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Coco’s Corner.

Mom says I am getting to the straggly stage with my hair as my grown up brown Airedale furs is coming through the black of my puppy furs!!!  Sometimes I look like I have been plugged in and got a shock as it all stands up on end!!!

Mom has enrolled me in the Puppy Club where my food comes from and they sent me all this!  I am enjoying the food and Mom has read all the books, although as I am the fourth Airedale they have had, so they do know quite a bit already!!!

I keep pinching washing from Mom’s washing basket and then lie on it.  This is Youngest’s work jumper and polo top and I love having them!!!

This is my other Mommy, Luna and that is my sissy, Binx.  Mom thinks that Binx and I are about the same size. 

I am getting used to our routine now and also used to Mom who has to go out sometimes so I get left at home in my crate but Mom usually comes home quickly so I am not alone too long.  They all went out the other day for a while and I was such a good girl in my crate and I didn’t really realise they were out.  They leave the radio on whilst they are out, Mom puts the classical station on and the Boys put the pop stations on so I get to hear lots of different music!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend. 

Puppy Woofs, Coco xx

Coco’s Corner.

Welcome everyone to my little corner of Mom’s Blog.  I have been told I have some very big paws to fill.

Since I came home with Mom & Dad it has been great fun.  I have two big playmates called Eldest & Youngest and they keep my entertained and have been a great help to Mom especially when I need a bath.  I had a bad experience the other day though when Mom bathed me, she got this machine out and do you know it blew air in my face!  I was not happy at all but Mom says I need to get used to it as I will have to go on something called a “spa day” which I think sounds good but you never know.

I also get to sleep on Youngest & Eldest’s beds which is great and they play with me and fuss me until I finally go to sleep.

Mom sits in a chair at a thing called a desk and my crate is next to this desk so I sleep in there next to her until she is able to play with me.  Here I am sat on her desk but she says I won’t be able to do that for long as I am growing up fast, whatever that is!

I went to Puppy Socialisation Class on Saturday with Dad and he said I was a very good girl.  I got to meet three other dogs and one of them was so naughty he had to be put back on his lead!  I stayed off my lead until right at the end and I was at the other end of the hall and Dad called me and I came straight back, I did get a treat of course.  Anyway Mom is taking me at the end of this month again but Dad thinks that I will not have to go again as I am very good with other dogs.  Mom & Dad are also going to take me for a walk at Chatsworth House, which sounds really regal, soon and hopefully I will get to meet some other dogs there.

I hope you have enjoyed my first little Corner and will come back again next week.  I hope you are having a lovely Puppy Woofy Day. 

Coco xx

Miss Coco!

Somebody is growing fast and actually getting her still to take a picture is a miracle at the moment!  She did manage to sit for the above picture well!  She is off to Puppy Socialisation class today with DH and Eldest!  Obviously we did not have to do that with our wonderful Treacle as we had our wonderful Kelly here when Treacle arrived.

Sometimes there is no room for Coco in her basket as she takes all her toys in there!

Sat on my desk, she won’t be doing that in a bit!

One of my Playmates is home yeah!

In a reflective mood!

Our wonderful Treacle had her own day on the Blog and as you know I retired The Wednesday Wag but feel that Coco should be on here, so on Tuesdays we are going to have Coco’s Corner!  Of course I am not sure yet what her opinions will be but I am sure her personality will shine through as did Treacle’s!  Join us next week for the first edition.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx