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The Wednesday Wag.

It is so cold again today so I have been doing nothing but this :




I did do a bit of Doggy Yoga though!!!!!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be a lot warmer and Mom says I can have the door open so I can run in and out if I want to.  We all want some warmer weather!!!  I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.  Hopefully if the weather is nice Mom can get some pictures of me in the garden!!! 

Woof, Treacle xx


Yeah I have finished the Spring Cleaning!!!  If you have a look you probably can’t tell that anything has been done but I know our whole home is now clean!!!  Everything has been washed and dusted to an inch of it’s life!!  I still have a few more jobs to do, the garden, the garage, the attic and the cars but they will get done over the next few weeks. 

Although I won’t be in the garden until it warms up, I have never known a May that has been this cold and wet!!!  They are forecasting warm weather from Friday of this week, which is another long weekend for us here in the UK, which will be unusal as it is a long weekend.  DH and I are going to be busy painting our sitting room and that will be the end of the painting until the next long weekend which is at the end of August. 

Eldest has begun his new job and is loving it except for getting wet, a lot, so he is hoping that the nice weather will arrive soon too.  As is Treacle of course.

I am  up to date with all my jobs and work which makes a change so I can plan a few of what I call “nice to do’s” like my quilting, which has been non-existent for months.  I still have things to finish like bindings to be made and sewn to the quilts and also a king size quilt to finish and some birthday presents to sort out.  I also need to plan and cut out a memory quilt which I need to get on with too!!!!!!!  Also trying to keep up with my doing some reading each day.  Still trying to keep up with my Aims from January 1st!!! 

Still can’t believe that we are five months in the year already, although I could have thrown our radio out of the window the other day when the presenter started talking about Christmas!  It is only May for goodness sake.

I hope your week is going well and I will now hopefully be back to blogging every day. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.

It has been really cold here in Derbyshire of late and although I have been outside for a little while, Mom gets me in as it is too cold with the door open.

This was this time last year and it was really sunny and warm. 

Mom took this picture this time last year and it looks very Mediterranean with all the warm colours.

Also by this time last year Mom’s plants were all in and the plants were quite grown but because it has been so cold they have hardly got going this year.   Mom is planning a trip to the garden centre soon to get some plants but is waiting until it is warmer.

At least this weather gives me plenty of snuggle time in my basket. 

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday. 

Treacle xx

Whose In For Dinner?

I sometimes wonder if I am running a hotel at home!!!  Obviously with the Boys being 21 and 25 they are busy with work and their lives and the only thing I ask them is who is in for dinner?  You don’t know how complicated an answer that can be!!!  Sometimes I have three in for dinner, sometimes it is five and sometimes (rarely) it is just DH and I.  Of course DH sometimes complicates things with “I have a Zoom meeting at 7.00pm can I have dinner first?”!!!!!!

This week Eldest is on his training course again, Youngest and Girlfriend are away as she is competing with Penny, so DH and I find ourselves in for dinner together for the first time in ages!  The next question is what do I now cook? 

Don’t get me started on the sweat shop laundry I run as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So although it is May 18th the weather is still cold and I caved today and put our heating back on!!!  I don’t think our heating has been on this late in the year for a long while.   Sitting out my desk it can be so cold and Treacle obviously approves as she has been basking in her basket next to my desk!!!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday, I am off to see what the fridge can offer for DH and my dinner tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club on Monday.

Sorry for the radio silence last week due to being very busy with work and other things, so I thought I would do Friday Book Club on Literary Monday!  See there is a link.  

I have not long started this Stephen King book, you know I am a huge fan, and it seems he is back to his best although it does not appear to be one of his creepy ones.  However it is his usual good writing.  

Tim Jamieson, former cop, is on a plane to New York when the passengers are asked to give up a seat for law enforcement.  No one wants to but on a whim Tim leaves the plane and decides to hitch to New York.  He eventually comes to a small town in the middle of nowhere, where he finds a job being a Night Knocker and gets it and settles in to small town life for a while.

One of its residents is young Luke Ellis, a child prodigy, who is due to go to two colleges at the age of 12.  Just before he is due to go three dark figures break into his house at night and abduct him and take him to The Institute.  Here he meets other children similar to himself but what exactly do they want from him?

That is as far as I have got in the book but am reading fast!!!!!  

I won’t bore you all with the various coming and goings of the family over the last week, I don’t think you would probably believe me if I did, needless to say it involved cars, vans, backwards and forwards with work, children, horses, dogs and everything in between!!!  We are hoping that this week is going to be a little calmer, one can hope!!!   

I will tell you all a little bit tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

When Your Favourite Films Become Middle Aged!

There comes an age, usually after your teens, which you reach and in your mind you never really move on from it despite the birthdays which come and go.  For DH it was 17 when he could learn to drive, that was the age he wanted to get to and for me it was 25.  Don’t ask me why but 25 to me seemed to be I was an adult, not a Kidult ie 18 but not really an “adult”.  This was in 1989 and I had been married for a year, working, my own home and was killing it at life!!!!   In 1986 I was 22 and started living with DH which is when my life really started, so the films we went to see then remain very much a big part. 

