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Coco’s Christmas Corner.

Mom says I have to be very good over the next few weeks or else Santa Paws will not come and visit and bring me a present or three! 

I was most concerned as Youngest found this today and I cannot believe that my name is on this list.  I mean really how does Santa Paws know I have been naughty?  Unless of course Mom has been telling him!

I haven’t been too naughty this year, just a few toys have been demolished, a couple of plants have been flattened in the garden but I have not wrecked anything else as far as I am aware.  I think I will have to put my best cute face on.

Tomorrow I have my Spa Day and Mom says I need it, as I am very, very woolly and smell a bit doggy!  I will show you how I look when I get home. 

So don’t forget everyone be good or else your presents won’t arrive!

Woof, Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

We had a postcard from Coco, whilst she is on her holidays!  She is having an amazing time but we are all missing her very much!  However the way the weeks are flying by she will soon be home, although I am sure the first few days will be a challenge as she will have been allowed to get away with things!!!!

See you soon Coco. 

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest & Youngest xxxx


Coco’s Corner.

I have been having a very busy week with Mom.  She has been doing her quilting in Eldest’s room and I have one of my Beds in there with her.  In fact it is not her sewing room at all, it is my bedroom and I am allowing her to sew in there. Eldest definitely said it was my bedroom when he moved out!

Here I am making sure Mom does the ironing correctly.  I am very keen that she gets all the creases out of the clothes and make sure they are folded correctly.

Here I am helping Mom at night taking her make up off.  I am very keen on the lotions and potions she uses as they smell very yummy!  Occasionally she will put a little bit of lotion on my nose!

The cats have been very annoying in the last few days so I have been very keen to make sure they exit the garden quickly.  I was quite interested in the squirrel and do not bark at him like I do at the cats!

We are having some works done soon at home in the Bathroom so Mom has booked me into the Kennels as she says it will be better for me to be there as it will be busy and she does not want me in my crate all day everyday for ten days!!!  I am looking forward to it as I get to see all the other doggies.

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week.  Coco xxxx

Coco & Honey!

Last Saturday evening Puppy Honey came round to see Coco for the first time!  They both did really well together and Coco remembered she is still only a puppy herself!!!  Unfortunately it had been raining all day and was still like that so they were not able to go out and play in the garden.  Typical British summer weather!

Coco had managed to wear Honey out so she went to asleep under the breakfast bar!

Coco investigating Honey, as you can see we were all around just in case things did not go well.  You can also see the wet floor as well from all the rain.

Honey watching Coco with Eldest.

Happy Friday Everyone. Have a Wonderful Weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

I am not very well!  Mom thinks I have been eating something I shouldn’t have again!  So I am feeling very sorry for myself today!

Mom says I had better get well soon as she needs to sort out my things to take away on my vacation which is coming up quickly!  I got to go with Mom and Dad last year and that was when I hurt my leg and had to have my operation, so they decided I would go on my own vacation to the Kennels this year!!!!   It is the same place that Angel Treacle & Kelly used to go to and it is the same family who run it still.  I have already stayed there for a long weekend and loved every minute of it!

I do know that Mom has bought me some new toys to take with me!!!!

Our weather has gone from being nice and warm to horribly wet and quite cool.  Mom says everyone else seems to be sweltering in lots of heat and we in the UK seem to have gone back to March!!!  It has been raining here all day today and it is supposed to be like this for the rest of the week.  I hate getting my paws wet!

Mom says she is also going to get me a spa appointment for the week after everyone gets back from vacation, so I can have a bath to freshen me up!!! I do like going to the spa now.

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Tuesday.  Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

Mom took this the other morning before I had my spa day.  I think it is not fair to be taking pictures of people just after they have woken up and got snout bed hair!

Whilst I was having my season, my Brothers, Sisters and Mom all got together for a meet up now we are all one year old!  I was not allowed to go!  Here are three pictures of the meet.  Mom thinks the Airedale on the left in the above picture looks like me.

Our weather has turned this week and it has been cooler but raining quite a bit, so this is where Mom found me this morning after she had had her shower.

Tuesdays are really hard!

Happy Woofy Tuesday Everybuddy.  Coco xx


We survived the pool although we did roast even with all the fans going!  The swimmers had a wonderful time and lots of happy faces with their medals and PBs’.  We also got home early too which was a bonus.  They had the picnic and fun day yesterday and the weather held until everyone had left and we had cleared up. 

DH, Youngest’s Girlfriend and I got to see the new puppy yesterday, Honey, before we went to the Fun Day!  Here she is:

Being cuddled with Mummy!

Daddy’s got me, better behave!

Although in the pictures she looks big, she is quite tiny!

Youngest’s Girlfriend with Honey.

We can’t wait for her to have all her injections and then she can come over and have a play date with Madam!!  I am sure that will be fun to see.

Busy week as always here and next weekend DH and The Boys are off for a car weekend so keeping fingers crossed that the weather is going to be good for them.    Have a wonderful week you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Coco’s Spa Day & Our Garden.

Miss Coco has returned from her Spa Day and looks so much better, good job too as it is 27°C here today!  She has had her summer Airecut.  I know we are supposed to leave the Airedale legs long and fluffy but in this heat, no way!

Coco loves showing off for the camera.

I haven’t had chance to show you our garden and the summer pots.  Here they are.  I went for white and blue this year, although it is so sunny it has washed out the colours a little bit, will have to get some better pictures when the sun is setting.

Above is my little vegetable bed with tomato plants and carrots growing.

Even the blue of the sky is very pale as it is so warm

I have all the curtains closed, windows open and fans going at the moment.  Tomorrow it is going to be warm again but thunderstorms are forecast.  We are at the pool all day so that will be interesting.  The last time we were at the pool and there was a thunderstorm it knocked all the power out for an hour! 

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

I have been having a hard time of it with this thing that Mom says is called my Season!  I did not know what was happening to me and I needed lots of hugs and love off everyone!  I finally feel more like myself and have been playing again!  I really hope that does not happen again!

Mom has her sewing room back and has said I can have a new bed in there, so when she is sewing I can be with her.  She does not know what sort to get though.  I have my big basket next to Mom’s desk and a bit smaller basket in Mom and Dad’s room, so Mom thought of getting me something different for her sewing room. 

So far this is the one she likes the most.  I don’t mind so long as it is comfy and I can snuggle in it.  Mom says one benefit of this one is that she can wash all of it!!  I don’t know what she means.

It has been very warm over the last week or so and I have been outside soaking up the sun although Mom does keep an eye on me in case I am digging which Dad does not like!!  I am going for a Spa day next week to cut my furs and also make me feel better after this horrible season thing!

It has been cooler over the last few days which has been nice but we are supposed to be back to warm sunshine next.  I hope you are having a wonderful woofy week.

Coco xx


What a two weeks!  Poor little Coco has been having her season for the last two weeks, she and I do not know what to do with her!  She has become very needy and I am spending a lot of my day cleaning up.  I do hope she will finish soon for her sake as she really is out of sorts.  Good news is that in three months time we will be able to get her spayed so she won’t have to go through this again.

As with everything else here in the UK we go from freezing cold to baking hot!  The last few days have been very, very sunny and hot.  It was then a scramble to get out summer quilts, fans and everything summer!  We have to take action quickly because this could be our summer and it could also go back to being cold!!!!! 🙂

Of course with the heat comes the fact that trying to sleep at night is hard, so when the alarm went off at 5.00am this morning I felt like I had only just gone to sleep!!!

DH spent the weekend at the local pool commentating and I spent the weekend doing jobs!  I have, however, caught up with home jobs and work so at least I am starting this week with a clean slate!!!

Today is my best friend, Jayne, her Birthday.  Mine is next week and as you know we go out once a month for lunch so we are going out the last week of June for our Birthday lunch!  Will try and remember to take pictures!!!

DH and I managed to get the garden tidy and I did my pots for the summer, having to keep Madam from investigating them.  Still have one or two things to do but can do those on the odd days when DH is not commentating! 

I have a spa day coming up on Thursday and home jobs to do on Friday.  Saturday DH and I will be sorting out our new Business Year and doing budgets.  Eldest’s Girlfriend her Birthday is on Thursday this week (all these June Birthdays!) and so Saturday evening we will probably have a takeaway and hopefully if the weather holds we can eat outside.  Sunday DH has another swimming meeting but hopefully we will be able to do a bit more in the garden as well. 

Tomorrow I will  show you how the sewing room is coming on.

Have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx