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Coco’s Corner.

I have had a busy few days helping Mom and organising those Boys of mine!  I should have done my Corner yesterday but I spent the day curled up in my basket as it was cold and very wet here in Derbyshire. 

This is where I spent yesterday as it was cold and wet outside!

Mom says I have been too distructive with my soft toys recently so my next ones will be the tough chew ones.  I have lots of string ropes which I love chewing, you can see one of the cotton strings on my nose!

Mom I am ready for playtime.  Can you throw my rope toy please?

Can you get this piece of string off my nose please?

I am ready for the rope throw!  This string is now tickling my nose!!!!!I have had fun today and I think I now smell dinner cooking!

I will be back next week for another Coco’s Corner.  Mom is still trying to get me a Spa Day appointment, my ladies are very busy at the moment!   

Woolly Woofs, Coco xx

Busy Weekend.

Our clocks sprang forward over the weekend and as much as I love the lighter nights, it really wrecks my sleep!!!

I got all my home jobs done at the weekend and a few small Spring Cleaning jobs done too.  I don’t know where the weekend went but it was busy.  I had Coco helping too!!!!!

Coco needs a spa day soon as she is getting extremely fluffy!  She still has a lot of puppy coat.  I keep putting it off as it has still been very cold here.  Although we have signs of Spring in the garden with the trees starting to bud and the plants starting to come alive again, it is still heating on weather. 

After next week DH and I will be off work, we will keep things ticking over but it will give us a chance to get jobs done and DH will be helping Eldest at his garage.  We should have been away in Scotland but changed plans because of announcing events for DH.  He won’t know what he is in for as I am going to get ALL the Spring Cleaning done and finished during the two weeks we are off!!!  It won’t be all jobs though as we do have some fun things arranged.

The Primulas are putting on a lovely Spring show this year.

The sunset over our garden the other day.

DH is away for two days this week on another business exhibition and then it will be home jobs day.  Friday I am running some errands and in the evening we are out for dinner at our friend’s home with four other friends we haven’t seen since last year.  Can’t wait.  Saturday we have a day to our selves and then Sunday DH is announcing again, that will be another week done!

Have a wonderful week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

A fully Bunny Rabbit getting ready for Easter!

Susie’s Book Club Friday.

Susie’s March Book Club Friday

I started one of the books that I got from my Year of Books and got twenty pages in and could not go any further!!! So I then picked this one up as I love Stephen King and it was one of my Christmas presents.

Charlie Reade is seventeen and coming up to his last years in High School.  He has had quite a few things happen to him in those seventeen years including the accidental death of his Mom which spun his Dad into a haze of alcohol.  He became his Dad’s carer until a work friend managed to get him to AA.  Charlie made a deal with God that if he helped his Dad get and stay sober he would do anything to pay it back. 

He did odd jobs for people in the neighbourhood and one day walking home he heard a dog barking continuously and went to investigate.  He found the dog’s owner lying on the ground having fallen from a ladder.  Mr Bowditch recovers and comes home with Charlie helping him in his house, which as children they found to be creepy.  Of course it is not creepy just old. 

However Mr Bowditch does have secrets, especially about the small shed at the back of the house which leads to another world where good and evil are fighting and it could quite easily spread into our world!  Charlie has to help but it is far bigger than his original oath to God!

Can Charlie succeed and save the other world and ours before he goes off to college?

At the moment it is not horrible and dark just a twisting tale, as I know some of you do not like scary novels but I am only a quarter of the way through and it may get dark!!!!  I will have to let you know.  However I do think that Mr King is back to his earlier books.  His last few books I have read and enjoyed but not as much as his earlier works.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx


Happy Thursday Everyone! I thought I would do a fun #Throwback Thursday today.

Above our Darling Treacle aged One Year!

Above our Darling Coco aged One Year!

Coco has got such a different personality to Treacle which has made it easier in some ways getting over Treacle’s passing.  She is such a little character and so, so different to all our other Airedales too.  They have all had their own personalities of course but Coco really is in a league of her own!!!!

Also found out it is National Puppy Day today!  Always a bit late with these things.  Anyway here is Madam when she was little and of course Darling Treacle.


I have been working all day today and so will be doing home jobs tomorrow.  I have plans for the weekend, some spring cleaning, some sewing hopefully, some baking, who knows.  I will take each day as I find it!!  Tomorrow is Book Club Friday and I can say I am really enjoying my current read.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Where Do The Weeks Go?

We are almost at the end of March and I honestly don’t know where the weeks go!  I have been busy with our work, Eldest’s work, all the usual home jobs and Youngest has now started his own business too, just to add into the mix!

Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK and Eldest booked for us to go for Mother’s Day Brunch at a little cafe in Nottingham called White Rabbits Teahouse.  It was lovely Brunch and the food was great. I also got to go to the Bookshop which is around the corner from The Teahouse!  Of course I came away with a couple (five!) books! Obviously Nottingham is DH and My home town.  This is a mural on one of the buildings which is in the heart of what was The Lace Market of Nottingham.  There used to be many lace factories in the area as well as the homes of the Lace Barons.  There was never a market there but the factories had sales rooms where buyers could view the different types of lace.  The whole area has been restored to its orignal look and is now home to many businesses. ©Alan Murray-Rust

The above picture is some of the fantastic buildings in the Lace Market.

In the evening Youngest cooked dinner for me which was also lovely.  It is always great when you don’t have to cook dinner!

I feel the last few weeks I have been racing to catch up with everything and keep on top of things.  We had the final round of the Swimming Leage competition last Saturday evening and our swimming club won!  Which is a great achievement for them especially for our new young Coaching team including Youngest!  A great night was had by all.

DH is out all this weekend at another swimming event so I will be able to get quite a bit done then.  The weather has gotten a little bit more Spring like here, as it has still be quite cold, so we are hoping it will hang around although we are now getting April showers in March.  March also seems to be going out like a Lion this year but it did come in like a lamb so fair’s fair!!!

Madam has now found another place to stand up and look out of the window!  This is in our dining room and she can see out onto our road.  Treacle used to do this until she knocked over a vase which smashed!  She didn’t do it again!

I couldn’t find her the other day when I was busy cleaning and then found her here:

She was in her crate chewing one of her toys!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week and I will do Book Club Friday this week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

I Got Snow!

Mom said it was going to be cold but she forgot to mention that we might get some snow, even if it is not very deep!

What on earth is this white stuff?

Oh I can eat it!

Yeah and I can Play in it!

I had great fun in my real first snow!!!!

Mom has to go out so she is not looking forward to navigating the roads!!!  I will be tucked up in my quilt snoozing!!!

I hope you have a lovely Woofy Day. 

Coco xx

The Week Flys By!

Here are the promised pictures of Miss Coco’s Birthday!  Sorry it’s late but this week has been really busy again!!!!

A special Doggy Birthday Cake for her, she really likes it!

Her Presents!

A new Cuddly toy for her, which she loves.

Showing off her new Collar for Spring.

Playing with Daddy with her new toy.

Her One Year Old Portrait.

Of course she loves all her other toys too!!!

She is looking quite woolly at the moment but we are having another very cold snap at the moment so don’t want her cut just yet!!!  I am hoping for some nice Spring sunshine soon and then she can have a day at The Spa.


Today is International Women’s Day and I thought I would celebrate all my female friends, especially as I am surrounded by Men!!!  I hope they have a fantastic day:

Sue (& Molly), Susan (& Tara), Jayne, Anne, Christine, Carol, Pat, Tricia, Val, Elaine, Judy, Hannah, Suzie (& Coco).

Today I should have been at Eldest’s garage but he has been busy out and about with DH, so I am at home working.  Tomorrow is home jobs and Friday grocery shopping.  DH is out all weekend again at another swimming event so I am hoping to get some jobs done and some quilting.  Last weekend I didn’t get chance as I was helping Youngest with his new job in the swimming club sorting out the small pool swimmers!  It took a while!! 

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week, it will soon be the weekend! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Mademoiselle Coco – One Year Old Today!

Well that first year has flown by!  Coco is One year old today!  I thought you would like to see that year in pictures.

They don’t stay little for very long do they?

They never replace our previous dogs and they all have their own wonderful personalities and we miss our darling Treacle, but am so glad we got Coco.  I think as I work from home all day every day I noticed it the most when Treacle passed and there was no little presence in our home and next to my desk. 

Coco is definitely different to the three other Airedales we have had but saying that they have all been different from each other too, which is why they are our favourite breed. 

Happy 1st Birthday Coco, we love you to bits.

Happy 11th Birthday yesterday Molly, we love you to bits too!

I did not realise that Molly and Coco’s Birthdays were a day apart!  Molly had a great day with her wonderful Mom and had a Birthday Biscuit.  Coco has some gifts and a Birthday cake which I will show you tomorrow. 

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest & Youngest xxxx

It’s Friday & Books!

It has been really busy this week with work and helping Eldest with his work and also sorting out the swimming club membership.  Of course this meant I missed World Book Day yesterday!  Since all the controversy over the altering of Roald Dahl’s books earlier in the week and certain pressures by woke groups, World Book Day has become a bit of a mindfield for parents.  Our Boys always used to go dressed as Harry Potter as they were their favourite books, although I do remember once having to make a costume for Youngest as Thomas The Tank Engine!  I personally think that the adults should leave children’s stories alone and stop trying to put their hang ups onto children!

Speaking of books I started a new one this week and got to Chapter three and gave up!  Normally I do not do this and usually stick with it but this one was impossible.  It was one of the books sent to me by my Year of Books and it was a real miss.  The author was so busy thinking up wonderful alternate words that it was unreadable.  I have now started my Christmas Stephen King book and it is so much better!

DH is at Ponds Forge in Sheffield all day tomorrow at another Club’s Open Event and he has gone there tonight to set up with Youngest & Girlfriend helping.  He also has a swimming meeting on Sunday so I am going to do some jobs and you never know may be some sewing too!  I am also hoping that next week will not be so frantic. 

We have been having some frosts and are due to have some more in the coming days and hopefully that will get rid of all the niggly colds and coughs that everyone, including me, has!  Then we may get some lovely Spring sunshine and bring the spring flowers out.  The other thing I hate about this month is that we will be putting the hour forward on March 26th.  I always think that I never recover from that hour going forward until we get it back at the end of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx