That Was The Week That Was!

Last week passed in a blur of work and trying to get things sorted. Nothing major going on just lots of jobs!!! “That Was The Week That Was” was an old TV show in the UK during the 1960’s, I just thought the phrase was appropriate for last week!

DH and I were out on Thursday for work and also managed to catch up with a work colleague who had retired and he and his wife have not long moved to a new home and we called to see them.  Their new home is actually built into the hillside and looks a little like a Hobbit home.  It really is amazing and although very modern which I don’t usually like, it is really designed well.  We then called to see our Boys Godparents and had a lovely catch up with them too. 

The weekend passed in a blur of getting jobs done and Youngest was at the Hospital yesterday to have his mole removed, so he will be at home with me for the next two weeks.  The removal went well although it was quite large and situated on his spine.  They are testing to make sure it is okay but the Consultant did not think it would be a problem, it is just the healing process now and also because of his job they do not want him bending, hence the two weeks off.

Now I know that there are lots of places in the World hotter than this but for us in the UK this is REALLY HOT!  Above is today’s top temperatures this afternoon and tomorrow below:

As you can see even hotter!  We in the UK are just not geared up for this heat unlike hotter countries, certainly in our homes as we do not have air conditioning.   All we have are fans doing battle with the heat!  Of course it is only due to last today and tomorrow and by Wednesday it will be back to 70° so we will be wearing jumpers by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is this morning’s job before it gets too hot and I also have some business work I need to do before again it gets bad.  Jayne and I were due to go out for lunch tomorrow but have moved it to next week now as businesses are talking about closing so we thought it best and also to not be out in a car during the worst of the heat!

It is always the same though in the UK we get a few days of some extreme weather and the Government and Media become Chicken Licken running around shouting the sky is falling!!!!  As I say by Wednesday it will be back to our normal summer temps and raining of course!!!

After finishing the two quilts I am now sorting out my quilting and trying to put aside what I want to take with me on holiday.  I like this process of sorting out things and getting things tidy again even if it is all tucked away at the moment!  I am hoping this coming weekend to do a bit more quilting and am aiming for a “Christmas in July” quity weekend, well that’s the plan.  DH is out all weekend at the new 50m swimming pool in Derby which has just opened.  The event is to see how things go and if anything needs to be sorted out before hosting a major competition there, so that should be fun.  I am going on Friday evening to have a look see!

Coco went with Eldest to his business on Saturday and he got out to open the gates and this was the face looking at him, as if to say “and where do you think you are going without me!”!!!!!!!!!  She had a great day and came home around 4.00pm exhausted!!! 

Still got lots of jobs to get done which I am trying to sort out this week, especially as it is going to be so warm!!!  I hope you lovely lot have a great week and stay cool if you are having top temperatures too. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Look at you driving at your young age, Coco! We have a hot week coming up too and we’re supposed to get rain today. I pray we do because our grass is looking and feeling like straw because of the lack of rain. We send Youngest lots of AireZen and healing vibes!

  2. farmquilter

    It is heating up here as well…well over 100 for my girls, but we haven’t gotten there yet – maybe today! Don’t you have AC in your car? Here, where it used to be an add-on, it is now on every vehicle sold. I’m trying not to use the AC much this summer, just a single fan with windows open when the temps are lower outside then they are inside, otherwise, all the blinds are closed to keep the heat out. Chicken Licken there sounds just like Chicken Little here! Fond memories! Coco looks right at home in the driver’s seat!! She is growing so fast!!!

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