Of course now those films are middle aged and I always say when something like this comes to your attention it is only then that you realise that you are getting older too, not those birthdays which come and go every year!!!!!!! 

These are my favourite middle aged films that came out in 1986.

“Highlander” was one of DH and My’s first dates.  What is not to love in that it began in Scotland and had a film score by “Queen” and what a score it was, our favourite song which became DH and my’s song “It’s A Kind of Magic” is from the film score!  Haven’t watched this for a while but originally had it on VHS tape and then bought it on DVD (how many films and albums have you done that with?).  Still love to watch it now.

“When Harry Met Sally” I loved and again bought it on VHS, DVD and have it on my iPod as well!!!  If I EVER want to watch a feel good film and immerse myself in the ’80’s then this is what I put on.  It really is based upon Pride & Prejudice but we can forgive Norah Ephron for using Jane Austen’s book as her inspiration and Harry is definitely not Mr Darcy but he is the 1986 version.  I loved the idea of moving to New York and living in the City that never sleeps and I loved the clothes and the bookstores and that Sally was a journalist.  We lived in Nottingham at the time and for the UK it is a vibrant city, not quite open 24 hours but DH and I had the same sort of life as Harry & Sally, all before “BC” – Before Children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My final middle aged film is “Labyrinth” with another kick ass score by David Bowie!!!  It was the romatic film of 1986 and who would not want to dance with Mr Bowie in that fabulous dress worn by Sarah, but the true heroes of the film were the Jim Henson characters especially Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus!



Sir Didymus!

If you have never seen these three films then check them out over the weekend they really are feel good ones and in fact I will probably watch them.  They have also managed to stand the test of time, despite being 35 years old they have not really dated, even When Harry Met Sally which is firmly set in the 1980’s.  The only other film, which is not quite middle aged at only 23 is “You’ve Got Mail” another Norah Ephron film and yes this is on my iPod too!!!  I think by the time this does reach 35 it will still be standing the test of time!!!!! 

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to, us?  – chaos; cars into storage, hire cars being delivered, vans to transport things places including Penny and somewhere in between the normal weekend stuff!!!  I will be back here on Monday, probably asleep at my desk!!!!!! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag & #TBT!!!!!

Here I am with my Birthday haul of presents.  I love everyone of them and start playing as soon as I get up at 5.00am, the Boys really love the very loud squeaky ones!!!! 

SO not only did I have a very busy day on Tuesday, Mom took me to the Spa yesterday as well for my Birthday wash and Airecut!!!! 

Here I am back home and Mom says I look and smell so much better!!!

I think I deserve another biscuit today!

It has been a very busy two days and I am so exhausted!!!  Mom has washed all my bedding and quilts so I am having to make do with the inner until the outer is dry!!!

Mom could not get onto her Blog yesterday for some reason so has had to do yesterday’s post and today’s post together!! 

SO here are a few #TBT pictures of me when I was a long younger and so were the Boys!!!

The Boys and I not long after I came home!!!  The Boys were 12 and 8!!

Me & My Big Sis Kelly.  She always wanted to play with my Puppy squeaky bone!!!

What do you mean I can’t be on the bed?!!!!!

So nice to be relaxing on the deck in the sunshine!!! 

I am spending today in my basket next to Mom’s desk catching up on my sleep.  It is still very cold here and although I was very warm with all my fur, I am now cold!!!  We are all hoping the weather is going to improve soon, it is May for goodness sake!!!! 

Have a wonderful Woofy Thursday.  

Love Treacle xx

Second Room Done!

DH and I managed to get our dining room painted over the long weekend, despite DH having to have a two hour meeting on Saturday morning regarding swimming!!!!  Also Friday went to pot a little bit with a few other things which needed attending to.  Anyhoo we managed to get the room cleared and then started getting it done.  The picture below is after we had cleared the room and painted the walls.

Below is with all the furniture, pictures etc put back.  It is the same colour as it was before but looks cleaner.

It looks great when it is done, just a trial when you are doing it!!!!! 

So we have another long weekend at the end of the month and one more room to do, our sitting room!!!  This should be a little easier to do as the walls are light coloured, as you can imagine the Red is quite hard to do with the white ceiling! The biggest thing will be clearing the bookshelves into the dining room, so that will be a job for the Friday.  We did also get the dining room Spring cleaned as well so two birds with one stone so to speak!!! 

That was our weekend and of course this week is now a short week.  I am hoping to get some more spring cleaning done this week but this weekend is going to be chaos as Eldest is leaving his job and starts his new one a week today and we have to sort out things and cars and we are also helping Girlfriend with moving some stuff for Penny and anything else that comes up as well.  So that is going to be fun. 

It is still really cold here but we are hoping it is going to get warmer soon.  Yesterday it rained heavily all day, which is usual for a Bank Holiday!!! 

Today is Treacle’s Birthday and she is 13!!!!  Everyone is at work today but in tonight so we will be spoiling her then, she has lots of new toys to play with and some treats.  Tomorrow she is off to the spa, she is getting quite wooly again!!!  Happy Birthday Treacle we love you to bits. 

Have a great week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx