Treacle’s Page.

This is a page which is going to be in-progress!  As you can imagine we have an awful lot of pictures of our wonderful Treacle so it will be a case of sorting them out.  In fact when we back up the files Treacle’s folder is the biggest!

Baby Treacle

This is the first weekend Treacle was home!  June 2008.

Youngest & Treacle.

Eldest, Baby Treacle and our wonderful Kelly who was Nine when Treacle arrived.

Treacle and Kelly.

Treacle playing with her Puppy Bone and Kelly trying to get it off her!

Treacle in her Puppy crate.  Treacle was the first puppy we had which was crate trained and it was an amazing piece of equipment.  She loved it and she was much quicker being toilet trained.  As you can see she loves these “yoga” positions.

A little more grown up Treacle, she did grow into her ears.

I love this picture of the two of them sat on the top step, looking into the garden.  Kelly always did this and Treacle copied her.

This picture makes me laugh, Kelly’s Side look at Treacle and Treacle sitting up and being oh so good.

Treacle on the left and Kelly on the right having had a spa day!

Treacle’s first big snow!!!