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Places we go and would like to go!


Mom, I am back from the Spa and I have been very good, can I have my biscuit now please?

What’s next on the agenda today?

That’s it for the day now, I need a sleep after my busy spa day!


It is #TBT so I thought I would show you some pictures of the Boys in Scotland over the years as we have just come back from vacation. 

Ah the days when they would smile at the camera!

Prospective Pilots?

Youngest & DH – they do clean up well!

DH & The Boys at Loch Mhor.

Pier Building at Loch Mhor!  They can work together when they want to!!!!!

Today has been a work day and taxing Treacle around and I did all the washing and ironing yesterday and just have the cleaning and grocery shopping to do tomorrow and then we are all set for the weekend.  We are hoping that the weather is going to be okay so we can tidy the garden after our vacation and also start to get it tidy for Autumn. 

I hope you are having a great Thursday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Dare We Say We Are Back To Normal?

Are things starting to feel a little bit like what normal was eighteen months ago?  Our restrictions eased a while ago now and although there are still cases of Covid occuring it does seem to be a lot less.  There are still officials saying that there may be an uptick of cases in Winter but they just don’t know.

I really hope that we won’t be in any more lockdowns this year and hopefully if we do have another issue we can deal with it whilst still doing everything else!!! 

Only seven more days left in August and then that will be summer over with for another year, now where did that go?  I love all the Seasons but Autumn going into Winter I do love a little bit more!!!

Sadly Nottingham Goose Fair has again been cancelled this year due to the numbers who attend.  Over the space of five days 400,000 people come to see the famous fair and as we don’t know what might be happening in October and because you would not be able to socially distance at the Fair, they have cancelled it again.  Everything crossed for next year now as this was where DH and I had our first date and we love to go and is also one of the things I love about Autumn!

If things do start to get cancelled again, I may do a Bonfire Party on November 5th for our family again, like last year so that we have something to look forward to.

Yes I know you will probably hate me for this picture but I have to tell you that there are only four months to go until Christmas!!!  Especially if you need to get on with making presents for those important family members!!!!  Of course there are those super organised people out there who have already made their Christmas presents and no doubt wrapped them already!!!  I am organised but not when it comes to getting things made!!!  I am going to write a list right now!!!! 

I am also hoping that my good friend, Jayne, and I can go Christmas shopping this year in Nottingham, something we have not been able to do for two years now!  Did I tell you that she has retired from work?   Which also means that we will be able to go out and be ladies who lunch a bit more now!, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I had better sign off now and get on with cooking dinner for my lovely lot who will be coming through the front door very soon.  I hope you have had a great Tuesday, tomorrow is half way through the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Couldn’t resist this picture.  That look says, do I really have to have this stupid hat on and have my picture taken?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Are Back!

Well that vacation went quickly!  DH and I didn’t do a lot, as restrictions had only just eased in Scotland so some things were not open and we also decided we didn’t need to go anywhere!  It was just nice to be away in the peace and quiet.  Here are a few pictures of the view from the cottage and a couple of times we did venture out.

The view from our cottage, it was so quiet and peaceful.

We had a visitor one morning, a Hare.

Going up to the cottage we also had these three visitors, The Famous Grouse!

Various pictures of days out of the mountains, the sea and the local wildflowers.

The Heather was just coming out in all its wonderful purple colour.

We did venture to the outskirts of Inverness to go to Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop.  As you can see from the two pictures they have lots and lots of books and if you go in the cooler months the wood burner is going and it is great!

The above building is across the road from Leakey’s and was originally Dunbar Hospital.

We headed home on Saturday and it started to rain as we left and never stopped until late into the evening and we were home!  You would never have known it was August by the weather!!!

It was a lovely two weeks but it’s great to be home and see Eldest, Youngest and little Treacle, who had had the best time with her Boys, being treated like a Princess!!!!

This look says, they are back and of course my dinner is late !!!!!!!

We also celebrated Eldest’s Birthday, 26 (!), but he had been at work all day so was happy to have a takeaway at home as he did not finish until 8.30pm!!!! 

Today it is back to work (!) and catch up on all the business work and all the washing and ironing as well.  House jobs at the end of the week as well and possibly gardening if the weather is okay at the weekend!  DH has also. on Saturday, got the first event in over eighteen months so that will be interesting to see how it goes.  We also have a long weekend this coming weekend as it is the last Bank Holiday of the year and we should have been painting our bedroom and dressing room but that is not going to happen now with DH’s event, hey ho it will get done. 

I hope you all have had a good two weeks and I will try and show you some of the things I mananged to get quilted and done whilst I was away, although I do now have quite a lot of bindings to sew to the backs of the quilts!!!!!!!

Have a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

Vacation! Finally!

Finally got there!  It has been a long few weeks, months, year!!!!  We are off tomorrow morning early, can’t wait.  Our Boys are at home together and Treacle is in charge!!!!!!!

I will see you all when we get back.

Have a great summer.

Hugs & Love, Susie & DH xx


As it is #TBT I thought I would show you some pictures from our vacations in Scotland with the Boys!!!

Biking at Culbin Forrest.

Amazing what you find when fishing, a deer horn!

Standing in the local Loch.

Pony treking at Moy Fair.

Boys will climb anything, including the climbing wall!

Highland Pipers Moy Fair.

Sadly Moy Fair has been cancelled again this year but hopefully they will be on next year!  We are not able to get to go away on Saturday but next Tuesday definitely, but it does give me a few more days to get things sorted!!! 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Crew xx

“London, Baby”!

Yes couldn’t resist the phrase from “Friends” when they were in London!!!!!  In fact it was “Joey” who kept saying “London, Baby!”.   Anyhoo here are a few (!) pictures of mini-break in London again. 

The Hotel Bar and below one of their signature summer cocktails and it was yumm!

A trip to Fortunum & Mason which is all decked out for summer.

DH & I went out for dinner on Thursday evening to Gilray’s Steak Bar.  This was my starter below Slow Cooked Sticky Honey & Chili Beef Rib Strips and again it was yummy.

We both had steak, chips and mushrooms after.

Below is the view from the restaurant and it was just starting to drop dark

One of the things for summer in London is they have lit all the bridges down the Thames.

Love The Houses of Parliament at night.

We actually went past the Ralph Lauren Sloane Square store on the way to the flower show and because it was Wimbledon and they provide the Wimbledon uniforms, the shop was dressed for Wimbledon.  Just love the displays.

On the way back from the flower show this bar had blue tennis balls on their roof for Wimbledon!

We had a lovely few days and our next visit will be November when we are going down for our Anniversary and also to do some Christmas shopping, hopefully, fingers crossed and all that, that it will happen and we will not have any more lockdowns or restrictions!

Next Monday is supposed to be our “Opening Up” day but because of the rising numbers, again, of cases it is going to be a cautious opening!  Which means that they want us still to wear masks in crowded places/supermarkets etc and to be still mindful of large gatherings at home and if you can to still meet people outside!  Hmm not sure that people will listen to the advice.  This, of course, means that we will still probably have to wear face masks at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC at the end of this month!  I was really hoping we would not have to but we shall see.  I just find when it is really warm and having a mask on I start to overheat!!!!  I have tried the fabric masks but can’t get on with them so use the paper ones as I seem to be able to cope with them more easily, although in one store in London I was so hot the mask was wet by the time I got out!!!!  Hey Ho!

I hope you are having a good week, it’s almost the weekend.  Treacle is quite happy today as it is sunny and warm and she is able to be outside all the time!!!!

Did someone say Biscuit?!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

A Busy Week.

 As you know DH and I went to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show last week which was one of the many cancelled and moved events from last year.  This was our first visit there after we went to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.  I think I was expecting the same sort of show but it was not.  A lot of the exhibitors sell plants at this show and so it was more like a local plant sale rather than a show, especially compared to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Here are a few pictures we took.

The first tent we went into was the Rose displays and the smell was amazing.  The above one is a small rambling rose.

Below is one of the Show Gardens which was a lovely lay out but as you can see not a lot of colour in it.

The above pictures; another show garden.

This show garden was showing us how our gardens will look in the future to avoid the extremes of global warming etc.

The three pictures below were from the Flower tent and the only bits of colour we saw.

It was a nice day out to be with DH but I don’t think we will go again, I think we will be going back to the Chelsea Flower Show!!!!

Tomorrow I will show you more pictures of our stay in London and then Girlfriend at her show with Penny. 

Yesterday was spent catching up on work from last week and I spent all day Sunday cleaning and doing the washing, so now have a big basket of ironing as well.  Our weather here at the moment is all over the place with humid temperatures but grey and overcast so I have had a headache most days, but it is supposed to be nice and sunny by Friday and for the weekend and of course the temperature will go up.  We have some gardening to do so I think we will be out early in the mornings before it gets too hot. 

Treacle had a wonderful week with The Boys, and this is where she spent her nights, despite having her own bed!!!  As you can see she is quite happy to push covers and cushions out of her way to make sure it is just right for her!!! 

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Eleven years ago today we were in Orlando for our second holiday in the US.  We had the most wonderful time and of course ended up there ten days longer because of that volcano in Iceland that no one can pronounce!!!!!!  I thought I would show you some Thursday Throw Back pictures of then, of course you may have seen them before but hey it is throw back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our visit to NASA, Youngest was stood on the box to reach the picture face and only just managed it!!!  The Boys were fourteen and ten!

The Three Amigos!

DH and I in the queue for Splash Mountain.

The Disney Castle and fireworks.

Discovery Cove for the day, a beach in the city.

They were always water babies!!!

The blue of the sky and the green of the trees. 

We have all said that when this wretched Covid thing is over and travel hopefully returns to normal we will go back as we really did have a great time and DisneyWorld really is a place you can visit no matter how old you are!!! 

Been busy today with work and as it is still very cold, my body does not know what to do with itself and it feels like going back into hibernation mode!!!!  I really hope we get some warm days soon.  Tomorrow is home jobs day and grocery shopping.  Yeah!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

My Favourite Disney Character!

We Missed Groundhog Day!

Punxsutawney Phil yesterday saw his shadow; Six More Weeks of Winter!

February 2nd 2021

But how many more weeks of Covid Phil?  Not answering that question!!!!!

February 2nd is also Candlemas when Christians would take their candles to Church to be blessed for use during the year and in remembrance of Jesus who was Light of the World.  February 2nd also ends the Christmas & Epiphany season.  Most of us take our Christmas decorations down by January 6th but some Christian countries leave their decorations up until February 2nd.  We always have a real tree so if we left our decorations up until yesterday I think the tree would have been bald by now!!!!

So thank you Phil for your prediction but it was not surprising in the current situation that we would be having six more weeks of Winter!!!

Treacle will be here later with her Wednesday Wag, although at the moment she is in her basket by my desk fast asleep!!!!!!