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Happy Winter Monday.

DH and I had a great Christmas Weekend.  On Friday evening we went to Chatsworth House for the Twilight Visit around the rooms dressed for Christmas.  Each year they have a different theme and this year is “Around the World in Eighty Days”.  Warning this is a picture heavy post!!!!


This is one of the two trees in the official Dining Room.


I always love this room.


The Dining Table with the Delft china on.


The Blue decorations on the tree echoing the blue Delft.


My most favourite rooms of all the Anti-Library and Libray at Chatsworth.


The tree in the Library was all golden.


I would be quite happy to live in this room all the time!!!


One of the Bedrooms decked out from China.


Above – this could be Norbert from Harry Potter!!


A very wintery painting in the anti-room of one of the bedrooms.


These rooms were dressed for Japan


This tree and the room dressed for India.


This is an Indian bed spread made of silk and beading.


The Oak Room decorated with a country theme.


The private Chapel with the Nativity and floating candles, again very Harry Potter!!!


The Hallway dressed with views from Canada.


The entrance with the “Around the World in Eighty Days” theme.


Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of the house outside as it was pouring with rain yet again!!!!  We got a drink and mince pie when we were in the Great Hall and there was a string trio playing Christmas carols.  It was a lovely evening and all the real fires were lit in the different rooms adding to the visit.

Tomorrow I will show you where we went on Saturday.

Happy Monday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Happy December Friday!


Yes it’s Friday and usually that is a day to celebrate at the end of no doubt busy weeks for all but at this time of year it is a worry as we are rushing so quickly up to Christmas!!  I could really do with an extra week in December this year or a few more hours in each day!!!!

Eldest was at home for dinner last night and it was just like old times!  It was a lovely evening.  This morning I have been getting some jobs finished and then will be out running errands and getting all my Christmas cards off.


Here are the presents all wrapped and bagged and waiting to be delivered and also for the tree to go up so they can go under it!


These gifts are the ones which I have to deliver to Friends and Family over the next few days.


This red one has Treacle’s presents in!

Treacle was at the Spa yesterday and has been trimmed and washed, it was the wash she actually needed, so she does not look that different and they also left her with a bit more hair as it is now Winter.


She is all fluffy and smells SO much better!!!  Although it won’t take her too long before she is mucky again!!!!


Busy and very Christmassy weekend ahead and I will have lots of pictures to show you next week. 

Have a wonderful Winter/Christmas weekend you lovely lot, whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx



Well I am in a Christmas mood even if everyone else isn’t!  I went grocery shopping today and everyone seemed to be in a bad mood!!!!  Treacle has been to the Spa and looks and smells so much better!!!!!  I will show you some pictures tomorrow.

As it is #TBT here is one of the Boys when they were younger at Christmas time and one from when they were older.


The above was at Great Central Railway visiting Santa in 2005. Eldest was 10 and youngest was 6.

Boys Christmas 2015

Ten years later in 2015 and Eldest was 20 and Youngest 16.  What a difference a decade makes!!!!

I do miss them in the first photograph!!!!!  Today has also been house jobs day and some work fitted in too and tonight we have Eldest here for dinner and sorting out presents!!!  Tomorrow I have some errands to run in the morning and then DH and I have a lovely weekend of Christmas things to do and I will show you pictures next week.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Wednesday Wag.

We have had some very cold and frosty days of late which is so much better than constantly getting my paws wet and having to be dried every time I come in with all the rain we had!

This was my garden this morning with frost on the grass and fog, which got progressively worse during the morning.


Here I am out first thing, the ground is quite cold on my paws.


Mom took some pictures of the top of the garden in the fog and the berries on the tree in the centre of the garden.


I am keeping an eye out for the squirrels who keep digging in our garden!


The fog eventually cleared and the sun came out although it was still cold, however is was nice and warm in Mom and Dad’s room so I had a snooze on their bed in the sunshine!


After the next few busy weeks Mom and Dad will be available to take me on one of my extra long walks so I can’t wait for that and I am also keeping my paws crossed that we get some snow this year, as I love snow as you know!!!

There are lots of lovely things going off at home with presents being wrapped and cards being written and lovely food being made!!!  I manage to get one of the mince pies and cookies which Mom made the other day and they were yummy. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Week. 


Christmas in the Planning!

Been busy with getting things ready for Christmas and the first big job is all the baking!!!  Mince pies, which are pastry cases with dried fruit in mixed with some brandy; Christmas cookies, oats with cranberries and white chocolate; cheesy stars and sausage rolls.


The first of a lot of shortcrust pastry rolled out and ready for cutting.



First batch of mince pies cooling.


Sausage rolls and cheesy stars.


Christmas cookies.



I keep some out in tins but the rest are stored in clip boxes in the freezer and I get some out as and when and defrost them. That should keep them going up to and over Christmas!  Although I have had a request from Youngest for mince pies and cookies to take into work on the last day!!  So I will be baking again.


After I popped out to run some errands this morning after working, I then sat this afternoon and wrote all the Christmas cards, all 101!!!  Some are hand deliver, some are post, some are Scout post and some are air mail, hence the separate piles.  I will be getting these off this week. 

The presents are all wrapped now and I will be getting those delivered soon too!

This weekend DH and I have a lovely Christmasy weekend to look forward to and no announcing at any events swimming or otherwise!!!!  I will not tell you about it just yet but will show you all with pictures next week!!!  We are also aiming to get our home decorated at the weekend too.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Christmasy Hugs, Susie xx


December 1st!