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Eerie Lighting

Our local Highways Agency has decided to experiment in our village with some new lighting.  In fact on the road we live on and the road below us on the hill.  Unfortunately I cannot get a picture of the lighting as it just won’t photograph properly.
They are new light posts with daylight like bulbs, or a white light, in but they only illuminate the area directly underneath them, leaving the rest of the road in a semi-darkness.  So far no one seems to have a good thing to say about them!  I know they are probably energy saving and I know that is something we all have to do now but I don’t think these are the solution.
One set of friends did say that it will be good on Halloween for trick or treating!!
I have had that sort of week, where everything I have touched has managed to go wrong or be awkward.  I think I will go hide under the duvet with my book!
Susie x



I am quilting, honest!  I just need more time in the day!! I know the age old cry of every woman in the World!
I have made the top which is going to be my Linus Quilt for this year and it has a theme of dogs.  I am backing it with a cream fleece material and for the quilting I am going to do a little bit of in the ditch to make sure it is tight but then overall I am going to draw round one of Treacle’s Bonio biscuits and then quilt those shapes and the main colours are red so I will quilt the bones in red.
This is the theory, I will show you how it turns out.
My next job is to try and quilt my American quilt which I have completed the top for and got the sandwich done but I don’t know if I am going to be able to quilt it on just my sewing machine.  I will have a go but if not I will have to get it done professionally.
The next quilt job will be Eldest’s quilt for his bed which I want to get made and done this year so he will be able to take it away with him when he goes to Uni.  Then I will get Youngest’s done so he does not feel left out (although he does have a while before he goes to Uni!).
That’s the plan anyway.  I will let you know how it goes!!!!
Susie x


RIP Dan Evins

Our Boys playing checkers outside the local Cracker Barrel in Orlando 2010
I have read in the news today of the passing of Dan Evins, who founded the Cracker Barrel stores in the US.  We always visit the local Cracker Barrel store when we stay in Florida as it is just down the road.  The food is great and the welcome wonderful and the staff at the local store were great when we got stuck in 2010 because of the ash cloud.  I do hope that with Dan’s passing the store will not now change, but they keep his vision of the old stores from year’s gone by.
Susie x

Christmas Over for Another Year.

I don’t know about you but all the planning, shopping, wrapping and general running around for Christmas we do and within twenty four hours its over for another year!  Where does it go?  I cannot believe that it is now January 11th and we are back at work and it doesn’t seem as if we were off!
We had a lovely time over Christmas even if it did go quickly.  It was just us on Christmas Day and DH’s daughter and her husband joined us for Christmas Dinner in the evening which made the day seem longer.  Our Boys always have their stockings on Boxing Day, I put them in their rooms overnight, and again it makes Christmas last a little longer.  Unfortunately we did not get to Church this year because of the timing of things but did join in with the Carol Service with School. 
Whilst The Boys were off we went to the cinema to see Mission Impossible 4 and the new Sherlock Holmes which were both excellent and definitely on the list to get on DVD when they come out.
We also went for dinner to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in Nottingham.  We had been to the Covent Garden one in July when we were in London and it did not disappoint.  The weather was lousy that day and it was very cosy inside.   The food was great.
We managed to fit in visits to all the family before Christmas which was a lovely day, and it was great seeing everyone’s decorations.
All too soon we had celebrated New Year and it was back to school and work.  I do hope everyone has a great 2012 and this year is a little easier for everyone than the last few.

Susie x

Our caked finally iced and the Christmas pudding.

Our Christmas Table

Our place settings for this year.