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Susie’s Friday Book Club.

Yes I know I am very late with this post, I am sorry, but it has been a little hectic here as always!! Anyway better late than never as they say and here it is :

This was a book I got from my Christmas present from DH and The Boys last year, where you get a book a month from the wonderful bookshop in London.  You give them all your likes and dislikes and then they send you books they think you will like.  Has it been successful? Sometimes and sometimes not! 

Did I like this book, it was okay but I did skip a lot of pages!!!!

It begins with the funeral of Sir Ecgbert Tode of Tode Hall and Lady Emma Tode is very glad he is dead! Sir Ecgbert was quite the bully but left the running of the estate to Lady Tode who is now looking forward to her retirement in Capri, however who is going to run the estate now is her problem.  Her eldest son, the new Sir Ecgbert, is as mad as a box of frogs and would not be capable of running the estate, her second son lives in Australia and would not consider ever returning and her daughter is just too involved with her own life.  That only leaves Sir Ecgbert deceased his nephew, who is Egbert, without the “c”! 

Egbert and his wife India are approached to run the estate and live there which they jump at the chance when offered the job by Lady Emma, but not long after arriving things start to unravel and then the Dowager Lady Tode is found dead in the crypt in suspicious circumstances, who murdered her and why?

Would I recommend the book?  Hmm perhaps if you have nothing else to hand!!!!  It was okay!  My main reason for skipping some of the pages was that it was quite slow in parts and quite often repeated itself.

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have all had a good week and a lovely weekend to come.  I will try very hard next week to post something every day as normal.  I am hoping that the weekend will give me cance to catch up!!!!!!

Halloween on Sunday, I do hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky day!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Tuesday Things!

Only sixty days to go before the big day!!!  The days and weeks are flying by but at the moment I think I am in a good place with regard to plans!  This week I am making the Christmas cake and pudding, ahead of last year when it was not made until end of November! Also have some Christmas cookies and mince pies to make so will do that at the end of the week/weekend.  DH is out again over the weekend at swimming events (!) so I will have time to get things done.

Had to visit the Doctor yesterday for one of those small but very annoying issues and I was surpirsed to actually get an appointment.  The end result of my visit was “wait and see”!!!!

The weekend flew by with our second swimming championships on Saturday night which went well and then DH was out all day Sunday with swimming things so I organised all the kitchen cabinets and pantry.  I threw away anything out of date (some I am ashamed to say were way out of date!) and then made a list to replace them! 

Whilst I was in the kitchen I had the TV on and as Halloween is next week It was full of horror stories.  I started watching this

Which was really funny and slightly horror!  However how anyone ever goes camping after all these horror films about people at camp I never know.  Anyway when it finished I then moved on to Scream Queens which was so funny!  Just love Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tomorrow DH and I are visiting customers in the south so will be leaving early and no doubt be back late depending upon traffic.  Sunday would have been my Mom’s 92nd Birthday and Dad would have been 97 in March last.  On their wedding day aged 24 and 19!

It is this one’s Birthday on Friday and we will probably have dinner at home!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Treacle enjoying the snow from last year!!!  She is really hoping that it is going to snow this year.


Trying to get back to being organised after two weeks of chaos!  Don’t you ever wish to go back to a simpler time in your life?  As it is #TBT I thought I would show you some pictures from October when we were in London.  The one below is from 2005 when the Boys were ten and six.  We had gone down for the half term holiday and this is on a boat going down the Thames from The Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London.  From my perspective now this was a simpler time, however if you asked me then it probably would not have been!  It is all subjective of course. 

Last year DH and I went down to London for a cancelled visit from earlier in the year due to all the chaos of the Pandemic.  We managed to get in just in time as the whole country went into lockdown again during November!  We visited Charles Dickens home and it was a good visit and it wasn’t busy of course. 

One of the issues I have had over the last few weeks is replacing our passports!  I know we might not be able to go far at the moment but they need doing and you can now do them on-line but you have to get specific photographs that can be uploaded and the paperwork!!!!!!!!  This is meant to be easier?

The Boys at the moment are being particularly challenging!  At least when they were ten and six they were easier to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my home jobs done today and tomorrow I have some other jobs to get done and the grocery shopping. 

We did the first of the swimming Championships last weekend and we only had a few issues, one being the printer to print the results out would not work initially!  Saying that though after two years it really went very well.  We have the second one this Saturday and then it will be the Presentation Evening just before Christmas.  The swimmers had a good time which was the main thing.  DH has a swimming AGM to go to on Sunday and is then commentating at another swimming club’s championships on Sunday evening and that will be the weekend done again!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week, tomorrow is Friday, yeah!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

I Think I Lost A Week!

Where did last week go, I lost it somewhere!!!! I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday we went to one of my Birthday Presents from last year, Horse of the Year show at the NEC in Birmingham. 

The event began at 7.00am and we got there for 8.00am so we go to see all the events.  It was a wonderful day and I really, really enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures of the day.

The Start of the Day.

The Large Hacks being judged.

The First Show Jumping course being laid.

The Scurry Event, which was fast and furious and great fun.

All the teams waiting for their marks.

The Winner and the horses were called Piglet and Eeyore!

The Dressage Arena built.

The riders were amazing and we got to see Charlotte Dujardin compete on a new young horse called Imhotep.  The event was for young horses starting to compete.  They were all good but Charlotte won!

Charlotte wearing her Team GB jacket from the Olympics on Imhotep.

This was the Native Pony class, all different shapes, sizes and breeds.

They finally managed to get them all in order!!!!

The Reserve above and the Winner below in the Native Pony Class.

The final event we saw was the Household Cavalry doing a musical ride and they all looked magnificent.

We left at 9.00pm and it was a great day and I am hoping to go next year.  

Friday I caught up on work and home jobs and the weekend just flashed by, I can’t honestly say what we did but it flew by!  Yesterday was work mode and today and tomorrow at 8.00am I have to be at the dentist which I am not looking forward to!!!  This Saturday will be the first in-house swimming championships at the Club since 2019 which usually starts at 5.00pm and finishes around 8.00pm and we do it all over again the following Saturday. 

Before we know it it will be November!!!  We are racing towards Christmas at a furious rate or so it seems to me!!!!  I hope you lovely lot had a great week last week and a good one this.  See you tomorrow.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx