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What Will You Do?


Ignoring the fact that when Lockdown is lifted I think we will all be rushed off our feet with work/swimming etc, my question is

What Will You Do First?

Obviously I think the first thing will be a family get together and hopefully the weather will be good and we can be outside.

Then a friends get together.

A non-food shopping trip, even if I don’t buy anything it will be nice to be out and about.

Go for a drive in the countryside and perhaps walk just because we can.

Trip to the cinema if there any films we want to watch.

I am sure life will very quickly establish its normal patterns once the Lockdown is lifted, as we have seemed to get used to this not doing what we normally do!!! Perhaps it will also teach us not to rush around so much and take things a little slower and also appreciate our families and what we do have.


It is Easter this weekend and for a lot of people it is going to be very different to normal with no Church visits and seeing family.  At least with modern technology you can take part in Church services on the TV or via your internet and the radio and calls to family can actually be made and you can see them which will bring some comfort.  I am really hoping that the sun is going to shine as that always makes things seem a little better.

We have a lovely sunny warm day here again in Derbyshire and I am very thankful for that.


Treacle is making the most of the sunshine!

I have been working all morning and this afternoon I am doing home jobs, a huge basket of ironing to be precise!!!!  However I get to watch something on Netflix and that usually keeps me entertained whilst ironing.  I have to watch TV when I am ironing!!  I will do a post about what I have been watching.

Happy Wednesday (yes it is Wednesday in case you were wondering!!!) and Stay Safe.

Hugs & Love Susie xxx


A Warm Spring Day!

We are doing some business work and then I am getting some jobs done at home as well.  Today has been a really warm Spring day so I had a walk around our Estate (garden to everyone else!!!!).  Here are some pictures, the garden is beginning to really wake up now.


A few of my pots which need filling in a few weeks time. 


My little Herb Garden stone which also needs a few plants replacing.


You can see the green coming out in the sunshine.


Shoots coming through.


Treacle taking advantage of the sunshine.


The Buddleia starting to sprout!


The afternoon progressing.


The Perriwinkle coming more into flower.


Primroses and Forget-me-Nots


The Conifers we have trimmed and still need to do a bit more to the Mahonia on the right by the deck.


Pink Primroses


Your Daily Treacle!


Our Home from the garden.


The Peonies coming into bud.

I even managed to sit outside with a cup of tea earlier as it was lovely and warm.  Of course at this time of year it is very changeable and it does drop very cold at night.  At the moment we have not had too many April showers!!!!  Although we had enough rain over the Winter to make up for it!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone and stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Week 3 of Lockdown!

How is everyone doing?  Life seems to be settling into a pattern and the thing I have noticed most is how much slower everything is.  As we cannot rush about here, there and everywhere and really are living each moment it is, in some ways, quite refreshing.  The Boys are finding it quite hard, however, as they are not at work which they hate and can’t wait to get back!  DH and I are keeping our business ticking over and hopefully we will be okay. 

I think my only concern is when, eventually, the restrictions are lifted it will be immediately manic mode and we will be then running around like headless chickens!!!!  I think I am going to try and make the most of this time whatever!!!!


Over the weekend the weather was very nice and Spring like so I started the Spring Cleaning and got our Den completely cleaned from top to bottom.  This is where I work each and every day and DH when he is in, which is of course more at the moment!!!  One room down, eleven to go!!!

DH and Eldest continued with the front of our home project extending the drive.


This is how it looked with the plants removed but the garden and wall still there.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-05 at 17.17.44

This is how it looks now!  We will eventually get some plants to put in at the top and down the side to make it look a little better and we will need some more stone to bring the level up before we get it filled in with tarmac. 

Cars Cropped

As you can now see we can get three cars side by side and when it is finished we will be able to get Youngest & Girlfriend’s cars on the drive and DH at the front so we will not be creating a problem for our neighbours!!!!

Youngest and Girlfriend were busy, he was building small jumps for Simon, the horse (!), for when Girlfriend is training him.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 14.51.20

To also give Simon something different to look at when practicing they also built this, with the tops of the pillar conifers we took down.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-05 at 17.42.17 (1)

How about that for re-cycling!!!!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-05 at 17.42.17

It is great what our Boys are finding to do whilst they are off!!! 

I got some seeds planted and generally tidied up and have started to wash various items in our home that get done during Spring Cleaning, throws, cushions, curtains etc!!!  My only thought is I must get the Spring Cleaning finished before Lockdown ends because as I said earlier I think it will be manic when we are back!!!!!


Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has now been admitted to hospital for checks as he has been self isolating for two weeks but still has a high temperature.  We wish him a speedy recovery. 

The Queen April 2020

The Queen addressed the Nation last night from Windsor Castle, only the fifth time in her 68 year reign to have done that.  In those 68 years and during WWII she has seen the best and worst of humanity and had to navigate many turbulant times.  My personal view is that she is the Mother of our Country and we all know how much better we feel when our mothers are around.  We always listen to her Christmas address, but I think it was a great benefit to hear her speak last night. 

The four other times she has addressed the Nation, outside of Christmas, was during the First Gulf War in 1991, after Diana, Princess of Wales, died in 1997, when her own Mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, passed away at the great age of 102 in 2002 and on her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Have a great week, whatever you are up to self isolating.  Stay Safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Sneezing Oh No!!!!


No don’t worry I don’t have it!!!!  But what I do get at this time of year is a little bit of hayfever.  I have narrowed it down to a tree which is coming into bud at this time of year, I don’t know which tree it is but it always happens when the garden starts to wake up!!!! 

However in the current situation every little sneeze sends you running for the thermometer and I find I am checking the glands in my neck more often!!!  In fact you start to become a little bit paranoid!!!

This is not a new phenomenon for me ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer when our Boys were six and two!!!  I was very lucky in that it had not got going as I was being screened at the Hospital ten years prior to my Mother’s first instance of breast cancer having had her first breast removed at 45.  Five years after this she had her second breast removed.  I was screened for the various genes involved and yes I had a faulty gene so it was, as they say, inevitable.  I had to have a mastectomy but again I was very lucky in that I did not have to have any further treatment and went straight into re-construction.

However after that I did find that every time I had something wrong my mind immediately jumped to the worst conclusion. 

Of course it was nothing and so in this current climate, when paranoia can take over quite easily, my advice is to:

Firstly: Stop the negative thoughts immediately and go and do something to distract your brain.

Secondly: When you have had time to calm down, write down what is worrying you.  Seeing it on paper and actually writing it down helps alot as it gets it out of your thoughts. 

Thirdly: Objectively look at what you have written and see if there is anything you can do about it?  If you can’t then stop worrying, if you can, do it.  At least then you will know what you have resolved the issue as far as you can.

I do this alot with issues I have (anyone who reads my Blog knows I love lists) because I find writing things down really helps me.  You have to find what helps you the best and practice it for anything you are worried about, little things and big things and once you get into a habit of doing it then it does make things easier.  Our brains like order. 



Of course it’s Friday today and we are almost at the end of our second week of Lockdown.  The Queen is due to speak to the Nation on Sunday evening which I am sure we will all be watching as we start Week 3 of Lockdown.  Sunday day is supposed to be lovely and sunny and very warm so the officials are worried that people will be out and about when they really souldn’t be.  We won’t be, in fact it will be a great opportunity to be in the garden again getting jobs done (I am a fair weather gardener after all!!!!).

I hope your week has gone okay and you, your families and friends are coping with this new reality. 

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Hugs & Love Susie xx


WhatsApp Image 2020-04-02 at 07.26.36

Treacle for the Day!  Her new favourite place now we have cut down the conifers!!!!

What Day Is It?

With this new reality it is like being on holiday where you lose track of what day it is!!!  Our week is normally so structured with certain days are for certain tasks but at the moment they are all mixed around!!!

Not only are we having to cope with the restrictions of the current situation the news is not good for favourite events.  It is understandable that things this month and next have been cancelled but big events later in the year are now also being cancelled.


One of my favourite events has fallen to the current situation, Wimbledon is not to go ahead for the first time since WWII! They also feel that they would not be able to hold the tournament later in the year.


DH and I were due to go and see Queen + Adam Lambert in June in Birmingham for my Birthday present.  They have cancelled the whole tour but fortunately have re-arranged it for the same dates next year!


The Edinburgh International Book Festival which takes place in August has been cancelled along with the Edinburgh Fringe.  They will be back next year as there is no suggestion of holding the event later this year.

FoQ 2020

The Festival of Quilts has still not decided whether the event will go ahead, again in August.

I really do appreciate why these events have to make decisions now because of payments which are incurred like the hire of the venues, payment of staff etc but it is such a shame and obviously it does seem that people think that there will still be restrictions right up to August!

DH and I were due to head to The Highlands this Saturday but obviously have cancelled and have transferred the booking to Easter next year.  We are also due to go in August but am wondering now whether that is going to happen!!! 

However, despite what some in our media are saying, I do believe that the restrictions we are living in now are needed and are not over zealous!  One of Eldest’s friends Mom who is a nurse is now very ill and in hospital herself (she has been working all the while since the crisis started) so as far as I am concerned it is serious and we must ALL do what we can to keep ourselves, our families and everyone as safe and healthy as possible and to ease the pressure on our hospitals and their staff!

I think our Government, whoever is in power, has an unenviable task of trying to contain this horrible thing and protect us all, whilst trying to not completely cripple the country financially.  It is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation!  I also think that when it is all lifted and we start to get back to normal, we will all be rushed off our feet!!!!


As it is Thursday, I think (!), here are some #TBT pictures of previous visits to our Highland Hideaway!!!!  Enjoy and stay safe.


The view from our cottage!

Boys at Inverness Locks

2006 – Eldest was 10 and Youngest was 6.  They are standing on one of the Locks of the Caledonian Canal.


A hidden Loch away from the World!


2007 – Glen Urquhart Castle!


Foulis Castle where we stayed in 2011.


Depending upon when Easter is as you can see you can get quite a bit of snow in the Highlands in March!


Snow covered mountains.


The view from the cottage out of the back.

Have a great Thursday.

Hugs & Love Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag, Lockdown Wk 2.


I honestly don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment!  All my family are at home a lot more than normal but then Dad and Eldest were out yesterday as they were delivering essential parts so it was just Mom and I.  Then Dad has gone out today to work as normal and it is just Mom and Eldest and yesterday Youngest and Girlfriend arrived to collect some things and then they left!!!  I just don’t understand at all!!!

I just settle down for a snooze when some job is started either outside or in!!!  I have also seen Mom getting her cleaning things out so I think we are going to have one of those big cleaning days!!!!!  Oh boy I will definitely be staying out of the way especially if the vacuum cleaner is out!!!


Long walks are off the agenda at the moment as well as we are only allowed out for an hour at a time, so it is a quick walk around the block and back home!!!  If we meet anyone we cross over so we don’t walk past them and shout hello at them!!!!  IT is a very strange reality at the moment.

Mom says that if the Lockdown stays in place for a while she will have to get the clippers out and give me a spa day at home!!! I will definitely be hiding then especially if she also mentions the dreaded word “Bath”!!!!!


They have also been busy in the garden and all the trees they have cut down have now gone.  They say that they are going to be working in the garden again at the weekend which is great fun as I get to play ball all the time!!!

I hope you doggies out there are all staying safe with your hoomans, keep woofing.

Treacle xx


A Tour of Our Home Town!

Although we have lived in Derbyshire for thirty four years, DH and I were born in Nottingham. 

Nottingham is eighteen miles away from where we live but if you speak to people who were born in Derbyshire, Nottingham could be a thousand miles away!!!!  We go back regularly to see family who still live there and to shop! 

So today I thought I would show you some pictures of our Home Town (picture heavy post!).


Nottingham’s most famous Resident, Robin Hood!  There was some talk about he was really from Yorkshire but we Nottinhamians just ignore that!  We have all seen the films which have been made about Robin Hood and his fight with the Sheriff of Nottingham well this is his statue which stands outside the grounds of Nottingham Castle.  For years when I was a little girl and went to see the statue the arrow was always missing, as people would steal it as a souvenir!!  However the City Council managed to make one and affix it in a manner where it cannot be stolen!!!


Nottingham Castle, which is in the City Centre, is always quite a disappointment for visitors as it really isn’t a castle at all.  A structure has stood on the rock above the city since 1067 shortly after the invasion of William the Conqueror.  It was made of wood but three years later was rebuilt of stone.  It was a Royal residence for the House of Normandy to Henry II who was quickly succeeded by Richard I (Richard The Lionheart) Robin Hood’s Time.

Richard was busy with the Crusades and left his brother, Prince John, in charge who had ambitions above his station.  He took Nottingham Castle and began to rule the country from here.  In 1194 Richard returned from abroad and took control back off John by siege tactics.  He stormed the Castle and wrested control of it away from the soldiers loyal to his brother, making it the only time the castle fell to an attacking army! 

It continued to be a Royal residence until James I of England (James VI of Scotland) sold it to the Earl of Rutland.

The original Castle was demolished in 1649 and the Duke of Newcastle built a manor house on the site (just like today when they knock an old building down and replace it with a modern monstrosity!).  Anyway in 1831 rioters burnt it almost to the ground but it was re-built in 1878 by the Nottingham Council and now houses a museum and art gallery.


It is currently closed and being refurbished inside and out and is due to re-open in 2021.


The Castle and lots of other places in Nottingham City Centre have caves beneath which were used for lots of purposes including tanning of leather and the brewing of beer, as above which at the bottom of Castle Rock in the Brewhouse Yard.


The picture above is of the Brewhouse Yard Museum (you can jus see the Castle at the top of the picture) where staff used to stay who worked at the Castle and lots of jobs were done here for the Castle including the brewing of the beer.



The main entrance to the Castle.


This is St. Mary’s Church, High Pavement and is the oldest religious foundation and largest Medieval building in the City.  It is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is belived to hail from Saxon times. 


The above picture is Nottingham Council House where the City Council meet and lots of offices to do with the Council are and the Dome houses the Bell, Little John who strikes the hour, quarter and half which can be heard up to seven miles away.  If we, when I lived at home, could hear the bell strike it was always going to rain!

The above building was opened in 1929 by the then Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII & Duke of Windsor.  The land in front of the Council House used to hold Nottingham’s Goose Fair and today plays host to one of the largest Christmas markets in the country and a summer “Nottingham by the Sea” event.


Two roads, which are now paved, run each side of the building and are named Long Row, above.  This stretches for a long way and is made up of fancy shops, restaurants and hotels over the years and was seen as the upmarket side.


This is the other side of the Council House where the new tram system runs and is called Cheapside.  This side used to house the butchers and there is a Poulty arcade. There wares used to be in baskets out in front of their shops.

Lots of other roads in the city centre are named after the trade which used to be carried on there.  Fletcher Gate – makers of arrows, the feather end is actually called a fletch.  Bridlesmith Gate – Bridles for horses.  Wheeler Gate – Wheelrights.  Beastmarket Hill – sale of livestock. 


The Council House from Long Row at Christmas.


The Council House in the summer “By the Sea”


The Dome all lit up for Christmas.


We are lucky in Nottingham to still have some glorious buildings.  These three were all built by Watson Fothergill, a Nottingham Architect between 1870 and 1906.  He was inspired by the Medieval buildings and churches.  The above building fronts onto Long Row.


This building sits at the junction of King Street to the right and Queen Street to the left.


As you can see from the writing on the building this is the oldest inn in England and it is where the Knights used to refresh themselves before leaving for the Crusades, no doubt including King Richard!  It is very tiny and gets very busy but when you are in there you have to hold your hand over the drink as the rear of the inn is actually in the Castle wall and it is made of sandstone so you get bits of sand in your drink!!!!!


There are lots of little yards and alleys which connect various road, the above one being Hurts Yard which connects Parliament Street with Long Row.  Tiny shops and restaurants are in these areas making them very busy places. 


This is Weekday Cross, in the Lace Market, and was the original site of all the markets in Nottingham before they moved down into the centre in front of the Council House.  The original Cross was erected in 1529 and the current one above was put in place in 1993.


This is Nottingham Theatre Royal built in 1865 by two Lace Barons John & William Lambert.  One of it’s notable claims to fame is in October 1952 it made theatre history as the World Premiere of “The Mousetrap” as part of the pre-West End tour, the play has gone on to become the longest running theatrical production in the World and we all went to see it in London a few years ago!  It was bought by the Council in 1969 and underwent a full restoration and was opened by Princess Anne in 1978 and has been open since. 


We are also very lucky to have a lot of green spaces within the City Centre this being one of them Wellington Circus off which there are several roads which had some very nice homes built for some of Nottinghams top residents.  It’s layout was influenced by London’s Regent Park and the surrounding roads bear some of the names; Oxford Street, Regent Street, College Street and Park Row!


This is one of the Trent Bridge’s which used to be over the river and is still standing, albeit currently in the middle of a traffic island around which the current Trent Bridge goes!!!!!


Finally this building is outside of the City Centre, Wollaton Hall and was built by Sir Francis Willoughby between 1580 and 1588.  It was owned by the fmaily up until 1881 and was eventually bought by the City Council in 1925 and is now another museum. 

In 2011 it became the home of Batman in “The Dark Night Rises” as Wayne Manor.  The Hall is five miles north of Gotham, Nottinghamshire and it is believed this is how Gotham City indirectly got its name!

My Grandfather worked as an Engineer for Nottingham City Council before, during and after World War II and part of his job was to look after Wollaton Hall.

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of our Home Town of Nottingham.  Some of the photographs are mine and some are from a great website  Run by a Gentleman named Ray Teece a former Policeman who has taken a lot more pictures of Nottingham.  If you would like to have a look at some more please click on the link above. 

I hope you are all doing okay and Stay Safe.

Hugs & Love Susie xx