up talking about what you want to do and then waste the whole day as you couldn’t decide?  Well it has happened to us so I now know to just pick something and do it!!!!

If the weather is going to be okay we were going to take Treacle for an extra long walk at the weekend!  She will be okay when we first start but then half way round will decide enough is enough and want to come home!!!  I will let you know how we get on!!!


I don’t know if you have seen the #10 years ago challenge well I won’t show you me from ten years ago but I will show you The Boys from 2009!  Eldest is playing Guitar Hero and Youngest is waiting for his turn!!!!  This was whilst we were away in Scotland in the summer, Eldest was 13 and Youngest was 9!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday and your January is going well!

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


I am very much enjoying this horrible wet weather as I don’t stay out very long!!!!!  The heating is on and I am very comfortable in my basket next to Mom’s desk.

When Mom and Dad were in London they discovered a company called “Mungo & Maud” which is a shop just for dogs and cats!  They have a special set of wipes just for dogs for our eyes, ears and paws.  I have a couple of little bobbles on my eye lids which my doctor said were not harmful but could not be removed because of where they are.  Anyway they do make my eyes water so Mom wipes my eyes but now she has found these wet wipes it is so much easier for me to have it done with them.  They bought some in London and tried them out and they have been so successful that Mom has ordered some more.  So I got a parcel in the post yesterday.


This is the box when it arrived.


Mom says the wrappings are very pretty.


Here are the wipes and of course Mom could not let it pass to order me some organic treats!


Here are the wipes.


And here are the treats.


They are not very big Mom!  But they do look yummy.


Let me at them!


Thank you Mom they are definitely yummy!

They are forecasting snow for parts of the country this week and I think we may get some next week but not sure yet, probably won’t get any!!!  Mom and Dad have to go to Edinburgh again next week so Youngest and I will be home alone again!  I love it spending time just with Youngest.

I hope you have a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


My Christmas Gifts.

Monday was a very busy day with work and I also snuck an hour to go and have my hair trimmed!!!!  Today I can show you some of the things I got from my wonderful family for Christmas!  I also got some toiletries and my perfume but books were a large part!


I saw this on the Waterstone’s website and it is about all our Christmas traditions and where they actually started. 


Eldest and Fiancé gave me this Snoopy calendar and you all know how I love Snoopy.


Youngest bought me this book about the film, which we have still not seen yet!!!  We are all big fans of Queen but trying to get all five of us around at the same time just impossible at the moment.  I think we will have to get the DVD when it comes out and have a movie night at home, which I love anyway!!!


DH bought me the above Cook Book by Tom Parker Bowles and Fortnum and Mason.  Mr Parker Bowles is the Duchess of Cornwall’s son and is a food critic in the UK.  I will let you know when I have cooked anything from it.

DH also bought me the Agatha Christie book below.  I love her books and although I read this years ago thought I would read it again.


I also had book tokens from DH’s Cousin’s daughter for whom I made Joe’s Baby quilt, below, which was absolutely wonderful.


So after Christmas DH and I went to Nottingham to return a few things (!) and I got to spend a happy couple of hours in the big Waterstones shop in Nottingham. 

Here are the books I bought.  A.A. Milne is known for the “Winnie The Pooh” books but he did write this mystery book so I thought I would read it and also Michael Bond writer of the “Paddington Bear” books also wrote a mystery book so again I thought I would give it a read.  I then chose a couple of books of authors I already know, Chris Carter and Jessica Fellows and two books which look very good.


DH bought me some lovely gifts but this was my favourite as a reminder of our Wedding Anniversary trip to London.  The small basket is from Fortnum and Mason similar to the one I bought DH and the sheep is to remind me of the hotel where we stayed, The Goring.  I love it and it now sits on my desk.

I also had a huge surprise from our good friends Sue and Molly in the US.  They kindly sent me some absolutely wonderful Christmas gifts and we were blown away by their generosity.


A parcel from the US.  Our Postman was quite excited about it!


Treacle of course was extremely interested in the gifts especially as I am sure she could smell they came from Molly.  Sue and Molly sent me this wonderful Wooly Airedale sitting on her Snow Sled.  I have seen these on Sue & Molly’s blog and have loved them and now we have one. 


As it is from Molly we are calling her Molly and she now sits on my desk too.


Molly also sent Treacle her favourite Cheese N’ Bacon flavour filled bone which Treacle also loves although we are going to save it until she can go outside with it as, unlike Molly, she makes the most horrendous mess with them!!!!


Sue & Molly also sent us the most delicious smelling soap which you could almost eat!!!  It is now residing in my travel bag for when we go away.


In early December Sue and Molly shared a post about her Mom’s wonderful creativity with her pen and ink ornaments which she made and which Sue has now here.  Well Sue and Molly sent us some of them for our Christmas Tree and I am so honoured that she did.  Here they are on my desk and I have carefully wrapped them in acid free tissue paper ready for our tree later this year.


One of them is Snoopy, how wonderful is that?


Sue & Molly also enclosed a lovely hand-made by Sue Wooly Mat which my Snoopy desk calendar is now sat on. 


I have already sent a big Thank You to Sue and Molly but wanted to show you all my wonderful gifts. 

New Year is always a time of reflecting on the year just passed and the year to come and I can honestly say that 2018 was the best year for our family in a long time.  I hope that 2019 is going to be the same as last year but of course you won’t know that until you get to December 31st!  I suppose it is a good job we can’t see into the future otherwise you might not get out of bed!!!!! 


I, again, have not made any Resolutions because I only end up forgetting about them half way through January, which of course we now are !!!!  However my aim for the year is Hopeful & Happy again and I am going to try to go through the year like I did last year with less stress and being organised which definitely helped me last year and I think went a long way to making it a good year.  We have things planned to do this year in our home and social things too as well as being with Eldest, Finacé, Youngest, DH & Treacle.


Quilting wise I have a few things planned and some Christmas things I didn’t get done for last Christmas but will mean I am ahead for this Christmas to come!!!!  I will show you the projects as I do them.  I started on Sunday with Treacle’s new quilt, the material above.  I wanted a bit of chain piecing to do and have cut her quilt out and started to plan it so that will be my first project for 2019!


I did forget to tell you that I got a trophy at the Swimming Club’s Presentation Night!  No I haven’t taken up competitive swimming again (especially as that was probably a contributing factor of having my hip replaced last year, all the years as a child I swam competitively!!!!!)  I got it for most voluntary contribution to the Club!  So I get to keep this trophy for a year and my name is engraved on it!!!!

Sorry this was a long, picture heavy post!  If I didn’t show you today I would forget!!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.


I read this over Christmas and Matthew Reilly is one of my most favourite authors.  Matthew is Australian and began writing when he was twenty-two with his first novel “Contest” which he self published before being noticed by Pan Mcmillan.  “Contest” was based in the New York State Library so I was instantly hooked, I mean a book about a library?!!!!!  He has now written seventeen novels and a handful of short stories.


Matthew Reilly

(from his website : http://matthewreilly.com)

He has created two heroes “Scarecrow” and “Jack West Jnr” and this book is one of the Jack West novels.  It does sort of follow on from the others but you can read it as a stand alone.

Jack West is visiting a top-secret base near his farm in Australia, the next thing he knows he wakes up in a cell with the door opening and an Ape of a man attacking him.  He realises that he is not in Australia and is now part of a contest from the Middle Ages and everyone else around him knows what is happening and how to compete and he doesn’t.  How will he get by?  If you don’t win or come high up then you are executed along with several hostages that mean everything to you, including Jack’s daughter!

It is a page turner and I finished the book in two days (which is what Christmases are for?)  If you like action and adventure that this book certainly has it.  I read his second book, “Ice Station” first and then bought “Contest”.  I loved Ice Station so much I gave it to Eldest to read (it is just up his street) and he then went on to read all of Matthew’s books! 


One thing I did want to discuss here is when Authors who have had very successful careers but as they get older don’t want to be on the treadmill of producing one or two books a year, decide to then release books with a co-author.  I have found at least three of my favourite authors who have started to do this and the books are terrible! 


The first Author who I found did this was James Patterson.  His early books were great but then I read this book with a co-author and you could tell that Mr Patterson had written every other chapter and the co-author the others and it was so disjointed and in fact poorly written.


Very much to my disappointment Stephen King has also started doing this and I do sometimes wonder whether the co-author writes the whole book and then the known author just adds his name.  Well I read the book written by Stephen King and his son Owen King and really did not like it at all.  It made me realise how much I longed for the early Stephen King books which were just amazing and off the wall.


The final author who has now started doing this is Wilbur Smith.  I am a huge fan of his work, I own all his books until his latest which has a co-author and so far everyone who has read it has said the same thing, not to Mr Smith’s standard at all.


Saying all this the only author who has had co-authors for a while is Clive Cussler and he seems to have gotten it right with the co-authors who he has worked with. I have read several of his later books and they are still as great as his early books.

I understand the reasons why the writers do it but on the other hand I do think they need to find the right people, like Mr Cussler, so that their body of work does not suffer.  So far the Authors I have mentioned above I have not bought another of their books which are co-authored and don’t see me doing so because the ones I did read really were a disappointment.

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend, I am off to my sewing space over the weekend but will fit my reading in around it.

Happy Friday!

Hugs, Susie xx


Matthew Reilly’s book based in a Library!!!! 



This week seems to have flown by in a flurry of getting things sorted after Christmas including our home and my work!  The weather has not been good all week with grey skies and dampness and everyone I know has a cold or getting a cold.  What we need is some very cold weather and sharp frosts to kill off all these bugs!!!  Or snow, I don’t mind snow!! 


DH has a busy weekend with compering a swimming event on Saturday evening for the clubs just in Derbyshire and then he is out all day on Sunday at one of the Clubs their Open.  Which means that I am able to be in my sewing room, yeah!!  I have DH and The Boys mats to finish and then a few more projects to plan, one of them being Treacle’s new quilt. 


This is her quilt I made her in 2012 and she loves it but it is now starting to show its age and some of the squares have ripped in the middle so I have bought some new material for her to make a new one!  I think I am also going to use a bit thicker wadding between the layers this time for her as the tiles can be quite hard and definitely cold in winter.  I will place this old one in the bottom of her basket as an extra layer.


Talking films for a second, the final and much-anticipated instalment of Avengers: Infinity War will be out in April this year, which we now know is called “End Game” which was mentioned by the character “Dr Stephen Strange” in the previous film.   There has been a lot of speculation on the web of how they are going to resolve the matter of half the Universe vanishing at the end of Infinity War with Thanos’ finger snap and here is my theory.  The Hulk was conspicuously missing for a lot of the previous film and I think he will be the one to wield the spare Gauntlet that the Dwarves of Nidavellir had made and the remaining Avengers will, with the help of a few newer characters, collect the stones but The Hulk will be the one to wield it to bring about a return of the other half of the Universe!!!!  We shall see in April if I am correct! (I have written this in Green for The Big Guy!)

Talking about films DH and I went to the cinema over the holidays, one of those days when it did not get light all day and it was cold and miserable.  The Boys were both busy doing their own things so we decided to go to the Movies!!  When we were first together we used to on Winter’s Saturday afternoons go to the local cinema for the first showing of the day which was half price and then when the first movie had finished go and see another one straight after!  We told The Boys this and we used to do it when they were younger.  Anyway we did this, this time. 


