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The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_20160322_201338Mom is busy sorting things out and packing for the holiday and my bag has now appeared!  I am going to sort out my toys but I really want to take this bed instead of mine!

IMG_20160322_201413I need to see if Dad can get it into my bag or at least onto the truck for my visit to the Kennels.

IMG_20160322_201433Please Mom let me take this bed?

The weather has turned really cold again after last week when we saw the sun and the weather was really nice and because I went to the Spa and do not now have all my fur I really am cold.  However the Kennels I go to have underfloor heating so at least I will be warm there.

Mom also said I could have my Doggy Easter Egg when I get back from Kennels too.  Can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and I will see you all in two weeks

Woof, Treacle

How Does The Universe Know?

You know the old saying “the best laid plans….”  well I think the Universe knows when I want to be organised and get things sorted out and does its best to make sure it doesn’t happen!

I think I am starting with a cold (!), I have been trying to stay on top of my work so I don’t get behind and I have had one of those days at my desk today (!), I am trying to get some things packed before the weekend and that is not going well (!) and I am taking my sewing with me and I have tried to organise that and it has not gone well either!!!!!!

I have also been worrying about Youngest and his exams and to tell you how bad it is I was even dreaming about the exams last night!!!!!

I can’t wait until the weekend when we get away!!!!!!!

I also have to get Treacle’s things packed too!  She managed today to get every toy she has out so I will have to get some packed away before she notices! 

The weather today has not been good either!  Its still cold!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is a little less chaotic!!!!

Hugs, Susie x


Where Did Spring Go?

It may be Spring according to the calendar and all the adverts are trying to convince us it’s Spring but the weather isn’t! It’s really cold again!  Of course Treacle is feeling it having had all her coat cut off!!!!  She was curled up in her basket today in the smallest ball you can imagine!

We had a great weekend.  We saw our friends on Friday night for dinner at their home and then had friends round to our home for dinner on Saturday.  It was really great to catch up with everyone’s news.  Sunday was busy too with haircuts for all before our vacation and tidying up after our dinner party.  Of course I didn’t get any pictures!  We all went to bed early last night as we were all tired!!!!!

IMG_20160320_182031Treacle trying to creep round Daddy to get another biscuit!

IMG_20160320_182047Please can I have another biscuit?


I didn’t have time to do any quilting on Saturday but I did do some on Sunday.  I was quite happily sewing away and dropped a piece of fabric, bent down to pick it up from Eldest’s chair I was sitting in when it decided to tip up completely, dumping me on the floor, the back hitting my back!!!!!  I also managed to knock over my ironing table and dump the iron on the floor!!!!  No one was in the house at the time and Treacle just looked at me as if to say “what are you doing now”!  Having picked myself up and righted everything DH appeared (he had been in the garage with Eldest fiddling with his car!) and decided it was because Eldest’s chair wheels are small so as I moved forward they moved backwards!  I won’t be doing that again!

Today I have been working all day and tonight I am going to get our bags out and try and get organised for the weekend.  I am also trying to keep up with the washing and ironing so I don’t have lots to do at the weekend!  Well that’s the plan.

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!

I went out with Mom and Youngest today and after the school run I was dropped off for my Day at the Spa!

We all love Before and After pictures so :



Mom thinks I have got rid of about 30lbs of fur!!!!  I don’t know what she means. 

DSC05190Another view of my new haircut!  It is just in time as well, as the weather today has turned a little milder and I was starting to get a little warm.  Mom says it will also be good for me when I go on my vacation next week.

DSC05187We also had a visit from Mr Blackbird this morning as well.  It was cold first thing which is why he is all puffed up.

I am now asleep in my basket as it has been a very busy day.

Woof, Treacle

Well Really!

Last night here in the UK we saw Episode 6 of Season 10 of The X-Files and they left us hanging!  I mean really!!!  I do hope we are not going to have to wait for another year before they make the next six and lets face it, the die-hard fans we really need more than six episodes. 

I have read a few of the critics comments and some like and some don’t but for me the writing was just the same and they were good.  It was also good to see the “older” characters as well, especially Mulder’s line “I don’t do stairs anymore”!  I loved it! 


The weather is still spring like but it has turned cold again and today is overcast, but we have seen the sun for a few days which was great.  Treacle spent yesterday on our bed.  Our room is at the back of our home and gets the sun from 11.00am until evening and it was very warm through the windows, so she was basking!!  She will need it from tomorrow as it is her spa day!

Work took up all of yesterday and the whole day was busy and frustrating at the same time.  It started first thing when my hairdryer decided to break!  Fortunately I had finished using it and today I was going to get it cut but my hairdresser called to cancel!  So I will have to have a trip out to get a new one.  The rest of the week looks busy too as I have to bake cakes tomorrow for Thursday for the swimming club’s Sport Relief fundraising, a bake sale.  DH is out at a meeting Thursday evening but has to get back as it is also our Head Coach’s 30th Birthday on Friday, so the Club are giving him a gift and we have a card signed by all his swimmers. 


Friday we are going out to see friends who we haven’t seen since the beginning of the year for dinner and then Saturday we have friends coming to us for dinner and we haven’t seen them since last July!!!!!  So looking forward to this weekend.  I will hopefully get some pictures of our dinner on Saturday.

Still busy quilting things for the stall, some of which work and some don’t but the pile is growing 🙂

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


What a Great Spring Day!

Having done the school run in the fog I thought it was set to be like that for the rest of the day but as soon as the sun appeared it burnt off the fog and turned into a lovely spring day.  Cold still but at least you feel that Spring is making itself felt.

ac81e-2218399I have spent the day grocery shopping, cleaning and generally tidying everything in sight, including Treacle.  As the day was so nice she spent quite a bit of it outside until I caught her digging!   She was then brought in and sent to her basket, after having dried and got the mud out of her paws!!!!!

Whilst I was out shopping today I got the various Easter Eggs which we give.  Usually with the children I get a small egg and then a book, which we always did with our Boys.  They also got the small eggs which we used to hide for the Easter Egg Hunt but as they are now twenty and sixteen they don’t want to do the Hunt anymore!  So they have small eggs and Eldest has a half bottle of champagne to share with Girlfriend and Youngest has asked for a new jumper!  Better than lots of chocolate. 

Quilting on HolidayMy Easter Egg is always some fabric from the quilt shop of course!!!  There is a quilt shop in Beauly near Inverness and it is lovely.  The lady who runs Patches Corner has her shop on their farm and she carries a large range of fabrics so DH always goes with me and then pays!!!  Over the weekend I will also be getting some more things done for my stall. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather is kind to you wherever you are.

Hugs, Susie x


Another Excuse to not do Housework but Quilt!

As if Quilters need any excuse to find time to spend the day quilting instead of doing all those annoying jobs, March 19th is Worldwide Quilting Day!  It is a Saturday for all those quilters who work during the week and for those who work at the weekend perhaps they will be able to join in, in the evening. 

Unfortunately, but it is a good unfortunately, we have friends coming round for dinner that night and we have not seen them for months.  In fact I think we saw them last July at our Carnival so we have lots to catch up on and I will be spending most of the day cooking.  However I don’t have anything on March 20th and so intend to spend that day quilting then.  I am sure it is not in the rules that you can spend a different day quilting!

 I have been doing some research on craft stalls and getting some ideas from Pinterest.  There are also ladies sharing their experiences of selling at craft fairs and what has and hasn’t worked for them.  It is really interesting.  I am also hoping to attend a few craft fairs which happen locally to have a look at what is out there.


One of the biggest things and was raised by a very good friend who comments on my blog, is what to charge.  Not so much for the small things but quilts!  We all know that people will not want to pay what a quilt is really worth but how to actually pitch it.  I don’t mind if I don’t sell lots as it is the fun of making things and another way to look at it is that I will have all my Christmas gifts made early this year!!!!!  I have seen also on blog land some calculators for working out how much to charge for a quilt and I will have a look at those.  I made the small lap quilt and it was from material I had already bought and cut out for a previous quilt but I will have a look at the calculator and see what it comes out at.  I did see on Etsy some quilts which were not particular complicated blocks or the quilting and they were up for sale for £1,500 which obviously is a lot of money, especially in the current climate.  There is also the thing of pricing yourself out of the market!


I am also going to do a mock up of the stall a couple of weeks before so that I know how it will go together and what it looks like.  Its all really exciting.

Tonight we have swimming club and Youngest is swimming for the club on Saturday night so hopefully I will get some more quilting done then.  At least by doing this I am fulfilling my New Year Aim of doing some quilting each month!!!!!

Hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x