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Places we go and would like to go!

Friday Quilty Things!

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We made it to Friday relatively unscathed!!! I have managed this week to get all my work done and some extra jobs too, done the washing, cleaned the house, done the grocery shopping and had a tea with Jayne!!!  Which means that I can do some quilting on National Quilting Day tomorrow, March 18th!!!!!  Yeah!

I have managed to finish the two baby quilts and one of my super secret quilts and just now need to spend time sewing the binding to the back which I will be doing over this weekend.  One baby is due next week and the other still has a few more weeks to go so they will both be in time.  My next plan after this is to get Youngest’s quilt quilted.  It is again a large quilt so I will be taking it slow and doing a little bit each day.

I am really Happy that I am doing some quilting each week and getting things finished. 

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To All Those who Celebrate – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend and you get time to get some quilting done too.

Hugs, Susie x

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you actually look up the meaning there seems to be lots of different interpretations over the years.  However they all mention love and lets face it we can all do with more of that! 

DH and I don’t go out, but I will cook a special meal.  The few times we have been out for Valentine’s Day the meal has not been good, the restaurant is packed and they want you to eat up and leave quickly so they can get another set of diners in!!!!  Which really goes against the whole romantic evening!!!!  Also the price goes up, so we don’t go now.   I would sooner go out a few weeks later and not have all the stress.

I will tell you a little story though.  DH, BC (Before Children!!!!) was away on business in London for the week and had several business meetings some of which were in the evening.  So on the Wednesday evening he had arranged to meet a business colleague at a restaurant near his hotel in Knightsbridge.  They got settled and ordered dinner and were talking business when a man walked in playing a violin!  They thought it a little strange but carried on.  Then another waiter came round the tables handing out red roses to the ladies who were dining there.  Again they thought it strange but carried on with business, until the Violin player appeared at their table and serenaded them!!!!  He was,of course, asked to move on and he told them it wasn’t the right attitude for Valentine’s Day!!!!  Of course DH and his colleague had no idea it was February 14th!  It was just another business day to them!!!!! 

In fact DH is usually away on Valentine’s Day at a business exhibition although this year it has moved to March!  Wonders will never cease!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening with their loved ones.

Hugs, Susie x

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Groundhog Day!

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Through the power of the wonderful Internet I attended Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, PA this morning and unfortunately Phil, above, saw his shadow so has predicted six more weeks of Winter!!!!  I think he is correct because it was snowing during the ceremony.  Phil was also rather reluctant to come out of his burrow to see the huge crowd!!! 

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Of course we don’t need Phil in our home, Treacle does a good job of predicting the weather, she refuses to go out unless it is dry and warm!!!!!! 

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We had a lovely meal last night with the family, minus DH who was in Scotland on business.  Eldest had a request!   I am going to be Jeep-less next week as he is borrowing my car because he has to go to the Outward Bound course for the week in the Lake District!  So I am going to be driving Youngest’s car for the week!!!!  Can you say Merry-go-Round!!!!!

Today I am catching up with work and some work jobs which I haven’t done in ages and then have a basket of ironing to do before Swimming tonight.  Tomorrow is house job day and run a few errands before the weekend.  Treacle you ask?  Yep fast asleep in her basket snoring!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hugs, Susie x

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Twelfth Night! The Debate!

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Okay big debate when do you consider Twelfth Night to be?  Some say it is January 5th and that is if you count Christmas Day as one but do you count from Boxing Day, December 26th, then it is January 6th which is Epiphany.

In our home we always take the decorations down by today but people are saying that that is too late and it should have been yesterday!  Well I got some of them down by yesterday!!!!!!  Oh my!  My Grandmother, who was Welsh, was very superstitious and had something to say about every day of the year (!) and she would always get my Dad to “first foot” her door and give us gifts of a piece of bread, a piece of coal and a candle which as a little girl I found weird!!!!!  If you don’t know what the gifts mean bread was to have food all year, coal to have warmth all year and the candle for light all year (we needed it in the 1970’s during the Three Day Week!!!!!).

I know a lot of the superstitions are very old but even I find myself doing some of them, like saying good morning or good afternoon to a solitary Magpie!!!!  I have tried very hard not to pass them on to the Boys as it can be quite exhausting following them!

Do you have any superstitions which you follow or do?

SO tonight I will be finishing getting all the decorations put away and then a big clean so we can start off the new week all clean and tidy, just like my sewing room!!!  Tomorrow we have jobs to do and then Sunday is a Big Swimming Open event for our Club which we organise so from 7.00am until about 9.00pm all of us will be at the swimming pool.  It is going to be a long day!!!!!!

I hope everyone will have a lovely winter weekend.  The weather here is supposed to be a little warmer but dark and dank which would be ideal for sewing but hey ho!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

New Year’s Here!

img_0348We had a lovely Christmas at home doing not a lot really!

img_0371 img_0369 img_0368Christmas Even DH and Youngest were out helping at the local carol service which is outdoors.  They were helping with the sound and lighting equipment and just as they left the heavens opened!!!!  Despite that there were a lot of people in attendance.  I took the opportunity to get the finishing touches done, including the chocolate log and icing the Christmas Cake (I told you it was a bit chaotic this year!).  Here are the finished articles and they were stored on top of the microwave, out of someone’s reach, Treacle!!!!!

img_0373Christmas morning arrived and Treacle was very excited to open her presents!  Now that the Boys are older we are not getting up before the birds and just as Santa has been!!!!  I remember when Eldest was six and Youngest was two and DH and I had just finished getting everything set on Christmas Eve and crawled into bed at 11.45pm.

Now if you are a Mom you will know what I mean but you know when you are fast asleep but your brain registers that something is different?  Well this Christmas Eve I woke up to find Eldest’s face an inch from mine and he says “Mummy I heard Santa and the Reindeer on the roof he has been, can we go down and look at the presents?”!!!!  I looked at the clock to see that it was 12.30am and I had been in bed for half an hour!!!!!!   Needless to say that I managed to persuade Eldest that Santa could not have been as he was awake and got him back into bed and stayed with him until he fell asleep, just to make sure!!!!!!   Well now they both tend to wake up at the more civilised hour of 7.00am!!!!

img_0374Here is Treacle opening her gifts.  She loves opening presents but soon looses interest when she finds out there is nothing to eat! img_0379 img_0377Youngest opening his gifts.

img_0376Treacle got a squeeky reindeer and some organic biscuits decorated with some icing.

img_0375img_0380The gifts round the tree.

img_0387Evalyn and her mummy and daddy came to see us as well and had more gifts to open.

img_20161226_155354 img_0390 img_0389 img_0388Girlfriend and Eldest came to help too!

So after busy days on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, DH Youngest, Treacle and I did not get up that early on the 27th!  In fact we had a lazy pajama day of watching films and picking at the food that was left!!!

img_20161227_205753Here is Treacle on the Lazy Day!  She had been so busy with everyone and up so much during the previous three days that just after this picture was taken she was fast asleep for the whole evening, trying to catch up on the sleep she had missed!!!!!!

img_20161229_091852Christmas Day the weather was quite mild but on Boxing Day and several days later it was very cold and frosty and a little spider had made its web on our bench just outside the kitchen door and the frost had made it glitter. 

New Year, which as you know I am not a big fan of, we spent out home and watched the fireworks at Big Ben on the TV.  Youngest has been taking the opportunity to go out with his Dad and practice his driving.  We went over to Nottingham to go to the cinema and for Youngest to buy a particular item with his Christmas money.  We ended up coming home to go to the cinema as Nottingham was heaving with people. 

Image result for Fantastic beasts and where to find them

We went to see this, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!  Now we are all huge fans of the Harry Potter series and I read all the books to both Boys when they were little and of course went to see all the movies.  In fact the Boys really grew up with Harry Potter and I am so glad they did as it will be with them always.  I had the Narnia series and loved it and can read the books now and I am sure that the Boys will feel like this when they are older.  This film is set in the 1920’s so is way before Harry Potter but still has the feel and look of it and yes some very funny moments, especially the scene above!  If you get a chance see it.

I will be slowly packing the Christmas things away this week and I really do hate this part as I love Christmas and hate the way our home looks without the decorations and I sometimes wish that it really could be Christmas every day!

Sorry this has been a long post but I have some fun things to show you later in the week and hopefully Treacle will be awake enough to do her Wednesday Wag!

I want to thank everyone who stops by my blog to read my posts and to everyone who comments.  You all mean a lot to me and brighten my day especially if it has been one of those days!  I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Hugs, Susie x

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Throwback Thursday!


The Boys with Santa.  We always took them to see Santa at Great Central Railway near Loughborough.  They loved the steam trains, you got to go on the train for the length of the line, which is double tracked and takes about an hour there and an hour back.  This picture was taken in 2005 and Eldest was ten and Youngest six.


As they got older we used to have lunch on the train and see Santa as well.  Theses two pictures were taken five years later in 2010.  I really miss taking them to see Santa, DH and I loved it as much as they did!!!!

Work is slowing down now as quite a few of the companies we work with have now broken up for the Christmas holidays but the traffic is still horrendous as the shoppers are out and about.  Once we have finished shopping tomorrow that will be it we won’t be going anywhere near any shops until well into next week and then only if I must!!!!  We have a few fun things planned for the holidays with the Boys and Treacle and of course Youngest will be out and about practicing driving with his Dad!

Christmas is coming together in our home and I should have everything ready by Christmas Eve but if if isn’t well it won’t matter.  I am trying for the laid back approach this year (am I convincing you yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tonight I have a basket of ironing to get done and the final bits of wrapping. 

I hope all your plans are coming along well.

Christmas Hugs,

Susie x

Five More Sleeps!

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Yep only five more sleeps to go and omg!!!  I have so much to do!!! 

I love, love, love this time of year especially driving around at night and seeing all the houses lit up with their trees and lights outside and some people go really to town.  of course there are some houses that you would never know its Christmas, Bah Humbug!!!

Anyway I have been putting up more lights at our home!!!!

img_0348Here is our Christmas Tree.  We got it from our local Garden Centre and Eldest’s Best Friend, who is a Horticulturist there, was working the day we went to get it.  He helped us pick this one out and it has been great.  DH says we have to have a huge tree to accommodate all the ornaments we have which we have collected since we were first together in 1986.  It also includes lots of things the Boys have made over the years at playschool and school.  The smell of the tree is wonderful and you can smell it right through the house.

img_0358We have put up lights on the kitchen cabinets this year and they look great and I just might leave them up!!!!

img_0357My Boys bought me this sign a few years ago and it is so true!! They love the kitchen at Christmas especially when I am baking!!!!!

img_0356This is one of my favourite pieces,  It is a made of pottery and I just love Santa’s face.

img_0354This was a gift from our friends, Ted and Helen, after a visit to Germany where their daughter and family live.  I had liked them for a while but the ones over here were all candles but I loved that this shows the nativity.  It sits in our dining room window.

img_0353Finally our stair lights.

img_0339Here is madame last Wednesday all lovely and fluffy and I do love her this long but of course it is not practical really, especially when she kept coming in the house with half the garden attached to her paws!

img_0359 img_0360Here she is after her visit to the Spa and yes it is due to be cold again this week!  Of course!!!!

Friday was the swimming club Presentation Night for the main pool swimmers and it was due to start at 7.00pm as there was so much to get through.  I was in Nottingham during the day and was going to straight to the venue.  Well with one thing and another the whole of Nottingham and Derby became gridlocked!!!  I left at 5.00pm and sat in traffic in various places for well over an hour and had to go down several back roads that I know to try and get around the traffic.  All in all it took me two and a half hours to get there which should have taken no more than an hour!!!!  Fortunately I did not miss Youngest receiving his trophies!!!!

img_0336 img_0330He handed over as Captain this year after two years and presented the Andrew Parr Trophy for Boys 8/9 Years 50m Breaststroke.  Here he is with it.  It was a good night but I did leave after the presentations were made as I was shattered!

Saturday evening we went to the Boy’s Godparents house for dinner and to see them before Christmas.  It was a lovely evening, especially after such a hectic week and also before another hectic week this week!!!!!! 

There is still lots to do but I am just taking each day as it comes, otherwise I think I will get too stressed.  Work is really busy as well but at least that all stops for the holidays on Friday, so it will be great to have a rest.

I am also determined to get some quilting done whilst it is the holidays and definitely get my sewing room tidied.  It has been used as a wrapping station over the last few weeks so as you can imagine the mess in there!!!!!! 

I hope all your plans are coming together for the Christmas period.

Christmasy Hugs

Susie xx

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Another Christmas kitchen which I love.