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The Wednesday Wag.


Today’s weather.  Mom always thought that thunder and lightening only happened when it was hot but it was like this today and something like thunder snow!  It didn’t settle and last long but it was not nice when it was happening.


Mom can’t you make it go away, I really don’t like it?


I think I am just going to hide here for the day and I really don’t need my last walk!

Don’t worry Treacle we can get away with a quick trip out before bedtime and hopefully it will have all passed by, by then. 


Hmm, okay I’ll just have forty winks before then.

Hope you are having a better Wednesday than us.

Woof, Treacle

The Days are blending into one!


I can’t tell you what day of the week it is, the days are all blending into one round of sick people coughing and spluttering everywhere with no end in sight.  DH kept Treacle and I awake all of last night and Youngest joined in from his bedroom as well.  It is amazing what is on TV at 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00am!!!!  I was only watching TV as I had tried to read my book but that didn’t work.  I got my Autumn wall hanging binding to finish but could not concentrate on that!!!  Nothing we have tried has helped DH’s cough so it is just down to plenty of fluid.  Me you ask?  I am still wheezing but have not got what these two have fortunately although I just feel exhausted from it all.


Treacle is not getting much sleep at night, so making up for it in the day!


The weather was not good all weekend and as everyone was feeling yuck I decided that there was no point trying to get any extra jobs done round the house which we would normally be doing, so DH was doing bits and bobs of work, Youngest was in bed with Treacle and I decided that the only thing I could do was some quilting!!!!

I managed to get some clothes repairs done which needed doing and some other bits of sewing done which are not quilting and managed to get that cleared.  I sorted out the rest of my UFO’s with backing materials that needed cutting and just now have to pin them and get them quilted, so things are at least progressing there.


I also need to tidy my stash as I have been busy pulling things out and they have got in a mess so that will be another little job but at the moment the sewing room is very tidy. I find if I do a bit of tidying after each time I have been in there it does not mount up.  I cannot wait to start my new projects but am determined to get these UFO’s done first and then get my machine serviced before I start anything else.  Well that’s the plan. 

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Friday of this week is Groundhog Day when Punxsutawney Phil decides if we are going to get another six weeks of winter or an early Spring.  Normally I don’t mind what, but I think this year I would like an early Spring!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Quilting Tips.

I don’t know about you but I am always looking for ways to make life easier in just about anything I do, being my work or house jobs or quilting.  Last weekend I found two things which helped me no end with quilting things.  

I always wind my own bobbins on my Janome machines and it is not a problem with standard colours but when it is a special colour that you use for just that quilting project you are then left with the cotton on the bobbin and start to run out of empty ones.  The boys for quite a few Birthdays and Christmas bought me packs of ten Janome bobbins which was great and I have lots until I got down to around five left so I had to empty the special colours. 

So I put the bobbin on the end of a pencil and started to pull the thread off but it kept coming off the pencil, lets just say everything I tried did not work well until I saw in my box of tricks my walking foot with its bar attached.


If you have one of these and can take the bar out of the foot put the bobbin on the bar as below and begin pulling the thread.

It works really well and the bobbin cannot jump off because of the angle of the bar.  I managed to clear out twenty bobbins with this method really quickly the other night.  If you can’t take the bar off your walking foot perhaps look for something else which has this angle to it to help clear the bobbins.

My second tip is for a magnet which means you will need to speak nicely to your children/grandchildren/niece/nephew etc for help with this one.  Our Boys had these games, Geomag, and lots of different versions.  They are little pieces of magnets wrapped in plastic which you can make shapes or play games with and the Boys loved it.  I did not love it when I was picking them all up off of the floor when they dropped the boxes but I did find a great use for one of the pieces;  for picking up pins and sewing needles when I drop them.  So I now keep one in my little box of tricks for when I drop my pin box!


Talking of boxes one of my favourites which I use a lot of in the sewing room and in the attic and in the garage and just about anywhere else I need to store things and those are clip boxes as I call them and mine are from Really Useful Products Ltd.

They come in all different sizes from huge to little itty-bitty ones and I have found lots of uses for them.  The big box at the back has all my things in which I use day in day out for quilting so different quilting feet, tools for my machines, cleaning tools, pencils, pens, quilting pens; you get the idea.  The box on the left is smaller and holds my bobbins and I have two more of these; one with quilting safety pins in and the other quilting pins in.  The box on the right holds my boxes of sewing needles for my machines.  They do all stack together which is great.

DH and The Boys bought me this clip box which has a lift out container inside for all my cotton and a section on the bottom for other things.

I also store my fabric stash in several of these boxes which are long and not too deep.  I would say they are the best thing I have found to use in my sewing room.  I don’t get any money from Really Useful Products Ltd, I just like them and thought they might be useful to you too.

