Susie’s Quilty Tips

To easily unwind a bobbin of unwanted cotton.


If you have a walking foot with a detachable guide bar, remove the bar and turn it upright.  Place the bobbin on it and hold the bar and then pull the cotton off the bobbin, as below.  This saves the bobbin shooting off when you are pulling the cotton off.


Magnet to Collect Pins etc.

I use a piece of Geomag from my Boys games, which is a magnet coated in plastic, to pick up my pins and sewing needles when I manage to drop them!


Clip Boxes.

I use these clip boxes for lots of things in the sewing room and particularly love the small ones which I keep my bobbins and new needles and things in.  They come from the Really Useful Company Ltd  but know that there are several types out there.