Second Weekend of December.

Happy Weekend you lovely lot!  Sorry I have not posted for a couple of days but we are getting into manic mode here!  Customers who want deliveries before Christmas when you just know they won’t do anything with them until the New Year (!) children wanting suggestions from each of us for the other of what to get us for Christmas (!) and 90,000,000 jobs still to do before the big day!!!!  Who said Christmas was easy!

As Treacle promised here are a few pictures of our decorations this year.  Not much different from last year but for me that’s what it is all about, TRADITION!  as Tevye says in “Fidler On The Roof” (I loved that show).

This is our Sitting Room where our real tree is.  We always have a real tree as it was one of my family’s traditions. We have put some lights on top of the Bookcase with the clock on which adds an extra glow to our room.  The Nativity scene which I bought when Eldest was first-born.  Some special decorations on our tree.  A music box which plays Hark The Herald Angels Sing which we bought when Eldest was a baby.  The family cards.  Two Reindeer which we bought when the Boys were little.

Our Dining Room; lights on the piano and candles.  Snowman at the Sitting Room door.  Reindeer with our names on for place cards this year.  The lights on the stairs of course and DH’s Mom’s dresser decorated.

Our kitchen where we all spend a lot of our time and I just love the red as our kitchen is white.  In fact I do keep some of the red out all year!!!!!


Our Den where I spend all of my week generally, well not in December of course!!!! 

Just said to DH when you spend all day everyday in a place like I do you don’t really “see” it so when I actually look at our home through these pictures it really does give you a different view, I love our home!!!!!


One final picture of Madam who at this point was sulking as her beds were being washed and this inner was the only thing dry!!!!  This was after she had come back from the Spa in the afternoon!!! 

Whatever you are all up to this weekend I hope you have a wonderful time.  DH and I are off to the final round of the Arena League in Worcester tonight for our older swimmers!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


I am dreaming of snow, lots and lots of snow like the above picture in 2010.  The weatherman has promised us it is going to be the snowiest of Winters this year but there is not a flake in the sky!  In fact it has been raining all day today but it has not turned to snow.  I think I am going to ask Santa Paws to bring me some.


Mom has been very busy in her sewing room this week and I, of course, have been keeping her company in there.  The sound of her sewing machine puts me right to sleep.


I am off to my Spa tomorrow for the morning to see the ladies and they are going to make me all clean, clipped and shiny ready for Santa Paws to arrive with all my gifts.  Mom will show you some pictures when I get back.

I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Christmas Wednesday.  It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Mom will show you our decorations tomorrow.

Woof, Treacle silhouette-1314467_1920



Monday ish!


I am feeling very Monday ish today!  Youngest had a lovely Birthday yesterday doing not very much which is what he wanted to do! 


Present opening on Sunday morning, but not quite awake!!!!


Treacle helping but not keeping still so blurred movement!!!


She was having great fun with all the packaging.


Eldest came round in the afternoon, Girlfriend was poorly!


Always cuddles with Treacle when they are both home.



DH and I went out to dinner on Saturday evening to a place we had not been before, Browns and the food was nice but expensive even for Nottingham!!!  The reason we decided to try it because the building it is in is an old Solicitors Offices which I used to go to for meetings etc when I worked in Nottingham. 


The room we ate in had bookshelves where the old law books would have been stored.


The entrance with lamps in and the Christmas tree in Reception.

After dinner we walked into The Market Square, Nottingham where the Winter Village is.



The Council House, with the Winter Village.


The Food Stalls were all open with long lines waiting for any food you could imagine.


Market Street, looking towards The Theatre Royal with a tram coming down into the Square.


The Theatre Royal, sorry its blurred but we were quite away from it.


The Cabins of the Winter Village and their lights.

The evening was fortunately dry and quite mild, although today is colder and they are still forecasting snow this week, but on the hills mainly so we may escape this time. 

I have got a lot of things to do this week and hopefully catch up on some things I am a little behind on but not a problem.  Next weekend it is a swimming weekend, Saturday evening it is the final round of the Arena League for the older swimmers and they are hoping to win like they did last year.  DH and I are going and DH is actually compering the evening.  Sunday DH is out all day at the County Sprint Competition in Sheffield and I have some other things to do as well as Church.  So another busy weekend.

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful week and all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Hugs, Susie xx



“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Edith Sitwell

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Hello December & Advent.


The final month of 2018 and the start of Advent.  Also the headlong rush to Christmas Day, although I am determined, as I have through the whole of this year, not to get stressed about it all and take each day as it comes.  Also enjoy the Festive Season so hopefully I don’t arrive on Christmas Eve tired, stressed and want the whole thing to be over!!!  I am sure some of you can relate to that!!!

Our tree is going up today and we will be decorating our home too, can’t wait.  I love doing this.  Also getting some more jobs done towards the Big Day.

Don’t forget there is my Christmas Planner on my side bar from last year with hints and tips of how to pull Christmas together, which you can download and use.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy First Day of Advent.

Hugs, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and Treacle xxxxx silhouette-1314467_1920


Happy St. Andrew’s Day.


Today is St. Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of Scotland, home of my Ancestors!!!  As you know we spend our holidays in Scotland and the whole family love it, more space and less people and I think that is definitely something to treasure in this day and age!!!!!

Today has not been much better than yesterday or the rest of this week so I will definitely be glad to see the back of it.  I just think sometimes, especially if you are having an easy time of it, the Universe decides to give you a week like I have had to remind you to be grateful!  Well Universe I am very grateful for all my blessings so back off now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last night DH was compering the Christmas Light Switch on in Long Eaton and tonight the same but at Ilkeston.  Yesterday the weather was not good at all with the tail end of a storm battering Britain at the moment.  However today the sun is out and that is the first time in about two weeks we have seen it.  It has been so overcast, grey, damp and cold that I honestly thought the sun had gone away for its holidays!!!!


If I can get a lot of my monthly house jobs done today then we have been asked by the Boys if we can decorate our Home for Christmas over the weekend!  That means getting the tree tomorrow morning and then an expedition into the attic for all the Christmas decorations!  I am not moaning however as I absolutely love it.  Tomorrow evening DH and I are out in Nottingham for dinner and we are going to have a walk round and see the lights etc so hopefully I will have some pictures for you on Monday! 


Youngest was always a serious little chap!!!


Sunday is Youngest’s Birthday so Eldest and Girlfriend are coming round for the day and we are again out for dinner in the evening.  It really has been a lovely few weeks. 


I still have two Christmas presents to get and then that is all done and wrapped and ready and waiting, I need to finish my cards and get the stamps and I have some more baking to do.  I have ordered the Christmas food and drink so that is all sorted and we have heard from our friends in Jersey who are coming back to Derbyshire for Christmas, so we are going to be able to see them between Christmas and New Year which will be great to catch up with them. 

I hope you have all had a better week than I and will have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


They are still forecasting this for the whole of December in the UK but I will believe it when I see it!!!!

To Read.

As I didn’t get chance to go to the Book Store on holiday with one thing and another I went when all the children were back at school.  It was lovely and quiet and so I spent a happy few hours browsing.

I found a few of my favourite authors had published new books so I got those and also a few books of a couple of authors I have missed their newest works.  Anyway that means this :


Sorry it’s a bit blurry!!  But a whole bookshelf of new books to read, what a great sight!!!!

Obviously these will appear as I complete each one, on my monthly Friday Book Club, the second Friday of each month!!

It has been a very strange and busy old week but I can honestly say I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and it is the weekend!!!!!!  I know we are not supposed to wish the weeks away but this one can be gone as quickly as possible as far as I am concerned!!

I hope your week is going better than mine!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xxx


Chatsworth Library, again!  I am thinking of putting up some lights halfway up my bookshelves!!!!  Might look for the lights in the sale after Christmas for next year, watch this space, tee hee!!!!!