It is raining and very cold here today so I will be quilting for most of it.  DH is still not well although he is better than at the start of the week so we are hoping he is getting better and he has to be as he has to go to Scotland next week.  Youngest now has it and went coaching this morning and when he got home went straight back to bed.  He has an audition and interview at Stafford University on Wednesday but they have said he can re-arrange it if he is not feeling up to it.  It seems to have settled on my chest and although I am not coughing like DH when I do it sounds like nails on sandpaper and I am wheezing!!!  Treacle is despairing of us all!

I hope you are all keeping well and have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Burns Night 2018.


Today is the Birthday of Robert Burns, also know as the Scottish Bard, who was born in 1759 and his birth is celebrated on Burns Night (tonight).  My Dad and his family were Scottish so this was something which we celebrated by having haggis, neeps and tatties for dinner with a drop of whiskey.

So if you don’t know what haggis, neeps and tatties are, they are:

Haggis – lamb, beef, oats, onions and spices wrapped.  Neeps – Turnips and carrots mashed together with butter and a little salt and pepper.  Tatties – Potatoes again mashed with butter.

There is a great tradition of addressing the Haggis at the dinner which is brought in separately to the rest of the meal and was written by Burns, which is why it is forever linked to him and his Birthday. 

There are eight stanza’s to the address the first of which is :

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!
Aboon them a’ ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye worthy o’ a grace
As lang’s my arm.

Translated to :

Good luck to you and your honest, plump face,
Great chieftain of the sausage race!
Above them all you take your place,
Stomach, tripe, or intestines:
Well are you worthy of a grace
As long as my arm.

Of course most people will be more familiar with his more well known poem/song of “Auld Lang Syne” which we all sing at New Year.

Robert Burns Burial site in Dumfries

Burns was regarded as a cultural icon and a pioneer of the Romatic movement and had a great influence on Scottish Literature.  Sadly he died at the young age of 37, although he had managed to have twelve children with his wife Jean and it is believed today there are around 600 living descendants.

The Robert Burns Legacy Tartan

I love haggis, neeps and tatties but DH and the Boys are not keen at all so I usually end up getting a small haggis for myself and then make them cottage pie, although I do try and sneak some of the mashed carrots and turnips onto the Boys plates but they usually find it and don’t eat it!!!  

We won’t be having this tonight though as DH and I still have this dreadful cold and now Youngest has come down with it although Eldest seems to be avoiding it and us at the moment.  Dinner will be quick and easy again as I got about  an hours sleep last night because DH spent most of the night coughing although he did manage to sleep, grr!!!!

I hope you are having a good Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Oh It’s Tuesday, are you sure?


Yes well he has gone and done it and infected me with his cold, DH of course!  I knew he would and Treacle has decided it is not a good idea to sleep in her basket in our room at all and is sleeping on Eldest’s bed.  At least I don’t think it is the flu which is doing the rounds at the moment, although the cold seems bad enough.

Anyway on to happier things, DH’s cousin sent me a picture of her table runner I made her for Christmas, with a jug of lovely daffodils resting on it. 

IMG_0824 (1) daffodils

She loves it and I think it looks great and certainly brightens up the horrible January weather. 


I managed to get all this mess unpicked on Sunday and last night I quilted it (it came out much better) then I found some material which I had used for a quilt last year to make the binding and sewed that to the front and now just have to hand sew it to the back and that will be another UFO done and done.  I just now have to decide which one to pick next to finish. 


Just to add insult to injury I have managed to crack a tooth so I now have a trip to the dentist tomorrow for him to fill it!!!!  Oh joy.  At the moment I think I will be glad when January has ended!

I am now off to see what I can rustle up for dinner, I think it will be quick and easy!

I hope you are having a better Tuesday!

Hugs, Susie xx

Quilting Talk.


Evalyn’s quilt is done!  DH is helping with the photographs although he is poorly sick still.  I love the way it has turned out and I hope she will like it.  I finished sewing the binding on at 3.00am yesterday morning, mainly because DH kept coughing so I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep but I was watching the tennis as well.


A close up of the bunting and quilting.


This is the back


A close up of the pink gingham.

I also finished Treacle’s bag, which she can take with her when she goes on holiday.




Treacle with bag, I think she likes it!!!

Yesterday I also managed to get the rest of the unpicking done on my Autumn wall hanging so that will be my next UFO to be done and ready for next Autumn.

I had a great weekend quilting and of course looking after DH, who is not the most patient of patients!  Even Treacle is a bit confused as he is not up and about as normal and in fact she spent the night in Eldest’s room as DH kept coughing and keeping her awake!!!!  I, of course, had to put up with it.  Good job the tennis coverage begins at midnight so at least I had something to watch most of the night.  Of course now at 5.00pm I am starting to flag a bit!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx