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Places we go and would like to go!

Happy Thanksgiving.

To All My American Friends & Followers

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have a wonderful Day and a lovely long weekend. 

I am still suffering and have only managed to get up today after spending two days in bed!  I am really hoping that it will go soon.  DH is out tonight and tomorrow night compering the Christmas Light Switch on in two areas and then doing the same for the Village light switch on, on Sunday!  It is very cold here and frosty in the mornings.  I am hoping to catch up tomorrow with home jobs and Treacle has her spa day.  I have also lots of jobs to do at the weekend but I have given our good friends the tickets for Chatsworth Christmas as I am not up to walking around the house and garden.  I will go next year.

Hugs & Love, Susie xxxx

Sunday Home.

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel on Sunday morning before packing to come home. 

The Hotel had started to put up their Christmas Lights.

Our Room.

Which had a balcony and overlooked the garden. 

We had a wonderful few days break and came home with some Christmas presents and I also came home with a cold!!!!!!  I have taken a test and made sure it is not Covid and it isn’t, just your run of the mill ordinary cold!!  Saying that I have a sore throat, cough and runny nose!!!!  Of course I have this and everyone else is feeling fine!!! 

I have had a busy few days with work and also home jobs.  DH and Youngest have been away for two days on a trip which was cancelled from last year to do with Land Rovers and driving.  Saturday evening DH has a compere event and Sunday we have home jobs to do before we start the Christmas events!!!

I do hope you lovely lot have had a great week and a good weekend to come.

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xx

Shopping Saturday.

Saturday we decided to do some Christmas shopping but again we did not get up too early. 

Some of the shops were decorated for Christmas and others were not, which was a shame.  It was the same with the streets some of the lights were lit and others weren’t.

Now you know I can’t go past a bookshop without going in!!!!

Fortnum & Mason, The Queen’s Grocers, always have to visit when we are in London.  They have the tastiest treats and their decorations are always wonderful.

Their central staircase above this year.

I had also booked for DH and I to have Afternoon Tea in the Diamond Tea Salon on the top floor.  This originally was an apartment for Mr Fortnum and his family and over the years had various uses until The Queen opened the Diamond Tea Salon in 2012, her Diamond Jubilee year. 

We got a special cake for our Anniversary.  However we could not eat them all but got a box to take them home in. 

Fortnum & Mason were all decorated for Christmas and I looked great. 

Piccadilly had their lights on.

The Fortnum Windows.

It was very busy with quite a lot of people Christmas shopping too!!!  It was nice to get back to the hotel and chill out!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH xx

Our Wedding Anniversary.

As we had a busy day on Thursday we did not get up early on Friday, which was our Anniversary.  It is a real treat for us to not have to get up early and get one with the day!  We had arranged to see friends, who now live in London, for Brunch.  We had not seen them since 2019 before all the chaos so it was great to catch up.  We met them at 10.30am and finally left to get back to the hotel at 3.30pm!

In the evening we had booked a table at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho for dinner.  It was a lovely meal.  Here are some pictures of the evening.

The Restaurant is in Soho just around the corner from Carnaby Street, which was all lit up for Christmas.

We had a drink at the bar before dinner.  It was fascinating watching the barmen making the cocktails.

Every time I take DH’s picture at the moment he manages to have his eyes closed!!!!!!  No he is not asleep!

Our Starters.

Our Mains.

DH had flaming Creme Brulee for dessert.

One of the traditions at the restuarant is that they have a button at each table and at the bar to press for Champagne.

The Button and we pressed it!  I got a glass of champagne!

It was a lovely way to spend our 33rd Wedding Anniversary.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH.  xx

We Are Back.

I spent Monday catching up on work and Tuesday catching up on home jobs, finally I am able to show you pictures of our mini vacation!  You saw the Merry Marylebone pictures from the Wednesday evening.  Thursday we visited Kensington Palace.  I had always wanted to go and also there was an exhibition of Royal dresses including Princess Diana’s wedding dress. 

Warning:  Picture Heavy Post!!!!!!

The main part of the Kensington Palace tour is where Queen Victoria lived before she became Queen. 

The first room we came to had some Tiaras from the Royal Collection.

A door into the gardens.

This dress was worn by Princess Margaret at a Ball.

A dress worn by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on a Royal tour.

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress.

This dress was worn by the Queen Mother at her Husband’s Coronation.

The following pictures are all from the State Apartments where Princess Victoria and various other monarchs resided including William & Mary of Orange.

King William’s Throne.

The Audience Chamber which had wonderful deep red damask walls.

The Staircase, I loved the lamps.

A Tableaux of Queen Victoria and her Court.  There was a lot of scaffolding in this room as they are trying to shore up the roof and floor.  They had tried in the past but it now needs a more permanent solution.

All around there were little figurerines depicting Princess Victoria’s life. 

The Rules that everyone had to follow around Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria’s Dog, called Dash.

Princess Victoria’s Doll House.

It was a great visit.  We then walked into the park surrounding the Palace.

The front of the Palace where you visit.

The weather was good and it was nice to see a blue sky and the sun after several days of grey!

We then crossed the city for Lunch at Fortnum & Mason in The Royal Exchange.

We passed Trafalgar Square

DH Had Dover Sole for Lunch

I had Mushroom Wellington.

In the evening we went to see the Play “The Play That Goes Wrong”.  It is a play within a play and very, very funny!!!  If you get chance to see it do.

The set before the play started!  It does not look like this by the end!

We had a very busy day Thursday but it was great fun.  We got back to the hotel around 9.30pm and had some supper.  I will show you Friday’s adventures tomorrow.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH.

Hello November!

Goodness where did October go?  All our leaves have almost fallen now, but there are a determined few still clinging to the branches much to DH’s annoyance!!!

One of the highlights of the weekend was our Clocks went back so we gained an extra hour of sleep although today you wouldn’t know it.  It began at 5.00am when the alarm went off.  I sorted DH & The Boys lunches, fed Treacle and let her out, put one load in the tumble dryer as it was raining and another load for the washer.  Put the Christmas cake into the oven to cook for four hours, the Christmas pudding on to steam for eight hours (!).  I packed away the mince pies I made into boxes for the freezer, got my ironing out for later and packed them all off to work and that was before 7.00am!!!!    I then managed to get a shower and some breakfast before I started actual work! 

We had a lovely weekend, out for dinner on Friday evening for DH’s Birthday and then out on Saturday night for dinner with friends.  It was a very social weekend and we had a lovely time.  Although I was quite glad for the extra hour in bed!   Because we had lovely food over the weekend dinner last night was cheese and beans on toast and it was so nice not to have to cook anything!!!

This week is busy with work and then Friday is Bonfire Night but we are not having any fireworks this year or going anywhere, although I will do a Bonfire Tea of hot dogs, chips and apple pie for pudding!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx


Mom, I am back from the Spa and I have been very good, can I have my biscuit now please?

What’s next on the agenda today?

That’s it for the day now, I need a sleep after my busy spa day!


It is #TBT so I thought I would show you some pictures of the Boys in Scotland over the years as we have just come back from vacation. 

Ah the days when they would smile at the camera!

Prospective Pilots?

Youngest & DH – they do clean up well!

DH & The Boys at Loch Mhor.

Pier Building at Loch Mhor!  They can work together when they want to!!!!!

Today has been a work day and taxing Treacle around and I did all the washing and ironing yesterday and just have the cleaning and grocery shopping to do tomorrow and then we are all set for the weekend.  We are hoping that the weather is going to be okay so we can tidy the garden after our vacation and also start to get it tidy for Autumn. 

I hope you are having a great Thursday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Dare We Say We Are Back To Normal?

Are things starting to feel a little bit like what normal was eighteen months ago?  Our restrictions eased a while ago now and although there are still cases of Covid occuring it does seem to be a lot less.  There are still officials saying that there may be an uptick of cases in Winter but they just don’t know.

I really hope that we won’t be in any more lockdowns this year and hopefully if we do have another issue we can deal with it whilst still doing everything else!!! 

Only seven more days left in August and then that will be summer over with for another year, now where did that go?  I love all the Seasons but Autumn going into Winter I do love a little bit more!!!

Sadly Nottingham Goose Fair has again been cancelled this year due to the numbers who attend.  Over the space of five days 400,000 people come to see the famous fair and as we don’t know what might be happening in October and because you would not be able to socially distance at the Fair, they have cancelled it again.  Everything crossed for next year now as this was where DH and I had our first date and we love to go and is also one of the things I love about Autumn!

If things do start to get cancelled again, I may do a Bonfire Party on November 5th for our family again, like last year so that we have something to look forward to.

Yes I know you will probably hate me for this picture but I have to tell you that there are only four months to go until Christmas!!!  Especially if you need to get on with making presents for those important family members!!!!  Of course there are those super organised people out there who have already made their Christmas presents and no doubt wrapped them already!!!  I am organised but not when it comes to getting things made!!!  I am going to write a list right now!!!! 

I am also hoping that my good friend, Jayne, and I can go Christmas shopping this year in Nottingham, something we have not been able to do for two years now!  Did I tell you that she has retired from work?   Which also means that we will be able to go out and be ladies who lunch a bit more now!, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I had better sign off now and get on with cooking dinner for my lovely lot who will be coming through the front door very soon.  I hope you have had a great Tuesday, tomorrow is half way through the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Couldn’t resist this picture.  That look says, do I really have to have this stupid hat on and have my picture taken?!!!!!!!!!!!!!