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#TBT only to Yesterday!  Eldest and I are playing a game over WhatsApp, he sends me a picture of where they are in New York and I have to name it and so far I have got them all correct!!!  I have never been but have watched so many shows, films etc I think I would know my way around!!! 

Anyway here are the pictures he has sent me so far :


A hearty Breakfast before they set off!


Central Park looking towards The Plaza.


New York American Museum of Natural History: I told him not to stay overnight!!


Metropolitan Museum.


The Ice Rink at Rockfellar Centre.


A Big Barnes & Noble Store: Now I would not have got past here without staying in there for a while.


Grand Central Station.


The New York Public Library: Another building I could lose myself in for a whole day!


The Empire State Building.


Madison Square Garden where they went to see a Basketball Game last night!


A typical New York Lunch!!!!

I am loving getting these pictures from Eldest to see what they are up to and where they have been, it is sort of like being there!  No doubt when Youngest gets to Orlando I will be getting pictures from there, which I can share with you.

It is home jobs day today and I got up at 4.30am to make sure I got them done first, I also have some errands to run and grocery shopping to do, washing and ironing to get done and then help Youngest pack for his trip!!  It is all go.  Friday I think I will sneak a day and do some quilting as the weekend is going to be busy as always.

I hope your Thursday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

Autumn Wednesday Wag.


The last few days have been dreadful weather and today it is cold, misty and rainy!


Of course last week Mom took me to the Spa so I have no coat to speak of and it has, of course, turned cold!!!  This was today, the weather is so bad that I spent the day in my basket next to Mom in our Den. 


This was Monday when Mom washed everything of mine in sight!  My beds, my quilted mat, my towel and even my collar!!  I hate it when she has one of her cleaning sprees!!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day with sunshine and a bit warmer again, so hopefully I will get to spend a bit more time outside!!! 

Eldest has arrived in New York and is having a great time.  He sent Mom a message last night 9.00pm their time, 2.00am Mom’s time (!), they were in Times Square!!  It was great to see all the colours of the lights.

Mom has been busy with getting things sorted for Christmas already and I saw some toys that just might have my name on them arrive the other day, although Mom says they have to go to Santa Paws to bring me on Christmas Eve!  They have said they need to go through my Toy Basket to sort out any that have gone to make room for my new toys, I can’t wait!!!!

I hope you are having a Happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx


Today is “Dreich”!


Today has been cold, grey and quite misty but not in a good way! It is only now 4.30pm but it is already getting dark!!!  In Scotland this type of weather is called “dreich” and it definitely fits today.   I really don’t like these sorts of days.  


I had to run errands this morning including collecting Dollars for Youngest for his trip next week!  It is quite weird to think that both Boys will be in the USA, different States, and we will be here!  In fact I am quite jealous!!!  Eldest and Fiancè flew out today and Youngest will be flying out next Tuesday.


Stitch it and Gift blog hop button large it button

I am still sewing the backing down to the Baby Quilt I am making and am also getting some of my Christmas gifts done and planning four more to get done.  A couple of these will appear in the Blog Hop during November hosted by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks.  I will post details when we know who is hopping.


We are out for dinner on Friday evening with Youngest and Girlfriend and then Saturday and Sunday evening it is our Swimming Club Championships!  They are usually good evenings as it is just our Club although they don’t finish until late.  DH is commentating and I am doing the timing with another Sue!!!  At least we can get a few jobs done during the days.

I have managed to catch up with everything after last week and have planned a few more Christmas jobs to get done during the next few evenings!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx




After an extremely busy week last week I think I have managed to catch up!!!  Eldest came out of hospital on Thursday afternoon, minus one appendix and slightly sore in the abdomen!!!  He went into work on Friday to see them and hand in his sick note but of course they are away on holiday tomorrow so he is only off work from last week until today!!

The weather here over the weekend was very wet and it is also raining again today, Treacle does not like getting wet at all.  She is sulking slightly today as I have washed all her beds and bedding, quilted mats and her towel so she is hopping between our bed and Youngest’s bed!

As the weather was bad yesterday I decided to take the opportunity and make the Christmas cakes!!!


Mixed and ready for the tin.


Levelled in the tin and ready for the oven.


I always wrap brown paper around the outside of the tin so it does not burn because of the long, low cooking time.

Our kitchen smelt wonderful whilst they were cooking.  I have also had a request from Youngest for all the usual Christmas treats I make, including mince pies, sausage rolls, cheese stars, Christmas cookies and Christmas pudding!!!  I think I will try and do a bit each weekend as we now have another freezer in the room downstairs so I can put some things in there.  I am also going to make some Christmas Chutney to go with the cold meats over the holidays. 

Before this of course there is Halloween, tonight I am going to decorate the house ready for all the Trick or Treaters! 

Have a very happy week, I am hoping ours will be a little quieter!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

How Your Week Can Go Awry!


You think your whole week is going well and have things planned and then I get a call from Eldest on Tuesday at around 5.30pm  he does not feel well.  This has been going on since June and he has been going to our GP and the Hospital for tests and scans with no real answers.  It started with a sharp pain in this stomach from which he could not stand up straight.  After all the tests they thought me might have a grumbling appendix but that was it.  Anyway Tuesday evening it was as bad as the first time, so I collected him and took him straight to A&E.

We arrived at 6.00pm and got booked in, they took more bloods and gave him some painkillers and then we had to wait.  The results were his white blood cells were up which meant it could be an infection, he then went to see one of the A&E Doctors who then sent him for x-rays and then we had to wait to see the Surgeon.  By which time DH had arrived at the hospital and it was getting on for 11.00pm.  The Surgeon he needed to see was in surgery and he saw another surgeon who did not think it was his appendix, however when the other surgeon appeared she said she thought it was and admitted him to hospital and she said he would have his appendix removed whatever!

By the time he was on the Ward and we left it was 3.00am and DH and I had not eaten so ended up at McDonalds.  We got to bed at 4.00am and got up again at 7.00am.  Of course things are never simple!  Treacle was booked in for a Spa Day on Wednesday so we took her, then went to collect Fiancé for DH to drop her and I at the hospital for him to then drive back and get Treacle and take her home!

We got to the Hospital at 10.30am and decided to go up to the big Restaurant for something to eat which is on the fifth floor but were then called down to Theatre Reception to see Eldest on the second floor, however by the time we got there which was 11.00am he had gone into theatre!!!  So back we went to the fifth floor, had lunch and waited there until 2.00pm.  We were then told which Ward he was going to but by the time we got there he was still in Recovery.  We went for more cups of tea and got back to the Ward at 3.00pm and he was still not back, however by 4.00pm he was on the Ward all done. 

The surgeons were not sure what it was when he first went through, but when they went in his appendix was very inflamed and ready to burst so they took it out and immediately after the pain had all gone.  They did the operation by keyhole surgery so he has three little lines. 

We left him yesterday evening at 8.00pm after he had had some dinner and although he was sore it was so much better than the pain.  I went back this morning for visiting which begins at 11.00am and then stayed with him all day until he was released this afternoon, so I could bring him home.

Of course nothing is ever simple with our family as he and Fiancé are due to fly to New York next Tuesday for their first holiday in six years!!!!!  However as it was keyhole surgery the Surgeon has given him permission to fly and a letter to say he can fly for his travel insurance!!!!

DH and I are running on empty at the moment with our sleep all over the place and Treacle has no clue what day it is.  Last night when we got home it was 9.00pm, we quickly had something small to eat and went straight to bed.  When we said bed to Treacle she looked at us as if to say “What?” but eventually came up to her basket in our room!!!  She has been on her own all day today as well which is unusal as I am normally with her all day, so she was very pleased to see us when we got back at 7.00pm tonight!!!

We are all so relieved that it was his appendix as we were worried that when they did the Op they would find the appendix was okay and so there would be no answer as to why he had this pain. 

I have to run him about again tomorrow to his work to take in his sick note and to sort out things for their trip and as you can imagine I have a great deal of work to get on with being out for three days as well as home jobs but that all fades into the background now we know Eldest is all fine.  I will catch up at the weekend. 

I hope your week has been okay!

Hugs, Susie xx


Blog Hop.

Stitch it and Gift blog hop button large it button

I have signed up for the above Blog Hop being run by Carla at Creatin’in the Sticks.

I always used to love the Blog Hops run my Madame Samm and when I saw this on FarmQuilter’s Blog I sent Carla an email.

The Hop is about:  “Stitch a gift for someone and tell us the story.  Maybe it’s a donation quilt, a quilt of valor for a veteran, a mug rug for a friend, a kennel quilt for a pet, a doll for a granddaughter (wink), a trash basket for a family member (another wink), or maybe it’s the gift of teaching someone to sew.  Anything will do.  It’s your interpretation of Stitch It and Give It.”

My Day is November 15th so come along and see what I and all the ladies who have signed up have been up to with our Holiday sewing!  I will put up a post with all the dates and the ladies who are taking part when Carla has done all the wonderful organisation of it.  Thank you Carla for all your hard work.

I already have some projects almost finished and a few more on the go.  It is a bit worrying that my Christmas Countdown is now on days instead of months!!!  In fact there are 78 Days to go to Christmas.  Oh boy!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Goose Fair 2019.

We drove over to Nottingham on Friday evening and it was a very black sky and when we parked it just started to rain!!!!  However after about ten minutes it stopped so DH and I set off to Goose Fair!  Eldest and Fiancé with four of their friends were also going on Friday night but we did not see them. 

Here are some pictures of the famous and great Nottingham Goose Fair:


DH and I queued for the Big Wheel which was taller thant the white Big Wheel!

Going Up!


Here are some of the pictures from our seat on the Wheel.


DH with me in our carriage!


I love this picture above, you can see how many people are there already and this was early!


Below is the Wheel we were on.




This picture above is how they cook the mushy peas on this one stall, which has been there for years, even when I was going as a little girl!!!  They are the best!  This will freak my good friend FarmQuilter out as she does not like mushy peas at all when she tried them when she was over here in the UK!!!!!  I suppose they are an acquired taste!  Normally you would eat them with fish and chips but at the fair you just have a pot of them and put mint sauce on them!  I think, also, it is one of those foods that they taste better outside!!!!

The rain stayed away!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx