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It’s Friday Do The Snoopy Dance!


Happy Friday everyone,  we made it to the weekend again!  I managed to get all the laundry washed, ironed and put away yesterday, although it did feel a bit like a Chinese Laundry at one point!

We also had a meeting with the venue for Youngest’s 18th Birthday Party at the end of November, to sort out food etc which I am quite pleased to get done and out of the way.

The house is starting to get back to normal as we have managed to sort out some more things of Youngest.  He just has to put his pictures up and I can then take pictures of how it looks which will be a relief.  Also need to get the Halloween/Autumn things down from the attic and decorate the house.


DH brought me these as we have been together for thirty one years today!  I love them.

Our weather is supposed to be a little cooler over the weekend but bouts of heavy rain so I think the garden will have to wait, although we are getting through the jobs slowly but surely.

21st bdayGirlfriend’s Sister, Emily, is 21 on Sunday so celebrations are in hand for that.  It is going to be an expensive year this year!


I have been out this morning running errands so Treacle has been asleep and is now out in the garden playing while it is sunny and before the rain arrives. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and the weather is kind.

Happy Autumn Hugs, Susie xx


The Wednesday Wag!


I have been looking after Mom today as she has developed a cold!!!  In fact she said that although DH normally stands for Darling Husband, today it means Dratted Husband as Dad has had the sniffles over the last few days but he has passed it on to Mom and she has a full blown cold!!!  Here I am lying next to Mom on their bed, on Dad’s side, tee hee!!!!!


Don’t worry Mom I will keep you warm even if you keep waking me up by sneezing!


I finally got in my basket out of the way, of course even asleep you have to have tidy paws!!! 

Have a Woofy Wednesday


Oh Goodness!


It’s only Tuesday and I feel it should be at least Thursday!!!  I have been at my desk all day today, Treacle has been snoring in her basket, and have just managed to catch up on all my work!!!  I always say I am not going to get behind then work and life take over and before I know it, it’s gone mad, mad, mad!!!! Which then leaves me feeling I do not know which way to turn.  Do you get days like that?


Also because we have been so busy in the house this is what I will be doing this evening, after getting dinner!!!  To say it is breeding in the utility room is an understatement!!!! 

I also have a nagging feeling that I am forgeting things!!!  I must start writing my lists again, I am sure I am supposed to be doing things but I have not remembered them!!!  I think this week is going to turn into One of Those Weeks!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going better than mine!!!!

Hugs, Susie x



Monday, again?!!!!


Oh goodness me it is Monday again!!  Things, of course, did not go quite as planned over the weekend but the furniture is in Youngest’s room but not all the rest of his stuff yet!!!  Time just rushes by and even though you work your little socks off you still don’t finish.

Other jobs didn’t get done either so that is a bit of a bummer but hopefully next weekend we will get it all completed.  I did get some quilting done, especially Evalyn’s quilt and just now need to sew the rows together and I can then get it pinned and quilted so that is moving forward. 


We have some Big Birthdays coming up in the next few months, a 21st, a 60th, a 50th and an 18th!  Expensive or what!!!


Treacle today!  Not much of a difference to most days!! 


I did do a few other jobs over the weekend, one of which was booking tickets to go to Chatsworth House at Christmas.  We don’t go every year and we haven’t been for a while now so I thought we would go this year.  They decorate the house inside each year with a theme and this year it is Dickens.  The above picture is the walk up to the front doors with snow and Christmas lights, love it.

Tomorrow I have lots of work to get done and hopefully a few house jobs as I have to be out all day Thursday for business things and before we know it it will be Friday again.

Happy Monday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

5ee0e8e7b629ddd064a23a8a5d846c37 This is how I feel today!!!!

Autumn Weekend


It is definitely feeling like Autumn here in Derbyshire.  It is cold and last night someone had a bonfire and the woody leaf smell was just so Autumn.  Even Treacle is feeling it as she is curled up in her basket in a tight ball instead of lounging like she usually does!!!!


Just to prove that I am not entirely thinking of only Christams I bought this new mug this week.  It is by Emma Bridgewater and I love her things.  It is just right for a drink as it is half a pint and it keeps the tea warm.  I love it.


This is the back of it and inside you can see it has pumpkins all the way round.  I have quite of few of her mugs now, especially the Christmas ones! Tee Hee

You will be pleased to know that Youngest’s furniture has arrived so we will be busy sorting out his room and getting everything transferred over and put back!  I will take pictures when it is all done and show you them hopefully on Monday.

Yesterday and today have been busy with work and house jobs and I was trying to sort everything out and get tidy so I can concentrate on the weekend and have just managed to do it at 5.40pm!!  What a rush!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Autumn weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!


Mom has been out all day today so I have been in charge of Youngest!!!!  He just is not Mom and then he went out and left me, but Mom got back not long aftet that!  It is so much better when she is in!!!!


Now she is home I can get some sleep, Youngest is far too excitable!!!!


It has been sunny today so Mom let me out as soon as she got back and I had a good run round and found my football, I had better make the most of it as they have forecast rain for all day tomorrow!!!!

I hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday.  Friday soon.


Time Warp!

I think there is a Time Warp somewhere in my house because time seems to be speading up, certainly faster than normal!!!!  I cannot believe it is September 19th and there is only one more week left to this month!!!! 

I was looking through my diary and trying to get my mind around things which are happening for the swimming club, things which are happening for the Boys, fun things which are happening as well as important other things.  Oh and work as well!!!!


The first week of October there will be the famous Goose Fair in Nottingham, our Home Town!  This is where DH and I had our first date and so this year we are having Date Night there without the Boys!!!  The first time in twenty years!!!!  Youngest is going with some friends from college and Eldest and Girlfriend will probably be going with some of their friends.  Hopefully this year it won’t be raining as in the previous few years.


We will also be running the Club Championships in October on two Saturday evenings which are always fun nights, if not tiring!!!!


Youngest will have a week off of college at the end of October and it is also DH’s Birthday!


Then it is Halloween!  I do love this time of year.  Of course I am also thinking about Christmas and getting organised with Gifts especially if they need to be ordered.  I have seen a lot of Christmas Planners on Pinterest but sometimes they are so huge that you would need the whole year to complete them!!!  I do have my own plan I use and at the end of October will show you it and hopefully something on it will give you inspiration to do something similar wherever you are.  I hasten to add though that although it is a plan I don’t always get through it or do everything off of it, it is there just as a help.


Treacle’s body clock, of course, works round meals!  Breakfast at 6.00am, lunchtime biscuit at 12.00pm, dinner at 6.00pm and any other food that she can possibly cajole out of anyone, including ice cream that DH is eating (she was not lucky this time!) 

Quilting is going okay (I thought I would mention this as it is supposed to be a quilting blog!!!!) I have got more of Evalyn’s quilt done, more material arrived for my Christmas gifts and I have a couple of other things to finish that I completed the tops of whilst away on holiday. I am still trying to finish some UFO’s and am determined to get them done before the end of the year. 

Well Tuesday is almost over here in the UK and tomorrow is the middle of the week and then Friday Youngest’s furniture is arriving so the weekend will be spent finishing his room, yeah!!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


We Got A Lot Done!


We managed to get a lot done over the weekend even if everyone was in and out!!!  Saturday was a good day for weather so DH and I got a lot done in the garden, including putting all the outdoor furniture away as it was lovely and dry.  I gave it a good clean and then Youngest and his friend arrived just in time to help DH carry it up to the den where we store it!!!  You must know that if you come to our home you may get a job!!!!

We also managed to get some tidying done to the plants as well and got the lawn mowed so really happy.  I managed to get the house clean if not tidy but next weekend it will be as Youngest’s furniture is arriving, yeah!!!!!  I will then be able to show you the before and after pictures.

