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Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.


August 9th National Book Lovers Day!

It is fortuitous that my Monthly Friday Book Club (the second Friday of every month) actually falls on National Book Lovers Day today!  However we are away on vacation and I am busy reading!  So this left me with a dilemma; do I do a book review and then schedule the post for today or leave it as it is a great day for reading, so grab a book and have a few hours off!

You know me though, I love to talk, read and collect books, so I did a review, but of a different kind and decided to list my ten most favourite books, which I have read several times and will still read.  They are not in any particular order so here they are :


Agatha Christie – one of my Parents’ favourite Authors so I started to read her books when I was eight.  A very traditional sort of writing but still with those twists and turns which make the stories very subtle but engaging.


You knew I had to include one of Mr Martin’s books and I do think the first in the Game of Thrones series is the best and draws you in and makes you want to read the rest, as fast as possible.  I think I devoured, all of these within a few months (I was a bit late to the party so he had written quite a few by then!).


This set is from when I was a little girl and I just loved them.  They are by Enid Blyton who wrote lots of children’s books and they are still popular today, although our Government tried to ban them from school reading lists as they are not “politically correct”!!!!!  They are about Darrell Rivers going to Boarding School in England and her adventures going through the school years.  Think Harry Potter without the magic!!!  All my friends were reading the books too and we ALL wanted to go to Boarding School!  I think the reality would not have lived up to the books!!!


I own all of Stephen Kings novels and it is very hard to choose a favourite, there are several, but I think this one is just a little bit ahead of all the others.  He is the master of the weird but great books in which to disappear into.


David Baldacci is a great author and all his books are different but engrossing.  I love this book as it is about Christmas and a journey across America for Tom Langdon, Journalist.  For him it is a journey of discovery and reconnecting with himself and people close to him all before Christmas.


Clive Cussler!  This was the first book I read of his, bought from a charity Book Sale in 1993!  Again I was a little late to the party but it was great to read all the books he had written up to date then! 


I have all of Wilbur Smith’s books several of which are a series about certain families.  However I chose this one as it was completely different to the others he had written and was set in ancient Egypt.  I have always been very much into Egyptian history so this story ticked all the boxes.  He also went on to write other books in this series.


No need to really introduce you to this book as most people know the gist of the story, even if you have never read the book.  I think it is Jane Austen’s best book, I have read all her others, but this is by far my favourite and I can read it again and again.  Who doesn’t love the way Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett interact.  I actually read this book for my English Literature Exam and my sixteen year old self just loved the romatic story and we all wanted to be Elizabeth Bennett and meet our very own Mr Darcy!!  Six years later I did when I met DH!


I first read The Hobbit when I was eleven and loved the journey of reading the book and the journey that Bilbo Baggins took.  I have since read it again and still enjoyed it.  I have also read Lord of the Rings but liked The Hobbit better!  This book is what started me down the fantasy book road and am forever grateful for it, as it opens up a whole new world, compared to normal fiction.


Finally The Redemption of Althalus!  Another fantasy book, another “brick” sized book but it completely seizes you from the first chapter until the final one.  It has a rogue, Althalus, a Goddess Dweia and a talking cat and begins with Althalus trying to steal a magical book from a House at the end of the World!  This was the first book of Eddings that I read and then I got to go back and read all of his others!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip through my ten favourite books.  However because of all the books we have I could have several of these favourite ten!!!!!

I hope you have a lovely Summer and have some time to spend reading.

Hugs, Bookworm Susie!!!! xx

Happy Summer Reading Everyone!

What to Watch Whilst Ironing!

I always have to watch something on TV whilst I am ironing.  A friend actually does her ironing listening to the radio and I am afraid I cannot do that.  So I thought I would show you what I have been watching recently. 


Sometimes the childrens’ films and programmes are much better than the adults!!!  I love “Madagascar” and it whiles away a couple of hours!

https _s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com_nine-tvmg-images-prod_62_87_01_628701_p10779263_b_h3_ah

Scorpion is really good and I suppose falls into the nerd category but the characters are good and the actors portraying them excellent.  Sadly it was cancelled, as all the shows I seem to like are being!


Yes I know it’s a reality show but I just cannot believe these womens’ lives, I know a lot of it is scripted but really?!!!  It is the only one of the whole series I watch and again it passes the time whilst ironing!!!


I am a big fan of the Star Trek family of shows and “Discovery” has lived up to the reputation of them all.  I am waiting to see what “Picard” is going to be like as “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is probably my favourite of them all.


I think “Lucifer” has been a really great show and again after the next series it will be finishing!!!  As I say all the shows I like finishing, however it will mean that I will have more time for quilting and other things.  We do, however, record anything we want to watch and then we are able to wiz on the adverts!!!!!

I have a huge basket of ironing to do tonight so will be watching whilst ironing!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Oh Goodness It’s Monday!


You know when you have lots to do and yet the days seem to whiz by, well the weekend whizzed by!!!  Saturday and Sunday it rained all day so we didn’t get any gardening done!  We did get some odd jobs done round the home and then Saturday evening we went out to dinner with our friends, Tricia & Kevin, who are now home after their sojourn living in Jersey!


We went to The Cock Inn at Muggington for dinner and then back to their home in Ashbourne for coffee. If was a great evening to catch up on all the news since we last saw them at Christmas.

Sunday was family day with The Boys and Fiancé and we had a lovely day, although it rained the whole day which put paid to us BBQ and eating on the patio!!!!  Youngest left at 4.30pm to go down to the Head Office for his training week and Eldest and Fiancé left around 7.00pm. 

Today has been really busy with work which is typical when I am trying to do ten other jobs before we go away at the end of the week!!!!  I will get there!!

I hope your Monday is going well!

Hugs, Susie xx

Saturday Musings!


Now I know we Quilters have to be organised with quilted projects for Christmas so we start planning and sewing things from now, but some people just take it too far! 


Christmas in July was first mentioned in a French Opera “Werther” in 1892 in which a group of children are rehearsing a Christmas song in July.  One of the characters says “when you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season” and I cannot agree more!  Especially as Movies 24 here in the UK have been showing for the whole of July Christmas movies!!!!  Now I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but even I could not bring myself to watch Christmas movies at this time of year!!!!  #

I love each and every Season, as they all have something to offer and you get to do different things depending upon the weather.  So when people decide to interupt that as with Christmas in July it just doesn’t go!!!!



Girlfriend loved her gifts, especially her bags I made her and she is now on holiday using them!!!  Her Mom has asked if I can make something for her to give to a good friend of hers, as that friend always gives her homemade gifts and Mom wants to give the same!



We have had rain overnight and the temperature has dropped back down to 63°F, much more comfortable.  we are due for rain all day today and tomorrow.  Monday is back to normal summer temperatures and then thunder storms on Tuesday!!!  But not the intensity of Thursday which is such a relief.



The final business week before we go away next weekend, so I am going to do all I can to keep on top of work and home jobs this week, so I don’t get to the weekend feeling frazzled!


Fesitval of quilts

Thursday!!!!  Can’t wait!  I can also spend my MoneyBox Savings from the year too.  Also I am going to see:


Yes Jenny Doan is doing a two hour Trunk Show and I got a ticket!!!!  She is also doing a meet and greet afterwards so I am hoping to get some pictures!!!!



Friday will be packing day!  Hopefully I will be all organised and everything will go smoothly!!!  Youngest is away all week at the Head Office for training so at least it will just be DH, Treacle and I.  Although I will still have the shopping to do for him for the following week as he and Treacle are here on their own!!!! 

Must dash now as I have lots of little jobs to do, as well as breakfast to get.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.

As you know from last month’s Book Club I am currently reading the new George R.R. Martin Book “Fire and Blood” which is the prequal to Game of Thrones.  If you have actually seen the book in person it is the size of a brick and I have not got very far with it at the moment and will be taking it away with me on vacation.

So this month’s Book Club is a little different and I thought I would show you a very favourite cook book of mine, Nigella Lawson’s “At My Table”.  I have all of Nigella’s books and use lots of recipes from them day to day and for dinner parties. 


I think because she is not a chef but a good home cook as she calls herself, her recipes work and they also work if you change an ingredient, which I have found in the past with other chef’s books this doesn’t happen.

I think I have also said about Nigella’s books before that you can actually read her books as she has a very easy way of writing and puts little anecdotes in when telling you about the recipe.


This is one of my favourite recipes from the book Chicken Fricassée.  You can use left over chicken or turkey or cook it from scratch, so very versatile, DH and The Boys love it.  It is also a good recipe for cooking ahead and re-heating.


Here is my copy!

You can get it from Amazon as a hard back or Kindle edition.  It was first published in 2017 so is one of her relatively new books.  I hope you try this or one of her other books as she really does have some different but delicious recipes.


Yesterday was the worst day, weather wise, I have lived through!  The heat was unbearable and despite all our curtains and blinds being closed tight and windows open, the heat just got in.  I stopped Treacle going outside as she was just lying in the sun panting even with her short hair so I closed the back door as well.  I actually hung my washing out and it was dry in an hour!!!  Our bedroom is at the back of our property which gets the sun from 10.00am until 7.00pm so last night our room was like an oven.  We really didn’t sleep much.  We kept all the doors open trying to catch any breeze but nothing.  I was awake at 4.00am and it was a little cooler but not much!

Today it is 76°F but still very warm and muggy!  We are supposed to get heavy rain over night and all day tomorrow and Sunday which will hopefully cool it down a bit.  However Sunday I was going to do a BBQ for us all but I think I will be cooking in doors now, hey ho!

Whatever you are all up to this weekend I hope you lovely lot have a good time, whatever the weather is doing!

Hugs, Susie xx


Thursday Things!


If only we were at the beach but not, and it’s HOT!!!!  93°F today (I use Farenheit as Centigrade just doesn’t convey the temperature at 34°C!)

DH is out and about visiting customers and that’s okay as he has air conditioning in the truck but answering Susan’s question earlier in the week, we in the UK don’t tend to have air conditioning in our homes and the humidity is currently 40% but increasing as the day goes on! So we just end up closing our curtains and blinds, switching everything off we can electrical that produces heat in any way, live on salads so we don’t have to cook and don’t sleep until the weather breaks!!!!

Tomorrow it will still be hot but only 70°F!! so we will all be wearing jumpers!!!!!

I am busy trying to keep up to date with EVERYTHING as we go away in a weeks time so don’t want to have to rush to get things done!  It’s a plan and at the moment I am sticking to it!!!!

#TBT today is our wonderful Boys.  The one below is from 2005 OMG fourteen years ago!  They were, and still secretly are (tee hee), great fans of Thomas The Tank Engine and our local steam railway always had several days during the year where Thomas came to the track.  Youngest was five and Eldest nine.


As we are away to Scotland I thought I would include this picture of the Boys at the Loch the cottage overlooks.  This is from 2009 so ten years ago and they were nine and thirteen. 

Xanders Pier 2 on Loch Mhor Aug 08

Also thought I would show you a throwback of a bit of our garden and what we did last weekend.


This is the bed on the right hand side of the garden and things had gotten a little overgrown and the blue spruce was only alive on the ends, so DH decided to “trim” everything back.  This means take things out and chop everying back hard!!!!!


Here it is now and we bought some plants last weekend that were on sale and have put them in.  We need to buy a few larger plants to fill the big gap or some four footed person will be up there if we are not careful!!!!!  It does look better!

I have already done the house jobs today before the sun was up and it got too warm and I have finished my work, work as well so am just now pottering around doing odd jobs, Treacle and I are just trying to stay as cool as possible.

Happy HOT Thursday everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx