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Places we go and would like to go!

Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad in the Whole World!

All our Love

Eldest, Youngest & Treacle xxx

Also the Best Husband in the  Whole World!

Love Susie x

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Daddies, Granddads out there.

Hugs, Susie x


We did not do a lot over the Easter weekend but everyone had been so busy up to the Easter weekend that it was quite nice just to relax!  Saturday evening DH, Youngest and I went to Harts in Nottingham for dinner.  DH had received a gift voucher for dinner for his Birthday last year and we had only now just got around to sorting it out!  It was a lovely evening.

Easter Sunday was another lazy day and the weather was not good so we watched some films and had dinner and that was about it!!!  Of course there is no swimming either as we have the week off so we are not all up at the crack of dawn!!!!!

We, in the UK, always have the Monday off as well and I did think about getting some spring cleaning done but that thought soon passed!!!!!  I have started and done some jobs already but the big jobs, like the kitchen, need to done so from next weekend I will start and try and get it finished asap!!!!!!  Next Saturday DH and Youngest are out swimming so I am going to get on with some more quilting. 

We all went to see this last night at the cinema and it was really funny, well worth seeing if you get a chance.  Eldest has already been to see “Fate of the Furious” which I want to go and see and then we saw trailers for another few films which are coming out later in the year!!!!  It is feast or famine sometimes with movies!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Hugs, Susie x

Treacle had a busy weekend doing not a lot, but as we were all at home she was constantly awake so is now catching up on her sleep!!!!  Spa day tomorrow!!!!!

Friday Quilty Things!

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We made it to Friday relatively unscathed!!! I have managed this week to get all my work done and some extra jobs too, done the washing, cleaned the house, done the grocery shopping and had a tea with Jayne!!!  Which means that I can do some quilting on National Quilting Day tomorrow, March 18th!!!!!  Yeah!

I have managed to finish the two baby quilts and one of my super secret quilts and just now need to spend time sewing the binding to the back which I will be doing over this weekend.  One baby is due next week and the other still has a few more weeks to go so they will both be in time.  My next plan after this is to get Youngest’s quilt quilted.  It is again a large quilt so I will be taking it slow and doing a little bit each day.

I am really Happy that I am doing some quilting each week and getting things finished. 

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To All Those who Celebrate – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend and you get time to get some quilting done too.

Hugs, Susie x

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you actually look up the meaning there seems to be lots of different interpretations over the years.  However they all mention love and lets face it we can all do with more of that! 

DH and I don’t go out, but I will cook a special meal.  The few times we have been out for Valentine’s Day the meal has not been good, the restaurant is packed and they want you to eat up and leave quickly so they can get another set of diners in!!!!  Which really goes against the whole romantic evening!!!!  Also the price goes up, so we don’t go now.   I would sooner go out a few weeks later and not have all the stress.

I will tell you a little story though.  DH, BC (Before Children!!!!) was away on business in London for the week and had several business meetings some of which were in the evening.  So on the Wednesday evening he had arranged to meet a business colleague at a restaurant near his hotel in Knightsbridge.  They got settled and ordered dinner and were talking business when a man walked in playing a violin!  They thought it a little strange but carried on.  Then another waiter came round the tables handing out red roses to the ladies who were dining there.  Again they thought it strange but carried on with business, until the Violin player appeared at their table and serenaded them!!!!  He was,of course, asked to move on and he told them it wasn’t the right attitude for Valentine’s Day!!!!  Of course DH and his colleague had no idea it was February 14th!  It was just another business day to them!!!!! 

In fact DH is usually away on Valentine’s Day at a business exhibition although this year it has moved to March!  Wonders will never cease!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening with their loved ones.

Hugs, Susie x

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Groundhog Day!

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Through the power of the wonderful Internet I attended Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, PA this morning and unfortunately Phil, above, saw his shadow so has predicted six more weeks of Winter!!!!  I think he is correct because it was snowing during the ceremony.  Phil was also rather reluctant to come out of his burrow to see the huge crowd!!! 

Image result for punxsutawney phil

Of course we don’t need Phil in our home, Treacle does a good job of predicting the weather, she refuses to go out unless it is dry and warm!!!!!! 

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We had a lovely meal last night with the family, minus DH who was in Scotland on business.  Eldest had a request!   I am going to be Jeep-less next week as he is borrowing my car because he has to go to the Outward Bound course for the week in the Lake District!  So I am going to be driving Youngest’s car for the week!!!!  Can you say Merry-go-Round!!!!!

Today I am catching up with work and some work jobs which I haven’t done in ages and then have a basket of ironing to do before Swimming tonight.  Tomorrow is house job day and run a few errands before the weekend.  Treacle you ask?  Yep fast asleep in her basket snoring!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hugs, Susie x

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Twelfth Night! The Debate!

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Okay big debate when do you consider Twelfth Night to be?  Some say it is January 5th and that is if you count Christmas Day as one but do you count from Boxing Day, December 26th, then it is January 6th which is Epiphany.

In our home we always take the decorations down by today but people are saying that that is too late and it should have been yesterday!  Well I got some of them down by yesterday!!!!!!  Oh my!  My Grandmother, who was Welsh, was very superstitious and had something to say about every day of the year (!) and she would always get my Dad to “first foot” her door and give us gifts of a piece of bread, a piece of coal and a candle which as a little girl I found weird!!!!!  If you don’t know what the gifts mean bread was to have food all year, coal to have warmth all year and the candle for light all year (we needed it in the 1970’s during the Three Day Week!!!!!).

I know a lot of the superstitions are very old but even I find myself doing some of them, like saying good morning or good afternoon to a solitary Magpie!!!!  I have tried very hard not to pass them on to the Boys as it can be quite exhausting following them!

Do you have any superstitions which you follow or do?

SO tonight I will be finishing getting all the decorations put away and then a big clean so we can start off the new week all clean and tidy, just like my sewing room!!!  Tomorrow we have jobs to do and then Sunday is a Big Swimming Open event for our Club which we organise so from 7.00am until about 9.00pm all of us will be at the swimming pool.  It is going to be a long day!!!!!!

I hope everyone will have a lovely winter weekend.  The weather here is supposed to be a little warmer but dark and dank which would be ideal for sewing but hey ho!!!!

Hugs, Susie x