Yesterday I managed to get Eldest’s room sorted and did some more work on Evalyn’s quilt and got it as tidy as I could but there is still a lot of Youngest’s things in there too!!!!


I had a lovely surprise that I had won one of the sponsers items from The Pets On Quilts Show 2017!!!!  This arrived in the post and many thanks to Jeanne Harwood for sponsoring.  This is Heat Press which you can use to join odd pieces of batting to make bigger pieces, without the hassle of trying to zigzag them together.  I have just done this with two small pieces of batting and it worked but not without some problems!!  However it will now be so much easier with Heat Press.  I will let you know when I have used it.  Thanks to LilyPad Quilting for running a great show.

The weather is cool again here but Wednesday it may be warm again, silly weather!!!  I hope you had a lovely Autumn weekend, the nights are drawing in fast with it getting dark by 8.00pm at night now.

Hugs, Susie xx


It’s Friday but where did Thursday Go?


I really am glad to see Friday this week.  It’s been a long week yet I don’t seem to have achieved much in it!  DO you get weeks like that?  Yes work got done and jobs got done and everyone got fed and clothes got washed and Treacle got fed but I still don’t feel as if it was a stellar week!  Probably because the weather has been yuck too.  In fact I have even, today, succumbed to switching the heating on, which must tell you how bad it is.  I have sat at my desk all week freezing!!!!!


This is the garden yesterday starting to look very much like Autumn and the sky was very blue but it was not warm. 


Even the moon was still up when I took this picture just before lunch at 12.00pm. 

The weekend is supposed to be a little better with no rain which will give us a chance to get those garden jobs done and house jobs (they did not get done this week either!).  Youngest is teaching/coaching at the swimming club at various time and DH will probably have to go up as well, they are both having their haircut tomorrow, Eldest had his done last night and then DH has a business meeting on Sunday morning (!) hopefully for not too long.  The house still looks like a bomb has hit it with Youngest’s things still all over the place, but his new furniture arrives next week so hopefully he will all be sorted by then.  But I am taking back Eldest’s room and sorting it out as I need to get on with my quilting, especially Evalyn’s which is for October!!!!!!!


As you can see from the above picture it has not taken Treacle long to “discover” Youngest’s new bed!!!!  This was this morning after they had left for work and college!!!!  I will add that there are decorative pillows and cushions to go on the bed which are stacked next to the bed as he obviously could not be bothered to put them back on the bed this morning!!!!!  Boys!


Talking Christmas (!) I have started three projects that are going to be Christmas gifts this year!  Are you impressed?  It was one of those “I saw the material and it inspired me” to make these gifts rather than trying to make something because it is Christmas.  They will be able to be used all year and I can’t wait to show them to you but I won’t be able to until after Christmas!!!!  Boy it seems a long way off yet but I know the weeks will fly by and I know Treacle ratted me out the other day but I have bought a Christmas ornament which I am now thinking I will also get as gifts for some other friends!!! 

I love it really!!!  And an advert on TV last night for Movies24 becoming Christmas24 and this year it is starting on October 21st!!!!  Which is even earlier than last year!  Soon they will be showing Christmas movies all day everyday from June!!!!!! 

Anyway I had better go as I have lots to do and I do hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Happy Hugs, Susie x

PS I am not going to mention what has happened in London again today!  I am being an ostrich and hiding my head in the sand and only thinking happy thoughts!


The Wednesday Wag!


It has been sunny this morning so Mom allowed me to spend time outside on my own on the strict warning to not get into trouble!  Me?


Although it is sunny it is not that warm and I can definitely feel that Autumn is on the way.  I managed to find my football. Dad has not mown the grass for two weeks because the weather has not been good but he needs to get on with it!


Where did my ball go now?

I also saw Mom on her computer looking at Christmas things.  If Christmas is on the way I will need to get on with my list!  Now what can I ask for this year?  More squeaky toys and tennis balls!!!!  (thanks for ratting me out Treacle!)

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.