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Coco’s Corner.

I have not done one of my blogs for a while because, well I have just been so busy!  My day starts with Daddy letting me out into my garden and then having my breakfast.  I then race back upstairs to find Mom and show her the toy I have brought up with me!

Then, depending upon what day it is, we have different rountines.  Mom spends quite a bit of time at her desk and I have my basket next to her desk which means I can keep an eye on her!

I have a lunchtime biscuit when Mom has lunch and then we spend the afternoon at work.  One day is spent doing house jobs and I walk round with Mom supervising and another day she is out all day at Eldest’s garage so I have a quiet day in my crate snoozing.  Mom always leaves the radio on for me and I am at the moment listening to Radio 3 here in the UK which is the Classical station. 

I am having a hard time at the moment keeping the blooming cats out of my garden!  There is one black and white cat who sits on the top step and no matter how much I bark will not move.  It does go eventually if Mom goes to open the door.  Our neighbour also has two new kittens, a black one and a white one with splodges on it.  They will not leave the garden so Daddy had to go outside last night and got the hose pipe.  It eventually went!!!  They are NOT allowed in my garden at all!

I hurt my leg the other day trying to keep the cats out and it hurt but Mom massaged it and I was able to walk on it by lunch.  I did, however, get a bit of a telling off after that!!!  But I do have to defend my garden after all!

We have been having some sunshine over the last few days and the door has been open for me to run in and out as I please, but Mom is keeping an eye on me from her desk!  So far I have not been naughty digging up her plants!!!!

I hope you are having a lovely woofy week.  Coco xx

Another Week of Chaos!

You know you get up on a Monday morning and think ah a new week and before you know it, it is Friday night and I feel like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards!  Last week was like that for me.

Jayne and I went to The Hurt Arms for lunch last Tuesday, food was good but the place itself was not cosy!  I know this sounds a bit odd but some restaurants have a real cosy feel and you feel comfortable in it and others it does not work.  The last few places we have been to have felt that.  Not sure we would go back.

On Friday May 19th we went for dinner here with our friends and the food was great.  This place has a cosy atmosphere and Jayne and I are going here for our Birthday lunch next month!  The food was great.

Eldest was busy last week with his volunteer Fire Fighting on an exercise with other emergency services in Derbyshire.  It was a long day but he learnt a lot.

Youngest is very busy with his new business and they have also now found a workshop so they can store things so they have been busy sorting that out.

DH, besides our business, is extremely busy with the Swimming Club and also commentating for other Clubs/County Events.  This coming weekend is another three day Bank Holiday for us and he is away in Liverpool with the Club’s Life Saving Section for an event for Clubs from all over the UK.  So he will be going up on Friday and back late Sunday.  Monday has been earmarked to help Eldest move some of his things!  Needless to say not a lot of home jobs are going to get done again!!!!!

I haven’t decided what I am going to do over the weekend yet, although it will be weather dependent as well.  It is supposed to be nice and sunny but that could change.

Madam had a bit of an issue over the weekend with her leg that was repaired last year!

As you know she stands up at the back door, into our garden, just having a look at what is happening.  Unfortunatley there is a cat who decides it is a good idea to sit on the top step and stare at her so she has a bark but has also now started jumping up.  Anyway Saturday evening we were upstairs and she was downstairs and doing this.  When DH got up on Sunday morning she was holding her leg up and not putting any weight on it!!!! 

He left early as he was commentating at a swimming event, so I decided to spend the morning sat at my desk as Coco would then get in her basket and rest. 

Anyway she did and it worked because by the time it was lunch and her biscuit she was fine again walking properly and putting weight on it!  It was such a relief as I thought we would be taking her to the vets this morning for an x-ray! 

Here she is resting!

She has had a stern talking to!

Today is the start of The Chelsea Flower Show.  As you know we went last year and were disappointed by the lack of flowers.  The above picture was taken in 2019 in The Great Pavillion and that was a glorious show.  You have to pay extra for the tickets for the show and it would have been an extra £290 plus your Membership of the RHS and I did not think it was worth it!  I will be watching on TV and you do get to see a lot more and see how it goes this year. 

I have also not booked to go to The Festival of Quilts either this year.  Again the tickets are quite expensive and I was again disappointed by last year’s show with lack of vendors, the fact that there were a lot of vendors there who had nothing to do with Quilting and the quilt competitions were not good either.  In fact I said that the same style of quilt wins each category every year, so I won’t be going!  I would sooner save my money and spent it on a visit to a quilt shop!

This week is a little quieter work wise so I will be able to get a lot done.  We have our Business Year End at the end of May so have to do extra jobs for that.  The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny so hopefully I can get curtains/blankets etc washed and out on the line too.  Have a wonderful week you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

The Coronation.

We watched all of The Coronation and loved every minute of it but especially the music.  Westminster Abbey looked stunning for the occasion.

The music was really good and I loved the choice of pieces.

King Charles having been crowned.

I also liked all the various colours.

The King and Queen Consort after the crowning.

The King leaving The Abbey

The Royal Family.

The King and Queen Consort on The Balacony at Buckingham Palace.

The Red Arrows flying down The Mall towards Buckingham Palance for the Fly Past.

Unfortunately due to the very low grey clouds the full Fly Past was not able to proceed but the Red Arrows and the previous Helicopters were the only ones able to fly.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

I am half way through last month’s book so have not started a new one yet, but I did want to show you this:

I first came across Julian McDonnell via his YouTube channel which can be found here

He started off by doing short films about different areas in London and then expanded it to longer walks.  He tells you about the history of where he is and fascinating facts that are generally not known and also points out things that in a normal walk you would probably miss. 

His videos have become so popular that he has included many of them in this book which was published in April this year.

A picture of Julian and list of the contents.

Each walk tells you the distance, approximate time and the nearest Tube Station and a QR code for your phones.

Julian has a very easy going presenting style and even if you don’t go to London to do any of the walks, his videos do show you London with his very interesting facts.  He usually posts a new video once or twice a month.  He is, of course, on Instagram as well if you have that :

The walks always end at a local Hostelry with a drink to revive Joolz and his crew. 

A great book if you are ever in London to try some of the walks and do check out his YouTube videos, they are very entertaining.

Busy week again and hopefully I will catch up over the weekend!  I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

Yes I know I am late with this, it has been a busy end of April and beginning of May!!!  So here is April’s Book Club and I will be back next week with May!!!

I have read all of James Rollins books based on his stories of Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force.  A group which have military training but also other expertise in medicine, communications, amunitions etc.  It begins in Utah where a quiet research station sounds out a distress call, not for help but for them all to be killed.  A chilling request which is  done but it also affects everything within fifty miles of the station.  However it has not stopped what was happening there.

Sigma Force are dispatched to try and sort out the mess and stop it affecting the area and possibly the world. It is an ancient threat and the team have to find out from historic maps and writings where it all started and if it can be stopped and if not stopped if it can be contained!

Mr Rollins books are a real roller coaster of a read and there is never a dull moment and they move really fast that you get caught up in them.  I am half was through and really enjoying it.

Been trying to read some more recently as it is one of my Aims this year, but there does not always seem to be enough hours in the day!

Happy Reading Everyone. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Today is #TBT and it is so appropriate as today would have been our Darling Treacle’s 15th Birthday!  As you know she passed over the Rainbow Bridge last year in her sleep.  She had not been poorly or ill and we are so thankful for that.  So I thought you would like some pictures from last year of her.

Even at her age she still loved to sleep on her back with all four feet in the air!

She still loved playing!

A great picture that Youngest took of her at Christmas 2021.

I know you have seen these pictures a million times before, but I still love showing them to you!!!

Happy Thursday you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Coco xxxxx

Busy Again!

Last weekend was a long weekend here in the UK and DH was commentating at the Regional swimming event all weekend but I did get lots of jobs done. 

I am pleased to say that my Spring Cleaning is finished, Yeah!!!!  I still have small bits to do like washing cushion covers and curtains but I am waiting for better weather to hang them all out on the line.  I also have some de-cluttering to do but again I can do that when DH is not around. 

I did get a lot of washing and ironing done as well and if you stood still you got washed too! It is such a great feeling to have got it all done!  I also wanted to get it done as we are hopefully seeing the Decoraters in July and all I will have to do them is vacuum the rooms!

Only two more days to go before The Coronation.  We will be watching on Saturday as it is an Historic event.  I remember my parents talking about the late Queen’s Coronation in 1953 so I think it is something to see.  We also have another long weekend as we have Monday off but we are hoping that we can get some gardening done as that needs a tidy up.  Things are starting to grow so we need to make sure that there is room for the new blooms.  The weather has been still very cool and although we have had some sunshine it is not that warm!

Can’t believe it is May already.  We seemed to have rushed through the first four months of the year, but I suppose it is because we have been so busy.  The next few months are going to be busy too but what else is new.  The weeks are falling into a pattern for me of our work, Eldest’s work, home jobs and then fitting time in to do anything else which at the moment is very small.  I may be getting my sewing room back but I am not saying it too loud at the moment!!!!!  I will let you know how things go!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

I think Coco ran out of charge the other day, This is what I found when I turned round from my desk, she was absolutely shatterd and fast asleep!  She did not even wake up when I took her picture!!!!