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Pets On Quilts Show 2018.

Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting ( arranges this great Internet show every year and lots and lots of lovely sponsors give prizes for the various categories.  As with anything like this a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes and I would like to thank Snoodles for all her hard work and the sponsors for the prizes.

As you may have realised if you read Quilting Blogs, lots of us Quilters have animals of all types and this show gives us a chance to show them and our quilts off.

If you read my Blog you will know that Treacle, our Airedale Terrier, features heavily and even has her own day on the Blog, The Wednesday Wag.  She is very much a part of our family and we love her to bits.  It is also a very special year this year for us too as Treacle is ten years old, double digits now!!!

This year I have managed to get my quilt finished completely so I am able to take Treacle’s picture on it!!!  In the past the quilts have been in various stages of completion!!!!!

So here is our Entry for the “Dog on Quilt” category :


Treacle on the Summer Quilt.


What you probably don’t know, if you are new to my Blog, is that Treacle is a snuggler and loves being covered up and would quite happily stay under the quilt.  In fact in Winter if it is really cold she prefers her very own quilt to be put over her to keep her warm!!!!

We are actually away on vacation when the show is on, but I am hoping to still be able to hop around and see everyone else’s entries. 

Thank you for visiting us here at Susie’s World and please vote for Treacle. 

Love & Hugs,

Susie & Treacle  xxxx


National Book Lovers Day.

August 9th 2018


Did you know that there is a National Book Lovers Day?  Well I didn’t until I stumbled across a website for it and it is on August 9th each year.


Despite modern technology sales of actual books are up compared to downloading books which I think is a great piece of news.  DH and the Boys wanted to buy me an E-Reader when they first came out as I love books as you know, but using a screen all day everyday I do not want to then read my books on a screen.  I know that you can take over 1000 books with you on an E-Reader and that would be impossible with actual books, but there is something about holding a book and reading it.  Plus I read in the bath, so not so good with electronic readers!!!!!

I also think that books make a room feel cosy, even just a few, if you are lucky enough to have bookshelves laden with books then that is my perfect room.


I was very lucky as a child to have a very good public library near to where we lived and I spent every Saturday afternoon there choosing books to read for the week, along with my parents who were also big readers.  I also spent my pocket money on books and had quite a collection, which has carried on as I grew older.  I always have a book with me just in case I have five minutes in which to read.

I was lucky when I met DH that he too loves books and we have passed this on to the Boys, who both could read before they started school and have loved books all their lives and have their own collections.  It was great to see how their choices changed as they grew older.


On my Blog we have the monthly Friday Book Club where I review books that I have read and think you would like too and also I have a list of the books I have read during the year with a little review.

We are on our family vacation during National Book Lovers Day and I will definitely be taking a lot of books away with me and I also got some Book Tokens for my Birthday so I can spend a happy few hours in the book shop getting a few more!  My friends always ask me what I want for my Birthday and I always say Book Tokens as I love choosing books and some think it is boring always getting me the same present but it isn’t at all.


So I hope National Book Lovers Day inspires you to pick up a book and spend a happy few hours reading; I will be joining you.

Happy Reading Everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx

PS.  Tomorrow would normally be Friday Book Club Day, but we are away on Vacation and I am busy reading, tee hee!!!!  I will be back on September 14th with a review of my favourite book from the Summer.

We Are On Vacation!


We are on Vacation!

Have a wonderful Summer you lovely lot!


We will be back on August 20th, but look out for a couple of posts before that.


Summer Hugs

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle xxxxxxx



It’s Friday!



This was Treacle this morning waiting to go on her vacation!!  She is much better although she is still quiet for her, but I think the heat is also not helping as it has gone very hot and humid today but not much sun!!!! 

We got her bag packed and they were very impressed with it at the kennels!!!!


DH set up the watering system for our pots whilst we are away and although the Boys are going to be around at least I know the plants will be getting some water!!!



The strawberries and tomatoes are starting to ripen and the Boys have instructions to pick and eat them.



Finally my sweet peas have also come out and they have instructions to keep cutting them.  I am not sure the Boys will be doing this, more like the Girlfriends!!!



The fox glove is having another go at flowering.

I just have the last little bit of ironing to get done and finishing the packing and then we are all ready.  The Boys and Girlfriends are coming for dinner tonight which will be lovely to see them all. 

Thanks to all who have sent us messages of having a great vacation, we can’t wait and we don’t even care what the weather is doing, we are away.

I will be back in a fortnight but look out as there may be a couple of posts whilst we are away!!!!!!

Happy Summer Vacation Hugs,

Susie xx

Thursday Thoughts.


Best laid plans!!  I was intending on getting the packing done tonight but have only just finished work jobs and house jobs and dinner!!! So I will be having to do that tomorrow now.

Treacle is getting better and I rang the kennels and they are still happy to have her with all her medicines!!!! 


However I don’t mind because from Saturday we are on vacation and the whole World can fade into the back ground.  I don’t even mind if the weather is not good, we are away!!!


Whilst we are away I will have time to do lots of quilting.


And lots of reading too.

Summer Thoughts

Have a lovely Summer, whatever you are up to. 


Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Eldest Girlfriend, Youngest Girlfriend & Treacle



Whispering Wednesday Wag.


I am still recovering from my tummy upset!  I had to have some more medicine and Mom thinks it is getting better but I am still sleeping quite a bit, although I did chase the squirrel out of the garden this morning!!

I am still hoping to go on vacation on Friday but Mom says we will have to see how I am by then!!!

Woof, Treacle.


Oh Goodness!

You are quite happily getting on with things when something throws everything to pot!  Well that was us on Saturday morning.  As DH was busy on Friday evening we decided to have a slow day, doing nothing much until Treacle put paid to that!  She was sick, a lot!!!!!  Fortunately it was just as the vets were opening and we managed to get her an appointment.


She is fine.  The vet thinks she has been eating something she shouldn’t and it has irritated her stomach so she had two injections, two lots of tablets and special food for a week!  The above picture was after her injections when she was a little sleepy.

Before that she did have a new present to cheer her up a bit.

A huge tennis ball, which she can still carry.  They were reduced at the market and I just knew she would love it!!!


We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend and the temperature dropped by 20°F and it was so much better, at least it was cooler to sleep. 


When Treacle went out last thing on Saturday night we saw this little fellow in one of our patio pots.  I think he likes it as it is safe and cool.

DH and I did some tidying in the garden and so it is all sorted now before we go away on vacation.  We also got the bags out and I can start adding things this week.  It is going to be a busy week with shopping to get to go away and also food for those staying at home, hair appointments to keep as well as tidying up work, cleaning, wahsing and ironing!  Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it just for two weeks holiday, but by the time we are on our way on Saturday I won’t care!!!!  Friday evening they are all coming for dinner which will be lovely and the weather is set to be good again by then.

Have a wonderful week all of you.

Hugs, Susie xx