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A Quilty Weekend.

Now don’t faint when you see a Quilting post on my blog!!  I actually managed to get our friend’s 40th Wedding Anniversary present finished!!!  It helped that it rained for the whole of the weekend and was quite cold again.


I have had to take the pictures inside today as it is raining again (!) so the above is without flash, the one below with flash!


As you can see it is red and white as 40th wedding anniversary is ruby.  I am pleased how it has turned out and even more sure now that I want to make a red and white quilt. 


The blocks I chose have a meaning to their life together.  The Maple Leaf as they lived in Canada when they were first married for business.  The Window Panes block as their company is now a high-end window manufacturer.  The Chinese Coins as his job originally was an accountant and the summer block as they both love to garden. 


The backing is white too and I left the blocks un-quilted but did a little bit on them so that they stood out and then quilted around them.  I do like how it looks on the back.


It was supposed to be a table runner but the blocks were big and I did not have the energy to work out how to make them smaller so I think it will look great on the back of a chair or sofa.  I am going to deliver it tomorrow.

I have two blocks on the “It’s a Wild Life” BOM to do and then get on with my super secret quilt but this weekend the weather is due to be warm so Friday to Sunday will be getting the rest of the Spring Cleaning finished.  Monday next is a Bank Holiday here and DH is commentating at yet another swimming competition, so I will be spending the day in my sewing room then.  I am loving all these extra days that I get to spend sewing.

I hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week.  I am trying to be positive for this week as last week was not good and I don’t want another week like that!!!!! 

Hugs, Susie xx

Is It Friday?


You know how in your marriage vows it says about sharing, I think there should be a “but” not colds!!!!  DH has been coughing and spluttering all week and  of course kindly shared it with me!!!  I woke up yesterday feeling out of sorts and by midday every bone ached and I was sniffling. 

I had about eleven hours sleep last night and feel slightly better that I am up having had a very hot steamy bath and now getting on with house jobs and some business work.  Thank goodness it is Friday.  DH is out all weekend at a swimming event so I am going to lock myself in my sewing room and not move!!!  Treacle is keeping me company.

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs & Sniff, Susie xx



No matter how old or big they get I will always be their Mom and love them always.

April 2007 Loch Ness aged eleven and seven. People always used to ask us if we were going Monster hunting on Loch Ness and I used to say no we don’t have to, we are taking two with us!!!!!!  They always used to pull faces when I said that but I didn’t mean it.

There was a quote from an episode of “Madam Secretary” in which Elizabeth McCord says “it is hard parenting adult children” and she is so right.  We are in that phase at the moment and sometimes it is as bad as when they were new born and you had no clue what you were doing then, well it’s like that now!!!

But I still love them to bits!!!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


It has been a typical April day today with sunshine as above and then


We have managed to avoid the rain mostly, but I will be glad when May is here and hopefully it will go back to the nice warm weather when I can have the back door open all day so I can run in and out when I want!!!


Of course the rainy weather gives me the opportunity to snuggle with Mom on the bed!


Has it stopped raining yet Mom?


Mom took this picture the other day in our neighbour’s garden, their Magnolia tree which flowered over the nice days we had last week.  The flowers did not last long and are now dropping quickly as the leaves start to appear.  Mom says that her Granddad had a tree like this in his garden and he tended it every year and it looked like this and it stood on its own in its own bed. 

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.


A Great Weekend.


We had a glourious weekend weather wise with warm temperatures and the sun was out all day.  Today it is cold again!

However it meant we did get some jobs done.  Saturday morning after the two hour swimming session DH and I went to the local garden centre to get some things.  We had received some gift vouchers for Christmas and had some other money off coupons so I got an early Birthday present.


Treacle investigated it of course.  It is a wooden small growing house.  I had one previously which was made of plastic and it did not last so I saw these on offer and had the money off so we got it.  I will be able to grow plants for my summer pots in here and also some vegatables.  We used to do this when the Boys were little and they loved growing things and had their own tools. 


There is a hinged top so you can access the top.  We bought some smal plug plants to pot on and some seeds, as well as compost.


We also bought this to grow the vegtables in.


With the sunshine my daffodils finally appeared.


Our cherry tree, which earlier in the week looked still in winter mode, suddenly flowered.


The garden always looks better in the sunshine.


My yellow Primula flowering well.

As it was a lovely weeked we got Treacle a treat of a bone filled with yummy goodness and she spent the whole weekend working on it.


Of course she had to have a wash when she came in, as you can imagine her face was quite mucky!!!!


Treacle wasn’t as happy last night as it did rain for a little while!!!!

Sunday we spent the day Spring Cleaning the Boys rooms!!!  You would not believe it would take so long but it does.  I also got the freezer defrosted and sorted out our airing cupboard shelves so I have managed to tick quite a lot off my list.  Next weekend DH is at a Swimming event all weekend but the weekend after that the rest of the house will be done and then it will be finished for another year.


New’s Flash!

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby Boy.


It has just been announced!!!  The Duchess, so far is following in the Queen’s footsteps with a Boy, a Girl and now a Boy!  Will she have a fourth?

A busy week ahead with work and quilting jobs to finish and house things to do!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week and a Terrific Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx

From This to This!


Yesterday :


Today :


I now have half the dog I had yesterday!!!!!  She looks so much better and a lot cooler than yesterday but of course that means our temperatures are going to drop, they always do when Treacle has a haircut!!!!


Whilst I was waiting for Treacle to be done at the Spa I went through the Costa Drive Thru (does anyone use proper words these days?!!!)  Well it was a drive through eventually!  I have never been through a drive through where you had to wait for fifteen minutes and I only ordered a tea!  The reason I took the picture, besides being bored of waiting, was to show you how blue the sky is today and with no clouds in the sky!!!!

Have a terrific weekend whatever you lovely lot are up to.  Us, we are hoping to do some gardening and also get some more jobs crossed off the Spring Cleaning list.

Hugs, Susie xx

Friday Book Club for April.


I have just finished this book and have been a big fan of Lee Child and his “Jack Reacher” series.  However at 391 pages long in the hard back edition the first 90 pages were to his usual excellent story telling standard.  In my opinion he then phoned the rest of the novel in until the last chapter! 

The chapters between page 90 and the last one had Jack and his current “partners” wandering around getting the same information from several “bad men” with one intention which was revealed very early in the book. They finally find what they are looking for after lots of very empty miles and very little action. 

It is a hard thing to say about a favourite author but I think Mr Child is going through the motions with these books now and he needs to change the way in which Jack Reacher appears, say settling down in an out of the way place.  We all know that Jack does not spend any more money than he has to so he must have a nice little nest egg and at his age it is now time for him to set down some sort of roots say in Wyoming.  Miles from anyone but a root and perhaps to get invovled with a woman with adult children and then perhaps problems could come looking for him. 

If Lee Child’s next book follows the same formula as the previous twenty two novels then I probably won’t be buying it. 

As an aside whoever let Tom Cruise buy the rights to the books and play Jack Reacher in the two movies needs their head examining!  It should have been Hugh Jackman; at least he is getting near to Reacher’s height of 6’5″ being  6’2″ instead of Tom Cruise’s 5’7″,  whose height depends upon whether he is wearing his lifts or not!!!!!

Don’t bother reading this unless it is in paperback form picked up for a £1 at the second hand bookstore.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


Spring Cleaning.

I know Spring is fast coming to an end and Summer will be knocking on our door very soon but we still have six weeks of Spring before the Summer months and I have finally completed by Spring Cleaning Planner and made a start on getting the jobs done in our home. 


Spring Cleaning Planner 190418Spring Cleaning Planner 2Spring Cleaning Planner 3Spring Cleaning Planner 4Spring Cleaning Planner 5Spring Cleaning Planner 6Spring Cleaning Planner 7Spring Cleaning Planner 8Spring Cleaning Planner 9

This list may seem a little daunting but if you break it down into manageable jobs then you should be able to whiz through it. 

Today we have lovely warm sunshine and it will be the hottest day so far with temperatures into the 70’s but it won’t last and next week we are back to normal April temps of 50’s and because of the nice warm weather we are due thunderstorms on Saturday.  However I am making the most by getting more things washed and dried outside whilst I can.

I will put the planner on my side bar as a PDF which you can download and print and then tick the jobs off one by one.

Have a Thrilling Thursday whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.


The sun is shining, the back door is open and I am free to run in and out as I want.  I am also busy eating the long grass that Dad has not had chance to cut this week, tee hee!!!

Mom is busy washing everything in sight so if you stand still be careful or you will be put in the washing machine!


Alright Mr DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup now!

Mom says she wished she had got me into my Spa earlier this week instead of Friday as we are going to have some very warm days and then it is forecast to get cooler again after Friday when I am going to be without all my fur!!!  It always happens. 

Sorry I can’t do a long post today I need to be outside enjoying all this wonderful sunshine.

Woof, Treacle

Tuesday Thoughts!

Tuesday, Just Another Word for Monday!

Which sort of sums up the day I have had today, which followed a not very good night’s sleep.  It is amazing how not having a good night’s sleep can so affect the next day, but it does!


Today the weather has been grey and overcast and the forecasted warm weather has not materialised although it has been quite blowy so I have managed to get some extra washing done and dried outside.  There is nothing quite like the smell of laundry which has been dried outside, it’s the same as fish and chips outside!


As my Daffodils have not done very well outside I got some for inside and they are the loveliest of pale cream and custard colour.  They are just coming out and look very Spring like.

I was also sorting out pictures from my camera today and found these I forgot to show you.


A face with just a nose, nothing else!  She definitely needs that AireCut on Friday!


This was taken a couple of weeks ago when it was still very, very cold!  DH was taking her for a walk so she had her thin walking coat on instead of her very thick waterproof coat.  She was very toasty and warm when she got back.

Huge basket of ironing completed and the extra things I have washed.  I have another set of curtains to wash and hang out tomorrow when it is supposed to be very warm and I am going to wash all of Eldest’s bedding along with mattress and pillow protectors off of all the other beds, as well as the pillows.  Watch out, if you stand still in this home you will be washed!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx