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Oh Goodness!

You are quite happily getting on with things when something throws everything to pot!  Well that was us on Saturday morning.  As DH was busy on Friday evening we decided to have a slow day, doing nothing much until Treacle put paid to that!  She was sick, a lot!!!!!  Fortunately it was just as the vets were opening and we managed to get her an appointment.


She is fine.  The vet thinks she has been eating something she shouldn’t and it has irritated her stomach so she had two injections, two lots of tablets and special food for a week!  The above picture was after her injections when she was a little sleepy.

Before that she did have a new present to cheer her up a bit.

A huge tennis ball, which she can still carry.  They were reduced at the market and I just knew she would love it!!!


We had quite a bit of rain over the weekend and the temperature dropped by 20°F and it was so much better, at least it was cooler to sleep. 


When Treacle went out last thing on Saturday night we saw this little fellow in one of our patio pots.  I think he likes it as it is safe and cool.

DH and I did some tidying in the garden and so it is all sorted now before we go away on vacation.  We also got the bags out and I can start adding things this week.  It is going to be a busy week with shopping to get to go away and also food for those staying at home, hair appointments to keep as well as tidying up work, cleaning, wahsing and ironing!  Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it just for two weeks holiday, but by the time we are on our way on Saturday I won’t care!!!!  Friday evening they are all coming for dinner which will be lovely and the weather is set to be good again by then.

Have a wonderful week all of you.

Hugs, Susie xx

Christmas in July.


Lots and lots of Quilters are getting ready for Christmas already with their projects and there has been the “Christmas in July” Blog Hop which I, of course, am busy trying to visit all the ladies.  Below is the list of participants and today is the last day.

July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
I have my own Christmas projects that I will be getting on with soon as well as another baby quilt to make as DH’s Cousin’s daughter is expecting again, which we are delighted about.  My scrap quilt is going further and further down the list!!!!
The above snowy picture is very comforting in this heat.  The rest of the World are laughing at us English, especially those in very, very hot countries, as we are saying how bad the heat is.  What they forget is that they are geared up for heat, with air conditioners in the home, offices and vehicles; whereas we are lucky to have air conditioning in the car and possibly the offices etc if they are modern!!!  Our homes certainly don’t and after all the heat, they are like ovens!!!
We have had some thunderstorms but they have not taken really so the air is still very hot but they have forecast rain for the whole weekend.
DH is out tonight and tomorrow evening compering for two different events and then Sunday we will be getting things ready for the vacation, yeah!!!!
So I will be doing some quilting and getting things ready to take away with me too!  Trying to make sure I don’t forget anything for the projects I want to do whilst I am away.
I hope whatever you are up to this weekend you have a lovely one, if you are under this heat blanket at the moment, stay cool, but I know you lovely lot will.
Happy Hot Hugs,
Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag on Thursday!


Mom had to go out yesterday to a business meeting so I was indoors all day and I cannot say I was sorry as it was so warm.  Mom had drawn all the curtains and blinds on every window so it was very dark but cool and she put ice cubes in my water bowl before she left so I had cool water to drink.  I go out very early in the morning before it gets hot, but I am still hot even with my very short haircut.


The weathery man has said we are going to get lots of thunderstorms between now and tomorrow evening but our garden and everywhere needs a good drink of water too.  I am not bothered by the storms but we usually lose power so Mom has made sure we have new batteries in our portable lanterns and the radio and is going to get dinner now so that if the power goes off it won’t matter.  If it stays off we do have a portable gas burner stove so Mom and Dad can boil water for tea and cook on that if necessary.


I am keeping an eye on all the bees on the lavender.


The patio is very, very hot!



This was very early this morning before the sun had woken up!

Mom has a busy day tomorrow with grocery shopping and other errands to run and a busy weekend, she is hoping to finish tidying up the garden before the vacation and also get the bags down to start packing!!!!  My bag is already packed with my toys, food, basket and bedding. 

Happy Hot Woofy Wednesday (on Thursday!)



You Know It’s A Hot Summer When ….


It is already hot as soon as the sun rises!


The water coming out of the cold tap is warm!


You get up in the morning and your body looks like these Gators have snacked on you over night!


You get dinner, but then really don’t want to eat it!


The butter in the dish is actually coming  to meet you as it has melted!


You have a shower and need another one immediately as you cannot stop sweating.


We are definitely in a Heat Wave!!!

Treacle will be here later with The Wednesday Wag.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monday Really?!!


I know there are a lot of hotter places in the World and a lot of you who cope with the heat but in the UK we are not used to it and our homes don’t have AC units, just heating.  Today has been into the 90°F and our home is like an oven!!!!  I had a shower this morning and a shower just now and am no cooler!!!!!!!


The heat is definitely getting to me, I had to Google the last episode of a series I watch to find out actually what it was about!!!!!!!!  Fortunately there was an explanation there which at least I understood.  Oh good grief Charlie Brown!!!!!!


I am busy trying to pull things together for our vacation and Youngest arrived home at the weekend changed all his clothes and took more and went off to work and then stayed at his Girlfriend’s house. When I looked in his wash bin in was full!!!!!  I think sometimes I am running a Laundry!  DH was out on Saturday night so I decided to get through all the ironing and I now have another basket load!!!  I am leaving him instructions whilst we are away on how to use all the machines so he can do his own washing!!!!!


Treacle has been outside all day as she did the whole of the weekend.  She went to her Doctors on Saturday morning for her annual physical and injections.  Her Doctor thought she is doing very well for her age and does not look 10!!  Although her injections did make her a little bit sleepy!!!  As it has been so hot I have been giving her ice cubes to eat and she loves playing with them, I am not sure how much she actually gets as she takes them outside and I think they melt before she has any!!!! 

I hope you lovely lot have an amazing week, even if you are melting!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Summer & Holidays.


As you know our Children start their summer holidays a little later over here and today is their last day of school.  Obviously Eldest and Youngest have now left their school days behind but it still reminds me how much I loved having the Boys at home for the six week holiday.  A lot of my friends would moan about having their children at home for so long but I always thought of it as a joy.  I was very lucky that I work from home so was able to look after the Boys and still work, but I did modify how I worked when they were off, so I could spend the day with them.

I always tried to arrange things to do, not every day of course, but activities that we could do which did not cost a lot or anything at all.

Here is one way of choosing what to do on holiday.  Get some lolly sticks and write down an activity on one end and on the other put a “D” for a dry day or “W” for a wet day.  Put the sticks with the activity inside a jar filled with rice for no peeking and then the Boys would in turn get to choose a stick, depending upon the weather and off we would go or get on with the activity at home.  They loved it, especially the surprise of what we would be doing that day. 



The sorts of activities I would have down would be baking for the day, walking Treacle at Chatsworth House, Visiting a Museum which they had not been to before (they are all free to enter in this country), Visiting the National Forest, this one particular year they picked out the material for their quilts, playing Badminton or Tennis. going swimming for the fun of it instead of training (!), going to the Library where they took part in the reading scheme for the summer, visiting our relatives, Going on a picnic, paining pottery, the list really is endless. 


This was Summer 2002 with Kelly and they had been out in the garden all day and as you can see making mud pies!!!!  Eldest is six and Youngest two

By doing the sticks it gave them the choice of what to do rather than me just saying we would be doing this and that which they loved, especially as they got older.  The first day of the holiday we always had a “Pajama Day” when they could get up when they wanted and have whatever they wanted to eat and basically do nothing structured for the whole day.  It was also a good day for me to decompress after the frantic last few weeks of term.

They loved baking and they both got their Scout Badges for cooking.

We always had to visit any steam train festivals!  Also on holiday in Scotland.

The only thing they hated doing, which I insisted on doing as soon as they had broken up for the summer, was to go shopping for their new uniforms for September!!! They hated it but I hate crowds more, so always took them on the first week of the holiday.  By doing this I was able to get all their names sewn into their new uniforms and knew that everything was ready for the first day back.  It also meant I was able to get all the sizes as the shops do start to sell out.  The only thing we did do the week before they went back to school was get their new shoes/plimsolls/rugby boots etc.

Alexander & Andrew 050906

Ready for the New School Year!

Now they are both working!!! But it still feels like the first day of the holidays to me!!!

Saying that it is house jobs day today and grocery shopping and a huge basket of ironing!!!  The Boys might have been on holiday but Moms always have house jobs to do!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a wonderful Summer Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


Thankful Thursday.

Today is Thursday and instead of #TBT, I am doing

Thankful Thursday.


I am Thankful for this lot.


I am Thankful for my Fabulous Family, our Boys and DH!


I am Thankful for this Goofball, Treacle.

Not only being Thankful but also counting my blessings.  I hope you have a happy, Thankful Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Very Hot Wednesday Wag!


I am so glad Mom got my hair cut very short in this heat!!! 


My tennis ball is on the steps but it is just too warm to bother with it.


I am being plagued by pesky flies but I am very quick and catch them if they are not fast enough!!


Even though it is hot can, I still have my biscuit please?


Snooze time.

I hope you are staying cool in this summer heat and have a very woofy week and weekend.

Woof, Treacle


6th Annual Piggy Bank Savings.


Val at Val’s Quilting Studio is setting up the 6th Annual Piggy Bank Savings again for this year, where we save money for those all important quilt purchases.

I joined for the first time last year and when we opened them this year have managed to save £150 which I am going to spend on some material.


So I am joining the challenge for this coming year and again I will probably buy material with my savings.  Here is my actual Piggy Bank, who I have decided to call Percy Pig, where I will be saving.

If you want to join in, create a post regarding the challenge, show us where you will be saving your pennies and then link at Val’s blog here :  We will then open them on July 6th 2019 and find out how we have all done.  You have until August 1st to sign up.

It is a great way to save some money without really thinking about it and it is amazing how quickly it mounts up.  So come along and join us saving for quilting.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Thoughts.

Summer Thoughts

I think the heat is getting to me now!!!!  Looking forward to our family vacation with just two weeks to go before we are off to Scotland and I cannot wait!!  We have house sitters coming to look after our home and garden whilst we are away which will be a great help in this weather.

Today has been a frantic day of work whilst not feeling too well which is why I think the heat is getting to me!!!  The next two weekends are busy too so we will all be ready for our vacation.  Treacle is off to her Doctors on Saturday for her annual physical and injections.  She doesn’t mind as her Doctor always gives her a treat after the injections and that is all she is waiting for!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx