Living in an Oven!

It topped out at 104°F yesterday and it was just dreadful!  I did the least amount I could and Coco just lay on the cool tiles all day!  As I say I know there are places which are far hotter but in the UK we are not geared up for it.  We had fans going and all it seemed to do was move the hot air around!!


Coco’s Corner

Yesterday was so hot I just was asleep most of the day with Mom!!!

The other day Mom said I was looking a bit scuffy mut so she brushed me!!!  I am not very happy with the brush but Mom still keeps brushing me anyway.  She took these pictures because she knew that within five minutes I would look a scruffy mut again!!!

Mom also keeps mentioning this spa day I will be going to eventually and that she wishes good luck to the ladies, it is so nice of her!  I am sure I will be really good when I go!!!!!

I have not been on any walks since the heat hit and just been in the garden but Mom won’t let me stay out either because it is too warm!  I also got ice cubes in my water bowl but they did not last very long in the heat!!!

Today is a little cooler but still warm but it is going to cool down over the next few days!


I have abandoned getting jobs done because of the heat and just doing the minimum, it is going to be cooler next week so will get things done then.  Tomorrow is home jobs and shopping and then Friday I am out running errands and I am going with DH in the evening as he sets things up for the weekend to have a look at the new pool.  Over the weekend I am going to be doing some quilting; Christmas in July!!!!  Even though it is hot I will be dreaming of snow and hot chocolate!!!

Stay Cool in this weather.  Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

4 thoughts on “Living in an Oven!

  1. farmquilter

    The UK has been baking!! It is miserable! I have been trying really hard not to use the AC much this summer, as the price of energy has gone up so much. I feel like I am living in a cave with all the drapes drawn to help keep out the heat. It helps! It does cool off nicely in the late evening, so I can open windows and cool the house a bit. I can sleep easily when the temp in the house is 75. Hope your heatwave ends soon! The center of the USA is too hot as well. Hope today and tomorrow are cooler!!

  2. Nina Law

    It’s been hot here also. The high so far has been 106. Thankfullly we have air conditioning. This used to be normal summer temps here in SW Missouri.

  3. Nancy

    Dear Coco, you look like a very determined girl! It’s hard to have to stay inside but it’s good of your mum to keep you where it’s somewhat less hot. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to you out in the hot, hot weather. So glad to hear cooler weather is coming your way.

  4. Molly the Airedale

    104 degrees is just too undoGly hot not to have ac. We know exactly what you mean about fans moving the hot Aire around and it’s NOT fun! You look most grumpy and unhappy about being brushed, Coco. The spa ladies will have fun making you look pretty and sneaking in some hugs and kisses too. You are just too darn cute!

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