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Is It Tuesday or Wednesday, Friday Hopefully?!!

Yes the days are all blending into one and my head is all fuzzy!!!   I can’t honestly tell you what day it is!  Eldest is off this week and busy working on his project car, which has completely confused Treacle, who has gone into major hibernation mode as it has been really cold this week. 

I have still been working and yesterday when I had got finished I got this little job out of the way:

They are all now stamped and waiting to go!

Today I have to make 24 Christmas cookies for DH to take to one of the companies we work with as one of the staff is her Birthday and she has requested them!  I have also been out grocery shopping today because next week is Youngest’s 21st Birthday and he would like a cake.  No problem you would think but he actually wants a Land Rover Defender cake, like this :

This is all because that when Eldest was 2 I make him a tractor cake!  I also made Youngest special cakes one being a space shuttle cake (!) but now he wants this!!!  Girlfriend and I are going to tackle it on Sunday.  I am making the cakes (!) on Friday, which he would like to be coffee, and then we are going to have a go at putting it together Sunday!!!!!!  If it doesn’t go well it will be a cake with a toy Land Rover on it!!!!!

I have three pages of lists at the moment especially as I have a fuzzy head, otherwise I might forget something!  Apparently lots of people are visiting out local garden centre already and getting their real Christmas trees!  DH and I are now considering whether to get ours this weekend and leave it outside in a bucket of water until we need it!  Talk about getting ahead!  We are still waiting to see what Tier we will be in after next week to see what we can and cannot do in the run up to Christmas!  Hey ho.

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week and all your preparations for Christmas wherever you are, are going well!

Hugs & Love,  Susie xx

We Made It!

Yes we made it to Friday again!  Is it me or do Friday’s come round really quickly and equally so Monday mornings?  I start off with the whole week planned and before I know it, it’s Friday and am trying to catch up!!!  I have managed to clear the back log of work I had so am now up to date.  Also managed to get up to date with home jobs too so I am getting there!

I have spent a lot of today racing Treacle to the front door to answer it for all the parcels which are arriving!  So far it has been car parts for Eldest’s project car (!) a new office chair for DH (!) Christmas presents that Youngest has been ordering and a few parcels for me where I have had to replace some towels.  One big thing which was delivered this week was a new hob for my cooker.  We have had, as you know, a few things which needed repairing like the leak in the roof and now my hob has broken!  I noticed a few months ago a small chip on one corner which I do not how it happened.  Anyway I put some things down on it at the weekend and it just cracked from the chipped corner in a perfect half moon shape to the other corner.  So I have only been able to use the back two rings until the new one arrived.  DH and Eldest are going to replace it tomorrow!!!  Don’t you find these silly little things all happen at once?  The lock on the back door broke last weekend! 

There was an article in the newpaper yesterday which was talking about what a dreadful year it has been and that people are looking forward to Christmas so much that some are decorating their homes now. It also said that people who were shown photographs of homes decorated for Christmas thought that the people who own those homes are really nice!  I will be getting the Christmas decorations out at the weekend!!!

I will be making our Christmas cake at the weekend and also some mince pies and the Christmas cookies, so I will be in a Christmas mood.  They have started to show Christmas movies on the TV and the last time I was in my Jeep the Christmas music was on my memory stick!!!  I mean it is only 42 days to go to the Big Day!!!!

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a lovely time.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Thursday Things.

DH and I had to go and visit a customer yesterday in the Lake District, so left home at 5.00am and got there about 8.00am.  We then went into the local town for breakfast and a cup of tea!  This monument overlooks the town of Ulverston and was erected for Sir John Barrow, who was born there in 1764 and eventually became Second Secretary of the Admiralty.  It was made to look like a lighthouse although there is no actual light in it and it was to remind people of Sir John’s naval history.

It was a long day and we got back around 3.00pm where we finished some more work before having dinner and then off to swimming.  However we have to go back again tomorrow with some more parts!!!  It has been one of those weeks.

Madam spent the day here!  We have had the forecasted warm weather, although it is dropping cold at night, so she was sunbathing on our bed whilst we were out!!  She came down and saw us when we came in blinking as if she had only just woken up!  So that was why there was no Wednesday Wag yesterday. 

In fact the whole week has flown by with work and swimming issues.  The swimming looks to be staying the same with less hours for the foreseeable future which is what none of us want, we would like to get back to all our usual days and session times.  I was also speaking to our Accountant yesterday and we were both saying that we don’t see anything changing much and it will probably be like this, this time next year which is slightly depressing.

I seem to be getting an email a day now with Christmas offers.  It is almost like everyone has agreed that it has been such a year that Christmas needs to start now!  I mean they are always early here in the UK but September, that really is early this year!  I was saying though that so far this year we have had bad floods in the UK, the fires in Australia and USA, the locusts in India, the pandemic and probably to add insult to injury we are going to have a dreadful Winter, lots of snow and freezing temperatures!!  I never say this but I will really be glad to see the back fo 2020 although I am not sure that 2021 will be any better!!!

At the moment I am taking it two weeks at a time!  I think that is the longest we can look ahead for as everything seems to change on a moments notice!  My next two weeks?  Swimming!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

PS  As it is Thursday here is #TBT!  The Boys with Santa in 2005!  Aged 10 and 6, on the steam train at Great Central Railway!

Madam and her Reindeer Ears, she does not look impressed!!!!!


Monday again!  It does come round quickly!!!  DH and I were really busy again over the weekend with the swimming sessions.  The Friday night one is two hours and one of the parents has been going to the Chinese takeaway across the road and getting chips for the swimmers for when they come out,  I think it is the only thing keeping them going on a Friday night!

We were also at swimming on Saturday morning and when we got back home doing all the jobs I didn’t get done in the week!!!  It was a manic day and then had to go to the swimming session on Saturday evening too!  By the time we got home I was shattered.

Sunday Girlfriend was competing with Penny.  It was a lovely day and it was so nice to be outside at an event and not to have to wear a face mask!!!  Here are a few pictures of the day.  

First session waiting to compete.

Back having completed a double clear round.

Second session, actually on the round.

Over the Jumps!

Fast around the jumps and another double clear!

Overall they came third and fourth which as it is only Penny’s fourth event was really good.  They are competing again next week.  It now looks like we are going to be horse people as well as swimming people!!!!

The weather is beginning to turn here and although they have promised some warm weather hopefully at the end of this week, you can feel that Autumn is starting to make itself known with a chill in the air in the evening and early mornings!

You know I was talking about Christmas?  Well when I was doing my grocery shopping at the weekend there were mince pies, Christmas puddings and cakes and other Christmas goodies in the bakery aisle!!!  It is September 7th people!!!  Is it going to be like this from now until Christmas?  Or is it because they think everyone has had such a bad year that we all want to get into the Christmas spirit now?  Literally or figuratively?!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a good Monday?

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Friday Quilty Things.

Now that all the Christmas presents have been gifted and opened I am able to show you what I have made for various wonderful people in my life!!!

I was in such a rush to get these two table runners away to these wonderful ladies who are in the USA that I forgot to take pictures!!!!!  Thank you ladies for putting pictures on your Blogs!!!!


This is Sue and Molly’s Table Runner, Molly very ably showing it off!


This table runner was for Susan.


This small quilt was for DH’s lovely cousin, Judy.


The back of the quilt above and the one below.


This quilt was for DH’s other lovely cousin, Elaine, sister to Judy.


I made these Mug Rugs for Girlfriend’s Mom.


Finally a Baby Quilt for DH’s cousin Elaine her daughter who had a little girl, Jessy, on December 3rd, the day after Youngest’s Birthday!!!


The back of the quilt which went really well with the colours on the front!

I also got DH and the Boys Christmas mats done for their stockings as well!!!  It was great fun doing all these projects for Christmas and another baby quilt.  I am in the process of sorting out my sewing things and am now back sewing on my work desk and will show you when I have sorted things out. 

I had some wonderful presents from DH and the Boys and from Sue and Susan in the US and will show you those over the weekend. 

Happy Friday you Lovely Lot.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Decade.


I had not really thought about we were starting a new Decade until it was all over the news and Instagram of course!!!!  To me it was just another New Year. However I have looked through our photographs from 2010 to 2019 and realised how much has happened in this Decade!!! 

The Boys started the Decade  Eldest becoming fifteen and Youngest eleven and 2019 celebrating being twenty four and twenty!!!!  Their changes have been huge; finishing school and moving on to training for both of them for their jobs and working for the companies they really wanted to!  Learning to drive and getting their first cars (!); Acting for both of them Eldest in the film “Testament of Youth” and Youngest in “Victoria”; Going on holiday with DH and I to Girlfriends coming along too!  From swimming five days a week for both of them and then both being Captain of the Swimming Club, first Eldest and then Youngest taking over from him!  Being in Scouts; playing the piano, doing exams and generally growing up!

DH and I celebrating our Twenty Fifth and Thirtieth Wedding Anniversaries; Visiting the USA in 2010 with our Boys, a wonderful holiday and also visiting The Highlands, Scotland and London for other holidays. 

Work to say the least has not been the easiest of Decades with the global recession and engineering in particular but 2018/2019 did see an improvement which we are really hoping will continue into this Decade!!!!

People always say the years go by too quickly but I always say if you look back and see what you actually did during the year, it has flown by because you have been so active and crammed so much into the year.  Having looked back on this last Decade I cannot believe what we have done, seen and got up to.  It also really makes me appreciate my wonderful family, DH, Eldest, Youngest and Treacle. 

I hope the New Year and next Decade is very happy for all my family, friends and followers.

Hugs & Love

Susie xxxx


Just a few of the pictures over the last Decade!!!!  I could have added hundreds more but decided to stop with these!!!!

Happy 2020!

Christmas Eve.

It’s Christmas Eve!



New addition to the decorations, it kind of looks Treacle-ish!!!!


Family presents around the tree, sort of!!!



Christmas Mice, new additions this year.


Family Christmas cards.


The Book Shelves.



Our Christmas Cake


The Infamous Chocolate Log – Treacle ate one very like this a few years ago and amazingly she was not ill!!!!

Here we are on the Eve of the Big Day and all the plans, hard work and worrying are done now!!!  Just got to make sure Christmas Dinner is cooked and on the table hot and it is a success.  I hope you have all got to today without too much worry and strife and have the most wonderful of Christmas times.

Hugs, Susie & Crew xx