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Gone on Vacation


We are escaping work for two weeks Summer Vacation!  If you are too, I hope you have a lovely time and for those who are waiting to go away, don’t worry it will soon be here!!!

See you in a fortnight!

Susie x

Really Cool Pictures!

Photographer Sebastien Lebrigand, 38, took these striking shots as he walked alone under the night sky.

Mr Lebrigand got his camera out near his home in Crepy-en-valois, near Paris, France to take the images with a special lens for astrophotography

These pictures were taken by Monsieur Sebastien Lebrigand in Crepy-en-valois, near Paris, France.  He used a special lens for astrophotography and managed to catch the planes flying over from Spain heading for Germany.  

I love anything to do with space and I think he has managed to create a great image.

The British volunteers have to give round-the-clock care to the babies, many of whom have been rejected by their mothers

I can never resist a picture of a baby Elephant and this baby is an orphan at the Knysna Elephant Park in South Africa.  Abigail Hearn, 24, left, and Lisa Olivier, 28, are British volunteers who look after orphaned baby elephants.  The above picture reminds me of Treacle!!!!

And finally we now know the name of the new Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis!
I hope you have a thrilling Thursday.
Susie x

The Wednesday Wag


DSC03094It has not been a good day today!  Mom has been rushing around getting things out and the bags came out as well, so I think it is going to be holiday for all of us!

Yesterday was not good as it was thundering and lightening on and off all day and I really don’t like the thunder.  Mom finally sat down at her desk so I hopped into my basket but I just couldn’t get my bed settled.  When I finally settled down, Mom got my quilt and put it over me and it was so comfy and safe that I went to sleep and didn’t even hear her get up for lunch!!!

She didn’t let me miss my biscuit though!!!

Mom has already packed up my case, food, bed and toys and I will be off to the kennels at the end of the week.  It is great fun there and I love it.  So this will be the last Wednesday Wag until we get back. 

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday.

Woof, Treacle.

Animal Paw Print

Baby Wales Leaves the Hospital


The new Prince of Cambridge has left hospital with his parents two minutes ago.  So far they are still working on a name and he has a healthy pair of lungs according to his father!




Like any new parents they looked a little tired and shell shocked but obviously very happy.



The Duchess gave her son to her husband, before they walked over to talk to the media who had been waiting all day for this moment, in sun and a lot of rain!



They have now left for their home in Kensington Palace with the Duchess and her son in the back, with the Duke driving.

Many Congratulations to them both on the safe arrival of their son.

Susie x



The Pay off for having had such nice weather over the last three weeks is a night of thunderstorms which are continuing this morning!!!!  Treacle is not so much scared but cross and every time it thunders, starts her cross bark!  Her hackles go up and she stands looking out of the windows at the back door as if the Giant making all the noise is coming and she is going to get him!!!!!  

The only problem is I have a headache from the stormy weather and her barking is not helping!!!


My poor garden needs the water but the rain has come down so fast and heavy that it has battered the plants and flowers, I am hoping that when it stops they will bounce back.

Treacle went out this morning and came back looking like the proverbial drowned rat, but she was very good at getting dry under her towel!


The patio with lots of water on it.

The rain is coming down so fast that the gutters, although not blocked, can’t cope with the water, so they are flooding!


It’s also very dark, so the lights are on in the rooms which is such a shame after all the sun we have had.  The storm doesn’t seem to be doing much good either as it is still very warm and muggy.

Trying to get my work finished today and then get my house jobs done.  Youngest finishes school today for the six week holiday and can’t wait and they get to finish at 3.00pm instead of 4.00pm, although I was teasing him that I would pick him up at 4.00pm as usual!!!!! He was not amused!!!!

Sewing you say?  Yeah well!!!!!!!

Have a Thundery Tuesday!!!!!!

Susie x