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Where Has All The Magic Gone?


Am I the only one who thinks that the World, through the eyes of the media, is just generally an awful place?  This sort of follows on from yesterday’s post of our media making it sound like Britain was going to disappear from the World because of a slight temperature drop and some snow!!!  I do not watch the news as I feel that they present their spin on it, I do read the headlines but very rarely get further to reading a whole article and the best way to get the news is the five minutes on the hour on the radio which gives you the headlines and a quick synopsis which tends to be a statement of facts!

However I do feel that the joy is going out of the World, people don’t seem to be happy unless they are complaining or arguing and I find it very tiring.  We all need to read the books or watch the Harry Potter films again or The Wizard of Oz or any number of movies or books which take us away from all this negative and back to our happy places. 


Now some may say I am contradicting myself by discussing this but since I have been watching a bit more TV than normal I wanted to share this documentary with you.  I don’t know if you have seen it but it is currently showing its third season here in the UK and the first two were fascinating.  Based upon the release of government documents in the UK and US after seventy years under the Freedom of Information Acts and the fact that both our Governments felt that Hitler did not actually die in the Fuhrer Bunker at the end of the war and did, in fact, manage to escape to South America. 

The investigations have been done in a very thorough and methodical way and what they have found has been fascinating.  When I was in school we were just taught that he died by his own hand at the end of the war and that was that and I had not heard of this theory before but apparently a lot of people believe he did survive.  It is worth watching and I loved it as I am quite a history nerd especially as my father was in the RAF during the war.


I have had some visitors today, Jayne, Mom of Eldest’s best friend who bought some lovely flowers and chocolates and then Pat & Alan friends from the Village, who came this afternoon with more flowers.  It was great to seem them and now the house looks Spring like with my flowers. 


Well for all the hysteria yesterday it DID NOT look like this, this morning.  In fact the snow we have had during the day has not even covered the garden!!!!  A huge disappointment to Treacle as you can imagine. 


This was what we expected!!!  This was taken in 2010 the last time we really had snow and you can telll how deep it is.  These are the steps which go up to the garden and those are my pots on the steps.  Now this was snow!!!!  There is supposed to be some more later in the week but who knows!

I have ordered some fabric for my table runner I am planning for our friends wedding anniversary so will show you that when it arrives but have not done anything else in the sewing room.  I think I will spend tomorrow in there, especially as it is very warm in Eldest’s room as it is smaller than the others and next to our boiler!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday and if it is cold with you, you are staying warm and toasty.

Hugs, Susie xx


Our Media Are Hysterical!


I honestly don’t know what some of the modern day Reporters in this country would have done if they had been alive during WWII!  There are hysterical headlines on our newspapers today of this DREADFUL STORM HEADING OUR WAY!!!!  IT’S COMING FROM RUSSIA, TEMPERATURES WILL FALL DRAMTICALLY, GET HOME BEFORE 6.00PM!  SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………

For the real news; temperatures may drop to -5 and we may get some snow which may cause a little difficulty during travel.  I mean really!  If they actually lived in Russia or any of the Nordic countries which experience temperatures of today at -14 in Russia and -17 in Tuktoyatuck, Canada then I can imagine all this hysteria and by Friday it will be back to normal temperatures of 1°C.  I think they all need to get a grip!!!


Here is a little Spring picture to cheer everyone up!

Obviously because of my limitations at the moment I have not been out and about or doing a lot so I don’t have a very interesting post today!!!  My Quilting Planning was for some very good friends of ours, Anne & Chris, who are celebrating their Ruby wedding at the beginning of April and although they have requested no gifts I would like to make them something small.  When they were first married they spent a few years in Canada for business so thought it would be an idea to add a maple leaf block to a table runner.  They love their garden so can add a block with flowers on and then I thought I could add quite a bit of red in as it is Ruby. Chris also keeps bees so that would be a thing to incorporate and they are both involved with the Canal Trust so am looking how I can add that.   I am having fun looking at blocks to get this done and also the material I have in my stash. 


Treacle is very much enjoying that I am in bed a bit longer than normal in the morning and snuggling!!!  She is getting used to my crutches which she was a bit scared of at first but she does not like the house being upside down as it is not “normal” and she does not like things when they are not normal!!!  Eldest and Girlfriend came yesterday so she loved seeing them and of course DH and Youngest got back so that was all okay with her World.   She is definitely hoping it will snow a lot so she is able to be out in it playing!!!!  She could really do with an AireCut but I am holding off until the weather gets better otherwise she will be freezing.

I hope everyone is having a Good Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Sunday Snooze!


Well Punxsutawney Phil was definitely correct when he saw his shadow and said we would have six more weeks of Winter as it is freezing here today and the early part of this week we have snow forecast and falling temperatures.  Apparently it is going to colder here than the Artic!


I have been up and about and slowly getting used to crutches.  I saw the Nurse on Friday for them to check all was okay and re-dress the area and she is very pleased with it and all is going well.  She actually said “I bet you wish you hadn’t had it done?” and I had actually said the same thing to DH on Friday morning!  I know that I won’t have any pain now and it is the best thing to have it done but at the end of last week it definitely felt worse; walking with crutches, the house is completely upside down to accommodate me, I can’t do anything normal, I can’t even cook but I know it will get better, I think it was just that low that a few people have told me can happen.  So One Week Down, Five To Go!


At least I am in good company, although Mrs Beckham’s is her foot and not hip but still, I mean we could be sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tee Hee!!!!!!


RIP Emma Chambers 1964 – 2018

I was extremely shocked yesterday to hear of the untimely death by natural causes of Emma Chambers (above left with Dawn French) aged 53.  Any death is always a shock but for someone so young who appears to have had no health issues it is more of a shock, especially as we are the same age.  Emma came to prominence in the UK as Alice Tinker in “The Vicar of Dibley” and international fame as Hugh Grant’s sister in “Notthing Hill”. 

I have managed to spend a little time in my sewing room and just pottered about, tidying up and planning a few things rather than get down to any long sewing projects.  Hopefully next week I will feel more up to doing something.  DH and Youngest have been at the County Championships last weekend and this weekend which is always a big event (which was when I was going to have my in-home Quilt Retreat!!) and next weekend they are swimming on Saturday night and all day Sunday so am hoping to get something done next weekend.  Also another week will have gone by.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to the coming week!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag & #TBT!

Although I am fine, yesterday was not such a good day so spent most of it in bed!!!  It was fine as DH and Youngest were out at one of the University’s for his interview and audition (he did well and now has a second offer!!!).  It was a quiet day and Treacle came to snuggle for a bit.


Today has been better with a couple of visitors and plenty of tea drunk! Also keeping on top of my work too which is a bonus.  My leg is fine but the muscles are sore which seems a strange way round as you would think the area would be sore but it isn’t!! 

Loch Ness

I am thinking forward to Spring and this #TBT picture is a spring day on Loch Ness when we were on holiday with The Boys.

Boys at Inverness Locks

Here are my two Boys taken on the same holiday in 2006, when they were 10 and 6, at the Caledonian Locks in Inverness.  Little pair of monkeys and they are just the same now they are 23 and 18!!!!  I love them to bits.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Doctors for a wound check and dressings to be changed 🙁 but not a lot else to do.  I am going to work out if I can sit in my sewing room so I am able to do a little quilting.  Keep you fingers crossed for me that I can.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


I’m Back!


Big Hugs all round to everyone who has sent thoughts, prayers and love whilst I was in for my Op.  I’m now back at home and all is great.


I can now say that I am The Bionic Woman (for all of you young enough to remember that programme!!!) I have had a full hip replacement on my right side.  Last June my hip just went having had no pain or problems with it or the other side at all.  It may possibly have had something to do with doing Ballet from the age of 2 to the age of 16 and playing tennis competitively and swimming competitively and horse riding I think it gave up the ghost at my age!!!  Not that I am that old!!!!!

I have spent the day at home and working at my desk for some of it and DH and Youngest have been very busy helping me get around and do things.  I have two elbow crutches which I am waiting for my Licence to use them!!!!!  and finding out how I can get around doing things.  It is a six week recovery programme but the physios think I will be getting about a lot sooner than that.

At least I can get back to blogging and reading everyone else’s blogs too.

Hugs, Susie xx

I Will Be Away For A While.


I will be taking a little blogging break, not through choice, as I have to go into Hospital this morning for an operation.  I am hoping that I will only be in for a few days but it is then a six week recovery, again I am hoping that things will go a little quicker!

So much for my two weekends of Quilt Retreat at Home!!!!!  I will make up for it later in the year!

I will be back as soon as I can. 

Hugs, Susie xx


It’s Friday!


It’s Friday, do the Snoopy Dance!!!!  It has been a busy old week but we got through it!!!  What are your plans for the weekend? 


This was Treacle very early this morning, after DH left for work and whilst I was drinking my tea!!  She is very much a snuggle monkey!!  We were catching up on what had happened overnight at the Winter Olympics.   We love the Ski Jumping, Luge, Skeleton, Bob Sleigh.  The Skiing, Ice Skating, Speed Skating and Biathlon. 


Sleepy head!  She has already been out and had her breakfast so is all set until lunchtime!!!!


She has actually moved and come into the sewing room with me.  She is very much of the opinion that you need as much sleep as possible!!!!  She did go out at lunch and had her biscuit, so does not need anything now until dinner time!!! 

I will hopefully show you later what I have been working on in the sewing room.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Thursday Things.


It has been like this for the last few days at home!!!  Grocery shopping is done, washing/ironing done, house cleaned and done, cooking done; you name it, its been done and all my work!!!  Yep I am tired but I am pleased and everything has been ticked off my list!!!! 

I had some vouchers left from Christmas so ordered a few books on Amazon.


One of my aims after finishing the UFO’s is to make a scrap quilt and I saw this and thought this would be ideal for me.  It is a hardback and has lots and lots of ideas for using up all those scraps.  FarmQuilter gave me the tip of cutting them into various sizes and sorting by colour which I think I will do.  At the moment they are just in one of my huge clip boxes any old how!!!!


I saw this and thought this would be a great idea not just for me but for making gifts too.  I have a few of the Love to Sew books and think they are great and the projects are very easy to follow and it was not a lot of money!


Of course Amazon being Amazon they then show you other quilting things you might like (!) and this came up and I thought it would be a good idea.  It is a book to record the details of quilts you have made with room for photographs (it is a soft back) and I thought great way of keeping the details.


I just had to have this.  It is the last ever season of Grimm which only had 13 episodes in instead of the usual 24.  As you know it is one of my most favourite TV shows.  I usually have a DVD playing whilst I am sewing and am at the moment working my way through the other series of Grimm. 

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.  It’s Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

A Valentines Wednesday Wag!


Well it is something called Valentine’s Day today not that I know much about it!!!  There seems to be a lot of red things around and cards and flowers, but I don’t think I need to be doing anything about it!!!  Now what is that thing above my head in my picture?


Mom made pancakes last night.  She has a new batter bowl which she got for Christmas and it made making the pancakes really quick as she was able to pour the batter straight from the jug.  She loves the blue of the bowl, me not so much!


It has been doing this all day today so my trips outside have been extremely short but Mom has been on hand with a nice warm towel to dry me when I got in, it is also very cold today!!!  When Daddy left early this morning and I had been out I went straight back to bed and snuggled with Mom until she go up. 


I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Evening and much woofy love to all our Followers and Readers. 


I’m Loving It!


I Want to Believe

You know that I am a huge X Files fan and I have just watched Episode 2 of Series 11 and I am loving it!!!  Why, why, why they didn’t do more episodes than the ten in this series I don’t know especially as Gillian Anderson has said she will no longer do any more series!!!!

DH and The Boys bought me the box set of the original series on DVD so I am able to watch those any time I want and I just love it.  I know those of you who don’t like scary things will not like the show but over the past twenty four years I think it is one of the best written/directed/acted shows ever on TV.  I will be buying this series on DVD when it is out.

The Truth is Out There!

Hugs, Susie xx