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Places we go and would like to go!

It’s Goose Fair Friday!


Yes we can do the Snoopy Dance as it is Friday and not just any old Friday, it is Goose Fair Friday!!! 

Goose Fair 021008Although it is a little blurry here is a high up view of the Fair.

Historians believe that the fair first began in 1284 when the Charter by King Edward I referred to City Fairs for Nottingham.  Its name comes from the thousands of Geese which were driven into Nottingham from Lincolnshire to be sold to be fattened for Christmas Day.  Our family when my Grandparents were alive always had Goose for Christmas Day Dinner instead of Turkey and there was also Beef as well. 


There are two roads in the Nottingham City Centre, one is called Goose Gate where the Geese entered the town and The Poultry where all the butchers/poultry shops were.


This is the Fair in Old Market Square with the old Council House in the background

The fair used to be held in the city centre, in Old Market Square in front of the Council House but moved in 1927 to its present venue of the Forrest Recreation Ground when Old Market Square was re-developed.  The fair was cancelled for a few years; 1646 because of the Bubonic plague and during the First and Second World Wars but since then it has been continuous. 


The Fair with the new and present Council House being built in the background.


Another side of the fair in the Square with the old buildings in the background which are still there today.  In fact the building on the right next to H. Samuel is by Watson Fothergill a famous Nottingham Architect


Today it is all about rides from the little ones for the children to the very big ones that even I won’t go on!!!  They also always bring one new ride to the fair usually very fast or very big or both!!! 


Nottingham is DH and My Home Town so it is tradition to go and we even went before we were both born and so did both of the Boys.  In fact DH and I had our first date at Goose Fair, so we are going tonight!!!  The weather at the moment is cold but at least it is not raining like the last couple of years.  This is one of the events we all look forward to during Fall and really marks the end of Summer and start of Autumn for us. 


Also a tradition, which not a lot of people understand, is having a pot of hot mushy peas with mint sauce whilst you walk round the fair!!!  You have to be there to appreciate it!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend whatever you are all up to.

Hugs, Susie x

Time Warp!

I think there is a Time Warp somewhere in my house because time seems to be speading up, certainly faster than normal!!!!  I cannot believe it is September 19th and there is only one more week left to this month!!!! 

I was looking through my diary and trying to get my mind around things which are happening for the swimming club, things which are happening for the Boys, fun things which are happening as well as important other things.  Oh and work as well!!!!


The first week of October there will be the famous Goose Fair in Nottingham, our Home Town!  This is where DH and I had our first date and so this year we are having Date Night there without the Boys!!!  The first time in twenty years!!!!  Youngest is going with some friends from college and Eldest and Girlfriend will probably be going with some of their friends.  Hopefully this year it won’t be raining as in the previous few years.


We will also be running the Club Championships in October on two Saturday evenings which are always fun nights, if not tiring!!!!


Youngest will have a week off of college at the end of October and it is also DH’s Birthday!


Then it is Halloween!  I do love this time of year.  Of course I am also thinking about Christmas and getting organised with Gifts especially if they need to be ordered.  I have seen a lot of Christmas Planners on Pinterest but sometimes they are so huge that you would need the whole year to complete them!!!  I do have my own plan I use and at the end of October will show you it and hopefully something on it will give you inspiration to do something similar wherever you are.  I hasten to add though that although it is a plan I don’t always get through it or do everything off of it, it is there just as a help.


Treacle’s body clock, of course, works round meals!  Breakfast at 6.00am, lunchtime biscuit at 12.00pm, dinner at 6.00pm and any other food that she can possibly cajole out of anyone, including ice cream that DH is eating (she was not lucky this time!) 

Quilting is going okay (I thought I would mention this as it is supposed to be a quilting blog!!!!) I have got more of Evalyn’s quilt done, more material arrived for my Christmas gifts and I have a couple of other things to finish that I completed the tops of whilst away on holiday. I am still trying to finish some UFO’s and am determined to get them done before the end of the year. 

Well Tuesday is almost over here in the UK and tomorrow is the middle of the week and then Friday Youngest’s furniture is arriving so the weekend will be spent finishing his room, yeah!!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


It’s Friday but where did Thursday Go?


I really am glad to see Friday this week.  It’s been a long week yet I don’t seem to have achieved much in it!  DO you get weeks like that?  Yes work got done and jobs got done and everyone got fed and clothes got washed and Treacle got fed but I still don’t feel as if it was a stellar week!  Probably because the weather has been yuck too.  In fact I have even, today, succumbed to switching the heating on, which must tell you how bad it is.  I have sat at my desk all week freezing!!!!!


This is the garden yesterday starting to look very much like Autumn and the sky was very blue but it was not warm. 


Even the moon was still up when I took this picture just before lunch at 12.00pm. 

The weekend is supposed to be a little better with no rain which will give us a chance to get those garden jobs done and house jobs (they did not get done this week either!).  Youngest is teaching/coaching at the swimming club at various time and DH will probably have to go up as well, they are both having their haircut tomorrow, Eldest had his done last night and then DH has a business meeting on Sunday morning (!) hopefully for not too long.  The house still looks like a bomb has hit it with Youngest’s things still all over the place, but his new furniture arrives next week so hopefully he will all be sorted by then.  But I am taking back Eldest’s room and sorting it out as I need to get on with my quilting, especially Evalyn’s which is for October!!!!!!!


As you can see from the above picture it has not taken Treacle long to “discover” Youngest’s new bed!!!!  This was this morning after they had left for work and college!!!!  I will add that there are decorative pillows and cushions to go on the bed which are stacked next to the bed as he obviously could not be bothered to put them back on the bed this morning!!!!!  Boys!


Talking Christmas (!) I have started three projects that are going to be Christmas gifts this year!  Are you impressed?  It was one of those “I saw the material and it inspired me” to make these gifts rather than trying to make something because it is Christmas.  They will be able to be used all year and I can’t wait to show them to you but I won’t be able to until after Christmas!!!!  Boy it seems a long way off yet but I know the weeks will fly by and I know Treacle ratted me out the other day but I have bought a Christmas ornament which I am now thinking I will also get as gifts for some other friends!!! 

I love it really!!!  And an advert on TV last night for Movies24 becoming Christmas24 and this year it is starting on October 21st!!!!  Which is even earlier than last year!  Soon they will be showing Christmas movies all day everyday from June!!!!!! 

Anyway I had better go as I have lots to do and I do hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Happy Hugs, Susie x

PS I am not going to mention what has happened in London again today!  I am being an ostrich and hiding my head in the sand and only thinking happy thoughts!


It’s Starting!


Yep I popped into the card store today for some Birthday cards and there were the Christmas cards!!!!  It’s only just September for goodness sake!

However I have also noticed on Pinterest that suddenly there are a lot of pins appearing with Christmas things in them.  Now I know if you are making things for Christmas you need to be getting on with them but things to buy in the shops don’t need to be out this early.  DH and I went to Vienna on our 15th Wedding Anniversary (which is November 12th) and they were only just getting their Christmas things out then.  Here they had been out since the middle of September!!!!


Jayne and I had a lovely lunch at Croots Farm Shop in Duffield which is the next village to where we live.  We got caught up on each other’s news and hearing about her new job which begins at the end of September.  We usually go Christmas shopping together (see the link?!!!!) in November so we will have to arrange it for one of her day’s off. 


As it is Thursday I cannot resist a #TBT picture of The Boys on Christmas morning 2007 so ten years ago.  The furry face which can just be seen is our Airedale Kelly, Eldest’s dog.  At this time of year, as the Boys had gone back to school, I would start booking all the things for Christmas like the visit to Santa on the local Steam Train and arranging to get the Christmas Tree and ordering any specific Christmas gifts which you knew would either be difficult to get or would sell out.  So I suppose I am as much at fault as the stores for starting Christmas in September!!!!  I do miss this though especially now as it is quite boring getting their gifts now they are all grown up, either clothes or money!!! 

Oh hell I will just admit it I LOVE CHRISTMAS, but I do love all the things which happen in between now and Christmas and during Autumn so I have to make sure I don’t miss those things in the headlong rush to Christmas.

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s almost Friday.

Hugs, Susie xx


We Are Back!


We are back after our two week vacation and had a great time!  More on that in a while.  However I turned on my computer last Sunday morning and it would not start!  So on Monday morning off I went to the tech support people for it to be repaired and didn’t get it back until Friday!!  However it did mean that all my jobs, washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking did get done just no work!!!!

The WiFi connection was not good while we were away, so I was not able to post anything but here are a few pictures from where we were.



The view from the cottage where we stay and it really is wonderful.  Not a sole in sight except for the sheep!

There two monsters were in dock at Invergordon on the Sunday as we arrived on the Saturday.  If both of them were full there were 7,000 extra people in Inverness that day!!  We were a abit miffed as two days before we arrived the new UK Aircraft Carrier Queen Elizabeth was at Invergordon as part of her sea trials.  We would have loved to see her!



While we were there the two cruise ships left dock and this is one of them turning to get out to sea.


The bay at Invergordon.


This was also in at Invergordon for repairs.

We went out for a trip from Inverness into the bay and as you can see the weather was changing by the minute.  We had a little rain but not enough to stop us from all being on the deck rather than inside.


We got to see a few of the dolphins which call the bay home who were busy fishing whilst we were out.


Kessock Bridge


Heading back in.


The weather was following us in!


We were going into Inverness one morning and came round the corner to be confronted with rather a lot of sheep!  Who were actually heading in the wrong direction!!!  DH put his light on. on top of the truck and started moving forward to get them to go in the opposite direction, the farmer was very grateful!


DH had to go to Aberdeen for business on one day and this was a tower in one of the villages we passed through.  Whoever at the local council thought it was a good idea to put a ruddy great lamp post in front of it wants shooting!

Some more of the hills on our trip.


The cottage where we stay.


The highland cattle were sleeping on this day we passed by.


You can tell that Autumn is not far off as the mornings were quite misty when we got up.


The morning we left to come home.

It was a great relaxing break and we didn’t do that much.  I did get quite a bit of quilting done but not quite finished. I have not been able to get anything done since we got home as the major project is painting Youngest’s room as he is having new furniture, bed etc as part of his 18th Birthday present, which is in December this year!  Friday he and I spent the day clearing his room (which is all now in the dining room!) me having spent all day Thursday cleaning the house from top to bottom.  So Youngest is now sleeping in Eldest’s room (also my sewing room) and there is about a million of his things in there as well!  In fact he could only just fit Treacle and her basket in!  (she had a great time on her holidays by the way)

Saturday the three of us painted his room, which is now all dry and done and are just now waiting for delivery of things and he can go back in and I can get my sewing out and sorted again!!!  I will show you pictures when it is all done, it is white by the way instead of grey!!!!!  Tomorrow I am going to catch up on all the blogs I have missed whilst away.

I cannot believe it is September and we are going into Autumn.  In fact the last few nights here have been actually cold!  The days have been warm still but the nights not so and last night you could see your breath when we went out last thing with Treacle!

Thanks for sticking with this long post!

Hugs, Susie x



“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” 

Nora Ephron



As if you haven’t all realised yet we are away on Vacation!!!!

DH, Youngest, Treacle & I are away and Eldest and Girlfriend are House sitting for us (they are going away when we get back to Portugal for a week!)

So there may be only a few posts, depending upon the wifi connection! 

See you all in Two Weeks Time.

Hugs, Susie xx