As you know we are big Harry Potter fans and definitely like the new series of prequels, “Fantastic Beasts” and so went to see the new film “The Crimes of Grindlewald”.  We were not disappointed; it does follow on from the last film and adds more characters in and builds on the Grindlewald character played by Johnny Depp.  There was a bit of controversy about his casting but he suits the part completely.


The second film we went to see was “Mary Poppins Returns” with Emily Blunt as Mary who is very good.  DH and I both love the original film and they tried very hard to replicate it in this film but some of the scenes seemed superfluous to needs, one being the Meryl Streep scene with her singing!  Obviously being in Mama Mia has gone to her head and she now wants to sing at every turn!  It was okay but the script was too like the original but with different songs and younger cast!  Unless you really want to see it on the big screen wait until it comes out on DVD or any of the streaming platforms and save your money!

I hope you lovely lot have had a good first full week back after the holidays, I always think that once this week is under our belts it gets better!!!  Tomorrow is Book Club day on the blog!

Have a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx


New Year Wednesday Wag!

Happy Woofy New Year!


I had a wonderful Christmas with my Hoomans and lots of presents and a few treats.  We are all back to normal now with Mom working at her desk and I am keeping her company in my basket as you can see. 


The weather has been really yucky with cold winds and lots of rain and very grey skies so it really has been a case of quick visits outside.  Mom and Dad are going to take me for a very long walk at Chatsworth next weekend and they are hoping the weather is going to be better than this coming weekend.  Dad is busy all weekend and Mom is planning on staying in her sewing room which is fine by me!  I love being in there with her and it is lovely and warm, so I can’t wait for that and Eldest has new bedding for his bed!

whatsapp image 2018-12-30 at 17.00.15

Mom I love his new bedding, it is very snuggly and warm!

I am hoping that we may get some snow this year, they keep forecasting it but so far we have not had any!!!  I will be keeping my paws crossed that we get some!!!

Thank you for joining me on another year of Wednesday Wags.

Woof, Treacle.

Christmas & Boxing Day.

Back again to look at Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Now The Boys are obviously a lot older we get to sleep in!!!!  Well saying that Youngest was up at 8.00am but that is a lie in from when they both used to get up at 5.00am!!!!

Treacle and Youngest wearing hats!  The presents for The Boys and Treacle by the fireplace and the rest by our tree.  Treacle could not wait to open hers so Youngest helped!  We did save some for when Eldest and Fiancé came round later in the day.


Our dining table ready for Christmas dinner.


Our table centre piece from our party still looked great for Christmas Day.


I got some new place holders with our names on them, so cute.


Eldest & Fiancé and Treacle helping with the presents in the evening.


Eldest helping Treacle with her final gifts.  She had lots to play with and a few treats.

Boxing Day Eldest and Fiancé came round early and we had a lovely day with them, playing board games.  Eldest is a terror at Monopoly, always has been and we have all threatened not to play the board game with him ever again.  Anyway for Christmas I bought him the new Monopoly game “Cheater’s Edition”


Basically it is the normal Monopoly but you can cheat in any way you can but if you get caught then you have to pay a fine.  It was great fun and we all tried to cheat in different ways, Eldest loved it!!!!!


Our dining table on Boxing Day. 


DH’s Mom’s Dresser.

When we went to London we visited Harrods and they were making hessian sacks and printing names on in three sizes, so we bought the small ones for the children and packed them with things from London which was on the table.  When the Boys were little I always made and filled their stockings for them which they had on Boxing Day.  This meant that Christmas lasted a little longer and I spent all year finding little gifts and things for their stockings.  They loved it and it was great to carry on the tradition now that they are older, but with a more grown up “sack”.

It was a busy time and we enjoyed every minute of it and Treacle loved having everyone at home and brought all her toys to show us, several times!!!  Tomorrow I will show you my gifts, I got a lot of books!!!!  So my To Read shelf is now quite full which will be great to keep me busy over the Winter months!!!!

Busy catching up on work today, although it is still quiet business wise as I think everyone else is catching up after the Christmas break.

I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Hugs, Susie xx